Rock Dust Light Star cover artwork

Added on Thursday 23 September 2010, 20:24 (UTC)
Rock Dust Light Star artwork

So, after waiting what seems like an eternity the official cover artwork for Rock Dust Light Star has been revealed by  Although it was expected that the cover image was going to be a crowd shot from the Hard Rock Calling concert held in London in June, the cover image is actually a photo taken at the concert held in Carhaix, France on 18 July. 

The photo was taken by Mitch Jenkins, who spent a couple of days with the band during the summer.  In addition to the cover artwork photograph Mitch also wrote in his blog that he shot some press images at the same time and there's also a great little video of him taking a possible cover photo at the gig in Carcasonne the night after the chosen shot was taken.

So.... what do you think of it?

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