I've Been Hurtin radio broadcast and online stream

Added on Sunday 26 September 2010, 19:31 (UTC)

Dutch Radio 6 programme GielJazz played a new track from Rock Dust Light Star on their show on Saturday night (25 September).

I've Been Hurtin' (or probably just Hurtin' based on the album tracklist and not biographical text) was played shortly after 51 minutes into the show, which can be streamed online.  If you have trouble listening to the stream I was able to listen to it using VLC media player.  If not, it'll only be a matter of hours before it's ripped and uploaded somewhere else!

In the Jamiroquai biography for the album it says...

...I've Been Hurtin' (Led Zep riffs meets Donny Hathaway vibes), both showcase a new side of Kay's voice. The recording..., a brilliantly minimal song, with electric guitar and electrifying voice trading licks, "was the classic half-a-bottle-of-Scotch, 60-fags-at-two-in-the morning job. It works!"

Yup, I have to agree, Jay does sound like he's had half a bottle of whisky and 60 cigarettes on this one!

Credit: Annemiek Klamer

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It's completely different from anything that they had done before but i love it and this is coming from the person who love the old skool jamiroquai but i still hope the album is funky like the old stuff

sounds really different but at least its the first track from rdls that is kind of interesting

We have now heard four tracks from RDSL. And no doubt; Jamiroquai is dead.

i love it!! can't wait to see the RDLS album in live performance

Backing vocals almost ruin it, but definitely the best I've heard from the new album by a long way.

I don't care what type of music they do, but it's gotta have FEELING. This one has.

Well I really like jamiroquai because of its message and of its FUNK...well this is completely different!!! where is the FUNK??? WKR is funky but the rest well..dont know what to say! they are not bad musics but not what I was expecting!!!

But yeah I agree with Cagglinton they got feeling!

Im sad to say think its very poor, worst on album so far and wouldn't be surprised if it stays this way when album is released. Will listen to it a few more times before making final judgement.

Yesterday I was
Jamiroquai fan I used to be.
Now my love is lost
And quiet days have just begun.

Sorry, Cagglington!

its wierd why in the showcase news they sad that; "The new tracks were a variety of soulful ballad and old skool funk and disco" is this track soulful ballad or old skool funk and disco!?

jay really needs to get rid of rob harris..i am quite sure this is his influence..jamiroquai is dead..jay please get stu zender back to the band..

We really are crazy fan boys, some of us are never happy with new released stuff and only want TROSC PART II 2010 EDITION, other part likes EVERYTHING ...with written "Jamiroquai" on it, even if they didn't listened to it yet.



I can't wait to hear this one live.



wow very different... love the vocal style. great new direction on this song. for all those fans wanting EOPE and TROSC repeated every 2 years - honestly need to leave it now. They were amazing and so long ago! Jay's much older now this is a new voice, something different which in it's own way is briliant. It's more grown up and I like this and Blue Skies a lot. Hearing the band perform all the old classics is amazing live but I honestly think people change and want to explore new avenues... RDLS won't be like the first few albums but I'm sure it will be brilliant in it's own way. If not why not just go listen to the old albums and stop wasting time posting on here? JK is still very talented and I like the versatility in the music. I don't think he could release another Disco Funk single... there's already been Little L, Canned Heat, Cosmic Girl, Alright, Space Cowboy - all amazing but you've got to do new things after nearly 20 years in the game. i really like it. it's about denise?

i'll buy the album and watch them on tour!

I can't believe it .... where is my band ???????

Lizzy agree, love jamiroquai so much, like mean loads to me but they just seem to be lost, I am begging for a song on the album that is just up there with the greats but just cant see it happening.

Wow thanks for your kind comment Cheeba.

Jkay please sort it out, give the fans what they want, you still have it in you

wow this is completely different from RDLS, WKR and BS...i think this album is going to be a little bit of everything and i am liking it

I really feel like september is going real slow and I would like it to be the last week of october already, haha

Cheeba man :S i would be veryyyyyy embarassed if i was at ur place right now :S Rob is such a gr88 guitar player :D he is my fav. . He is so dominant on live concerts i love it .. not like that old one where we could barely hear the guitar sound -_- .

sending a hug for Rob!!! ........ (((((Rob))))))) .......... ;-)

I dig the song.. and the guitar!!! x

Why disappoint all the fans who want groovy funk and the extraordinary sound Jamiroquai use to have? Now all we got is guitar-pop like every other band out there... Still songs to be heard from the new record, though.

Love it love it love it! that funky wah wah hendrix style guitar in the second verse is soooo funkadelic! its rock and funk all smashed together!! loving the new direction. to everyone who doesent like it, your missing out!

o_O @ Cheeba... he's doing more then a fabulous job!! if he's not ur style u still should not say sometin like that but just not listen to the song then...

Someoneee i need the linkkk plz some1 rip it and post it on youtube or something


Whoua!I'm a huge fan of JAMIROQUAI & this sound is so different from what they did before but I do like it !!It's powerful , I love the rythm!They are so brillant whatever they do it works & Jay has such a voice!!I used to love this band since the begining (I was 9 years-old ),now i'm 27 & I think I will be forever a fan!!!Very good job ;)))

to those bitching about the new tracks and wanting old school JMQ back need to realize the band grew up and moved on, why can't you?

if you don't like then go and support other singers or bands that uses the same sound and carries the same tune for the past years

ok i apologize Rob, i am really sorry..i have nothing against u, its the direction of the sound i have problem with.. we expected "old school" stuff..ur an amazing guitar player, specially when u play the funky stuff, i just dont like rock linked with jamiroquai..sorry once again

I say if you dont like it dont buy it, but maybe one day we'll be funkin like this again

wow,Jays voice is sooo unique,IBH is really catchy song,
but still,@Kenny T,youre right,oh dear ,the good old days,

It's just sad to watch those clips these days. It's unbelievable how they've changed.

At least it shows more creativity than 'Blue Skies' or 'RDLS' I suppose...

I don't knwo why so many always expected "old school".... I thought it was clear that this album will be first of all: different, and with a rocky/funky influence. I never heard them saying: we will do acid jazz again.
Jay said: it's gonna be a live album - away from all the machines. If you paint the wrong picture in your mind it's not jamiroquai's fault if you are disappointed.
It is the direction Jay wants to go, and the band will follow him - i don't think it's the other way round, so you cannot blame bandmembers to steal away the funk. Free from Sony Jay can finally try some things he might have never been able to try before, let him play a bit! Open your mind and if this does not go in resonance with you then take a break from jamiroquai sites, find some other bands that satisfy your thirst for a special music style.

This one is the best track for me so far and I expect some more surprises on the new album! :)


@meike: even if jay realeased a rap album, i am quite sure u would love it..u cant expect people to love everything

Just heard it ... and .... I LOVEDDD IT :D:D:D:D:D goddamn i love this new direction .. The guitar was amazing and the song was a Funky/Rock song! gr8!! .. this is the best song i ve heard from the new album

@cheeba .. go listen to moses mayes :P u ll love it .. listen to the song 'X' from them on youtube ... its exactlyyyyyy wat u r searching for .. u ll thank me later

It's not a matter of "old school"!!

Lets put things this way: If I wanted to listen to Rock & Roll I would have thousands of other options. But there are no other options on Funk music.. and I don't need old school, i even love Dynamite and AFO but these new songs are not Jamiroquai. They totally lost their minds and I could bet my money that they're not gonna do well on charts.

and cjjc, Simon Katz was I fantastic guitar player. Guitar doesn't have to be the centre of attention on funk music.
Rob H brought lots of great things on AFO and Dynamite, such as bossa nova, but they have to bare in mind that Rock and Roll shouldn't be their stuff.

I agree with CosmicMouse, Lydia, Rob W and all the other fans that can actually appreciate how good this is... that the band have grown up and are producing some brilliant stuff. My favourite song by JMQ is When You Gonna Learn... that doesnt mean I want to hear a new version of it on every album. I want new stuff! I think this sounds a little Hendrix... I can also hear The Rolling Stones, David Bowie, Roxy Music and even Rod Stewart in that tune... Has anyone heard Jamiroquai's cover of Love is The Drug? Amazing! I think that's the way they've tried to go on this album.

Great stuff Jamiroquai

I'm definitely worried :(
Rock music, why not ! "Deeper underground", "Black Devil Car" or "Radio" were fun, but there, this song is very boring and the voice of JK is horrible.
If I want to listen Rock, I'll listen to other artists.
Currently, old Soul music is fashion, and Jamiroquai is going against the wave. Incredible and definitly bad choice.
That's Not The Funk I Want... All is said !
However, we would like some good music...

I dig it :D

Cant wait to put this song in my z4 top down and go cruissinnngggg :D along with blue skiess +white knuckle ride and rdls(Y) cant wait till nov.1 !!

I think that this track shouldn't be released under Jamiroquai label, i think whole RDLS album should be JK solo album because it blames Jamiroquai music.

jazzi said it good! new direction doesnt mean a good direction...its a veeeery booring tune, almost feel is a good tune,deeper underground..this tune just sucks big time

aaaaaaaaaaaghhhhhh give it to me!!!!!!!!
I love it!!!! Brilliant direction, and I take my hat off to Jay and the band for giving us something, and pulling the carpet from under all our feet!
Wicked, wicked sound. For the band members that come on this site to read these comments, I just have to simply say, thankyou. Well bloody done! Love it, love it, love it.

I like it!! It's different (so what?), it's powerful (great), sounds good. It seems like RDLS is a very personal album. Jamiroquai has always tried to come up with something different everytime. And that's great

I am with you zed!! :) This song will never replace my favourite Jamiroquai tunes, but it is a great addition to it! :D ... it's great to listen to something new, fresh!!

Im tired of old Jamiroquai fans. They haven't written acid jazz tracks since TWM ( and it can be debated that it didn't have any acid-jazz). When Stu left everyone got mad, when Nick came in everyone got mad,when Rob came in everyone got mad, when Matt came in, everyone got mad and when nick left and paul came in everyone got mad. So now that the new album is coming out, people are getting mad at what they hearing. Well if you didn't figure this out , Jay Kay is going to do what Jay Kay wants to do. He loves the fans but if him and his amazing band of musicians wanna make a rock album then they are going to make a rock album. IF they wanted to make a polka album, then they are going to make a polka album. You think Jay and the rest of the band are going to just listen to everyone's expectations an try and meet all of them ? No.They have been in this game enough years to justify them going in any creative direction that they desire to go in. I know Jamiroquai is near and dear to our hearts but if you don't like where they are going then don't buy the album and take a cue from the band and move on to something else.

@cjjc "not like that old one where we could barely hear the guitar sound". Come on! Simon Katz recorded most of the greatest hits Jamiroquai have done: Virtual Insanity, Cosmic Girl, Space Cowboy, Stillness In Time, High Times...! You can also listen his master skills on "You Are My Love" where he played three different guitars!!! Or you have never heard those bootlegs where he is featured. What about Gavin Dodds?? Have you listened the "Club Citta 93" bootleg??

Rock Harris can be nice for you, but don't say that about the old guitarists! Rob Harris would like to have played on an international hit like Cosmic Girl or Virtual Insanity!

The song is... average!

Wow! just picked up a you tube clip of this, and am loving it! loving the vocals...dead raunchy.. yeh baby bring it on!..think it needs a few more longer punchy guitar riffs in between..I can see this being a brilliant live guitar solo jamming session..less of the backing vocals..fabulous! (just hope Jays vocal chords are not strained) Keep up the good work lads - looking forward to London!

Jammy: But they promised to make a funky-organic album with brass. Now we can see that they lied.

Human: you listened to 3 out of the 13 songs and you are calling them liars? Im sure I'm not alone when I say thats a bit premature. Talk to me after Nov.1st .

Tired of Jerry Springer? Try the comment on Funkin! ;-)

@ jammy 4/13
wkr is actually quite good...other 3 suck

the funk is in the eye (or ear) of the beholder. It sounds pretty funky to me. They haven't lost the funk,it's just a different funk

Like it as an album track... shouldn't be a future single but this is class music. Reminds me of 60s rock which is no bad thing, but yeah it retains the funk. It's unlike anything we've heard from the band before, but this evolution gets the thumbs up from me. The balance between the four new tracks is very eclectic... :)

One of the main things that made Jamiroquai unique was the use of unique chord progressions that strayed away from the norm. This tune has to have one of the most GENERIC chord progressions of any tune I've ever heard - Jamiroquai or not.

