Blue Skies promo video online

Added on Friday 24 September 2010, 10:45 (UTC)
Blue Skies promo video

Well, today (Friday) is Jamiroquai music video day!  After White Knuckle Ride we now have the video for Blue Skies - the first single release (at least in the UK) from the new Jamiroquai album.

The video was shot during in Almeria at the same time as White Knuckle Ride and if you like motorbikes and great scenery, then this is the video for you!

Thanks to Cristina over at for tracking the video down.  By the way, if you're not a regular over at Jamirotalk then you should be - there's even more talk over there than there is on the news comments here at!!

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Nice video........yes the song is different from what you would expect Jamiroquai to perform and I like it. I am somewhat biased anyway so this has only given be reasons to be impatient for the new album release!

Thank you David!

Yay :) Thanks for sharing.. this is different, but I appreciate it.. can't wait to see how the rest of the album is

great photography in both videos.... but both pretty boring... i mean - where is the story // idea? ... i doubt this will get a lot of "airplay"...
having said that, it still looks 1000 times better than the cover artwork...

it's a standard pop song, nothing but that.

(I'm on a comment roll!)

The video for BS goes so well with the song. It speaks volumes about being in control of your life and abandoning what seemed a better 'vehicle'. He looks at that motorcycle with so many emotions. I like it.

Now, I don't know if it's my general bias towards this song and not liking WKR, but the 'prequel' video for WKR does not fit the song at all. And nothing happens. NOTHING. How can you release a promo for an upbeat song with no obvious story line? It's a night song, that sequence could have been filmed at night with lights and a few special effects. Maybe I just don't get it.

Mercury etc.... you're confusing me!

there is a story if u look at it .. in conclusion i understood that he is starting a new chapter in his life leaving the cars and motorcycles behind him ... and going towards new directions.. LOVED IT .. and who cares for the airplays anyways ... Jamiroquai doesnt need airplays :)

Being totally honest, when it was a minute or so in (after I had just watched the WKR vid) I was thinking why is it the exact same as WKR?

But it's not. Like the songs meaning and lyrics, this video has a lot of depth to it.

Love it Jay!!

Btw, just got my tickets for the HMV forum gig on the 20th Oct. So excited!! Anyone here going?

The end shot is about him leaving the pressures of the music business behind him (Sony) & moving on to creative pastures new with more expression etc... The Blue Skies!!!

Probably an introduction as to what this project is all about?

Boring videos, just like the tracks... Just to say "hey guys, I know how to drive an helicopter"... Pathetic. Once again, this seems to be Jay's album.
To me, the worst Jami videos ever!

Even though both WKR and Blue Skies videos are very similar (like part 1 and part 2) I like the BS video much more. Like others have mentioned the WKR one doesn't seem to 'fit' as well - but I realise that it's been labelled as a promo rather than a true video so I guess they were just having a bit of fun while at the location with all those toys.

I would really like to see a video where the rest of the band feature in it too.

Not sure how many fans are doing this; but I'm waiting until the ablumn is out until I make a call on how good it all is. I think albumns need to be heard from start to finish as they can kind of tell a story. Looking forward to it!

It's official: Jay lost his mind.

What the hell is this?! That is not Jamiroquai but some teenage lame pop music for girls!

This from the man who hated soppy sheit videos??

It's like Jamiroquai is a compeletely new artist for this record. Where is the funky, happy sound of the previous records? And the videos are just as depressing. The soul of Jamiroquai is gone.

Really like the tune, matches my mood these days. Although I´m not shure I would have choosen a ballad to start the promotion of the album (takes balls to start slow on that matter!!!)
Anyway, I love the violins in the song, the video is nice, relaxing ( maybe is time for jay to start kite surfing if he wanna keep on flying!!)

this is much better than WKR, this video goes great with the song: its simple, there's blue skies in the video, jay on a motorcycle and doing some deep thinking at the same time, then leaves the motorcycle and goes for the helicopter, kinda metaphoric if you ask me

This video has at least some meaning... WKR's video on the other hand seems kinda shallow. Maybe it's supposed to?

I don't understand.... why if white knuckle ride is so fynny and makes u dance, the video is so boring!! what's happening with Jamiroquai? I'm so scared about next alboum.
from bad to worse :(
ps: I would like to see all the band in the videos, Jamiroquai is not Jay Kay!

