Rock Dust Light Star cover artwork

Added on Thursday 23 September 2010, 20:24 (UTC)
Rock Dust Light Star artwork

So, after waiting what seems like an eternity the official cover artwork for Rock Dust Light Star has been revealed by  Although it was expected that the cover image was going to be a crowd shot from the Hard Rock Calling concert held in London in June, the cover image is actually a photo taken at the concert held in Carhaix, France on 18 July. 

The photo was taken by Mitch Jenkins, who spent a couple of days with the band during the summer.  In addition to the cover artwork photograph Mitch also wrote in his blog that he shot some press images at the same time and there's also a great little video of him taking a possible cover photo at the gig in Carcasonne the night after the chosen shot was taken.

So.... what do you think of it?

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OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!.....the I from light is a buffalo man!...*O*!!
this makes me SO happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!....

Didn`t like it that much. Seems like it`s a live album!

Sorry but I don't liked. I prefer a simply buffalo man

I love it! Jay looks wonderful and happy, I can not wait to get my copies!

I am spechless

It looks like a typical live album cover.The buffalo man in RDLS is a great idea. Overall I have to say I don't like it. But I like it more than Dynamite. I don't like the Jamiroquai-font used for the album name. This looks a bit "amateurish" like just downloaded the Jamiroquai-font and written something. Jamiroquai should also be bigger than the album name. Usually the album name was smaller then the band name. So what, defenitely the next sign, that with this album everything is wrong what can be wrong. The marketing agency of the major label should read some fundamental basics of marketing.

The artwork is a catastrophe. I can imagine the looks on many visual designers faces... I could accept this on April 1st but... o.O

Hmmmmm????? am not sure... Mitch is a clever photographer.. take a look at his website.. but dont think this is his strongest shot.

Jay looks happy which is great - the disco style flooring looks like a bad attempt at photoshop, not good.Loose it.. stage floor is ok, and more realistic.

Looking at the stills from the black and white walk on to WKR (back view of Jay holding the microphone).. that looked good..

Might cause some controversy here, but does Jay actually need the Native American Headdress anymore? "Jamiroquai" the concept is strong enough as it is, and times have moved on..

Check out Mick Rock the photographer (Smashing bloke - met him a while back), and Storm Thorgerson (Storm studios) as an alternative maybe?

Is this a joke ?

I dont like...:-

It's an album cover... No doubt if it's got dodgy artwork the music is bound to be rubbish too?


By Jamiroquai standards, this is well below par. It's too simplistic - some imaginative artwork, with or without the buffalo man would have been better. Let's hope to God the album is half decent. And while I'm at it, the sooner Jay loses that stupid Edward Scissorhands head thing, the better. Apart from that I love Jamiroquai!

It must be a joke :D this artwork looks very, very tacky, it's horrible. Jay looks very non natural on it. I think that everybody can do something much better in windows paint :D

I lovedd it :D very much!! the lights look like the afo :D (y) two thumbs up .. how come u lame ppl say that it would have been better with just the buffalo man :S some fans nagg to much

Looks class Jamiroquai; seems like A Funk Odyssey!!

@Giz: Shut up you loser, that headpiece is easily the best thing ever invented. Wish I had it...would where it everywhere. Just imagine if you had that hat man.

A simple shot. How about some multiple covers like he did the Love Foolosophy singles?

it looks hideous, jay's pose looks weird and unflattering. If this is the finished product, oh well then we just gotta accept it and i will still buy the album no matter what...i just wish they chose a better pic of jay with the crowd

This has got to be a joke.

For the first time i agree with the guys that think that is a joke. I dont like it, the shot is not so good, jay's face looks odd. He looks like he is drunk!. mmmmm not so god, i prefer the buffalo man

I feel that for some "fans" nothing is gonna be acceptable... They say they don´t like Rock Dust Light Star and White Knuckle Ride, even they hate Blue Skies. Now, they say to the album cover... I can´t believe how can they state that "I am the biggest fan of this group". It´s ridiculous!!!

Hmm... How can I say this? All in all, 'tis a bit... odd. I can live with the overall look, the way the elements are arranged seemingly haphazardly, because it seems to have been done deliberately for a certain trippy, retro-80s effect. But I agree with those who say that the picture of Jay is not exactly flattering. He has a deranged look on his face, and the combine pose and angle makes it look as if he's squatting on the stage, about to "cut the cheese"... or worse!!

Surely they can photoshop/superimpose another, better picture of him. That I can live with.

