White Knuckle Ride promo video online

Added on Friday 24 September 2010, 09:31 (UTC)
White Knuckle Ride promo video

The promo video for White Knuckle Ride can be watched now online at the website.

The video was shot in Almeria (Spain) in August of this year and is directed by Howard Greenhalgh and if you like helicopters and fast cars then this is for you.  If you don't like helicopters and fast cars then you're probably not going to like the video!

Remember, as far as I know this is more of a promotional track (with a limited edition vinyl release coming out) than a full blown single and that the 'real' first single from Rock Dust Light Star (at least in the UK) will be Blue Skies on 1 November.

If you're after a direct link to the Flash video file then here you go.

What do you think of the video? 

Credit: Denis Carbone

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let me be the first to say WTF!?

I found it on youtube, too:


First cars, now a helicopter... what's next? An F16?
God, i'm jealous..

Like Cosmic Girl all over again......=D

This is a video clip only for JKay, not for jamiroquai.
We can see under the helicopter "G-JKAY" !!! :o(
Just horrible...

So... empty.

u guys have serioussssssssss issuess :S! how come nobody liked the video ??? it was sooo exciting !and the location was so cool aswell.. i never expected jay drive a helicopter that good was like an action movie scene ! I loveeedd it

I really love this song. It reminds me of times I would go dancing all night and go to sleep when the sun rose. Or would sweat on the dancefloor with random strangers forgetting for those hours how hard life can be. My day to day world is pretty intense, so thank you Jamiroquai for these little pocket of memories through this song. Bring on November!

Very James Bond, fabulous scenery.. wondered if there would be an IMAX version?

I think the low quality stream doesn't do it any real justice. I'd like to watch this in HD. Go on Jamiroquai, upload a 720/1080p version to YouTube for us all :)

What a (boring) ego trip...i didn't even finished watching it. Mediocre song paired with a mediocre video. I'm not going to be surprised once the album bombs in the charts, haven't seen so much backslash from jamiroquai fans ever. Worst Jamiroquai album, cover and video ever. I'm feeling bad for the band though, they're very competent but JK needs a reality check which I guess Sony did it from time to time, that's why JK was so angry, he just couldn't exercise its own egomaniac creativity.

lol this shouldn't be called Jamiroquai, it's Jay Kay + random studio musicians.

its the same as blue skies, it's the same sh*t
where's all the good clips like virtual insanity?
this album GOT to be fantastic, cause this material is just sh*t.

WICKED CLIP the first vid blue skiez is about chillin out and relaxin and this vid ride is about gettin away from pressur so all in all great job guyz

i like the fan-made video with the tron footage ;-) helps me to like the song... this one is just boring

He can fly a helicopter and drive a car. Good for him. Yawn. Next.

A few years away from the game...

The success and experience of 18 years in the industry behind them...

An opportunity for an powerful come-back...

A kick-ass 'White Knuckle Ride' teaser trailer...

And then it all falls flat! Come on Jay?! 'WKR' is an awesome track and what a chance to come back with an epic video - something that says "we're back, we're the masters at what we do (as a band), look at us" - and all we get is a stripped down Cosmic Girl accompanied by a helicopter: a fun day out for Jay.

Disappointed. Really expected an exciting, evocative, spine-tingling explosive statement: "this is Jamiroquai"...


Fingers crossed for the album...

I prefer the WKR montage video than this, it had more going on and fit the song better...this is just a re-make of cosmic girl just without 2 cars, the rest of the band, night time scene and explosives...i blame the director and jay for not being creative

could u put a link where i can download both videos?

haha nice, Cosmic Girl 2! :D xD the same thing with a Corvette and a helicopter! but even when i don't like the song, i liked the video! its just a promo! not the real thing! :)

Sorry, its not a Corvette, that was another song! xD i meant the Porsche! :S xD
White Knuckle ride
Blue Skies
I enjoyed both videos very much, can't wait until Nov.1st!

Can anyone explain what the "promo" thing means? I mean, this is not official???


what [email protected] -agree with you ,what else
to say?Jay -gonna make it better?

Useless and pathetic...
Disappointment, disappointment, disappointment... like the 3 known songs and the cover of this album.
The summer tour was fantastic ! Now where is the spirit of this tour ?

u stupids fans none of u realised the meaning of the video ??? It was kinda obvious !
at the end of the video u see the door of the porsche open by itself! telling jay to enter in it .. but he chose to not enter..

conclusion : both videos meant that jay kay is giving up his past and now he is aiming higher

THE END ! loved both videos

how does this relate to the song or the band? funny, he quit snorting junk but his ego's more out of control. sorry to be negative, it's just that everything about this album so far pretty much is an emotional drain/letdown. white knuckle ride is catchy, but that aint enough.

Oh dear what a boring ego-trip of a video. It doesn't say Jamiroquai to me, it says damn, we gotta make a video, well a day out for JK and lets film it...