Like an updated Cosmic Girl MV... The scenery is beautiful, but nothing really happens in the video. Does it capture the essence of the track? Possibly. I love the track and the video, but what confuses me is how Mercury and/or Jay are going about this.
Releasing the single on the same day of the album is stupidness. Releasing White Knuckle Ride as a half-single (if that?) is ridiculous. Making a promo video of a track following on from another when they're completely different styles and not even following on from each other in the album tracklisting is very strange. I really like the 3 new tracks we've heard, in fact Blue Skies is pure bliss. But the marketing strategy seems to be causing controversy and alienating some fans.

I love it, I think the video is a perfect fit to a beautiful song.

There's anything I can say that wasn't said here before! I still don't understand what they want to show us, well, what Jay wants to show us, cos' it seems he is the only one on this thing!

Yes as Ki said, in both videos, nothing happens. I also agree with the sentence "jamiroquai is not JK" but this is like this for a long time now. Is like jay became a soloist but with derrick and sola. Still i think that both songs are good, i like WKR a lot and blue skies is in the process of making me love it. I, in diference of others, still have hope with this album. Keep the faith guys.

More pathetic than WKR... :(((((((

Modern day Clint Eastwood...
Almeria, home of the spaghetti westerns.

Sure, it's not funk, but the song is actually growing on me a bit. :-/

Is that still Jamiroquai ? It's completely different music... Why they promised that this album will be funky and organic, why they lie ? Probably only to shut fans mouths...

Rest In Peace Jamiroquai

Love the song, hate the video. I get the idea of Easy Rider, freedom, uplifting, etc, etc, but it came out pathetic at the end with the heli scene and I defintitely miss the edge, which used to be so apealing in older videos. Remember Half the Man? The video really meant something: simple, but sharp. Here, I don't care to see it anymore. Still, love the song.

Can't believe this is what they (or should I say he, as it's all focussed on him now anyways) come back with after 5 years. What is this? Jamiroquai have made some of the best videos of all time. Even the last album, take the first single Feels Just Like It Should for example, had an amazing video, utterly awesome. This however is so boring and self indulgent that I find it hard to like even if I try. What's happening to this band? If it can so be called anymore. JK cares more about his expensive toys than the music, so the soul has gone, and it's no longer stitched into the clothes that he wears...

I have no words! I am so so so dissapointed!!!

This was a very sexy video. I loved it!

Guys guys. I know the message of the song.

Jay is chasing down a disgruntled and invisible Stuart Zender who has made off with one of Jay's prized automobiles.

ROTFLMAO,as a matter of fact,cosmic girl without stu is
like the /mr./moon without..ehm..oh yes ,the stars!

good song very boring video

wooow.... i love jamiroquai and JK, but i'm sorry to say i don't like this video.... i mean.... i know its a different song, and it's a ballad and all that... but,i HATE that kind of videos where a man sings and looks melancholic and sad... it's like made for teenage girls... i really prefer WKR! (sorry for my english)

Very nice video & so much beautiful song ! LOVE it :)

I'd rather see Cosmic Girl, Virtual Insanity or Space Cowboy videos on a tiny Ipod screen than these ones on a cinema -.-

Not that I really care tough. Kinda weird coming from a band who gave the world one of the voted best 10 videos on history (VirtIns), but I won't make drama about it since I focus 100% on the music.

Having said this, I still LOVE Rock Dust Light Star and decline WNR and BS, and still betting all of it on the rest of the unheard songs...


PD_ RDLS still not here and people already talking about the next album... now THAT'S weird x_DD

I'm angry at this video...

:Otis P Jivefunk you're not one... I'm too but i'm also angry to all lies that JK said after leaving sony...

I love jamiroquai. And I'm not one of those fans that is still pissed of about Stu and later on Toby leaving. I also loved Dynamite. I think the current band is a group of solid musicians who are AMAZING live but after seeing these two videos I cant help but think this maybe their last album. Seems JK has made two self indulgent videos and signs are pointing to the possibility that he has spent 4 years making a self-indulgent album. the videos show some clunky metaphors for moving on and feels like they shot the videos as an excuse to ride a helicopter, motorcycle , and car. Jay Kay once said that when he left the industry he wanted to leave on a high note. and maybe he is trying to end on that high note Maybe he spent too much time on the album...who know but I will see come Nov.1st when I get it.