BTW, I love the Native American headdress, always have. Maybe in a few years he won't be able to get away with such a flamboyant getup, but now, he can still rock it!!

All that said, looking forward to HEARING more music!

I thought Buffalo Man was the cover, OMG now I'm so disappointed. The Buffalo man was the main thing this album had going for it. Yes he's the "I" but that doesn't make me feel any better. Feels just like it shouldn't...

I work as a graphic designer, In my opinion it looks more like a quick mockup, as a final cover it looks like the design company got the work experience boy/girl to do it, such poor photoshop skills. It could have been sooooooo much slicker and maturer to refect the new style of music, what a shame!

Even Live in Verona didn't have a crowd shot, and that was a live DVD! So why a studio album with a live crowd shot? What is going on here!!!

bassmasterslovakia: we can accept everything only because it's from Jamiroquai.

*can't accept


One more thing: IMO the cover would look extremely cool and artistic if, again, it was a different pose, and if it was a shadow/silhouette of Jay, or an image of Jay FACING the audience instead. Either in a triumphant "hands up" kind of pose, or a serious pose similar to the "Buffalo Man" image. OR, keep the background, and add the Buffalo Man.

(I work in marketing and deal with graphics on a very regular basis, so I live/eat/breathe this stuff! Hence why I am so opinionated!) Peace to all.

Completly agree with *Miro* : Don't like it… I don't understand… no soul in this picture… even if i prefer artwork with buffalo, I think use a picture would be better to use the black and white from the video with jay entering on stage with the abstract crowd on background… at least, there would be a story in this… AND i don't like the fact of use the Jamiroquai font for the album title. NO WAYYYYY !!!!! tell us it's a joke ! And it's not about be old, great, real fan… etc… i think it's just about "taste" (do you say that in english ???) but about professionnal thing… we are talking about a band who sold more than 20 millions album, always in the place 20 years since its creation, gigs are sold out every where they play… Jamiroquai is a concept… is so special… THAT THEY CAN'T USE THAT COVER

@Totman: You're completely right. It probably could've been way more slick and shopped, but I feel that this could be symbolic of the music within the album.

A lot of people here (not myself) do not like dynamite because of exactly that. They feel it was too overproduced and doctored. Where as this cover is more rugged and raw, which is hopefully a reflected in there music.

I think this album cover is really cool! All i read on this site these days is negative comments People arent happy with anything! chill out people! We all know the album will be great!

hahaha.... could they do any worse... first the "promotion", then the pick of the first single and now this ridiculous cover.... anyway - if the music (= the remaining 9 tracks) is good i dont care what the cover looks like....

The reason we are so harsh is because we care so much... I really can't believe how badly done this cover is. I'm heartbroken... :(

I love the warbonnet/headdress on Jay. It looks like he is preparing for battle. :-) The artwork is original(not to say that the previous albums weren't) but, it captures Jay realistically performing at a live concert which compliments their organic sound for this album.

The picture looks fun, happy, and it makes me wish I was at that concert.:-) So, I really hope they use this album cover.

"It's the metamorphosis of the buffalo man" Embrace it people...change is always good. :-)

Nice artwork!

Oh no...this is going from bad to worse...

Deary me, I don't like bagging something of my beloved JMQ, but this cover shot is not good - I mean I love the crowd in the background, but Jay just looks really fake and digitalised - I thought it was going to be a great 'live' photo (where it wasn't staged too much). I honestly thought it would of been Jay on the moon on flying through the universe, something that reflects Jay's love of the universe and all that's in it. Or sometimes the simpliest things are often the best, just the Buffalo Man on it - we all associated JMQ with it - all in all, still love JMQ but just a bit disappointed in the cover that's all.


5 and a half, nearly 6 months late for April fools...

all people who comment about the cover... have a cry...
we all understand that the buffalo man is the main part of Jamiroquai but the last 2 studio albums had JK on the front cover anyway, so it doesnt make a difference... it looks pretty cool.. but it should have the buffalo man instead
at the end of the day, its the music that counts... i think this album is going 2 b just as big as TWM & AFO... have a feelin this album will b huge & will get alot of people's attention & extend their fanbase...

I've always respected Jay's creativity and vision. That's what kept him and the band relevant for 18 years. Although the new sound and artwork is different than what we are all used too...I find the change exciting and the anticipation to see what they'll do next is salivating.