I've been one of Jamiroquai's biggest critic fans since RDLS was announced, but this song gives me hope that RDLS won't be a piece of generic nothingness. So far for me:

Rock Dust Light Star = 5/10
White Knuckle Ride = 9/10
Blue Skies = 3/10
Hurtin' = 7/10

That's how I feel. Not shaping up to be the best Jamiroquai album, but will still be better than most music on the charts.

Anyone who doesn't like this song, please listen to it again and give it time to grow - you might be surprised :)

LOL @ Francois!!!

Argh, got sucked in again after I said I wouldn't post... I swear, I'll (probably) not comment again until the album comes out...

It's catchy, it's got a great riff, it's gonna sound great live, I'll end up singing the backing like I always do at gigs (I do a mean 'Love Foolosophy'!), but.... I'm tired of there being a 'but'. Always said Jamiroquai are genre-bridging so I have no issue with them doing different styles of music, past and present, but there's no WOW. On every album I have fallen in love with several tracks on the first listen and they make me want to get up and dance. As pleasant as Blue Skies, RDLS and IBH sound (still can't stand WKR), they're just not... aaaargh, I don't know, anyone who loves this band knows what I mean. Music stirs your emotions and lifts your spirit. This just makes me nod along. I want (and expect) more from such talented, wonderful, spirited people.

My final tuppence worth.

Gotta admit, pretty different what I expected these Blue Skies and I've Been Hurtin' tracks to be. But I don't think it's not bad at all. But I still think Rock Dust Light Star is the best track i've heard so far from the album, at least based on the live performances of that track. White Knuckle Ride... also great. I really look forward to listen to the whole album in november.

It doesn't spund bad, definitely better than BS, only have to let it in you a couple of times and it's not bad. Still worst than RDLS tough.
Let's face it: Jamiroquai -my fav band- is still here thanks to the HUGE base of fans that they made on the old days.
If these same fans keep getting disapointed bout the new music, Jamiroquai will dissapear. PLAIN.
Thing is, I cannot see what new listeners will an album like this attract...
Unless they keep on funkin'live as they've always done :p

@ funk education ... man u must be kidding me saying that the old guitar player is better than rob :S:S:S:S

I mean watch MONTREUX.. VERONA... PALEO.. GODDAMN rob is on FIREEE .. with all the guitar Solo's and effects... he is sooo dominanttt !! the other one was average .. he never got my attention .

One of the worst Jamiroquai songs I've ever heard, seriously has JK lost his mind? I think Sony must have took it...

Jamiroquai 1992-2006 RIP

Ooh I like it, but then again I'm not stuck in 1995.

This is so damn sad! This can't be true! What's wrong with Jay and the new major label? This worse lame pop rock stuff nobody wants to hear. The only things are the drums who are sounding good, the rest incl. Jays voice is do damn worse. I am so unhappy, I don't know what to do. As far as I know these 4 new songs for now, this will definitely the first Jamiroquai album I won't buy! Sorry, but there is line, even for a hardcore fan. And this line was very thin with Dynamite but now, it is broken! Jamiroquai is dead. RIP my beloved funky and soulful music.

i love jamiroquai music for sure

white knuckle ride is so good

rock dust light star is so good

blue skies is amazing

BUT I've Been Hurtin IS A BIG .... !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


A BIG ....FOR SURE !!!!!!!!!!



IT IS A SONG FOR THE TOILET I'll throw the song in the toilet bowl is all this .... deserves

Otis P Jivefunk: Yes.. that's true

Rest In Peace Jamiroquai

Jay please be honest next time... don't make us confused by making such a great summer tour and releasing crap next month...

I'm hurting

RIP jamiroquai :( ... I don't have much to say

Ezbe,you've hit the nail on the head.There is just something lacking on all of these tracks so far.This song is better than Blue Skies,but I am hoping the rockier approach does not dominate the album,otherwise I will be crying on November 1st. I feel I am trying hard to like these songs just because it is Jamiroquai,and waiting for the music to grow on me.

RIP Jamiroquai.

These were terrible choices!

It's not even a good rock track. I'm out...

LOVE IT! A whole new sound and style for Jamiroquai.To those of you who continue to live in the past and whine about how much you miss the old Jamiroquai,it might be time for you to move on.This is the NEW Jamiroquai,accept it or move on! I'm diggin' the new tracks that I have heard so far.

heard that track before by other bands. it's ok but i wouldn't buy it.

@ cjjc - dominant doesn't mean good

"I think it's a great song." Jay's tonality and rhythm is very seductive. WOW!

It's a good song, but I think the backup singers take away from its rocker appeal. "Good song though."

so in the beginning people said every jamiroquai song sounds the same. then they change their sound massively and now they just sound like every other band making rock music? people just need to appreciate this for what it is, good, solid music, by a band that have been around long enough to know what they like and what they want to do. the variety is what keeps me coming back, if I had 7 eope's I would get bored very quickly.

@Matt,I agree with you.Some fans are never satisfied.I wouldn't want Jamiroquai to make the same album over and over,but apparently,that's what many of the fans want.

I never understood when people said their songs from every album sounds the same. Each album is innovative and creative especially Rock Dust Light Star. I love the fact that they took a rocker approach for their comeback album. It's really good and it continues to showcase their versatility. Great job! "I love the new album so far."

@cjjc well man, I don't think you have so much bootlegs and DVDs of the 1992-1998 years where u could see what amazing guitarists Simon Katz and Gavin Dodds were those years..!

Rock Harris is an amazing guitarist too, but he was supposed to be in a Funk band, but well, the band finally took the way he loved the most. He's a fan of the Beatles... what else could we expect? Yes, he played lovely in those concerts, but well, Jamiroquai was a completely different band when he joined.

After all some people is enjoyin' the stuff Jamiroquai is releasing, so the band must be happy, for me... I quit! :) I just hope there is so much music for you to love!

jamioquai has lost that spark that made him different from the world of commercial repetitive music

but I wonder all these songs released two months before the release of the album are just unfinished demo versions or am I wrong if so expect the final versions for Jamiroquai judge said that "they had 19 songs there will be 11 in the cd
They are not being tested to determine their songs in the album which will be

The songs released so far really seem all over the place!

It's really hard to get a feel for this album at the moment...just feels very confused.

Ultimately, I'm happy for an artist like Jay Kay to change his style and experiment, but maybe he shouldn't do so under the name "Jamiroquai" as I agree with others who think that the band name "Jamiroquai" stands for something and represents something, and the direction of this album so far, doesn't seem to match that.

AWESOME! Woke up in the morning and it threw me out of bed *hihi*
GO ROB!!!!!!!

p.s. I bet if jamiroquai would have come out with another funky song about girls everybody would be like.." oh please...boring ,sounds like all the other stuff"

new era new sound yeaaahh

wow... three strikes and you're out

I like it! Can't wait for the video. :-)

This song is so HOT...Love it.

I like the new songs and the new direction that Jamiroquai is going in.Much more rock-sounding than anything they've done before.Based on the tunes I have heard so far,I'm predicting that this new CD will have much more mainstream appeal than the previous albums.

I like the new songs and the new direction that Jamiroquai is going in.Much more rock-sounding than anything they've done before.Based on the tunes I have heard so far,I'm predicting that this new CD will have much more mainstream appeal than the previous albums.

i'd rather like quality music than "mainstream appeal"... sad......
(with cover artwork like that they won't sell much copies anyways)

"Cool song"

Worth the wait! "All hail to the Cowboy return"

Sounds like a bad ripoff of the White Stripes.

I'm diggin the new vibe. I never would have expected them to stray from their funk, but considering the it's Jamiroquai they are able to pull off anything.

If Stu Zender really was the heart and soul of Jamiroquai, where has he been since he left? Oh that's right... Azur...

To this day, it amazes me that people have nothing better to do than criticize one song for its failure to return to the acid-jazz roots to which so many are partial. Bands, by virtue, cannot release the same sound over and over and over. Each album has been an experiment, an extension of the Jamiroquai we knew before. Lest we forget, Jay and the guys were rather stifled by Sony and had very little "heart" left as evidenced by Runaway and Radio.

However, I am still excited by what I have heard. I'll be looking forward to it, not with some sort of ridiculous dream of EOPE, Vol. 2 but rather with the view that the band I've followed for so many years is coming out with some new material that I hope to enjoy on its own merits.

I can't believe that after four albums post acid-jazz, people are still pining for a revival...

p.s. hello to all my old jamliners and #jamiroquai irc friends!

The curve balls keep on coming from Jamiroquai. But it looks like a lot of people don't wanna take a swing. Rather, they'd prefer to just stand in the batter's box, hope one of the pitches hits 'em in the head, and they'll wake up in 1992...

Seriously, there's funk in here. Good funk. It's certainly different from the past, but it's there. And in regards to his vocals on this track, well, you can't say Jay was a liar on this one, LOL...

It's clear that there's gonna be some twists and turns on this album. People can complain that this is not the real Jamiroquai and they've got a right to their opinion.

But consider this -- what's the one thing that has dogged this band throughout its career? The perception that will not go away even though fans and the musically inclined know better. The perception that all their songs are the same...

Rock Dust Light Star could end that line of thinking once and for all...And wouldn't that be nice?

Thumbs up on the song from me.

I am REALLY looking forward to this CD. November can't come soon enough. I am loving all the music flavors I will have to choose from. It's very exciting and extremely refreshing to hear new and different textures from one of my most treasured bands. Everyone sounds tremendous! I can't wait for the tour!

this album sucks so far (except wkr). I for sure wont buy it, if i dont hear a quality song, so RIP jamiroquai! maybe jay should join with "take that" and robbie williams, or make a duet with james blunt..this music is very unimaginative and booring, it lacks the jamiroquai vibe, and if jay continues with this he will loose alot of fans, and gain few. i still believe one tune from the new album will suprise me in a positive way

Oh my! Jay's voice is so aphrodisiacal and evolved...I can't wait to see a nice sensual video for this song. I love it!!

I LOVE this side of Jay :-)

Jamiroquai is such a great,strong,creative band that it would be stupid to repeat themselves. they ve done acid jazz, funk, disco, electro,house,bossa nova,instrumental,Soul,reagee.. they ve done it all in the past 18 years .. its not cool to stay stuck in one style of music...

Those of you who are saying you're disappointed and aren't gonna buy the new CD....why are you here??? If I was truly "done" with a band or artist,I surely wouldn't waste my time on their fansites.

I really like this track. Is it just me or do the track descriptions make no sense what so ever?. I think everybody is underestimating the Track "Rock Dust Light Star" as an album track. Nobody has heard the track as an album version. The 50 second sample on youtube has a very different vibe to the live performances of the track we have heard.

@ Sasha

"I feel your vibe honey" lol The video to this song should consist of Jay in a room smoking a fag rubbing his long attractive fingers through his hair lip syncing the song. Also with fading images of the band playin. lol "His voice is very ripe indeed"

"So far this song is my favorite."

Oh God, why people always complaining about the 'dead' Jamiroquai? This track is great. And if you miss the 'old' Jamiroquai, listen back your EOPE CD.

This track, in my opinion, is very Jamiroquai.

@Ninochka,I agree!! I'm so sick of all this whining and wanting Jamiroquai to sound like they did in 1993.I've said it before and I'll keep saying it: IF YOU WANT TO HEAR THE 'OLD' JAMIROQUAI SOUND,LISTEN TO THE OLD ALBUMS!!! It's absurd to expect Jamiroquai (or any band) to stay frozen in time and make the same albums over and over.Jay and the guys have moved on and evolved.

Maaaan forget the negative fans...they not even worth responding to. As a matter of fact, they opinion don't even matter.

"This song is HOT LIKE FIRE"

so sad this isn't just a joke... with all the mediocre songs heard so far, the AWESOME (lol) cover, and the most boring jamiroquai videos ever I can bet my money this album is going to be completely unnoticed on the charts and the mainstream public. This album is terribly boring, unimaginative and irrelevant. So far the only ones liking all this mess are fanatical die hard jamirotalkers (thankfully these guys actually represent a really small amount of the fans, it's just that they're louder )

As I said, there's never been so much backslash from fans before, not even when Zender was fired!

Oh just a reminder, writing in caps won't stop this album being really bad, and as a matter of fact our opinion does matter as much if not more than yours, since we've got the amazing superpowers of buying albums and attending gigs. Part of the business, hope you've got the picture right...

