Later with Jools Holland broadcast update

Added on Tuesday 28 September 2010, 22:26 (UTC)

Jamiroquai were tonight (Tuesday) live on UK BBC television music show Later with Jools Holland.  They performed Rock Dust Light Star to open the show and closed the show with Deeper Underground.  The 30 minute 'short' show from Tuesday will be available to watch at the BBC iPLayer website (and no doubt YouTube).

(Hopefully) they will record at least one more track and the full show will be broadcast on Friday 1st October.

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Organic AND orgasmic! This is a band that has matured like a fine wine, which gives you that oh so lovely glow after only two glasses. Well done Jamiroquai! Am going to sleep oh so soundly tonight.


Got quite excited when the brass section turned up...then, well, they performed a couple of rock numbers. Nothing to write home about.

i cant wait till i have all this show for download¡¡¡¡

As normally, they killed it! Awesome!! Defo getting rocky. Paul Turner has some serious influence these days. Wished they'd play Use The Force live more often. New followers, check it out on youtube electris proms.

Two rockier interpretations of RDLS and Deeper Underground... well WOW! I loved it. Deeper was breathtakingly delivered, I can't actually describe how good that performance by the band was. Derrick, Rob, Paul, Matt, Jay that was sensational. It was everything a comeback performance should be IMO. It was rock-fuelled energy-packed funk. Suprised they didn't do Blue Skies but may be on Friday like you say David?? RDLS sounds like one of the stronger new tracks too - can't wait to hear the studio version. Bravo boys... Bravo!

Splendid version of RDLS! Didn't understand them doing Deeper Underground though (in my humble opinion the worst track they have ever done) and didn't like the version even more. Hope they make use of that full horn section on the last track!

Will never top the TWM performances! (lets aim for 1,000 comments).

In all seriousness though Everything Everything are a good new band

Yet again guys you were... (if the online translation site is correct! hee! hee!)
Es cojonudo!

Played a blinder guys, keep up the good work!

JamiROCKquai, nothing else. Why are they doing this to us???

It was tight.....jay sang really well....but the sound was thin.....maybe im being to fussy but where's the soul?

please a youtube link!!! wanna see it!!!!! :D

I loved it! Unfortunately i couldnt record it like i did the last time they were on (still have the video tape, it still gets played!), my fone's camera worked well so i can have it anytime i want. :-)And who says there are no horns? As soon i saw the horn section i though, thats them!

@dingo - you're right, there was no soul, nor funk - RDLS, imo is nothing special and I'm tired of it all ready - it sounds like you've heard it before. Pretty standard stuff. I look to Jamiroquai for some exciting funk and soul in a sea of mediocre po/rock - looks like they've reeled 'em in.

Rock Dust Light Star on Youtube:

SUPERB! As simple as that

LOVE IT - I need more! Can't wait for Nov 1

Can't wait to see it!

I saw the clip on Youtube,it was fantastic!

Funky great!!!

Well even better like this: RockinFunkynGreat ;-)

Incredible performance of an excellent piece of music, taking in a range of styles and delivering it superbly!

The Rock Dust Light Star still feels weird, to me at least, but that Deeper Je-Sussss, Rob nailed it! It's rockier but funky, like Rage Against (Renegades of the funk), i liked it :)


I'm sorry, but that was f**king amazing


Awesome tonight!The boys really tore it up! Thank you! And Thank you YouTube!

The new DU -arrangement is fantastic!!!!
so looking forward to the concerts!

Jamiroquai never disappoint live. Incredible performance.

Loveedd both performancesss :D:D specially deeper underground

Amazing performance!! I am looking forward to see them on tour.I hope they come to the US this time.

Nice to see a good quality clip of Rock Dust. I actually love the verses! The chorus is meh...

Great performance for the eye. But RDLS isn't a better track though. Too much rock and Jays voice was very thin. This years concerts I was, Jays voice was more powerful. So nothing special. Usually the guests are playing more classic tracks on Jools Hooland. Deeper Underground was nice but not the best choice I think.

Two super performances. Can't wait to see what else they performed on Friday.

Awesome can't wait to see them live in a few weeks :)

why did they change (ruin) deeper underground into a rock-song???
by far the worst version of d.u. they ever played :-(((
i still got hope they would make up for a bad album with amazing live performances / concerts but i guess i was wrong - seems jamiroquai is some RANDOM ROCK BAND now

I'm gonna say something positive here, yes the performance was very good. JK put the effort in and performed them, not just sung them. Rock Dust Light Star is the best of the 4 tracks so far, but ultimately it will come down to the studio version which we haven't heard yet. This live version even had horns a little bit, wouldn't that be a treat for studio version!...

...and hd quality clips are where?

My God I really want to like Rock Dust Light Star, but I'm afraid I just don't. It's way too 1 dimensional for Jamiroquai and seems to be missing that unexpected chord change or layer of sound (maybe strings?). If their new album turns out to be as disappointing as Zero 7's and Groove Armada's latest offerings I might have to go and boil my own head.