If they ever decided to do an episode of "Glee" with Jamiroquai's music, that definitely the way JK would pose during it. I kid I kid...hard for me to be feeling this new album cover's intentions...

Again started the insulters to say all those things to people who don't like Jamiroquai new stuff! :S it seems everybody has to love whatever they do! :S come on! :S

I believe the buffalo man one is better! :S

Love It! Love It! Love It!

"Hey everyone! Look what the sun shines out of..."

Oh man, what's with the Live Album cover? If you were an average consumer and not a major fan, wouldn't you spot that in a shop and think "Oh, that Jay Kay fella's brought out a live album, I'll probably have the songs I like already." Please let the music be amazing to brush away all the glaring marketing errors!!

Where is the band, and where is the music?
I don't like it, but who cares (if I like it or not, "I JUST DO IT")
Anyway, this artwork is the image of a man blinded by his own image: a rich, opulent and, by now, meaningless star of the showbiz.

@ FunkyLaura

Oh my! "Your verbal decimation is chilling." Do you need a hug?

Maaaan, Jay lost his mind for real.

Dee, some good posts there. I thought your interpretations were interesting, and I can understand what the photographer wanted to achieve with the picture. I think the fans being there is a nice touch, and the lighting hints at a disco theme (I like that). There's something strangely endearing about it, however, a part of me also feels that the end result could've been better. Jay wanted to have the fans as a feature of the cover, so I think that should be remembered. Perhaps it might've worked better, if the rest of the band were in the picture, because he would still stand out. Graphic designers often hate White Space (unless it's minimalist); Here, it seems there's too much Black/Light Space going on in the top half of the picture. I will see how it works with the inside album work, etc., but early impressions are that it's strangely endearing. Agreed with Don Mildreone, the headgear rocks!! Only Jay can wear that, not give a you-know-what and still be the man.

If there is going to be a fan feature in future, it might be better served, if they hold a competition, where fans were invited to vote for their favourite out of, say, ten pieces of fan art. Some people have great work out there!! But it's too late now. Surely the MUSIC is the most important thing, anyway?

This whole album is catastrophic. Starting with the song "Blue skies"
The album cover is awful. There are Jamiroquai bootlegs with better cover art than this picture where Jay has a crazy look.
Somethings I really hope this whole thing is an episode of Punk'd. I'm just waiting to see Ashton Kutcher to come out and tell me that all this is a joke.
Then I will say...It makes perfect senses now.

I'm reconsidering this eternal love I have for jamiroquai

ezbe - spot on - i feel like im on jamline again :)

I thought the concert photo is placed on the inner tray, or inside the booklet. The photo is good, but I'm kinda disappointed. I prefer the Buffalo Man cover, and this photo must be a press photo or something like that.

yay, too many marketing errors, I completely agree... Hm... is it, because Jay has TOO much freedom on choices now that he is free of Sony? Or is it the fault of the new record label? Bad consultation?

anyway, HERE IS STILL HOPE for the rest of the album! To speak in Jay's words: "DON'T PANIC, YOU'LL LIKE IT!"

OK,lets not panic.I also find it strange and unreal and the green jacket does no justice to Jay in this cover.Maybe released to see the general reaction before the real thing.They are sure getting replies.I could imagine a Hyde Park scene,even just the back of Jay, and the crowd like in the montage clip of WKR.I am sure the CD will come with a booklet and more photos. But the whole concept is waking us all up after these last few years.Love them and these forums,Pippa

As a straight male, personally I would be slightly embarassed purchasing this from my local HMV store. Everything so far about this album spells disaster: The name, the first single, the first single release date, the non-organic sound and now the artwork...

One shouldn't judge a book by its cover. I guess the same must be said for albums. With these things said I must agree with those who think it's a horrible album cover. It looks cheap and I can't help thinking that I'm looking at some kid's feeble attempt to show off some l337 PhotoShop skillz. I'm no graphic designer but I honestly think I would do better during a lunch break. Some of you even know I would.

The idea of including the fans is not bad although I agree that it's easy to mistake this studio release for being a live album. However, it could've been executed in a much more professional manner. It would've been nice if the other band members were included as well. I also think the Buffalo Man could've been given some more attention than playing the role of an i in light.