I love the creativity and innovation so far. Can't wait for the album. :-)

"Cool song"

Love, love, love this one! ^-^ It's my favourite so far. Reminds me of the best from Prince.

I have to agree, this is my fav too. The vibe is awesome.

Kinda worried when they announced that this album would have a more rock vibe. But after listening to the songs released, I have to admit although the style is different the music is pretty good.

I like Hurtin & the guitar and WKR is a fav as well. BS and RDLS are kinda cool. I really can't wait to listen to 'Smoke and Mirrors' and 'Hey Floyd' kinda of excited to hear those tracks.

Overall, I like the variety.

@mean.....if you really feel that way,feel free to MOVE ON.Jamiroquai will survive,regardless of how well this new album does.And how can you say that the album is "boring and unimaginative" when it hasn't even been released yet?? You've only heard a few songs! You need to move on and listen to other artists.You're wasting your time if you're expecting Jay and the band to cater to your every wish.

I wonder if the entire album will continue the variety, because I like it!

Hurtin really surprised me. I couldn't believe that was Jay. I think manipulating his voice put him in a whole different category for me. lol

"All the songs are groovy."

Nobody noticed x.103.x.83 ??? lol

Oh yeah I'm digging the variety to. It's like you don't know what to expect next which makes it exciting. This Hurtin track caught me off guard to. lol

"I'm feeling the new stuff"

But what other artists out there produce funk and soul, like Jamiroquai are 'supposed' to be making? They have never been a rock band, and by swaying to this direction, they are for sure alienating a lot of older fans.If I wanted or needed this kind of music, I would go for AC/DC or the White Stripes. Dynamite was a popular album,and it had that unique Jamiroquai feel to it, which three of these four tracks sadly lack. And no,I am not still living in 1993. Looks like I'll have to cling on to my Incognito-Transatlantic RPM cd for this year

@mean lol, good spot!

@ mean

lol Well the songs are groovy! I don't know the proper American slang...sorry. :-) lol

you are absolutely right! jay's wish to top the charts is now an obsession, new songs are very weak, and they are bad even in a commercial way, and there is one thing i hate more than this songs..that are jamirotalker fanboys liking everything jay produces. If jay wrote a song about taking a dump on a toilet, i am sure they would found a good riff or a bassline in it :/


I'll listen to it! Jamiroquai for life :-)

@ Chula/Holli/Dongo/Zac/Rocket stop it, you're being pathetic...

I like this song better than the other tracks we heard! Jay's voice is almost unrecognizable.I guess Jay was right when he said that this album has a rock feel to it.Great song!!

Lets hope for the bands sake not all the positive comments were posted by just one person, lmao ! :-)))
Maybe someone from Mercury Records or Jay's girlfriend, lol. ;-)

But kidding aside: I kind of dig the new song.
The first one of the four songs we know so far that sticks in my mind.

NOV 8th albums out according to radio guy?? :D

GRAL COMMENTS: Is everyone still thinking these guys are trying to go acid jazz and stuff and they just dont hit it?? They dont wanna go back there and thats clear, or at least they are not stuck on that single genre for a whole album. so for those wasting time sayn "Oh its not acid jazz-old school" or whatever you want to call it, mind yourselves WE KNOW ITS NOT, so lets keep the comments productive in some way please, even if you dont like it try to say something more than that. Also, its not about loving some musicians and hating others. Every musician is unique so lets not take it against anyone, take it if you like, leave it if you dont.

HURTING: I like it, very cocky funk! The vocals are very cool, sounds to me like a song out of a jam session really. Simple song, but sometimes simple is harder than complex (listen to miles Davis, he would solo on 3 - 4 notes only amazingly). Derrick Killed it! Love the winds up of Rob at the end with the chorus and Jay vocals... I would have put Jay a bit more to the front honestly, but song is great! GOOD JOB! :D

Funkynic, interesting that you should mention Miles Davis. I wonder what the reaction would've been had 24 Hour News, the World Wide Web and International Live Streaming existed in 1969, when Jay was born. Bitches Brew came out that year; I wonder if his fans welcomed the change, or pined for another Kind Of Blue or Birth Of The Cool, one and two decades after their releases. Years on, that album would have a great influence on the direction which jazz would take, like its predecessors did. The point here is that it's natural, it's human for musicians to try different things, move on, satisfy curiosities and their sense of adventure. I still believe that these new songs have a Jamiroquai feel to them. Think Cannabliss meets Loveblind with a soulful twist, and you might be on the right lines with this track. I like it lots!!

I also agree with your comments on less being more sometimes; this is why I thought World That He Wants was an underrated song. It's not funky or acid jazz, but you can feel the hurt in his voice, the lyrics tell a story, and the strings are used to brilliant effect, setting the tone throughout.

let get one thing one expected jay to do an acid jazz album, no one is that stupid! lovers of the old sound expected new direction but with funky horns, strings, wah wah guitar...but this pop shallow tunes are robbie williams alike, with no recognizable jamiroquai genious touch in them. We expected new sound, BUT A BETTER ONE! so please stop talking against the lovers of the old school! new sound dont automatically mean its the good sound..we just dont like the song, no matter if its the old sound or the new one..the SONGS are terrible! lyrics like "talk to the hand" are terrible..i see nothing wrong when fans are ranting about thier most loved band going pop

I've met Jay and Derrick one time, I saw 7 times jamiroquai live, I bought everything about jamiroquai and i love this band from 16 years, and their music changed my life, but now is too much...Jamiroquai's sound was a brand, an original sound made by many influence but the band was great!!!
Now i just feel a cold band without nothing personal every band can suond like empty and sad...also the cosmic girl that location was great now is sad....
I know very well that artist need to change and i agree, many artist changed lots of times...
It's sad but true but the golden era is gone forever, no more hope to see that great band of the '90...

Firstly - Its at around 50mins on the dutch player thing fyi.

Its interesting to hear Jay go one about Sony making them make more commercial music but now out of the Sony management thats still what they're doing. I do like it tho. Not sure why every album is realised i get all excited that itll be like Emergancy or Space Cowboy etc because it wont, those days are over...for now! What i dont understand is, live, they are funkier then ever, Use the Force is amazing as it TWM but when recording new stuff, its very different.

ANNNND....why and how did dutch radio get the exclusive?? no offense.

I like it guys!!! i think we must learn to live with this JamiROCKuai! These are not bad songs at all! And this song is not that far away from Black Capricorn Day. Lets set an example, a bad attempt of rock from this band was Black Devil Car, this son is light years away!!

why do people keep saying this new material is like Robbie Williams and James blunt. this sounds nothing like any of them? at all! to be fair jay Kay's farts probably sound funkier than anything those two have ever written?

I like it. A Jamiroquai take on the Blues. Something we have never had before. In addition, if you can't hear the soul and funk in that I would politely suggest there is something wrong with your ears.

this one is actually much better than blue skies, about on par with rock dust light star.. still, the world doesn't need more funk-rock. that's been covered a million times and this doesn't stand out particularly. the jamiroquai sound - the beautiful melding of synths, a trio of horns, syncopated rhythms, subtle & light rhythm guitar, the groovin' bassline, and beautiful clouds of sound emanating from the rhodes - that is what we want from this band. anyone can plug in a strat and distortion and do a couple of pentatonic licks. where's the magic? don't tell you're as dried out as your voice sounds, jay. this aint what you told us would be coming..and it's disappointing as hell in general. this is like driving a ferrari at 50 mph when the real wonder is released at 150.

Yeah, I swear Jay Kay said this would be Jamiroquai's best ever album? It would take a lot now to pull that off... seriously.

this is a brilliant, sophisticated new groovy Jami-sound! I really like. :-)

he says that every time, or rather, has to say that - just part of the business. seems like they're taking the easy way out - make rock music without strong harmonies since his voice isn't as strong or smooth. maybe the album has a couple of winners. too bad the promotion of this album + cover art + singles + videos are just short of sad. when earlier singles came out, you knew they were going for the jugular. the funk hit you right in the face..colorful, powerful sound. this album is like '...wait, that's jamiroquai?' milquetoast.

I'm coming round to the idea that half of this music isn't on the album. The new label seems to be generous in giving out the tracks and Rob Harris' twitter feeds hinted at some head-fakes.

Recent interviews suggest they left tracks alone for 2 months and revisited to listen again ('hurtin' couldn't have stood out surely?)

This latest track seems half baked like Hot Tequila Brown (slipped the net IMO)and the bonus track at the end of AFO.

Well, Maroon 5 have a new album out...

Well, at least Maroon 5's new album sounded a lot better than all this...

Derrick Mckenzie said on his Facebook they had 40 songs written (not sure how many they have recorded at this moment in time) but surely they all know a good track when they hear one. I should think with tracks like 'Blue Skies' and 'Hurtin'' making it to this new album that they are saving some of them as future material.

JK and the boys are artists. Artists create work first and foremost for themselves. You can't produce a peice of art be it film, paint, music and expect it to be a success if you yourself don't feel it. There's no way any of the band would put out sounds to please anyone before themselves. Sorry to say, if you aren't feeling the vibe that's your own problem to deal with. They are accountable to no one and the day they start doing what most of the fans on here tell them it truly will be the end. Think for one minute about any aspect of your life in a creative sense. You wouldn't stand for anyone telling you what to do if you didn't 'feel it' yourself, and if you did you're suddenly playing a dangerous game. I've been a massive fan for the best part of 15 years and have committed time and money to what I know are the best band in the world, however unlike some other people on this forum they owe me nothing. They can make what the hell they like and if I feel it, I feel it and man am I feeling it right now.

Jay simply can't sing over Acid Jazz and Funk anymore... That's the truth, all Jamiroquai music is based around his voice which was lost after Synkronized era, why? Not because he got older, but for his hedonistic past of smoker. And although Jay have had a great performance (during last concerts like Paleo) singing EOPE and TROTSC songs, his voice will never be the same impossible smooth high-pitched one. So, since 2001, they needed to change music backgrounds and replace Jay's adlibs and Wallis's solos with backup singers and synth effects. In Dynamite I personally believe that Sony offered Jay to use vocoders in songs like Time Won't Wait, only for giving the band a chance of don't losing disco and funk catchy styles. You know what? This wasn't good at all as TWW played live (like many other songs) was evidently a challenge for Jay to sing. More recently, Jay had the convenience of leaving Sony because he wanted a "new sound", a sound that "what the f**k" if all of the fans hate it, it is what Jay can now sing perfectly and there's nothing wrong with new influences in Jamiro music. Well... Now you know what the current biography means with "a new side of Kay's voice". Probably Jay's preferences (in Disco, Electronica, and now in Rock) are also responsible for the turning point where Jamiro started to be different, however it's true that they haven't lost the Funk, these new songs are quite empty and not that interesting like many said. If 4 songs are not enough for my opinion, I apologize, but if the other 9 dissapoint me, I would sadly confirm this: "Jamiroquai is dead".

@ Dropzink, I just don't think that Jay's voice is the responsible for that.

He had the same tired voice on Dyamite and it was a great album: Don't give hate a chance, Talulah, TWW are all brilliant songs.

I agree with you on the other comments... We already listened to 30% of the new album and I'm getting more worried with these terrible choices.

@dropzink everything u wrote is bullsh*t ... at paleo he performed revolution.. hooked up .. if i like it i do it ... when u gonna learn and space cowboy brilliantly. specially space cowboy

It's a very sad day when Jamiroquai fans get split right down the middle over new material...

I've Been Hurtin' is a original track with classic rock influences, @Rob Harris (yeah THAT Rob) YOU ARE AWESOME ON THAT GUITAR MAN!

@cjjc - pay attention to what dropzink wrote: "Jay have had a great performance (during last concerts like Paleo) singing EOPE and TROTSC songs"

Same thing that you're saying...

my God! another delusion....Jay's voice? treated with some Eventide or plug-in, no way. And PLEASE: fire the guitarist!! His influence is terrible...this is a poor imitation of Lenny Kravitz! Stop with this rock! the vocal line is flat, only one chord, no armony research, the electric piano is completely God, the funk is lost elsewhere....I hate that Rob Harris, is making the musical director but with no respect to Jamiroquai sound and story! Matt, wake up, this man is destructing the good vibrations you made, and he's influencing Jay's mind! Stop him!

Tbh, I really am a lover of the "old" JQ and this is just.....awesome! In my oppinion it´s great to hear something different, so cool from the band! It´s ridiculous how people cry just because a song isn´t as jazzy or funky as other ones, that doesn´t mean a song is bad or mainstream -.-

@Fernando Freire Vocoders can tune your voice in order to make it sound at the high or low pitch you want. Only hear the difference in Jay's voice between TWW in the album and TWW in the Intel Secret Gig.