I thought both videos were simple and pragmatic with a deep message. With that being said...I thought they were enjoyable. Great Job! Lov ya


Both videos are part of 1 story.

Sure White Knuckle Ride seems a bit confusing at first because you have Jay flying a helicopter over this sports car. The video ends in a cliffhanger where instead of getting out of the helicopter to drive off in the car, he instead looks at the dusty sports model and continues to fly off.

But then you have Blue Skies. JK comes back riding a motorcycle, takes a brief moment to look at the abandoned car again, and drives off. His time on the road and the scenes where he's off the motorcycle overlooking the land and tossing rocks are moments of deep introspection. By the end of the video Jay heads back into the helicopter and takes a moment to look at the motorcycle before flying away towards another level in his life.

When you understand Blue Skies, the concept and meaning of White Knuckle Ride becomes clearer. You begin to understand the symbolism behind the sports car, the motorcycle, and the helicopter.

In White Knuckle Ride, Jay is not chasing the car, but instead a much needed perspective on the sort of "fast life" he's lead. He's observing the life he used to lead. When he finally catches up to the stopped car, he sees that it was empty. Symbolizing the "empty" and "stagnant" lifestyle he used to lead.

In Blue Skies, the motorcycle represents his journey. He's taking into account what he's been doing and the influences that were around him during those days. Its a journey he does alone. I'm not sure if the desert area was a deliberate choice, but deserts are know to be used for a Spirit Walk when a person is trying to find their path in life.

After his choice has been made, Jay abandons the motorcycle and leaves in the helicopter ready to take on his new lease on life. He looks at the motorcycle because he's remembering the long lonesome journey and finally leaves.

I'm absolutely proud of Jay. These videos, when viewed together, represent a mature perspective on a man who's realized that the appeal of living the fast life is nothing more than a facade, a mere show, and that it amounted to nothing substantial in his life.

I think for a man who's publicly known to have fast cars, love em 'n' leave 'em attitude, and thumpin' songs (with depressing lyrics...), that this song is a true milestone of growth. This is a song that shallow onlookers will never understand as the concept is outside of their expectations for what Jamiroquai should be. This lack of understanding is why those fans will be left in the dark.

Sure Jay said White Knuckle Ride is about the pressures of the industry. However I find that if people cannot take a moment to listen and give their own take on what a song means, then they're not listening or involving themselves in the perspective of the artist. To me, people like this don't bother listening to the song as a whole, but just want something to react to and idolize.

The videos for White Knuckle Ride and Blue Skies tell a story of a man who grew up amidst the hollow litany of onlookers, sycophants, and tabloid hunters who cast a blind eye and a deaf ear towards him whenever he tried to say something meaningful about his life.

Its a coming of age story and I'm glad he did it.

Catalyste, I think the words are "Hammer, Nail and Head..." - THAT was an EPIC post. I got the idea of Blue Skies before the video was shown, and in past threads, I wrote about how he was now a different person to the one who wrote EOPE and ROTSC, even ten years ago. If you look at the last few albums, you can see that those periods of self-reflection were there, some might say a cry to be understood, but as you wrote, many turned a blind eye, or some sets of fans just didn't get it. You had Picture Of My Life, a song which Jay rarely performed (He did once on Radio, and had a teary moment, which was very touching). Hot Tequila Brown was perhaps another, about a dark period in his life, again rarely performed. Both are important, because he revealed that he was fighting personal demons at the time (addiction). Beyond that, you had Time Won't Wait (The chorus is very telling). Also, in interviews, he spoke a lot more about family, finding love one day, etc. If they were singles at the time, there's no doubt we would've seen similar sorts of reactions to the ones on here of late. I totally agree with your comment about the spiritual journey. Starting again with a new label, he can lay his cards on the table and say "This is me...", and the story is perhaps a liberating moment. Like you, I'm glad he did it. For him more than anyone/anything else. My hope is that one day, others will understand, too.

Well I think that BS video really matches a lot with the mood of the song, I think is a nice video for that song, but I guess that the last scene of the helicopter is needless ^-^U.
In the other hand I agree that WNR video is not amazing, that song needs something more, is a dancing song, needs a video with more emotion, I hope this one to be only a promo for WKR.
I guess that the last scene of the video have a deep significance (the departure of someone important in his life).

@ Catalyste

I have to agree with One Winged Angel..."EPIC POST!"

