Rock Dust Light Star - you choose the cover artwork!

Added on Friday 01 October 2010, 14:59 (UTC)
Rock Dust Light Star exclusive slipcase

There's been plenty of discussion about the cover artwork for Rock Dust Light Star since it was revealed just over a week ago.  A few days ago the photographer, Mitch Jenkins wrote on his blog:

"Once the Album has had it worldwide release on November 1st, we will be able to post some of the many images from the shoot...."

Online retailer have a solution to those who don't like it - they're making a version of the album available with a ' exclusive slipcase' which has the original temporary artwork on it (buffalo man and text).

Credit: Russ Norton

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Already pre-ordered the original album but now i'm going to cancel that and order this one with the slipcase

Maybe we could have a feature where we'd be able to choose our own cover art. That would be great (although I don't know exactly how they'd manage it). Perhaps print my own?

It would be good but you wouldn't get the booklet, it is a shame they don't incorporate the buffalo man into the covers as much as they used to. I understand that the music has to change over the years but stick to your roots a little! Can't wait to hear the album in full..I can't get Blue Skies out of my head.

Maybe print it out and then slip it over the original booklet. I guess I'll just have to get used to looking at the back of the jewel case. That is unless they didn't screw THAT up too!

is that them admitting the cover art sucks?

Unfortunately this cover version isn't any better either. Due to the lack of any contrast between the white light and the white Buffalo Man one gets the impression the Buffalo Man has a big lump on the left side of his neck.

I like the simple black & white cover & it now keeps everyone happy, i hope!!!

this is not admitting the cover art sucks as it's just a promotion that do with lots of their albums not just this one! HMV might do this album with some postcards as that's one of the special offers/gimics they use to sell!

i do think the back of the album will have Jay's face on too! hahaha!

This makes up for things a bit I suppose...

Clean, simple, straightforward, classy... much better..thank you!

Emphasis on the music.. fabulous!

Keep up the good work guys!

Am liking the Official site as well - you've lost the girly pink/purple hurrah!

Why do both Play and Amazon have the wrong tracklists up? Anyone pre-ordering from them are being miss-lead as to the track order and that they say there's 13 tracks. Isn't that illegal? False advertising and all? doesn't delivery to South America. Shame on them!

It doesn't matter what the cover will be for their probably worst album


What do you mean it's a shame they don't incorporate the Buff Man into the covers as much as they used to. The very last studio album Dynamite had a big old Gold Buffalo Man on the over.

i wanted that cover :(

Can we choose track listing and songs too?

@Jack, they are talking about the English cover for Dynamite, with the picture of JK on the cover. Seeing as Jamiroquai are an English band, and that's the cover here, that is the primary cover for the album, the non-Buffalo Man. Other countries you may have it with the Buffalo Man, but that's like videogames having diffrent box art in different countries. Primary cover is the photo of JK, if you didn't know that then you can hardly call yourself a fan!...

Let's get to the music already! I'm really not too concerned about the cover, but it's good to see the Buffalo Man back in full form!

come on otis...just because somebody doesn´t know that there were different covers of the dynamite album doesn´t mean they are not a fan.
where is the love people! we are all fans of the same band . if you are not a fan u dont´even know funkin exists *lol*


I wonder which cover will be on the australian version!!!

Slipcase version all the way! Great! This stupid pose of the original cover is just ridiculous.

@ CJ
Yes, you can! This is something good about the new digital music delivery era. I will only buy the tracks I like from iTunes even if the album price will be cheaper as package price. I think this is something good because the artists can exactly see on their sales figures what was working and what not. And I don't buy any record with tracks like BS on it!

I pre-order my album with this cover :)

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