@cjjc That's the same I wrote idiot. Paleo Fest is fantastic, too much better than Verona or Montreux. Their music level is at his best, Jay also have done a great work with his voice (in youtube I said he had recover most of it), but comparing what he could reach singing in Brazil '97, you can still recognize some difference in Paleo. Please hear Scam from Montreux '95 and ask yourself if Jay can sing that again.

....ehm, it's quite simple to notice that Jay is now 40 years old, and in the past he's taken LOT of drug....his voice, simply, IS NOT like when he was 20...age, drugs and alcool have BIG influence on a singer's voice...

Come on, Rob Harris got nothing to do with the new way Jamiroquai took. It's ONLY Jay's choice.

Jamiroquai is not "Jam" or "Iroquai" anymore and I feel really sad about it, but the band always got fantastic musicians.

This is so frustrating to hear all tyhe negative responses from all the "so called fans". This is a band evolving and it's clear that Jay and the rest of the band have clear musical influences other than those of a soull/funk background. Now they are free from Sony's shackles they are free to make whatever music they like. What impresses me most is the musicianship involved. They will never do another EOPE or ROTSC because they are evolving, just like every other band does. I have never seen an album met with such negativity!! Having see them live at Hyde Park, Jay's voice was better than it had been for years and everyone's vocal chords change, so come on people, give him and them a break and get behind them.
Zender has long gone, Toby has long gone and now he is with a group of musicians he is comfotable with. Derrick is probably the most underrated drummer around and in my opinion he is the glue that keeps them together. This will be a great album and we should all be behind them. It is human nature to grow and evolve.
Bring it on boys!!!

Goooood thanks, that´s what I call music!!!!!! A bluesy rock song with funky groove!!! AMAZING!!!!!!! I CAN´T WAIT TILL NOVEMBER!!!!

someone tell me where's the funk in this song....and, also, why people HAVE to write with 100 !!!!!!!!

After 5 years, we expected a come back with a musical identity and authenticity. What we listened from the new album is nothing authentic !
It's business soup, worst of "Dynamite" (which however included some very good songs, while the band had became less popular)
JK is lost himself in the business music, that has no soul.
Signed with Universal was a mistake! I think Jamiroquai should have followed the example of Incognito, who has kept his soul and style. It's always the same pleasure each album.
JK still believe he can be number 1, but this time is is finished ! Never forget that Jamiroquai is a famous band of the '90s, not the '00s ! Now, Jamiroquai should make music for fun, not to sell a maximum of CD's. The glory days are past !

What happened to our band??!

Reading most of the comments / troll here on Funkin, it seems that all Jamiroquai' "fans" are either managers of the band, smart theorists, or great philosophers.
Ok guys. But please. STFU.
Thank you.

if someone writes again that jamiroquai is EVOLVING i will start shooting people!!!
this is not evolving, new sound is booring and pop

Impressed by this new song, love it! This is a strong track.
Finally an updated DEEPER UNDERGROUND 2.0.!! (at least in the vein of it)
Should have led the album instead of Blue Skies.

I like it, and I'm soooo happy to like it!! Thanks guys, this is something toatally unespected and a part for the "old school" affecionados I believe many of us wanted something like this, something NEW different from everything but still soooo damned jamiroquaish.

I can't wait to hear this one live.
Comment by David Rowe, Yesterday (x.192.x.60)

Same here David. This is one hell of a sexy ******' tune!!!!!!

Hey, is this Brian Johnson from ACDC singing?

I get that Jamiroquai is done with the Acid Jazz and they are going a new direction. We all know that. But just because they are going a new direction doesn't make their new songs good. I get it that some will like this new direction, and that's cool. But for me and probably many others, it lacks in musicality and creativity. Synkronized was a great album and that wasn't acid jazz. I consider that one of my favorite albums as there were some beautiful songs on it. This song was just boring. In my opinion, Black Capricorn Day was Soul-Rock-Funk and actually had substance. Hurtin was hurtin. I hope I am surprised by some of the other songs I haven't heard yet.

terrible !!!!

3 disappointment out of 4 tracks !!!!! I think Jamiroquai is dead

@ cjjc, I dig your recommendation on Moses Mase. You should check out "Akimbo on top" at youtube, I especialy like the outro. It features Nick van Gelder, the orignal Jamiroquai drummer.

maybe you'll like it, it's pure funk

Waiting for new Pat Metheny Group Album....

@DJ Totally agree with you

@DJ But Synkronized IS Acid Jazz, have you heard to Destitute Illusions, Butterfly and Planet Home? It was their last acid, jazzy, funky album and I love it too;)

i like it
have the ''hangover''sounds, i mean
not listen this track in a great day, listen the day after a big party, because will works this way¡¡¡

btw, surporise how the new songs are leaked
from heineken site, from other site, now dutch radios
i mean, they are using the most surprising ways to show the new tracks¡¡¡¡

It sounds like Lenny Kravitz wrote the song for JK !!!

@ menno thanks for the suggestion ! :D i liked it ...

Ya bro, I agree that Synkronized was the last jazzy funky album. The tunes you listed are sooo good. May I add Soul Education...nice. When I was speaking of acid jazz, I was speaking of the EOPE and TROTSC era. Synkronized had a different feel than those two albums, which is why I didn't catagorize it as acid jazz. I totally think Blue Skies could have had some soft horns in it, which would have had a similar sound to Falling. That would have funked it up a bit, even for a softer tune.

@ Slip-n-Hurtin, anyone thinking this is remotely like Deeper Underground must have their head buried underground. They are in two different leagues. Deeper Underground is amazing, this is crap!...

So... has this become the most commented on news item on Funkin ever yet?? ;-)

LOVE IT! Very different, very intriguing - favourite track so far! Looking forward to the rest of the album!

RDLS so far is a disaster. New tunes are common house, teen pop and rock pop, unoriginal and dull. Videos are boring as hell – 5 minutes driving a bike and 5 minutes driving a chopper in the same scenario. Cover is even worse. C´mon 5 years for this? Give me a break. Some may like new direction (probably they would faint with something like Canned Heat) – of course tastes are relative I respect that. But as much as you argue nobody can´t change the fact they lost their essence and originality, both in music, videos and artwork it´s downfalling since 2000. From genious to awesome, and now from average to catastrophic. Is this going to be any different from all the rest of the chewing gum we listen today? No. That´s a fact whether you like it or not. Jamiroquai essence IS DEAD. They should change their name.
For me they became too sterile and contradictive to even rise my smallest interest. From now on, he can scream and swear he will come up with the most amazing sound ever in the next album - I won´t care. And I certainly don´t like this attitude with old fans - “talk to the hand” “those fans will be left in the dark” –Jay how can we like this chewing gum sh*t you´re making? Besides, who gave you those millions huh? Being faithfull since 1993, believe me: you won´t see a cent more from my pocket that´s for sure. Now there´s the payment of your gratefulness - 18 years and a lot of cash later, I´m off for good.
Just remembered an old interview – “musicians should get out when they start to loose it” - Really Jay? Then you should have left 5 years ago.
- I believe I´ve seen enough to know the other tunes won´t be anything special.
- This is MY opinion and I respect other opinions. So chill out.

@PHM wow man, 100% agreed with you!
you said all I feel about this new "production"
the best!

first of all, this moses mayes group, it's just some standard crap. not even on the level of jamiroquai, not even close or worth mentioning in the same breath. early jamiroquai has had the best reinterpretation of the jazz-funk-fusion era since the 70s one's come close.

second of all - i am in agreement with PHM - jay is now at the point where he's fulfilling his ego. beyond the point of good music, music from the soul.. just making music to make the charts and money. also, if we are to interpret his remarks regarding old fans, he is being ridiculous..they made him what he is today, for better or worse.

"don't wanna be one of those people who sticks around the industry forever. get in, get out with my head held high"'s the time to bounce then. dynamite was a disaster (who are these people who think it's good? practically the whole thing was cornball crap and his voice sounded awful) the songs are just cheese without toby smith's writing and chord structures, i'm realizing more and more he was the glue. they still grooved me without zender, but not so much without toby. jay has seemingly lost the recipe that made him amazing, unfortunately. maybe it went with his voice and the old band members.

sorry if this comes across as brash or unappreciative, it's just the truth. there hasn't been an evolution in sound since AFO..this is just continuing unnecessarily past your prime and into mediocre, already covered territory..for shame, jamiroquai were an incredible creative force with a unique sound and perspective. now they're hurtin'.

a thin sliver of hope lies in those other 9 tracks we haven't heard. if he doesn't bring the funk there, it's over for me in terms of their releases. live, they rock and will likely to continue doing great shows, but the albums lack the magic they once had.

i will listen to the album, give it its fair shake..but so far, situation looks dire, sorry to say. horrible singles, art, production style, videos, lyrical themes.. it really sucks to see your favorite band falling from grace trying to stay 'pop' in the times..whining about the album deal from sony and now releasing this? pff.. what gives? it's depressing.

To those of who feel disillusioned and don't like the new songs,videos,album artwork, is the perfect time for you to move on.Jay and the guys are making the type of music that they WANT to make and if some people don't like it,that's just too bad.Do not think of Jamiroquai as your own personal jukebox.They don't owe you anything.Being an artist means following your own passion,doing things your way and being true to oneself.This new album is the artistic statement that Jay wants to make,at this point in his life/career.Accept it or move on! There are numerous other bands and artists for you to listen to.Move on,step aside and allow the *real fans* the opportunity to enjoy the new music.Many of us are in it for the long haul.If you're not,then say goodbye and take care....

you are no more a real fan than i am. you simply are more accepting of the new style. a real fan will speak up when he is displeased and not sit there like nothing's wrong. besides, what is this, a praise board or a comment board?. i complain because i care, damn it. and my comments are just as valid as yours. to tell us to go away is to censor the complete dialogue. people are disappointed, get over it.

Seems to me there are 2 types of fans here. 1 type like the pop/dance tunes and the others (like me) like the funky/dirty bass sound. Very interesting.

-->AC Funky dirty/bass sound is great! Pour your heart out Jamiroquai and We will love it! Make the smoothest pop ballad, and the dirtiest/funky groove, add some snazzy jazz, top it off with some skanky Reggae, but fill it with your Jamiroquai Heart and it will be all over our minds, lips and Soul.

"I complain because I care".
I think that's a sentence that could sum up what has been going on in lately. And is something that everyone should now, from old fans, new fans, people who like the new stuff, people who don't like the new stuff, even the bandmembers who read this forum, or jamirotalk, or, or wherever. We complain because we care. That's the honest truth.

just a song have too many posts
and i though FJLIS it was the most divided views in the fan base, this song is reaching the FJLIS status.

that say enough.

i agree about the''we care'', as fans, all want the best for this band, so this era is going to be strong because what made the fans think.

the only thing i cant accept so easy is the cover.
i like to see fans on the cover but jay looks so odd
sorry, is hard to accept.
besides that, i like te new tracks and i though i would love the videos.

keep them coming¡¡¡

@PHM finally someone clever, i share ur opinion and ur 100% right, and i must add what someone wrote we are angry because we direction or not, jamiroquai lost their quality..the soound (no matter the direction) is very poor and cheap..i cant believe this has been in production for several year...the only explanation i have for this, other than "jay making money", is jay not beeing on drugs, lets face it, he was the most creative when he used lots of drugs, but i wish him all the good in life, and its better that he is healthy now.

@gaahh moses mayess standard crapp ??? u suck man..
listen to this songs'space and time' 'moses p.i.' 'x' 'intrafusion' for me its even heavier than jamiroquai and they re certainly worth mentioning !

[email protected]: "Music stirs your emotions and lifts your spirit".
The proof of RDLS will be in the dancing. Personally I'm not going to listen to any of the sneaky releases and will wait until I have the album in my hand before I pass judgement.
Maybe this album won't hit the spot for me - maybe I'll be a fan lost along the way who'll talk about the early Jamiroquai days as being a huge influence about their life. Maybe, maybe, maybe...In any case there'll be a huge legion of new fans joining this world, maybe some old one's will disappear. That's life and the evolvement of it.
btw. Off topic - disappointed in video for Blue Skies would have liked to see simple studio footage of ALL the band and the emotions passing across faces. Rob Harris should have featured in the video - I think it's one of his favourite songs on the album (but hey I'm not mystic meg so may not be right!).

well what can I say!for sure the sound changed, jay was riding a skate and now is driving a helicopter! they are still good musics but not JAMIROQUAI sound, this is something new so far, we still dont know how the rest of the trakcs sound like...this can be just a marketing way to put people talk about the band after 5 years!!!
Well I like all the albuns and so far thees new musics, even if I was expecting something funky funky!!