All our words are but crumbs that fall down from the feast of the mind. Kahlil Gibran

This quote came to my mind after reading your post. You are a delightful spirit with an amazing gift of discernment. :-)

Thank you for sharing. lov ya

@Catalyste: GREAT posting!!! I had the same things in my mind, but couldn't put it in words so well. (May I invite you to to post this message there too?) :-)

again...both videos are nothing special. The fans who want to discover...inside stories about this videos make me smile....they are low low budget videos filmed during a tour stop in Spain: that's it, nothing more. The songs....boring, boring. Absolutely nothing special. There's no sparkle, common armonies, ordinary arrangements, I can not remember (after 5 minutes) one melody. And I'm hating the fans mood: I was a fan but I'm honest, now, and I feel to criticize this new material. Jamiroquai is not the Pope, they can fail like every human being.....

btw,have you ever seen video :RW-Bodies?
check it out please...???...

Terrible songs, videos, cover... thumbs down Jay Kay...


"I'm absolutely proud of Jay. These videos, when viewed together, represent a mature perspective on a man who's realized that the appeal of living the fast life is nothing more than a facade, a mere show, and that it amounted to nothing substantial in his life."

Dont you mean:

"I'm absolutely proud of Jay. These videos, when viewed together, represent a mature perspective on a man who's realized that... he can save a few quid on shooting videos by flying his own helicopter round a desert for a day or so whilst on tour"

Previous videos such as Virtual Insanity / Little L / Canned Heat etc etc stand out as showing imagination and innovative filming techniques. Blue Skies (B.S!) is music channel wallpaper and actually rather self absorbed...

Wonder if the space cowboy will ever return again?

Nice tune. Dull video.

My interpretation of the two videos:

Jay is telling us a story here and it is so obvious, when you think about it!

Jay is flying in a helicopter, chasing a fast car. The helicopter is his vehicle, it is SONY. It's a big and mighty vehicle and allows him to fly high, to move fast. He pursues a fast car which stands for his passion. But he is flying and flying but can't reach the car. It's a "white knuckle ride", a nerve-racking journey. In the end, the car stopps at a bridge - a bridge is something that brings you to another place, another level. Jay finds the car empty at the bridge. His passion is "empty". Jay is watching this, turns around and flies away.

This video shows us the situation with Sony, the music business, the pressure... always on the run, chasing something you cannot reach.

Sooo... now the next video starts.
Jay now without big vehicle (the helicopter). He is driving a motorbike which symbolizes freedom. That's the time without record label. He can do what he wants, he can relax, but the same time he seems to feel a bit undecided, throwing stones, he seems to be pondering, thinking a lot... in the end another helicopter comes to pick him up. This helicopter stands for the new record label which gives him the opportunity to lift up again, it is a vehicle which allows him to fly high. He has to leave the bike which gave him most freedom, though. The last scene shows this, when he comes back, flying the helicopter on his own now, having a last view of the bike. But then heading off with the helicopter to the sky.

It makes so much sense now, I can't believe it that it took so long for me to see it!!!! :-)

I heard this tune for first time on youtube, and I found this song too much classic, I was a little bit disappointed.
But this time, I don't know I this video make it different, I find this tune better than on first listening. I reconize Jamiroquai in this song, and this is obviously not a funk-dance music that you can hear on "a funk odyssey", but a cool music on Jamiroquai. Anyway I'm waiting for more funk and dance vibe fot the next tracks of the album!! Can't wait!!

I just viewed the Blue Skies video,and it is a song that grows on me and,seeing the words clearly, starts to mean something.I,like a few of you,don't see materiel objets, but Jays life.After all, 40 is an age of turning points.(I 've been there).They are back,but with maturity.Jay is,basically a simple nature loving guy,despite all the rock star trimmings.He seems almost lonesome at times. After all, we don't want a 50 Cents or Lady Gaga type video with gyrating girls everywhere ?.love Pippa.

Now that I see the Mercury stuff being done, i'm starting to love the Sony days...! haha

Um, for those of you that DON'T have a brain...Jay Kay is getting tired of the fast life. He's aged, more mature. 40 plus is NOTHING to sneeze at! He is much more wiser and a LOT MORE honest with himself and his peers. Get over it. HE'S NOT GOING BACK TO HIS OLD HABITS. He damn near lost his life a few times! He NEEDED this new walk. And he's STILL gonna bring the funk! SO CHILL OUT!!!