I've heard 4 tracks so far from the new album and I feel let down. Especially today when there's pretty much nothing to look forward to except the same old lame rock/grunge/rap/hip-hop/fake soul crap with no passion for good songwriting (e.g. melody, harmony, etc.), stale, uninspired arrangements and talentless performances. It would really be nice if at least a few of the tracks from RDLS turned out to be worthwhile, but so far I haven't heard anything worth getting excited about. I want to hear Jamiroquai-quality songs but all I'm left with is watered-down pop/rock without the stellar musicianship I'd normally associate with them.

They became who they are for a reason, a good reason, and this is what people seem to forget. You can't just blow off everything by saying "Well, this is the 'artistic direction' that they're taking and if you don't like it then go elsewhere." Sorry, that's not a valid excuse for the lackluster compositions presented thus far. Some of us have standards. Others, I guess, are just rabid zombies who will accept anything thrown their way and will attempt to justify them selling out.

Let me ask the Jamiroquai Defense Force who defends everything they do tooth and claw something: Are you capable of discerning something called 'quality' while listening to music? If you had to choose between this new stuff and the former stuff, which would you choose? RDLS or Cosmic Girl? Blue Skies or Seven Days In Sunny June? WKR or Space Cowboy? I've Been Hurting or Falling? The difference couldn't be more obvious -- the new material doesn't stack up. They created a sound, a standard for quality songwriting, which they will be held to. Ask yourself: it's been five years since Dynamite. Has what's been presented so far been worth the wait? The answer is no.

There's no doubt that this performance was rock music. There was no trace of other genres.
However, they did sound good. Which are two very different things.
But most fans doesn't like this shift in music. The bandmembers should acknowledge this and understand it, and not being over-protective about their job. We understand there's an artistic side to all of this, new sounds, a chance for renewal, however you wanna call it. But they should know that there's going to be people who won't follow this side of the band. And it must be respected, just like their jobs as musicians and artists.
I think it's something to think about it, for all of us.

Really let down by the new songs. Its simply not good music.

Really let down by the new songs. Its simply not good music.

@Mike - Quality? According to whose definition?

@Mike - sounds like you are unhappy with all music available currently.
("Especially today when there's pretty much nothing to look forward to except the same old lame rock/grunge/rap/hip-hop/fake soul crap with no passion for good songwriting (e.g. melody, harmony, etc.), stale, uninspired arrangements and talentless performances.")
Quite a statement!So you are stating that of all music currently? That is quite a large scope to cover. Maybe there just will be no satisfying what your looking for, if all the music by all the artist in the music field are so lacking. Or maybe the only solution will be to create some of your own.

Some people are just not able to be satiated- maybe it's a character flaw. Either way -those that don't like,don't like anymore,(and some I question) if they ever truly liked- will go their way and that just means more music for us. Because as 'amazing' as it may seem to the "nay sayers" the rest of us like what we have heard thus far and are looking forward to the new CD.

What the hell's going on with this band??? All this sudden interest in rock music really puzzles me. This album and tour is going to be a tremendous epic fail.
Bringing back Toby Smith could really help, but that's not going to happen. So sad...

I liked it. Jay and the band sounded tight as could be. It sounded like Jamiroquai to me. I don't try to clssify them into a genre of music. I clasify them as Jamiroquai. Whatever they put out is their own brand of music. It's not rock, acid jazz, funk etc... It's siply Jamiroquai. Certain fans ALWAYS hate the new muisc their so-called favorite band puts out and most of the time they end up eating their words in the long run.

Folks, this forum is getting a little ridiculous on the rose tinted specs front. Nice to see the band back, nice to see them supported, but to say anything post 2005 is the greatest thing since sliced bread is deluded. Please watch the link to see a real jools holland performance -

@hoodzilla - in YOUR opinion,but everyone here already has their own,so thanks,but we are in 2010.
@mean - any former band members that may have been are done with. Wishful thinking won't change that. Interesting you don't here any news of their own music since leaving Jamiroquai-nothing mainstream anyway. For all of those who keep stating that they are what's is missing.

you guys r soooo shallow ... u ve just heard 2 rock tracks and based on that u say jamiroquai became a rock band -_- ... blue skies wasnt rock , WKR wasnt rock ... Rock dust light star wasnt 100% rock ..hurtin could be considered as a rock song .. did u guys take a minute to realise that .. ? u guys talk like if u ve heard the whole album and that the whole album was a rock album -_-

@jjsajd: JK said that new album will be rocky, so...

I don't care what type of music an artist does, as long as it's good music.

Look at the Arctic Monkeys - Humbug is barely recognisable as the same band as Whatever People Say I Am... - even Alex's voice sounds completely different.