Wow as always some really hurtful and scathing remarks here :(

Rob Harris is in my opinion one of the most under rated guitar players in the world, like Ritchie Sambora, so so talented but never really given the credit where it is due. Jamiroquai guitar lines are more about knowing when not to play and what licks and fills are needed in what time space etc, a great guitarist will play effortlessly, but you might miss some of the sound due to this fading into the back gorund. This song shows Rob's talent shining through.

The song itself honestly from the first riff I was hooked :) haunting vocals with a great beat all tied together nicely.

I really don't get the comments that fans of the older songs are posting though. If you are a fan of a band or a person (Jay) then at some point they/he will realease/do something that is different from what has been done before, it's natural progression, evolution if you like, it needs to happen otherwise Jamiroquai would be just another Oasis with the same song re hashed all the time.

To me the Jamiroquai sound you guys are all complaining about missing is still there, it's just matured and like a fine wine, when you embrace it you will reep the goodness.

Ps. I am now awaiting the backlash that almost always follows sensible comments

Anyone who is waiting for the new CD is clearly living in the past more than the so called old skool followers as it's all downloads these days! With that in mind, IMO,I think that the band may have already blown their chances of selling a full album (especially a physical copy). This may explain the rash swings in styles between songs. Interesting to see which of the previous albums I wouldve downloaded in full had iTunes been there.

C'est nous qui sommes hurtin'.

@Jamirrorquai(Mac) backlash from me.Your comments make alot of sense.I can't believe all the negative comments and unrealistic expectations that many of these "fans" have.I agree with you that the Jamiroquai "sound" is still there,it's just evolved a little.That's natural progression and every artist/band should be allowed to move on,try new things,experiment and grow.It's a shame that so many Jamiroquai fans can't accept this.They're living in the past,expecting another 'Return Of The Space Cowboy'.I like all of the new songs that we have heard so far.I approached this project with an open mind,instead of unrealistic expectations.I don't dwell on the past and I never expect every new album to sound like the past."I've Been Hurtin" is a great song.Haunting,unrecognizable vocals,great guitar and a cool rock feel.

@Mac, yes we expect them to release something different,but not to this extreme.Maintain the style that got them loved in the first place, and not convert to an all too common sound today, which does not seperate them from any of the average bands out there. 'I've Been Hurtin' does not sound like a mature song. I get the impression that he had at least six pints of beer before he recorded that track. The post Toby Smith material has declined soooo much. Still will stick to this band, but need at least one good track on this album.

there wasn t any keyboard in this song :p

Great responses there Skikda and i can see your point, but this album unlike all of the others including the first one has no production on it. The way you hear it on the pre release is the way it will sound live. No over dubs, no drum machines or samples just the guys playing with nothing but feeling.

I cant wait to start doing these new songs and I am sure there will be some older style funk in the future because you cant stray to far from what you know.

When Michael Hutchence releases MAX Q the INXS fans hated it, slated it and refused to buy it but with hind sight it was/is some of the finest work that talented young man ever did. RDLS could well go down as the greatest album of all time. It could just take another 20 years for us to realise it ?

There are still tracks we haven't heard and all judgement I think should be reserved until we see/hear everything on offer but because of the way these have been recorded and mastered (Live) this makes it a very exciting and different album, it would have almost have been impossible to do this concept with full out funk as there would to much going on and a lot of it would have been missed.

I must admit though that some of the people commenting have raised some excellent questions and made some very thoughtful posts but others have made hurtful horrible observtions that do not belong on a fan site.

I would appreciate it if all of us including me would consider this "How would we feel if these posts were about us, we can all have our say but lets keep it it within reason. It is important for all fans to get their views across but would we like to read some of these comments if they were about our lives/talent/albums"

I for one hate having bad reviews about shows that I perform and because of that I try to give my fans and JMQ fans everything they desire. I am 100% sure Jamiroquai feel the same and sometime a little patience is all that is needed before you get what you want.

What we've been expecting, I guess, it's not necessarily an acid Jazz or a Jazz/funk/soul/electro album.
We've been waiting for a rich and complex album far away from formated tune. Tracks which not be limited at 4 minutes. It could be rock, that's not the matter.
I hope we'll find LONG tracks with changing tempo, complexe structure (introduction, music and concluson like, in a certain point of view Just Another Story).
Derrick said that they're free without Sony. I hope feel theses vibes, whatever the style!


Truely inspired :)

I think that is the essence of what all fans want from this great band.

Thank you for getting the best point (imho) on this discussion across :)

Mac, great great postings!! I feel the same!! *thumbs up*

...about the 4 minutes songs - all we have been listening were Radio Edits, don't you think? You cannot play 8-12 minute songs on the radio, imo... so there is hope for longer songs on the album.

Jamiroquai would be clever to give all fans a little treat by putting some longer versions of some songs, and unreleased stuff as b-sides.
THAT would make everyone happy and nobody would moan about them doing some different stuff on the album.

Just an idea...


wow, 200 comments..........

Let me try as best I can to explain what is going on here:

We all love this band. Why? Because they are different. Yeah, they are doing funk-rock-disco blah blah blah now. They did Acid Jazz in the past, straight jazz, classical, reggae, pop, nu-soul, the list goes on. We could get the genres and songs from any of the other bands we love. I adore Maroon 5 (need to get my hands on that new album), Foo Fighters, Brand New Heavies, Omar, Biffy Clyro, Corduroy (Legends!), Crowded House. These artists all evolved, changed line ups, brought out albums that tested their fans' loyalty. They might be global successes or still bubbling around, but they've worked hard at their unique stamp on music. This is what I think some people are missing from these new songs, and certainly what I miss. I'm not saying this doesn't sound like Jamiroquai, but they always did something special, you know. A little more complexity in composition. A little more bass for grooving. Every brass line in the right place. They are amazing live and I admire their combined talent. So, no matter what they produce, when you're not hearing what it is that makes them so special, it brings some negativity. Ultimately, anger, frustration and even to the extreme of hate can only come from Love. If you weren't that bothered in the first place, it wouldn't trouble you now to see and hear such different things.

Please understand each other's posts. This is human emotion. One person's lengthy deep explanation is another person's 'bull****'. Argue if you must, but argue about the music. I find it personally disrespectful that people think if they write a lot of big words, put everything in shouty caps or put the words fans or so-called-fans in speech marks, it makes their point more valid. I wrote on Facebook that I couldn't stand the comment on here or in Jamirotalk especially because of the cult-esque flow of the debate. I am guilty of many things in the past with regards to comments and I would like to think I've moved on from that as I realise everyone has a mind of their own. It's when you don't use that mind that you become rude and ignorant. Be real, but above all, respect yourselves and the mutual respect will flow.

no doubt that this marketing startegy is working quite good 200 comments eheh

Jamiroquai is a masterpiece. Jay Kay is visionary.
Can't wait to listen the new album.

Is this the most ever comments yet David??

How bout now??

This is different, yes. If I´d have the CD now, I´ll definitely skip this song. Though, is not bad. Jay´s voice sound weird in comparison of how he sounded in other songs, but I think he tried to sound like he was "moaning"..."hurting"...I understand what one of you said about Rob Harris´influence and I agree: you can hear a powerfull guitar when we´re used to have a powerfull bassline. This is Jamiroquai´s new direction, take it or leave it. In fact, it didn´t happened right now: check Live at Montreaux and notice Rob setting the guitar on fire during the gig, even between tracks when he jams The Beatles and AC/DC. Overall, if I have to poll the four songs I´ve heard already, I´d say:
1) WKR
3) BS
4) IBH

Again, after 200 million times, I will say again I was expecting something like the "old" band and the "until-2005" band. Have you guys heard the track "Shoot the Moon" on Montreux Jazz Festival 2003?? or "Do It Like We Used To do"??? Remember?? Those songs ARE NOT THE 1993 Jamiroquai! Shoot the Moon was played live in 2003! And that's exactly the same band is doing this thing...! Except Nick Fyffe of course. STM was a brilliant track and that's the FUNK I wanted them to play! I really don't know how those people can say "This track is REALLY Funk" COME ON! Do you guys know what really Funk is? What it means? What it feels? Do you know a Funk bassline? a Funk drum beat?? A Funk guitar wah whah???? Those things are not present in those tracks! I'm not gonna say they are crap! But that's definitely another thing but Funk! That's definitely another thing BUT JAMIROQUAI!

I was expecting something like those tracks i named, but including some horns, beautiful keys, string arrangements! Something like "Time Won't Wait" (that also is NOT from 1993). Have you guys heard "Titan"??? The song they played after "Canned Heat" in Verona 2002??? HAVE YOU HEARD IT??? Even though I'm a fan of the 1992-1998 Jamiroquai, JASON KAY ROCKED that track live! It was the most amazing thing i've heard last years! AND I ADMIRED THAT! THAT WAS THE ""FUNK"" I was expecting for this album! AND AGAIN, that was not the 1993 Jamiroquai! That was the 2002 one! Again, the same one with Nick Fyffe!

I really thought leaving Sony was a chance to see them doing their magical music, but it seems its all gonna be so dissapointing! Yeh, i've not heard the whole album, but I REALLY believe its not different from this singles...! Sorry! I'm not saying this album socks, or that their music is pathetic! I'm just saying It isn't what I was expecting! Hope you understand! :)

Dear lord... top saying Funk...

@FunkEducation....Several times in your post,you used the word "expecting".That's YOUR wish list,not Jamiroquais'! Perhaps they simply have moved on and want to add different elements to their music? Perhaps they're bored with doing just funk music? Perhaps they're in a "rock mood" and want to rock out a little? Should we really be on a fansite,telling a band what type of music they should make?! Someone else made an excellent point: Jamiroquai is not our personal jukebox and they do not owe us anything.if you like the album,buy it and enjoy it.If you don't like it,then ignore it and don't spend your money on it.But the one thing we cannot do is tell a band what kind of music they SHOULD be making,or what direction they SHOULD be going in.We're not the artists,they are.

@ML yeh, I definitely topped sayin' FUNK! ;) haha
Sorry that was just what i felt about it!

@AB exactly! :) that's why I'm not buying their album!
My fanaticism ended up on "Dynamite". And well, hope you guys love your album! :) You deserve it for waiting so long! ;)
As most of you said, I will move on and wait for Stuart Zender's "Running Out Of Heroes", or keep rocking the "Transatlantic-RPM" from Incognito! :) Sorry if some of you felt offended or were pissed off by my comments!

the best :D

@FunkEducation....Nope,not pissed off at your comments.I just think it's never a good idea to *expect* a band to do everything that YOU want them to do.They have to follow their own creative ambitions,and grow and evolve on their own terms.Some fans want Jamiroquai to do acid jazz.Some want them to do funk,etc etc etc.They can't please everybody.It's OK if you don't buy the album.Trust me,Jamiroquai will survive ;)

Rock Dust Like Star should Be Jay Kay solo album...

@FunkEducation....You're right,it's not right to accept everything they do just because they're Jamiroquai.But it's also not right to expect them to be your personal jukebox....doing everything that YOU want them to do...making the type of music that YOU want them to do.They're not our musical slaves! We have to respect their decision to grow and evolve.As I said before,perhaps they are simply bored of the acid jazz/funk/disco sound of the previous albums.Let's not stifle their creativity and expect them to stay in one place,musically.

I guess the next Jamiroquai Jay's Selection/ Jamiroquai LatenightTales will be rocking hard with the likes of ACDC, Metallica, Iron Maiden, Motley Crue, Van Halen.....

This has nothing to do with "moving on". As you can't just let your first crush go and move on from today, the same thing is happen with a "relationship to a loved band/music/star". Jamiroquai was and still is a big part in my life. This music helped me and gave me good emotions. There are connections between Jamiroquai and important happenings in my life - so all this dumb talking about "move on" is just ridiculous. WE CAN'T JUST MOVE ON. This new songs and albums are HURTING as hard as a lost love! So stop talking about "moving on" anymore! And if anyone of Jamiroquai is reading this - YOU ARE HURTING YOUR FANS, this is so sad! Hopefully the rest of the album can heal some of the wounds you harmed to your fans.