@ FunkEducation

You demand respect all the time, but nearly all your posts are very disrespectful-sarcastic. Quite contradictory, don't you think? I remember your posts in jamirotalk a few years ago, showing a lot of disrespect for those (like me) who liked new songs during the AFO-Dynamite era. I specially remember you saying that I had no music skills because I liked LoveFool (poriJazz'03). So don't teach us about respect, please. Not you.

yea funk education doesnt want to love anything new that jamiroquai is doing .. he is only ready to diss and nagg...

Yes, that's the truth! I've been very critical these days, and I apologize for that! I think i'm very dissapointed with all of this! I wasn't expecting "Emergency on Planet Earth" or "The Return of the Space Cowboy", but i was expecting something like "Shoot the Moon" you guys remember? or something like "Starchild", "Seven Days in Sunny June", even "Black Crow" from A Funk Odyssey is an amazing track!

But asking for respect and not to be insulted are both different things! :) I just couldn't tolerate people come here to call "stupid", "idiots" or whatever they said, to the people don't like this stuff! and what respect are u talking about? just because I said i liked more the Sony music than the Mercury one??? COME ON! where am I disrecpecting someone here?? ;)

the best people! :)

BTW, i love that Love Foolosophy too (the longest version of the song and includes those amazing solos by Sola and Derrick) :)

@ Catalyste

You've got it man, I totally agree.

toby should sue jay for stealing his band's name

FUnk Education !!!!!!!! the album didnt come out yet rememberrr ??waayyy toooo earlyy to judgeee mannnnn!!! maybe there will be even better songs than 7 days in sunny june or starchild or black crowww :S:S:s

Yeah cjjc!! I've heard some good things about Smokin Mirrors

greg: totaly agree :) i think it's a shame that this crap is promoted under Jamiroquai label :D

I`m loving the videos and new songs and counting the days till the new album.

Interesting breakdowns, Catalyste, OWA, and CM. I think both songs can be about many things. Jay's experiences in the industry, or anyone's struggle to make it through life triumphantly and with moments of joy and magic.

As I said in a previous post, I am seriously wondering whether these two vids are mere scenes from something bigger... a concept film, perhaps? How effing cool would that be?! :-D

who cares about this narrative of him moving past a stage in his life? all that is fine and good, but at the end of the day, the end product is what matters. these two videos are self-indulgent and boring. the music from this album hasn't been spectacular so far..i'm getting concerned we have another dynamite on our hands. jay's losing his grip on what made him cool in the first place - innovation and wonderful music. anyone who is caught up in 'oh he's maturing...' cares more about jay kay the celebrity/heart-throb than jay kay the musician or jamiroquai the band. period.


Thanks for the invite. I'll consider it, but now I'm trying to cut the number of forums I join. I'm just too opinionated and I'm willing myself away from "net arguments" you see. lol I should start with the news sites I join now that I think about it.

Anyway I loved your interpretation. If we took what Jay said about what White Knuckle Ride meant, then your interpretation would be a bullseye. It totally fits. I would have never thought to include the bridge as a symbol. Never occurred to me.

My interpretation was more on a personal level, though I feel what we both said are on equal ground as it can apply to anyone who had a Struggle, a Realization, and a Solution.

Anyway if you still want to, you can quote me on your site, I don't mind.

@everyone else who saw the same things:

Thanks. I'm very flattered.

Meh, life happens to people. Maybe one day, it will happen to you, too. We get it. Self-discovery and re-evaluation are important in one's life. We are all fans of the music, his art; You cannot fully appreciate art without understanding and to some degree, buying into the person behind it. You can't have one without the other. It's where he is right now. He had to do it for his own sake, his own sanity. One might turn your comments on their head and suggest that the trolling zealots are rather the ones who are obsessed with getting another 90s-sounding album, so much so, that they don't care if it cheapens the work of that time, or if there is any heart in it. What's more disgusting is the idea that they're somehow 'entitled' to it, and they don't care how many other fans they insult in the process, or whether they spoil the experience for others. As one might say, so fixated with the self-portrait that they're missing the full picture. Some of us see Blue Skies for what it is, and genuinely like it. You have no place calling people lesser fans because of that. If this allows Jay to find some closure on his past life, then it is for his betterment. I would've thought the fact that older songs are being played on the live shows again would give some people a degree of reassurance, too. Keep knee jerking if you must, just don't tell us we're lesser for getting it and actually liking it.