The difference is Whatever..., Favourite Worst Nightmare and Humbug are all brilliant albums in their own right, full of strong and meaningful music.

Two quotes I remember sum this situation up for me.

Firstly Noel Gallagher when he said that Oasis had so many fans who were so brainwashed about what they produced that "I could fart and it would get in the top 10".

That to me sums up this new stuff from Jamiroquai - it's just not strong music, and if it was from a brand new artist it wouldn't even get any air time.

The other quote I think of was one from Toby Smith when Travelling was released. He said something along the lines of "Our songwriting will just keep getting better and better until one day we'll write a song which stands up amongst the greats"

Quite sad looking back on that quote now because everything has gone backwards since then. It's clear now Jamiroquai was the combination Toby, Stuart and Jay together.

If Jay was confident in this new material he should be confident enough to release it under a new band name and let the tunes live or die on their own merit.

Well said, Cagglington. I also don't have a problem with changing and evolving styles. There are a lot of artists who changed their music styles over the year but kept their soul/essence/energy - as you called it "strong music". And that's exactly the point. The new tracks so far aren't strong music at all!

I do wonder whether this change in direction was influenced by the record company, the new members (Rob especially) or whether this was Jay's wish. And whether its motive was commercial gain. What made Jamiroquai an interesting band in the past was their idealism and the way they took a genre (jazz/funk/soul) and played with it. They made several instrumentals, some of them really funky, like Bullet, Wolf In Sheep's Clothing, and some laid back, like Didjital Vibrations, Morning Glory - they felt special - now they appear to me like a normal run-of-the-mill band. I feel like they've lost their imagination, their desire to separate themselves from the crowd. I hope this move does not backfire on them. By the way, I've supported them since '92 and still feel Jay's a funkster at heart, so here's to a funkier 'rest of the album'. Fingers crossed.

If Jay was confident in this new material he should be confident enough to release it under a new band name and let the tunes live or die on their own merit.

Sorry, that is just silly.

As we all know Jay calls the shots 110% in Jamiroquai. If he is putting this music out it is b/c he is 100% behind it. This is what he wants and nobody else.


Sorry to disappoint you, but as far as I know Toby Smith, Jay's main co-writer until he left the band,
is now writing songs for a well-known band called "the Hoosiers" which reached a UK number 4 and 5 with their songs "Goodbye Mr A" and "Worried About Ray" in 2007.

The last time Jamiroqai reached a Top 5 position in the Uk charts was back in 2001 (when Toby was still there, by the way ).

Maybe that should tell us something ?!

@Mike...."quality" according to whom? It's all subjective.You think that the new songs lack quality,but that's just your opinion.I happen to think that the new songs are very creative.You then go on to compare several old songs with the new songs.What's the point? That was then,this is now!! Stop living in the past,accept the fact that Jamiroquai has moved on and are exploring new sounds and styles.Art can't be repeated.If you can't accept the fact that artists need to grow and evolve,then maybe it's time for you to look elsewhere for music that appeals to you.Step aside and allow the open-minded fans to enjoy/appreciate the new album and new direction.

me again - I was with you there until you started mentioning the Hoosiers...

@Marley - Yes, in the past it was well known Jay was the bossman, but how do we know this has not changed? Perhaps he's not as sure of himself these days, and as you get older, you start taking on other people's opinions.


Lol :-)

I did not say I like them too much. I was just pointing out that Toby is still doing quite well music-wise and still knows how to write hit singles ;-)


Do you really believe Jay calls the shots? Well actually, he probably does, but his motives are entirely financial.

Remember some of his quotes since Dynamite? Such as the one along the lines of "I'm fed up of writing 3 minute radio-friendly songs. In my type of music, 3 minutes is just the intro" and about how he might set up his own record label so he wouldn't be under any pressure to write chart-friendly music.

As ever though, come the release of the album and he's sold out again and is producing radio-friendly, meaningless rubbish.

I always thought it was because he was being restricted by Sony, but it's obviously not that.

My opinion now is that he'd be nothing without Toby and Stuart and him finding them was just a massive stroke of luck on his behalf.

If he hadn't stumbled across them he'd probably be lead singer for the Brand New Heavies and nobody would know him from Jan Kincaid!

My opinion of Jay is fast becoming "Great singer" whereas he was previously a musical god in my eyes.

People, music is not entirely subjective, some music is simply better than other music. Would you say the Fast Food Rockers are just as good as The Beatles because some people like them more? Don't be silly. Some music is better than other music. You can play the subjective card to a point, as there is a degree of that, but the bottom line is quality stands when you look past the excuses and attempted justifiactions for your arguments...

@Otis....It's all a matter of opinion though.I've been on forums where people say that the Beatles suck.I think they are one of the greatest bands of all time but not everyone is gonna agree.Music IS subjective.How can anyone "prove" that a song is good or bad?