@Pedro hahaha LOL! xD
that really make me laugh xD

Sorry i felt like being a bit naughty :b

and now ;-)

Time and sales will tell what Jamiroquai has done with this new album. If they don't have any ace up their sleeves nobody will recognize this lame stuff (compared to their older records so far) in terms of music and video! Please all imagine these tracks played live (compared to their recent hits) on a gig, haha, how trivial this would be sound...

MOSES MAYES are INCREDIBLE.....Gaaaahhhh, get outta here.

Everyone waiting for the Return of the Space isn't going to come. I love the frist three albums as much as the next man...but that isn't to say that the latter albums aren't class. They may not reach the otherworldly, multi-cheeba-dimension heighs of the first sound, but they are all conquering in their domaine.

This album so far has three good tracks, and one disappointing one. Synkronized was the same , but still turned out great. Everyone should stop hating and respect Jay Kay for the genius that he is. Wait for the album to come, and then state views.

Maybe we could see WKR, BS or IBH live?! :)))) That would be so great!!!

BS on the radio now. It makes me happy - so suppose that's all you can ask for? Can't love every chocolate in the box.

I think this is a new record post, David!

Exactly, but the problem here is that we've open the chocolate box and all we get are stones (Rock, haha) and no chocolate at all. Although Jay mentioned in recent press releases that the "old Jamiroquai" with horns and so on is back. This definitley was a lie (so far!).

What´s your deal about Moses Mayes J-dollar? Have you listened the whole Moses Mayes discography or some random samples? Yeah they may have some average songs but most are top-class. I challenge you to listen the whole thing and then come here again talk. Quite honestly they are the best thing I found in the last years and I know a lot of Acid Jazz. They are somewhere between Roy Ayers and earlier Jamiroquai but in their own style.
(and this is a low quality recording)

This must be by far a record number of posts! Not sure how many by thought, but quite a few, that's for sure! Keep up the discussion. It's a great read (mostly).

I think at this point, we should just wait for the album, listen to it in full, and then say what we think.
People are judging 3 out of 13 songs (I'm not counting the title track). 3 out of 13.

@David Rowe
I wouldn't call this a "great read". The topic is too damn sad: dissapointed and affronted fans.

We haven't got the full box yet - these songs are like the samples; just put out there for us to taste. Depends if these tasters give enough to go for the full box. Trying to avoid listening to "Hurting" but desperately wanting to stuff that chocolate in my face!
hmmm let's see - I think the horns will be there :) :).
Let's all have patience!

Yeah, we definitely have to wait for the whole album but regarding your math skillz I have to correct you. If you aren't from Japan the album counts 12 tracks. We currently know 4 tracks which means that all fans are dissappointed from a THIRD (1/3)!!! of the album, okay? We are talking about the THIRD of the whole record which leads me again to crying...

@jamirojenny I didn't count RDLS because we haven't heard the studio version. And even if I'm not from Japan, we're still gonna have that 13th song anyway.

@ PDPH.....that's what i'm saying. Perhaps read my comment properly before commenting. It was a response to a guy called Gaaahhhh. I've listened to them for a lot longer than you I can bet.

One thing I find puzzling is they recording 40-50 songs over the years, and these are the BEST ones!? I mean really, if these are the best then how bad most the others have been? Or did they just pick the songs that sounded the furthest away from Jamiroquai and chuck all the good stuff in the bin? I have to wonder. If these are the best then I have to seriously question Jamiroquai's future...

Exactly, that it is why "singles" and pre releases are there BUT in this case again. If the tracks so far are the appetizers, my appetite is gone! Same is true for the videos. If I weren't such a big fan, I just would skip the desert documentaion (BS) or the new episode of Airwolf (WKR). No appetizer at all, these are so lame, even my private holiday videos do have more profile.

@Otis P Jivefunk

We all have a need to express ourselves and sometimes that expression is “ugly”. When I’m having a civil conversation with someone I and my words are pleasant. However, when someone has hurt my feelings or I’m in an argument, things change. I need the guilty party to know exactly what’s on my mind and their role in it. The words come out the way they come out…its raw emotion. It may not be pretty, but in that moment it’s what’s needed and necessary to get to the next moment.
Let’s imagine that these songs are Jay Kay’s way of expressing some real personal stuff to someone (albeit very publically…that’s what artists do). It’s raw. It’s not soulful or funky and “has a good beat that you can dance to” (shout out to Dick Clark and American Bandstand). From what I have read when Marvin recorded “What’s Going On” Motown hated it and didn’t want to release it. It was too political. He wasn’t being his “soulful/funky/happy” self. However they let him express himself in the way he needed to at that moment in time and now the album is considered a classic. Is that going to happen here? Only time will tell. But I think we should allow Jay Kay his “What’s Going On” moment and remember the SHEER JOY (say those words slowly for effect) we all have received from his past albums. Peace.

JamiroJenny.....would love to see your private videos.

Otis P Jivefunk....Jamiroquai's future is set....with millions of pounds, cheeba and a tracklisting to live off if they wanted to. You have no effect on it.

Have a great day.

@ Shaolin325,

With all due respect, to compare "Hurtin'" and "Blue Skies" to Marvin's "What's going on" is quite nearly a heresy ;-)

@ Fernando
While I consider "What's Going On" a classic I don't like everything on it. There are only a select few albums where I like every song on it. But I get what you're saying.

We've only heard 4 songs. I happen to like two of them. Jamiroquai is batting .500. So far, so good.

How old are you? I do have a great impact on every star I like (or not) as well as other fans. If don't buy their records, don't go to their gigs and don't visit their webseite, don't look at their youtube videos, don't even thinks and talk about them and so on - THIS WILL HAVE AN EFFECT as you can see on any other artist who recorded some strange albums and years later there where out of the game. Shure, in terms of money I think Jay hasn't to be afraid (because I can't count how many EOPE albums I bought so far und maybe will in futere... ;-). But in terms of credibility he can loose his face as every other person in the world as well! Remember: A site like this only "lives" through the fans and not through a bunch of money.

@ J-DOllar
Sorry man.. I misunderstood your comment.

ok,for those who still dont understand,
how would you feel if you were the fan of
a/ Incognito and they would become a trash metal band ,or
b/ Depeche Mode and they would become a hip hop band,or
c/ Faith No More and they would decide to be a very fresh acid jazz band?
I dont think everyone would automatically jump from joy,would he.
Changing the musical direction is a risk,no matter if the songs are good or not.

That's the point. Maybe Lenny Kravitz fangs are happy now with the new Jamiroquai songs. But from a unemotional point of view: Jamiroquai always sounded "A" and now they are sounding "Z", everyone can say A is not equal Z - that's all. If I or you like A or Z better stays on another paper but A isn't Z and that of course makes it legitimate to say that the new album doesn't sound like Jamiroquai! And as fans we do have the right to say what we feel. And for now I am feeling very bad about the far from "A" sound.

@ Everyone

how about now? hmm?

we are making history - it's a beautiful thing :-)

Good or bad history? What kind of history? I would prefer to have a "better" future in terms of Jamiroquai albums... ;-)

oh not the music Jenny(Jamiro)!

good god NO! I'm talking about a record number of posts here! Is this not a milestone for you?? Don't you feel special to be part of this??

oh btw - try Mark Ronson's new album for a good listen, very highly recommended ;-)

oh btw 2,try to read stuarts tweets,very funny most of them
-go stu,go george-boy ,and all the crue,
go jami ,we all love you, know,heh

pleas, dont involve maths here
good if u like, good if u dont
i respect every point of view
also, ill post soon what WKR meaning have to me
i swear many dont dig it because not many are on car stuff-like me-and obviusly u will not get it either, many cars sites and car forums love it, just the way i do.

so, if u wanna know why WKR is so rally-related, wait me in the WKR video post, and here too.
Also, i dont blame fans who dont get the WKR video.
as a car fan ever since, and one fan who always is on the way to know more, all the cars sites i know love the video, and i do too.

if u wanna know the why behind wait me
if u dont, is ok

i believe is better to share info for all, even if all dont get it that start to say''i am the one who have all the truth so follow me'' xd
i dont have the truth, is my point of view
so, at least half people would like and half would ask''why this info here?xd

the WKR video, the other look
soon on
and jamirotalk,net too

I saw a puppy today, he was so cute and lovely I just wanted to bring him home.

Then I came home and saw my old dog, I wasn't too impressed by him as I was remembering the puppy, then my old faithful dog did something that made me remeber the reasons why I love him.

My dogs name is rock dust light star and although he farts and sometimes stinks, he will always love me and me him and I will always know that there will be days when he surprises the hell out of me sometimes good sometimes bad but still I will be surprised.

Ps. I didn't really see a puppy and I don't have a dog, but I hope you all get the analogy :)

it's done
check the WKR post
soon here, but is more easy if all go to that post and left this loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong thread xd

@Russ - agree with Mark Ronson's new album comment - liking "Record Collector" - 80's vibe. superb.
@Jamirojenny - what's your favourite Quai track? The pre-releases from RDSL may not be your chocolate taste?
Are you a smooth runny caramel "BYM"? A rich,chewy, longlasting toffee "TYTD" or maybe a space-dust popping "Canned Heat"?
btw. great video analogy.

Welcome back Mr AZ from Argentina!

thank u I_AM_A_BIG_ROB_FAN
since runaway we dont have new videos
anyways the jazz cafe was great¡¡¡

But The Scala was better!
Kentish Town...let the live times roll....

I think MTV GOT IT RIGHT!!! Ridiculous!!!

i must check Scala¡¡¡¡
yes, the best songs are great live¡¡¡¡¡

MTV can eat my shorts¡¡¡¡
they were never cool, and they will NEVER be the word about music.

i respect more when a fan is upset, but when MTV jokes at you, kick MTV ass¡¡¡

"Never give up on a good thing, Remember what makes you happy..."

Still, I agree with the MTV-blog. These videos seem so unfinished. And the music is nothing special. I'm afraid this is the end for Jamiroquai. The other tracks better be good, or this is it.

As we are all in need of uniting people, I thought I’d put a link up to this footage of some talentless imbecile doing the worst Jay Kay impression possible (perhaps with a bit of Jack Splash thrown in) just to lighten the mood. No matter how bad it gets as least it will never be as bad as this. I'd like to think it was the same Funk Education that gets on here but I think that may be just wishful thinking. Hilarious though all the same!

Hahah i've turned on Blue Skies video and song Palladium by Weather Report and i like it only in that mixture :D

TWM was one of the best I've heard. Check out Radio moving into FJLIS - sublime :).
@ D.Berglund. Totally bitchy and not worth sharing. :)

I'd recind on that united message - that's actually one of our group and a very nice guy.

@ Bulfonk
This clown is a well known and respected Jamiroquai fan and member of You are right, his singing performance is no doubt out of this world but I can even feel passion throughout - something the new tracks of Jay are missing a bit. And therefore, I don't think fan bashing isn't the way to unite the fans ;-).
MTV got it, and more will follow for sure. Wait for the review of the Rolling Stone and other magazines. You will see that cheap and poor music and videos woun't achieve anything. Sad but true.

Interesting Bob Dylan lyrics to fit my what I interpret to be the mood on here:
You say you love me
And you’re thinkin’ of me
But you know you could be wrong
You say you told me
That you wanna hold me
But you know you’re not that strong
I just can’t do what I done before
I just can’t beg you anymore
I’m gonna let you pass
And I’ll go last
Then time will tell just who fell
And who’s been left behind
When you go your way and I go mine
(also a good way to bump up this topic to 300 comments ;))

"Cheap and Poor Music" - unmanufactured. REAL musicians not machines.
Think there was some Orange Fest at weekend? Radio 1 have been playing recordings from some live acts - mein gott it was bad. 100% didn't sound like the tracks I'd heard. At least with Jamiroquai you can rely on the fact that live will always be superior.
Can we say this for most of today's acts?