Anyway, how important is an album cover on a scale from 1-10? Honestly, we would all prefer a lush cover, but it's just cosmetics. The important thing is what's inside. I won't panic, I still hope I'll like it.

buffaloman would ahve been nice but i think its originall its natural, I could have been an over produced picture or whatever and its not. ITs taken froma live concer and it looks great so I think its a nice album cover :D

Have just seen the videos for Blue Skies and WKR.. Jay get yourself back to Almeria with the bike and a GOOD photographer.. think that will nail the front cover.. fabulous scenery.. it would be perfect... not the one shown PLEASE!

Ooooh, good suggestion me! Motorbike/desert/sunset/buffalo man... I'm seeing it.

With this picture, they openly decided to set the idea that the band is only about Jay. I couldn't desagree more, 'cos Jamiroquai is not Jay + musicians.

@ME: EXACTLY!! Jay facing the audience would be 1.000.000 times better! In black and white :)

"think this album cover is really cool! All i read on this site these days is negative comments People arent happy with anything! chill out people!"

100% people. I know some people are critical because they care about the band, but many others are getting used to say that everything is disappointing. I find extremely boring to hear their opinions. It's a more personal album, Jay has more control, there's a shift towards new lyrics-sounds in which Jay feels more comfortable right now..SO WHAT??? The album will be released in a few weeks! It's not about liking everythings that comes from Jamiroquai, it's about not disliking everything that comes from them. Don't give hate a chance

Liking the cover but yes it does look more like a live album cover.. would like to have seen buffaloman make an appearance but Jay looks ice cool on this. Don't like the dodgy font... Could have been better, coulda been whole lot worse.

I have vehemently defended the band in the past but I am not a fan of this album cover or the headdress. As Jay has stuck with the headdress for arena gigs for the previous two album tours I guess we are stuck with it but there are far cooler items of headwear in his collection. I do wonder however why he goes with the trilby or woolly effort for more intimate gigs? That said, a cover does not make an album. I can think of many terrible covers that have great music inside. Here’s hoping eh…

I thought Jamiroquai was a band? I'm so tired of it just being JK on the cover, every album, just like solo albums. Give the rest of them some respect, people like bands, people want to see the other members, give them some credit for gods sakes...

is this a joke? a bad one!?

Fantastic cover!Jay's so great & the colours are just amazing!!!It rocks!!!!!;))

What is this? Another JK picture?? AFO and dynamite at least were discrete, now this ... is so declared!
Where is the buffalo-man?
Ego ego ....

Take a look at Mark Ronsons new album artwork - Recird Collection, now that's a cover!!! ;-)

Didn't like it, I prefer old school buffalo man, the floor it's just bad photoshop, and jay doesn't look natural, for a live album it would be great, but not for this one.

Marketing here is not do the things right to call the fans' attention, marketing here is do the things wrong to call the fans' attention, irritation, dissapointment.

Then, you have IT in, sucker! If you're a real Jamiroquai fan, don't talk shi* of them, and don't criticize destructively. Is better to talk in a good way, and criticize constructively.

Thanks, Jamiroquai, you are the best!

Have just been reading a little about the photographer. He is linked to Sony and Universal, so it could be a contractual thing. The bands hands are tied perhaps?

Shame if its true..

Think Ian Rankin or Mick Rock would have created something iconic, classic and memorable,photography deserving of a great album.

Would like to have seen the band as well as Jay.

Graphics I'd leave to the great Storm Thorgerson (Cant get more iconic than Dark Side of the Moon album cover)

Why not get the fans to send in their photos of this years gigs, the best of which may be used as a cover/inner sleeve? thinking aloud

Take care lovely peeps!

Ohhh. Jay says in Hyde Park wich the pick became the cover of the new album!!!

Bufaloman... don´t forget bufaloman is Jay in silouette!

Ugly and cheap.

I'm surprised if this is the Main cover. I think it would fit more of a single or a limited edition.

As somebody wrote on, it really looks that Jay turned his back to his audience, to us, his fans. I also see Jay (please excuse the hard words) farting on his audience - you even really can see the fart dust behind him drifting to his audience. This is sreally bizarr!

I don't think people have to worry about that now!

I'm indifferent about this cover, I don't find it so bad but I preffer a better one. I agree that seems to be a cover of a live performance (maybe can match on a DVD of Jamiroquai tours). The album is not bad, I liked the songs until now and well is not so different from Dynamite; WKR sounds like Runaway, Blue Skies sounds a bit like Seven Days In Sunny June, RDLS I hope it sound like Starchild and Hurtin' is a bit new but I find a similar sound that in Feels Just...

Jay has a really dumb look on his face. Pick anything else but this.

wrong choice from tip to toe

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