I can say this. If they never released songs like Cosmic Girl, Canned Heat, Falling, etc. and suddenly we were presented with songs of that quality, I HIGHLY DOUBT you'd hear criticism.

@Calypso, quality according to me. It's wrong to lower standards when you know somebody is capable of producing so much more than what's given. You can beat the "music is subjective" drum all you want to but that doesn't change a thing. Some of us have standards we recognize, adhere to and associate with certain things. Jamiroquai set a high bar with albums like ROTSC, TWM & Synk but have since degressed. Now, do I know whether or not there are in fact great tracks yet to be heard on RDLS? No, of course not, and I look forward to hearing them. But I won't be shallow enough to just accept anything that's thrown my way in the name of 'artistic development' nor any other label you people use to defend their poor offerings.

OMG! Now they should change the name of the band! Because of 4 new style songs! People Please Get A Life! Because you obviously don't have one or are extremely unhappy in the one you have:-/

A funk odyssey was a gr8 album aswell .. the first 5 songs are like greatest hits

@Mike. you cant go calling people "zombies" because they like a track that u dont! everyone is allowed an opinion so please respect that.
These threads seem to be really bitchy, everyone trying to prove they're a bigger fan than each other. we're all big fans thats why we're on here!
i agree with Calypso, theres no point in comparing old song with new ones, the old stuff is great but lets give the new stuff time, after all none of us has heard the new album have we?? some of the criticism is very strong which is surprising considering its not out yet.

Mike & Cagglington - right on. You two get it.

@Mike....Ultimately,Jay and the guys are gonna make the type of music that *THEY* want to make and there's nothing that you can do about it.You can whine,cry and complain all you want but it's not gonna make a difference.You can either buy the CD or don't buy it,but Jamiroquai will surviuve regardless.So if you don't like these "poor offerings",that's just too bad,isn't it?

@Calypso. That's true, but it's also good that we make them know that it may not be our cup of tea.

@sminch, you mean like you people telling us longtime Jamiroquai fans to go listen to something else, get lost, shut up, etc. Funny, I haven't heard anybody try to make themself out to be a BIGGER fan than anyone else. Believe it or not, people do voice dissatisfaction when things aren't pleasing to them, just as I'm doing.

@Calypso, you mean too bad for them that they might not get my money. It takes fan support for an artist to survive in this industry. I haven't completely disqualified RDLS from my purchase list ...yet. I'll reserve judgement until I've heard clips of all the tracks. But 4 tracks in and it's not looking good. Add a downright stupid cover to add insult to injury.

@Mike...I'm sure Jay and the guys will survive if you don't buy their new CD (lol).Keep your money,Jay is already a multi-millionaire anyway.

That's arrogance. I wouldn't be surprised if you're involved with the band somehow, but even if not, that's an idiotic thing to say. Wow, so Jay is a millionaire. Big deal. He's nothing without the fans.

look and listen what Jay said from 4mins33sec.
you guys misunderstand. Jamiroquai is not just a Jazz funk band they are always evolving. They don't want to stick with Jazz funk!

@Mike...I think Maroon 5 just released a new CD.Maybe you should give it a try? Look elsewhere for some music that interests you.

@zarygany wow that's a wicked rare clip, thanks for sharing!

@mike. You've totally misunderstood what I meant. I havnt said to anybody to go listen to something else, get lost, shut up, etc and I wouldn't. I was just saying we need to respect all views! I know people will voice their dissatisfaction and I have no problem with that, why would I?!
I don't get this "you people telling us longtime fans" business. U don't even know me and you've put me in this "you people" group! The only thing i said is respect each others opinions and lets wait for the album to come out. Like I said it's all very bitchy

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What's wrong with Maroon5's music?

We need to get this thread back on topic.This thread is not a discussion about how much you dislike the new songs! We're supposed to be discussing Jamiroquai's live performance on the Jools Holland show.The discussion was going fine until a few people showed up with their negativity....whining and complaining again,like they did in the "I've Been Hurtin" thread.Enough already! Back on topic,please....

Wow Calypso...I think you hit a nerve...a raw one with ol' Mike. That multi-millionaire comment really got his goat!LOL I think there is a green eyed monster lurking in the comments. Too funny!

Haha,you can't mention Maroon 5 in the same breath as Jamiroquai.I hate it when people say they are similar-they are worlds apart.

So True.

Maroon 5 suck and are nothing like Jamiroquai. Stupid to even mention that loser group. To keep this on topic, Jamiroquai still got the live performance thing good, new Jools performance proves it. One of the best live bands today!...

That performance on Jools Holland is GREAT! Makes me wanna see Jamiroquai in concert.Does anyone know...are they planning to do some more touring this year? How about a US tour? I would love a 'Rock Star Light Dust' world tour.

@Obvious, wow, you think you're real smart, the few of you who band together to degrade anyone who doesn't fall in line with your biased point of view. But it's that same arrogance that's costing a lot of people to turn their heads in disgust. Hey, what can I say? Endless delays, tons of hype and misinformation, and for what?