@David Rowe

Let's celebrate this record number of posts! :)))
However, is it good news ? This discussion is a proof that many many fans are disapointed.
We are really tired. We expected it for some years, but now it's definitively a crisis between Jamiroquai and first period fans :(

Jazzi, I believe that the number of comments on this thread shows that deep, deep down, people do still love Jamiroquai (new and/or old) regardless of the emotions displayed on here.

and i though FJLIS was too much for people...
let's face it all
this new single WKR is going new fans on car blogs
(yes, people on this blogs love it like i do)
second, is a new step in jamiroquai
and third and not less important

dont mess it up
is a new back
after , well
2 years
the audi gig was so near this time
so, its not so much time

blame someone else
i blame MTV and the marketing ideas
2 videos the same day is too much for someone who have a slow conecction and cant rip videos xd

REAL musicians, of course, on stage. But rarely on these new tracks. Especially WKR is a complete machine track. Listen to this cheap sidechaining made with some plugin. Listen to Jays voice, harmonizing, doubling, melodyne and so on. WKR is a nearly complete in the box track. If you like somebody can rebuild this track within a demo version of any DAW out there. But that's not the point because it doesn't matter which tools you use. The output is crucial! And the output is far off key concerning the new tracks. And yes, you are right, Jamiroquai is really really superior live on stage but again, if they play whack tunes, it doesn't matter how good they are.

To those of you who are disillusioned and disappointed with the new is the perfect time for to move on.Jay and the guys are making the type of music that THEY want to make.If you wanna hear a band that makes the same album over and over,go listen to a predictable band like Maroon 5! Jamiroquai is not for you.I guess I'll have to keep repeating this until you get the point.Jamiroquai is not your personal jukebox.They do not owe us anything.If you don't like the new songs,that's your opinion but why are you are a fansite everyday,whining and crying about it?? Move on!!! You can't stop Jamiroquai from growing,evolving and going in the directions that *they* want to go in.It's time for you to move on.The band that you once loved has changed and if you can't keep up with those changes,say goodbye and don't look back.To those of you who are saying you're not gonna buy the new're hilarious! What kind of person visits a fansite to talk endlessly about an album that they're not even interested in?! Where's the logic in that? You claim that you don't like the new songs,yet you're here everyday,talking about the new songs.I would waste spend so much time and effort on something that I don't like.Whiny,intolerable fans are the worst and if I was Jay Kay,I certainly wouldn't appreciate "fans" like that.

LOL at Funk Education Band youitube link!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Hilarious tiptoe dancing LOL!

meant to say "I would never waste so much time and effort on something that I don't like"

HAHAH Check out 00:46 thorugh 01:00

By the way, when we wait for Jamiroquai to release some acid jazz, i recommend you to listen to the band D'sound. They released a couple of albums in the 90s that were heavily influenced of acid jazz and funk, but just like Jamiroquai, they've released pop/rock albums lately. Still, the music from the 90's is awesome. Check out this vid:

>>> but why are you are a fansite everyday,whining and crying about it??

And check out this one too: The bass-line. Wow!

Hmmm...WKR doesn't sound machine to me. I can't debate on that issue as my knowledge is sadly lacking. My first comments when I first heard was that it would be a brilliant live track.

Ok. I succumbed - I've listened to "Hurtin". I like the beat, think Rob H showcases again. Agree that it's Kravitz-esque. It reminds me of something - will come back to that. Only issue for me is Jay's voice - I would prefer to hear him singing "normally". The vocals are detracting from the band. Bizarrely I feel a tightness in my chest listening to this - I need this sung on full pelt!
I personally think we're in for one hell of an album - I sincerely hope there are no more releases and we get to hear the full album in one sitting. I want to put this thing together and enjoy with a big fat cigar.

*** but why are you are a fansite everyday,whining and crying about it??***Because we are fans and we love Jamiroquai. What you are calling "evolving" is more a step backwards. This MTV blog message and all the hurly-burly on the forums is just the beginning! Read the comments on youtube and then compare it to some other tracks of Jamiroquai. Believe me the sales of the new records will show YOU and JAY that a hell of a bunch of fans ARE REALLY MOVED ON! These tracks even woun't appear in any top 50 charts world wide, come back to this message here in a few months and read my lines again! There is only one chance for Jay and the gang. The rest of the album has to be Jamiroquai and not JamiROCKuai. I don't appreciate you, because you don't tolerate us people who made Jamiroquai to what it is now! No marketing agency or other stupid theories. It was me, with every record, every single, every DVD, every shirt or merchandise stuff I bought as well as over 14 concerts I was, I payed a whole lot of money for. So that Jay can fly his helicopter now. And this is the case for every other loyal fan out there. It is really simple like that.

For anyone who is in the UK,dont forget to watch Later Live with Jools Holland at 10pm BBC 2.They are bound to play RDLS and Blues Skies, and hopefully may play a couple of others that we haven't heard yet

Jamiroquai has awesome music, and as a big fan, I've hope for more funky songs. The point of being a fan is to express your thoughts, especially the positive, but also the negative ones. All the negative comments reflects how many fans that hope for them to still make fantastic music.

The crazy thing for me is, that I like WKR the most now, after I heard these other three tracks. At first I was really dissappointed from WKR because it sounded like some ordinary electro house lounge sampler track, nothing special. But now, after I heard tracks like BS I really like WKR and the strange thing is that WKR is by far the most machinesque tracks of these. Usually I prefer anything more live.


Well said mate!

@ Jamiroquanna
Of course, We still love Jamiroquai, I love Jamiroquai forever.
The summer tour was fantastic, great funky music, great shows, great JK. Why ? Back to the roots, Jamiroquai we like ! The band who made us crazy at the early 90's.

@ Gino
Your post is pathetic... No more comment...

@Rob Fan - Really didn't mean to offend anyone. My sincere apologies if I did.

If you want my constructive criticism however and perhaps wish to be taken a tad more seriously I would perhaps tone down the obvious Jamiroquai references and focus on something a tad more unique (unless you're a tribute band of course then that's fine).

On a totally different note looking forward to the Jools Holland performance tonight. Not long to go now...

@D Berglund.
Can't beat live can you - see you've been to 14 gigs - which was the best for you?
btw. has anyone got a recording of "Crosstown Traffic" from Shepherds Bush 2005? Listen to this/Led Zep/Rolling Stones/Roxy Music covers and you'll know "Hurtin" is the take on the masters. Artistic Integrity taking a chance. Jamiroquai can cross over all genres.

and according to Mr AZ even picking up serious car enthusiast fans!

@D.Berglund...Nobody really sells alot of CDs anyway! Those days are over.You won't be able to use record sales to prove that an album is terrible.The only artists who sell alot of CDs these days is Emimen and Lady Gaga.But it's okay because Jamiroquai will survive.They continue to draw huge crowds in concert,so all of your negative predictions of doom and gloom don't mean a thing.

Jamiroquai is EOPE. Jamiroquai is TROTSC. Jamiroquai is TWM. That's the Jamiroquai that seduced me. In my opinion, on the contrary of science, the music is involuting. Look at the history (since classical period till present) an think about it. I'm not agree with people that say this is evolution.

It's okay - but perhaps we can stick to Jamiro-bashing and not fan-bashing?!

I don't think I can hang on til 10 - will watch tomorrow. Enjoy the Alan Davis thing - amusing! Has girl from IT Crowd just moved jobs? Acting is the same!

@funkynic - We are obviously on a very similar wavelength mate.

Jazzi - that's good to read :) Keep up the love! *hug*

The crazy thing for me is, that I like WKR the most now, after I heard these other three tracks. At first I was really dissappointed from WKR because it sounded like some ordinary electro house lounge sampler track, nothing special. But now, after I heard tracks like BS I really like WKR and the strange thing is that WKR is by far the most machinesque tracks of these. Usually I prefer anything more live.

Remember Paleo 2010 ? They really turned up our hope.

How dishonest it was...

"What i do know is that we've played our hearts out on this album, it is different from older stuff but it has to be. There really is no point repeating art.
You have to create something new which is exactly why i love playing in this band", said Rob Harris.

Okey, create something new, but don't kill the Jamiroquai ESSENCE.

"There really is no point in repeating art"

Watch BBC1 / BBC iplayer - those men were singing / playing their hearts out for us!

It'd be hilarious if the remaining 9 songs are hardcore super funk. Jay and co would be so yanking our chain.

I Want to point out to people what fan outrage does to album sales. They drop.

One example is a small band out of New York called Soulive. (This is a brief comparison of their similar decisions in music direction and not the actual music) They were originally a funk/jazz group that made a few albums late 90s early 00's. Their type of music create a fan following. However, after 4 or 5 albums, they decided to hire a reggae/soul singer and make a soul/rock/pop album. This album obviously didn't do well with the fans. shortly after the release, they went separate ways with the singer and returned to form with their Jazz/funk type music.

The point of the comparison? If Jay and Company decide to make another album, you best believe it will be more to form than ever.

But like some people have said before, it's possible Jay simply doesn't care and this may be their last record. Who knows?

yes, now they're reaching car fans too
also, what is this a new point to the band?
let's wait till the new album
we still dont know how will sounds
remember, art never repeats

But like some people have said before, it's possible Jay simply doesn't care and this may be their last record. Who knows?

Comment by WildFire, 2 minutes ago (x.19.x.128)

I hope not! It's inevitable that one day they'll go their seperate ways, but it'd be a shame for them to throw in the towel right now, especially if some fans don't want them to move on (no disrespect meant towards anyone here). In any case, at their gigs, they'll be doing much of their old stuff anyway, so it personally doesn't affect me that they follow a different path in their album (which I believe is going to be brilliant!). Long live the 'quai!

I would be so happy if the remaining songs are hardcore super funk. I would buy the album ten times on iTunes to fill Jays helicopter tank with money!


"repeating art"? Keeping the essence is now called "repeating art"?

Sorry, but sounds very limited..

Regarding the MTV link, I can't tell if they are being complimentary or insulting. They call the vids "ridiculous" (wouldn't be the FIRST ridiculous vids MTV ever played), but it's filed under "Bands We Love," and the piece concludes with "It's pretty legit." Say what?

Anyway, lots and lots of back-and-forth. Me? I'm on the fence about Hurtin' and the overall new direction. I am ALL for experimentation and trying new things if the spirit moves you to do so. I just hope that Jay and the band's intentions ARE indeed honest. If so, then I have to respect what they are doing, whether I love the music or not. I hope they are being driven by their own muses, and not strictly by label execs.

In general, with the exception of WKR, which I love, this is the first batch of JMQ songs that didn't instantly grab my ear, soul, heart, and feet. I'm slightly disappointed, but what can you do? They might grow on me, or I might just skip them when I purchase the album and/or select singles on iTunes.

As many folks have said, I always chose to listen to and follow this band specifically BECAUSE the music was SO unique and groovy and DIDN'T sound like the other run-of-the-mill drivel out there. I loved those complex chords, futuristic grooves, the soul, the smoothness... So it's strange to hear songs like Blue Skies and Hurtin', which are OK, but just sound so... generic.

I'm certainly not counting them out or declaring them "dead"... I will reserve final judgement for November when I hear the entire RDLS package. I just hope that in an effort to explore new horizons, my favorite band in the universe doesn't go completely astray, or lose their way.

Lastly, I second the notion that Toby was an underrated part of the band who brought something really special to the table. I think the current lineup is great, but sometimes I miss his vibe and sounds. Thankfully the music will live on forever!

***They might grow on me** This is some argument you often hear. But please, come on! EVERY audio material you listen to over and over again will be pleasent for you this is just simple learning through repeating, not the newest neuro science... So don't tell anything about "growing". Every stupid tune can grow on you if you listen to it thousand times:


It's true. Sad, but true.
If I have to wait that a Jamiroquai song grow on my head something is wrong.
That never happened to me in tracks from EOPE to TWM.

Ahh, I forgot to post this:
Some professional German music reviewers. Essence: "Cheap production", "You can't hear that this is Jamiroquai". As I said, the MTV thing and the rumours in the forums are just the beginning! It is not just us fans, everybody else can hear that there is something really wrong with the new album!

"...IF you listen to it thousand times"... That's the part that remains to be seen! Big "if".

Interesting article; I've heard stuff like that before. However, there are those songs that stick in your head because you've unwillingly heard them SO many times, and then there are songs that stick in your head in a GOOD way, because they are magnificent and because you CHOOSE to listen to them. Sometimes it takes a few listens for something to "click".

Hopefully Blue Skies and IBH will click (the first is starting to). If not, "Life Goes On"!!


The reviewers also said this in their video review: "lame", "The single is crap", "This woun't be a big come back", 2 of 10 points. And as I said these guys aren't hardcore Jamiroquai fans, just ordinary people who make a living from reviewing "any kind" of music.

Life Goes On, what a great performance. Great tune! Many thanks for this little encouragement.