The first 10 seconds look like a self-tribute remembering the first 10 seconds of Cosmic Girl

@cjjc come on! you come here to tell how much you love that thing, and nobody's calling you stupid or something like that! :S stop you all being abusive!

soory but i m fed up of some fans here .. they ve been dissing everything new about jamiroquai :@ .. every little thing new that comes out they re ready to diss it and say that this aint jamiroquai .. for example i really dont see anything wrong with the new album cover :S i loveeed it .. this site became a jamiroquai hate club :S

Well matey, i'm one of those dissing most of the stuff they have released until now, and that's because I don't like it, and i'm sorry for that! But me and most people here hasn't said anything rude to all you lovers! :) so, if we don't like it, you just gotta live with that! you just go and buy their stuff! period :)


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there it is! finally! :) thanks "Reminder" :)

Yea u need to remind also that some of the band members read the comments aswell .... how would they feel when they read lame comments

they would have to feel like they have to record proper stuff! :D

@ FunkEducation - great point!! hahaha

but for the fist time in life I will have to put JK down: All of these problems are not any band members' fault but Jay's only fault along with his ego.

Pay attention to this:
NOW I SEE HOW COMPETENT SONY WAS!!! because if it wasn't for them JK would mess things up previously.

ps: I've always been a HUGE fan of Jay but I'm quite disappointed with what he's been doing.

The band members can take it, don't you think they've ever dealt with criticism before? Come on! Maybe not such a big backlash by fans, but it's for good reason. The band caused this, or maybe it was just JK...

I thought both videos were pragmatic with a deep message. The lyrics compliments the vision of the videos and you can't ask for anything more than multiple shots of Jay. Yummy! "Smartly executed." I thought both videos were great. Two thumbs.^^


Guys u just have to find the perfect mood for the songs .. when i first heard blue skies i hated it ... but later on while i listened to it in my car with the top down while going to the mountains it was .... WOOOOOOWWWWWW... and for white knuckle ride ... its a gr8 song .. its just as heavy and groovy like every other singles like canned heat little L cosmic girl and stuff

completely agree with Mean: is that a documentary for Spain or a promotional videoclip????? boring, boring...the song is nothing special (Don't give hate a chance, number 2 sequel?????), the video too, the album cover....brrrrr, terrible. What's up Jay K?

Well said cjjc. I feel people have been far too quick to knock the new stuff. Sometimes it can take a few listens and then you'll be in a certain place and suddenly connect with a song and think yeh that's great!
All this about jay's ego, being on the front cover, in the videos etc etc. What about the other two album covers he's on or all the videos he's in??!! Like it or not he's the main face of the band so you're bound to see alot of him.
As for the new stuff, the videos arent the most exciting but it's not the end of the world! The music is really good tho and no worse than the older stuff! Some people just want jamiroquai to produce an EOPE or TWM over and over again, but that would be boring surely?!
If u don't like it that's fair enough, it's ok not to like something but it dosnt mean it's the end of the band or jays gone all bigtime on himself, it just means you don't like the song! We havnt even heard the album yet so please give it time people!

I said it once and I'll say it again for those who missed it: Cosmic Girl's Revenge. Damn Jay, you're flight skills are off the hook! But who drove the classic Porsche though?

once you see the message behind it, the video is gonna be clear and you propably see it from a different perspective :)

after viewing both Catalyste and Cosmicmouse's posts, they broke down whats the story behind the 2 videos, it makes a whole lot sense now, i finally get it (especially with WKR) and for that i apologize for stating the director and jay were not being creative enough for the WKR video...i can't believe i finally got it and see the connection with the 2 videos

not very good... so empty in the clip....

Great tune, of course. But in and of itself, this video is fair at best. You expect more from such an energetic song. But given the fact that both new vids have a similar tone and theme (vehicles), I wonder they are actuall portions of something bigger... ... perhaps a full-length concept film/album project?? Like Purple Rain or The Wall or Interstella?! I always thought their music was very cinematic and would make great soundtrack music. Hmmm....

@ denise: purple rain came through my with the blue skies video, it kind of reminds me of when doves cry

Is it me or is the Video Montage of white knuckle ride more effective than this video?

Cosmic Girl had personality... as similar as this is to the CG PV it does feel empty. at least the few times I've watched it it feels like it anyhow, it may grow on me - as empty as the "plot" of the video may be, it's still pretty but lacks the oomph of the Cosmic Girl video. Good dancey track though which is what matters.

Some kind of bored ¬¬

Cosmic Girl 2 : The Helico VS The Car
The song is funny but the clip isn't not original...

i have seen part-near all the video-and I LOVE IT¡¡¡¡
it cant be better
it was something i was expecting since 2006, it is great¡¡¡

the why of WKR
it will be not so long and without pics because this is not jamirotalk, also will be more easy if the ones who read it ask me then, if they wanna do it

a helicopter follows a porsche 911 carrera rs 1973 touring...that's the fast way to see it.
the helicopter follows a rally car and gets near sometimes...thats what u dont get it all(or some and is ok)

the video seems, just like CG, based on rally footage
if u have been at some rally event-i was-the helicopters always follow the cars, bikes, trucks, etc who is racing on a rally.

the car in many shoots make rounds and go off-road(if can be called), thats another point where the video makes a contact with rally.
even the on board shots looks like some fast rally footage(not the ones from the rear)and some scenes where the car just jumps and go trough asfalt-off road is so creal that the director was inspired by rally footage and all, that looks clear.

in some car forums they even say that looks like a porsche rallying with the helicopter behind, yes, just like in real rally.

u wouldnt like if u dont like to see a car follow by a helicopter-dont watch rally because u will see the same many times, always a helicopter follows even when u dont see them on the tv footage-and the cars run fast and rageous.

more to come.
peace for all
and parties for everybody¡¡

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