@Calypso, "Look elsewhere for some music that interests you." Way to prove my point.

BTW, not that I was the first to bring up the new material here but the Jools Holland Show has pretty much everything to do with the new album since they announced that they'd be performing tracks from the new album (and the prime reason a great deal of people are interested in the show to begin with, myself included). All that's been shown is RDLS and the (always crappy) Deeper Underground. Maybe they'll perform Smoke & Mirrors, Lifeline, or something else new and it will be good. Then again, considering all the letdowns thus far, maybe not.

Just stating the OBVIOUS...
Sounds like you need a hug...everything will work out you'll see.

Wait...I just grabbed my violin and a box of tissue for you. Hang in there champ!

there are a bunch of patronizing pricks on this thread. if you don't agree with them, they'll childishly attack you..quite sad. people should be free to express their opinion without being told to go away and listen to some other band. everyone is here for a reason, everyone here cares about jamiroquai. be respectful.

I think you are taking everything WAAAAAYYYYYY to serious man. After all it's only music. Gettin' all worked up over is too short. Let's all do like Bobby McFerrin and "Don't Worry, Be Happy".

So,what's their tour schedule like? Anyone planning to see Jamiroquai in concert this year?

JAMIROQUAI RULES!!!! to all those complaining about the new music need to either just accept it or leave and move on...if you really think the band is a sell-out and their music sucks now because it is rock-inspired, then go support other bands who still sound the same and lack music creativity remember not all bands stay the same, just look at the beatles, rolling stones, earth wind, & fire and so on...they all try different things with their music...i do believe this band has put their heart and soul into the new tracks

I really enjoyed Jamiroquai performance on Jools Holland. Great job!

I really enjoyed the performance too. Jays voice is sounding great! Looking forward to some kind of tour next year.
Where is the love people?! Some people are gonna love the new stuff, some will hate it, that's life. If someone dosnt like it, dosnt mean they have to leave and find another band like some people are saying and if someone likes the new stuff then they're allowed to!

I must admit I'm with Mike on this one, even though I fear a vitriolic response.

I don't wish to speak for Mike, but it sounds like he's disappointed because he, like I, knows how good their song writing usually is. It's only a measure of our respect for them as a band.

I really hope I'm wrong and that their album isn't full of radio friendly, easy listening fillers that we've heard so far.

bob,I'd hardly call any of the songs so far radio friendly. Have you listened to the radio lately.
None of the songs so far would get played on radio 1.Unless you're 17 years old and using auto tune you don't stand a chance these days. I think the band have just made the music they want to make and good on them for doing exactly what they want to do.

Whatever. My feeling is who cares how these people respond? This is my opinion and it's not going to change because of someone else's comment or insult. If Jamiroquai feels like selling out, so be it. If they've convinced themselves that the sub-par effort revealed thus far is great stuff, so be it. It's just not good enough for my money.

Oh, and for the record, one relative of mine and a friend, both longtime Jamiroquai fans, don't like what's been presented thus far either. That's three potential lost sales. Let's not even get into all of the other disappointed fans. This board can fend off whoever's opinion it wants to but their snide comments aren't going to win people over, let alone make people suddenly have a change of heart. None of this should matter to Mr. Millionaire Jay Kay nor his record label, right? Right.

That's Ok Mike, as I have convinced my uncle Herb and my postman, neither of whom have ever bought a Jamiroquai album so far, to preorder a copy of RDLS. This should cancel out the lost sales from your relative and friend.

@Mike...Guess what,Mike? Most artists and bands these days don't sell alot of CDs anyway! You may think that you're "protesting" against Jamiroquai by not buying their latest CD but it doesn't matter.The music business as we once knew it is DEAD.Artists have found other ways to generate income (touring,merchandise,licensing deals,etc).So go ahead with your silly "protest",it won't change a thing! Your negative opinions and your constant whining won't change the fact that Jamiroquai are doing their thing,making the music that *they* want to make,and growing and evolving on their own terms.I know you wish that they would listen to *you* and do the things that *you* want them to,but they're the artists,not you.Spread all the negativity you want,it doesn't matter.

Man oh man. It's amazing how high tempers get on here. All based in something that no one has actually shelled out any money for yet. No one is forcing anybody to buy it if they dont like it. What I'm amused at is that people feel cheated even though so far they've listened to a couple of songs so far for FREE. Also when they pass comments or insults on the music as if to persuade other people to agree with them on dissing the music.
Fairly brattish behaviour I'd say.

Anyone heard this one before? " if you haven't got anything nice to say, best not say anything"

There is actually a discussion going on at Jamirotalk,about all the negativity going on.They even mention this fansite!

Yeah, sure thing.