@D.Berglund....go ahead,post all the negative reviews that you want,if that makes you happy.It still won't change the fact that Jamiroquai is making the music that *THEY* want to make.This is their journey and if you don't wanna be a part of it,MOVE ON!!!! Why are you here on this fansite? Just to post negative reviews? MOVE ON,MOVE ON,MOVE ON! I think Maroon 5 just released a new Cd,why don't you listen to that?? Goodbye,man....

There are clearly some jamiro-divas lately!!! a snickers bar? :)

If you like the new tracks so far, it is you who should by the new Marron 5 album. Same lame pop rock stuff nobody needs... It doesn't make me happy to post all this negative feedback. It is sad, too sad. As I am a longtime fan and supporter in any kind of the (in the early years called) band or today Mr. Jay Kay and his footmen. I am here because much of this stuff on here and also some rare bootlegs you have on your PC are there because I and other supporters did them! I like and love Jamiroquai, but I don't eat anything they want me to. I am just baffled about the missing funk and soul, let's call it Jamiroquai essence and I am wondering that I am not the only one who feels like that. As I said time to move on will maybe come. I don't hope so. We will see what the album brings. But so far, it is just ridiculous. Tracks, videos and album cover... just ridiculous.


I'm a fan since 1997, have a lot of bootlegs (since 1993 era till present), and I really don't understand your comments.

We ARE NOT happy being "negative".

@Gino, as a fan, D.Berglund is just expressing his views on these songs.I criticise my football team when they underperform, but I still remain a loyal fan.More than half of the comments on this page are 'negative'.Does that mean they are no longer fans?? NOOOOOO

that mean half of the fans dislike the new stuff released by now, and this sounds fun
we can call this era the ''half era'' xd

Keep it coming!!. With all this much text, we can print a book titled 'The do's and don'ts of music for Jamiroquai' written by fans.

ML,that was funny xd

Russ you crack me up!
I REALLY enjoy this song!can´t stop listeing Rob just killed it! can´t wait for more!

I'd like to ask Gino et al a question. What do you think a majority of the Jamiroquai fans want... WYGL and Little L à la Paleo or something like Hurtin'? Feel free to love the latter and hate the former, that's your prerogative. But it's MY prerogative to adore the former and feel rather indifferent to the latter. Don't you try to take away that right from me and all the others sharing that sentiment. Who the funk do you think you are?

It's not the first time a band is changing direction and losing old time fans while gaining new. Things of life...

However, we don't know about the other songs yet. I think this album will contain songs that will make every type of fan happy. Paleo is definitely the perfect proof that Jamiroquai isn't dead. With that gig they definitely put the Jam back in Jamiroquai.

Why would they bring back the horns and make new interesting arrangements of the old classics if they had no intention of keeping the Jamiroquai essence on the new album? It makes no sense. Paleo was as if you had put the Jamiroquai essence in a can for 5 years, letting it ferment, then open it up one night on stage and let the super funky smell out. That show totally reeks of Jamiroquai essence and they looked like they enjoyed themselves immensely. So did the audience.

good track.

surely this is the one David :-)

I have been a fan since EOPE and I love this song!!! I think we needed something different and with regard Cheeba's comments about Rob could not have that opinion if you have ever seen Jam live! Rob is superb!!

Btw am I the only one who hates blue skies?

No, you are not the only one. You are one of the majority!

No, you are not the only one. You are one of the majority!

to cheeba, in regards to your comment....
'jay really needs to get rid of rob harris..i am quite sure this is his influence..jamiroquai is dead..jay please get stu zender back to the band..'
What you on????
have you actually met any of these guys??? Rob is the nicest guy!!! Oh obviously you haven't made the effort to know the band... which is also why you would know that Rob plays guitar ... Stu plays bass...
yep... i won't say anymore on this particular topic!!!

Don't mix up the personality with the qualitity and style of the music. Of course Rob Harris is a nice guy. I also met him behind the stage on one of their concerts. It really was a pleasure. I like Rob. Rob plays rock. I don't like rock. Therefore I like to hang up with Rob but I don't want him to play at Jamiroquai. Do you understand? This is nothing personal with Rob. This is just a musical style thing. Nothing more. You can change the example. Did I like Michael Jackson to touch children? NO! So I didn't like him personally but on the other hand I really love his music. You see? You can differentiate these things. And as final word: IT ALWAYS HAPPENS: if you meet someomen, especially stars personally, you always like there music more but from a dow-to-earth view - the music is the same, regardless if I like the musician or not!

The people being negative are being negative because that's how this song made them feel. When something Jamiroquai does makes them feel postive they will be positive. Don't blame them for that...

So true. I could write millions of posts regarding the good stuff Jamiroquai gave me :-) !

Rob is such a nice guy and he is a great guitarist.Just listen to his guitar riff on Love Foolosophy in Paleo...Wow.The great thing about him, is that he can mix it up by giving a rockier edge,whilst maintaining the funk.

Out of the 330 posts on this song, how many do you think have gone off topic, or have started taking about other things ?

Maybe we should move all the discussions over to Jamirotalk or perhaps bb.jamiroquai forums.

David I am sorry for posting again in this thread :(

It has such a warm feeling to it.
Really a contrast to White Knuckle Ride which I found rather cold and sterile. But that's just my humble opinion. :-)
And we really can't say Hurtin' is 'not Jamiroquai-like'.
Think of songs like "Black Capricorn Day".
This one here goes in the same direction.

I just wonder how Jay is gonna do this voice when they are performing live.
Will he shortly disappear behind the curtain and down a bottle of vodka each time before singing this ?

***I just wonder how Jay is gonna do this voice when they are performing live.*** Speak of the devil and the devil shows up. As you can hear at the Jools Holland performance last night, Jays voice isn't at its height!

All those years of smoking ain't gonna help are they? Plus he's getting older, 5 years have passed since Dynamite. His voice is changing, perhaps quicker as a result of smoking, but age takes its toll. As he gets older less high notes will be reached. Right now he's still singing very well, just the voice sounds a bit different...

Look at all these comments. Love or hate what we've heard from the album, it's good to see all this hype and passion from true Jamiroquai fans.

look and listen what Jay said from 4mins33sec.
you guys misunderstand. Jamiroquai is not just a Jazz funk band they are always evolving. They don't want to stick with Jazz funk!

@zarygany - enjoyed the video thanks

oh man.... when you gonna learn, space cowboy, vitual insanity.... that where some outstanding lead singles... just compare to blue skies and you can clearly see the loss of quality / creativity...

rob may be the nicest guy but i dont like his rocky guitar at all
having said that, i dont like "hurtin", but at least it shows some energy // roughness instead of dull radio pop-rock (bs), so for me its the best track yet, but nothing i would consider buying // listening to...

yess is right, the quality difference is undeniable, it isn't subjective, the songs now just aren't as good...


The Buffalo Man, Jay Kay said it himself back in 1995, (REPEAT 1995!!!) that he wants the band to transcend to the next stage, not being "lost in the annals of Acid Jazz history".

Check the link for yourself! At 4:33, you will believe!

Its not about wanting the band to make the same music they did before, its about wanting Jamiroquai to make GOOD MUSIC FULL STOP! So far it seems like an album of rubbish!

yeah, but he also said (in 2010?) they are going back to their roots / bring the brass-section back / where tired of 3-minutes-radio-songs / want to return to experimenting more / capture the live-feel / are tired of (videos with) lighsquares and such (what do we have on the album-cover now? ;-) / do more exiting videos than in the past by making shortfilm-kind-of - videos / more storytelling (can't see that in the 2 videos released so far) and so on......
i guess it's also cause of all this mis-information / bad promotion people are kind of upset (they made our expectations rise and rise) - and then they came up with these (boring) songs & videos and a horrific (and also misleading for some, cause it looks like a cheap concert-bootleg-cover) and badly made album-cover...

(the interview / video is from 1995, you should check come other interview from the early 90's and you'll see he changed (his opinion / behaviour ...) a lot ... so for me thats no proof / excuse of for musical change (to the worse) ((( and thats not cause i'm listening to "acid jazz" a lot, expected them to really return there, but i like quality / interesting music / music "from the heart" .... these new songs seem to been made only for commercial reasons, too bad the promotion / videos / cover ... suck so much it propably won't be success...

sorry... made some mistakes above... "expected them to really return there" - i meant "i did not expect them to really return there" ........

The empty promises are what gets me the most, all that stuff was lies which disappoints me so much. However we still have 2 thirds of an album left to hear, so maybe, just maybe they can redeem themselves. It's a very long shot. Also yes the videos suck, I'm so glad they released that DVD of all the videos in 2006 before they started sucking. Also the 5 year gap is the longest between any album and yet worst quality of any album (so far at least), what gives?...

Well maybe somewhere along the way after he said they were going back to the "old sound" he CHANGED HIS MIND. That is possible people, or is he not allowed to do that without notifying all of us first. Maybe the band should start holding the fans to the same rigid standards the fans are trying to put off on them.
Karma people...Karma, careful what judgement you pass and why; what you put out in the universe will come back to you; and will on something you worked hard on or care about.

I wouldn't call Jay a liar. That's quite a statement to make when 2/3 of the album is still unknown to us. Also "going back to the roots" can mean a lot of things. Many of us interpreted it as going back to acid jazz, one form or another. But the "roots" can also mean organic music in general. Rock is quite organic don't you think? We may not approve of the change of style, but calling Jay a liar is way over the line imho.

But as said earlier, we have two thirds left to look forward to. If it's plain rock with horns I still woudn't call Jay a liar. Guilty of sending mixed signals maybe. But no liar. Because rock with horns is organic (ie back to the roots) and it has horns. Two promises fulfilled.

Anyway, continuing this debate now is futile. We've heard what we've heard. Some love it, quite a few are anything but impressed, some see the qualities but can't embrace the change of style. November 1st we'll know for sure whethere to panic or like it. ;)

Don't stop panic...

i like hurtin', it's better than blue skies, i didn't love it, but it's ok, i can listen to it, by the way i like 3 songs of the new album, of course i can't compare them with the first albums, that i love!! but i think it's simple, if i don't like a song, i won't listen to it, and that's all, 'coz i don't think that jay would care if i like every song of them or if i don't... jamiroquai it's a great band that have change style and nobody can say that's no true, and on nov 1° i'll know if i can still buying their albums or not and keep listening to the first. And if one day they come to my country of course i'll be there singing and dancing 'coz it's more the music i like that i don't. (by now just BS is hard for me to listen to, and the video is worse :O)
and i wanna thank you guys for sharing music, mosses mayes is great! and D'SOUND and akimbo sound very good too!! :D

maybe we will get some acid rock!

I like it...its different! But its of decent quality!

@Bulfonk come on man, i'm not the idiot of that link! xD
i do not dance that bad! :D xD haha

i would love jay to hear this band..they are million times better than jamiroquai we listen today, and its class quality is the link

@din - I can't even believe you posted that! And then want to say on the "JAMIROQUAI FAN PAGE"...that the band is a million times BETTER than JAMIROQUAI. WHY ARE YOU EVEN IN HERE???!!!!!! I hope the support you give is the same kind of support YOU get in your world. HOW IGNORANT!!

did u even see the link? its early go back and crawl back in ur hole..i have been a fan since 93'..nex time see the link before acting foolishly


"i would love jay to hear this band..they are million times better than jamiroquai we listen today..." He's trying to tell Jay Kay that today's Jamiroquai cannot compare with the old Jamiroquai.

Well it's too bad that is no longer where they are or who they are. The old band members are gone...for good. And the music made since then is and will always be JAMIROQUAI. The man who began it all still remains.

That's right and that's the reason why Jamiroquai is largely mistaken for a person (Jay Kay) rather than a group.

History is what it is, it can't be undone now or ever.
And just because something begins with the one, doesn't change the fact that he is supported by the band. Which is still a part of the whole as long as Jay is there.

@omg seems like u dont understand one denies that it is jamiroquai, some of us are saying its rubbish jamiroquai, and before they made quality jamroquai..its easy to understand, try..

I get exactly what is meant but it's YOU who doesn't get it because it's NOT rubbish!

@OMG! - well, that's just like your opinion, man.

deeper underground was a different rockier song, the sound is very un-jamiroquaish, but its a great song and i love it, so i am open minded about jamiroquai changing their style. I cant say the same thing for "i've been hurtin". SONG SUCKS!
I know we havent heard the whole album, but from what i have heard so far i see nothing special..Just a regular pop album..No jamiroquai magic. I am not here to diss jamiroquai, i hope i am wrong, and that jamiroquai will suprise us with some funky tunes.

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