I have copied Catalyste's and my own interpretation of the story behind both videos and opend a new thread over at for further discussions, because I see that it is helpful for a lot of fans to understand Jay's message and to enjoy the videos and songs better.
Here is the link:

Meike (CosmicMouse)

Abobe all possible interpretations, that could be or could be not right, the reality is that compared with other jamiroquai videos, that were groundbreaking, such as virtual insanity, canned heat, or other simply great as blow your mind, too young to die, deeper underground, this videos are dull, absolutly nothing happens. So that makes them below jamiroquai standars. So good interpretations yeah. You can give them the meaning you want, but they are still dull.

Found this on Wikipedia:

"One single has already been chosen from the album: White Knuckle Ride, due for release on October 11; followed by Blue Skies on November 1st."

So 'Blue Skies' is in fact the second single of RDLS, succeeding the lead single 'White Knuckle Ride'? Can anyone confirm this for me?


One Winged Angel - you have good intentions but come across as accepting of just about anything JK releases. I'll maintain my criticism because what matters most to me is the music. Jamiroquai is my favorite band. Life happens to everyone, but it seems like the most interesting part of Jay's life in relation to music has already happened..or he was better at expressing it in the past. I've noticed how much you and others have focused on him and his problems instead of the art, the end product. I just don't care that much about that stuff - he isn't my friend - though I am a huge fan of his past work and hope to see him achieve that level of music once again. Fact of the matter is that Blue Skies and its video will not satisfy a large section of his fans who are there for innovative music & entertainment and not the celebrity/drama/fanboy aspect. Time will tell its success and the album's success. I wish them all the best, they've certainly been a huge part of my life for many years and I would hate to see that streak of quality come to an abrupt end. If Jay doesn't want to play to that set of people anymore, that's his decision but he must realize he's alienating a lot of his most devoted musical followers.

Where are the horns and the funk? This song totally could have had horns in it. The old Jamiroquai is gone...kind of sad. Not really into the new stuff. Last good album was Synkronized.

HEY love your interpretation cosmicmouse !!;)

Sorry, but I am a bit dissapointed. The video itself is nice to look at but afterall I just thought: lame. There is nothing happening. Even my iTunes music visualizer do show me more interessting stuff. Remember Robbie Williams, Ronan Keating and so on? This kind of video we have seen on MTV many times. This is not the range we know from Jay :-(.

Hi my friens!! You know I´m a very great great jamirofan. But i´m confused... This new tunes and this new videos are strangers to me after wait some years for the new album.

I like see in the videos the landscape of Almeria where I spend my hollidays some years and the roads where I drive singing Cosmic Girl in summer avobe blue skays.

My feelings are not sures now. I prefer wail ans see but I-m so san for thins maybe Mercury is not the bets election

Good luck Jamiroquai and so much love and respect.

Hey Jez,

Blue Skies is the 'official' first single & wkr is going to come out before as a ltd edition vinyl.

There is no confirmed date as of yet but some sites are saying Oct 11th. Hope this helps!!

@Meh: You couldn´t explain it better, well done. That´s what I was meant to say with "Jamiroquai is not Jay + musicians" I care about the music. I read "Who drove the Porsche in the video?" Sorry, but I DON´T CARE (someone does apparently, no offense) I care how they sound. Jay is just a member, even when the band is known thanks to his charisma. I like both songs, I honestly don´t like the videos (I appreciate the pshyco/ social/ business analysis made by Cathalist and Mouse but still don´t buy it)

funk me, there are some retards that are stuck in the past!!!

I swear from some of the comments lately, they are probably wearing the same clothes from the early 90's and sporting the same haircuts!!!

Get with it guys!!! Only bands like Jamiroquai that have the brilliance to diversify are the ones still here with us after all these years!!!

Get with the program, get out of the square your stuck in!!!
Rock Dust Light Star!! Turn it up Nov 1st & make your neighbours Groove to the Funky Soul!!!

JulietteK, sorry I think you're totally off here.. I agree some fans are more nostalgic than they should be, but even by new standards as a completely new artist, this is really poor quality stuff.. the video is empty and the song is generic. We expect better stuff from Jamiroquai, even if it's not funk/acid jazz.

this video is great, i love it¡¡¡¡¡

perdió el toque Jamiroquai, no me gusta

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