The sad thing was that a year ago I was convinced that Jamiroquai was making a big comeback. All of that hype, all of the delays (which I assumed was because they were making 100% certain that the album was fantastic), all of the talk about horn charts and great string work, about how they had written about 40 new tunes and would select the best ones for the album, and then the pre-launch hype on the main site, talking about how amazing songs like Blue Skies sounded.

And then I listened to RDLS. Kinda weak tune. Basically we're all going to die from an asteroid and God isn't going to help us because Jay Kay is an atheist. Uh huh, sure thing.

Then came WKR. I listened to a sample of the verse and I'm thinking "Oh sh**! Jamiroquai is BACK! Listen to that live in the studio sound." Then later I hear the overproduced bridge/chorus which sounds like every other dance hit on the radio and things are suddenly not looking so good. Then, reality hit like a ton of bricks...

"Talk to the hand..."

"WTF is this," I'm thinking, "This doesn't sound like Jamiroquai." Indeed, Blue Skies doesn't. It doesn't have the groove. I go back and listen to songs like Mainfest Destiny and Falling, great songs, and compare their sound with Blue Skies. Indeed, the unique Jamiroquai sound is missing. Where'd it go?

Finally I listen to I've Been Hurting and the title pretty much sums it up. I, the fan, have been hurt. I feel betrayed, like a close friend just became another person -- distant and cold.

So who is to blame for the fan backlash? Is it we, the 'overbearing' longtime listeners and supporters who put them on the map? Is it our fault for expecting much better than this, who, for the past five years, stood by waiting and hoping for something new, something good? A brief glance around will tell the ture tale: a great many people are not happy with this "new artistic direction," as some might try to say. This doesn't sound like Jamiroquai, it doesn't even sound like great music. It sounds like a major disappointment.

@Mike....Ok,so you're disappointed with the new songs.Why not simply take from a break from Jamiroquai and listen to other artists for awhile? Come back in four or five years and see what the next album will sound like.You've already made up your mind about RDLS (after hearing only a few tracks).Jamiroquai has sold out,right? They don't know how to write great songs anymore,right? Since you believe this,why not just move on?

Just move on if you're unhappy. It's not fair to be whining and complaining just because things aren't going the way you and a few others want them to go. What's the point of spreading bad feelings? I'm sure Jay and the guys are more than happy with the music they've worked hard on. For everybody that doesn't like the new stuff there may be new people that didn't like it before and now think they like to check it out based on something new they've heard. Jamiroquai isn't deliberately ignoring your needs. You shouldn't take it so personally. As for your comments on the horns, you haven't hear the whole album yet so you have no way of knowing whether there will be any on the record.

Rob Harris commented on the negative comments:

"Ah,yeah ,those comments are kinda tough to read. I actually usually try not too look at them most of the time but sometimes you can't help but look.
They do take it all so seriously which is a good thing i guess, afterrall, we take it seriously too. What i do know is that we've played our hearts out on this album, it is different from older stuff but it has to be. There really is no point repeating art.
You have to create something new which is exactly why i love playing in this band"

This live version of RDLS made me dig the song a bit more. It's really not my cuppa tea... but the performance was impeccable. Ãœbertight, very professional, no complaints here.

Yeah well, one complaint. The horn section couldn't been given some more space than they were. The amount of horns was like being offered one potato crisp from a whole bag that had just been opened. :)

Correction: The horn section COULD'VE been given some more space than they were.

More cowbell!

I'm always puzzled by the usual "if you don't like it, go elsewhere" messages posted on forums (or is the plural fora?). If somebody who doesn't even like Jamiroquai has come on here just to rubbish them and rile everybody, then I agree that they're wasting their own and everybody else's time, but I and others are just giving an objective view on what our ears are telling us. I certainly have no axe to grind - I love Jamiroquai. If everybody agreed about everything, what would be the point of this forum? You can't tell people to go elsewhere just because they have an alternative view.

Tracks I have heard so far are not good. I have turned my head to Jamiroquai.

Mike is posting well thought-out posts which I quite frankly agree with the majority of what he says. A lot of what he's saying is true, and you can tell what he's posting is his true feelings. All you people telling him to go elsewhere are just denying the truth, his truth, you don't like the truth, you can't handle the truth, and one someone like Mike comes along and justifies it when someone like Mike tells the truth you all gang up on him and tell him to go. It's called freedom of speech, and opinions. You tell him to deal with the change, how about you deal with the fact that not everyone likes it and not everyone just accepts what's fed to them just because the spoon is golden. He's obviously supported the band for many years and he has just as much right to say something negative as you do positive. Kudos to Mike!

Jamiroquai makes funk, acid jazz whatever, even reggae! but they all had something in common! this new stuff is so f. different, dont know what to think. What will you think if Megadeath will release a funk acid jazz album!? bands just dont change their music style, thats what makes them what they are, their own style! i dont like rock, these musics are not so bad but they are not good because they had lost jamiroquai sound!!anyway my opinions will not change nothing! JK was writing very nice lyrics about life and the world in general now is singing: I'v been hurting!!!we have been hurting because thats not the funk we want! to much money to much stuff in that mind!pick up u'r skateboard again and forget that chopper!!"all that junk that we depend"

Btw,speaking of rock and horns. Here's an example of METAL with horns:

The horns are supplied by the Tower of Power horn section. Now that's some rather peculiar collaboration isn't it? Odd... but somehow it works. Quite charming if you ask me. :)

Now, back to topic.


What I would think if Megadeth released a funk acis jazz album? I'd run to the record store (providing someone else than Dave Mustaine is singing, lol).

Megadeth fans however, would revolt on their forums. :D

What's to understand - you don't like the new music and you have nothing good to say, so move on.

This is a fan site for people who are fans/still fans/like the old/like the new- not a site for those who want to say nothing but negative comments=-that is why it's called a FAN SITE- maybe one of you should create a page where you can continue your negativefest and others who agree and feel the same can join in and you all can share the common bond thread that you do. But it really does not fit here - Here are a few definitions:

fanatic - fə-ˈna-tik -adjective = marked by excessive enthusiasm and often intense uncritical devotion.
fan - noun -short for fanatic = 1. an enthusiastic devotee (as of a sport or a performing art) usually as a spectator. 2. an ardent admirer or enthusiast (as of a celebrity or a pursuit).

Maybe you need a Jamiroquai Site for Critics - another definition for you;

critic- ˈkri-tik - noun= who expresses a reasoned opinion on any matter especially involving a judgment of its value, truth, righteousness, beauty, or technique one who engages often professionally in the analysis, evaluation, or appreciation of works of art or artistic performances. 2. one given to harsh or captious judgment.

See the difference.

I like the new sound, not the old stuff but we'll see how it stands up. Will definitely be picking the album up on release.

Perhaps all the people here who 'don't care' what other people think of their opinion should not be so defensive?

freedom of speech is a nice thing, isn't it? ;-)

just say you like the new stuff (oh, sorry, your a "fan", so no need to say you like it cause everything with the brand on it pleases you, just cause its the brand) and let others say their opinion as well!!!!!!!!!!

why hate on each other??????

and please stop that "move on" // "you are no real fans" -crap
most of us are still hoping for some great tracks on the album and have been supporting jamiroquai since 1993, so it feels only natural to express our thoughts on our (former?) favourite band

@ space clav

Thats what i wanted to mean fans will get crazy while the rest of the world will just have new music to buy!!

It's funny how Megadeth have been brought up here, because guess what, I'm a Megadeth fan and a Jamiroquai fan. Yes people can like both, it is possible, but even though I like Metal and Rock, it doesn't mean I want Jamiroquai to go all Rock on us. I admire Jamiroquai for their unique sound, they can offer me something which no other band can. Rock, Metal and Pop is plentiful, bands like Jamiroquai aren't. Megadeth actually did try something different with an album called Risk, it wasn't Acid Jazz or anything like that, but it wasn't exactly Metal either. It tanked and is generally regarded as their wosrt album. Little surprise that they soon returned back to their original Metal sound. The other sound just didn't work for them...

To people thinking we all want 1995 Jamiroquai clone songs, not exactly no. I'm also a huge Prodigy fan, and their latest album Invaders Must Die took everything that was good about them, including a lot of their 90's sounds, the stuff from around the same time as the early Jamiroquai albums, but made it fresh. It wasn't a departure, but it wasn't copying either. It was updating things for todays market, but keeping all of the best elements from the old style. No surprise that the album was a huge success, and why? Because it sounds like Prodigy, that's what people wanted, the band to sound like them, but it also sounded fresh. The Prodigy fans didn't want the same 90's albums again, they just wanted the band to remember their roots, and that's what's missing with this new Jamiroquai 2010 version. If Prodigy can do it, and they started at a similar time (ok a couple of years before), then why can't Jamiroquai?...

Otherwise it may upset them somewhat. If listening to intelligent critique spoils your fun, then perhaps you should find another sycophantic board where the sky is always rose-tinted.

Is anyone on here a JLS fan?

what just came to my mind:and love,love will tear us apart(joy division quote)
my favourite terms of this discussion are:Jamiroquai Defence Force, and
:if you don't like new stuff ,bugger off.
I mean,pleeeaase,chill out,some tolerance would not harm.
oh btw and we still haven't heard the whole album

It's okay Shineyweela - the fans aren't talking about the performance on "Later" anymore - I think you can just post any subject you like.
btw. I felt the sound of music thing was a little cringy. Didn't work for me.

anyone is entitled to their opinion about the new tracks...however, if u don't like RDLS but still consider yourself a fan and would still want to see the band live, thats one thing...but the other thing is if u don't like the new material and stating that you will no longer be a fan and no longer want to spend $ on them, then move on and find some other band to be a fan of

Exactly!Thank you POV!

An excerpt from a 2007 Derrick interview on Jamirotalk:

Derrick: Ok to be honest, Meike, the roots of the music have never left me for one minute. It was actually the business side of the band that left me to be honest, like I said previously the drums are an integral part of the band and we have always done our own thing when it comes to the music. I have no feelings at all about revisiting, it’s always been there, I feel that the band slightly lost its way and will get back on track through this album – we will go in the right direction for the future of jamiroquai, I am sure!!!!!!!!!!

Totally agree with Otis on the prodigy comment. Invaders was an awesome album that managed to sound old and new. Maybe the new jamiroquai album will be the same. Time will tell!
But thats for another thread.I think this one needs to stop, it's just people trading insults. It's meant to be about the live performance! Is anyone looking forward to seeing them live in the next year or so?

Perhaps we should just chill out for a while. Think Fritz Perls - founder of Gestalt had it right!
Jay and the guys - just read this:

I do my thing and you do your thing.
I am not in this world to live up to your expectations,
And you are not in this world to live up to mine.
You are you, and I am I, and if by chance we find each other, it's beautiful.
If not, it can't be helped.
Fritz Perls, 1969

Everyone else - thank goodness they are not covering this track...ID RUN A MILE!!!!! AGGGHHH! lol!

Perhaps we should just chill out for a while. Think Fritz Perls - founder of Gestalt had it right!
Jay and the guys - just read this:

I do my thing and you do your thing.
I am not in this world to live up to your expectations,
And you are not in this world to live up to mine.
You are you, and I am I, and if by chance we find each other, it's beautiful.
If not, it can't be helped.
Fritz Perls, 1969

Everyone else - thank goodness they are not covering this track...ID RUN A MILE!!!!! AGGGHHH! lol!

completely agree with otis on prodigy comment also. loved their first two cds and never expected they would ever release something as good as that again. just as with jamiroquai. and then they returned with "invaders" which is backtotheroots and fresh and completely genious!!!!

@ me

:-) Well said.

My favorite part of the Gestalt prayer is:

"You are you, and I am I, and if by chance we find each other, it's beautiful."

Ahhhh...internal liberation. If we rotate the orientation of our awareness from outward to inward, then we can begin conquering the rigid forces of self-limitations which we will generate light giving others permission to shine when they are around us, also creating enough space for sincere contact from others. :-)

The video you posted was hilarious. lol

However, to comment on the original topic, "I really enjoyed Jamiroquai's performance." Great job as usual. :-)

@Me. Great quote. If I may follow your lead:

"Between wrongness and rightness there is a field. I will meet you there"


Yeah, that's it. Just act like everything's all rosy.

I'm sick of you phonies.

Mike, don't get too down..there are other people with realistic viewpoints reading and commenting. The fantasy crew will do their own thing, imagining this and that fanciful scenario, accepting just about anything the band does as's all over this board and Jamirotalk - goes to show people will be delusional with everything from religion to music.

Look, I don't have a problem with people enjoying the new stuff. I just don't accept it when they get all over my ass for posting my honest views. They need to know that their opinions aren't worth something more just because they all fall into the same bandwagon. That's why it's absurd, borderline insane, how they band together to at once defend Jamiroquai and lambast me. It's so phony, it's sickening.

@Mike....Like I told you before,if you're truly unhappy with the new music and with the fans who actually like the new songs,it's time for you to MOVE ON! Stop raining on people's parade! The release of a new album is supposed to be a fun time for fans,but all you have to contribute is negativity,whining and complaining.If you don't like something,don't buy it and don't support it!!! It's really that simple.

It's so funny to read here of people so intent on convincing others how good/bad the new stuff is. It's like it's just SOOOO important you get your opinions read, haha. Who cares what others think? And who cares whether you succeed in your convincing ways? Enjoy the trip, thinkers.

@ BlueBottle
I like it "enjoy the trip"
In my opinion it will depend of the acid they give us!

BS: Well done guys.
Call me "Thomas" but I have said I wondered how this song would sound live, would Jay's voice be up to it?
His voice cracked on the first couple of lines. I was like "ohh noooooo" - but then the man came good. The old dog has life in him yet - brilliant. Sung with passion and full emotion.
Only downside - didn't get to see much of Rob..HA!
Roll on Kentish Town - it's going to be a gig to remember.

i wanna watch it!! has anyone upload it on youtube??

Blue Skies is a good song, I don't care what anyone says.

Ok, it's not funk, but it's just a nice lazy Sunday afternoon tune.

But it doesn't sound like something Jamiroquai would write and there is the problem (for me anyway). I don't associate Jamiroquai with 'lazy Sunday afternoon' mellow pop. When I think of Jamiroquai I think of kick-ass grooves with fat bass lines and 70's-style harmonies. Blue Skies is the polar opposite.

Totally with Mike last comment!

Totally "agree" ...!



but @Mike is right :)

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