White Knuckle Ride promo video online soon!

Added on Thursday 23 September 2010, 19:40 (UTC) has announced that the promo video for White Knuckle Ride will be available to watch online from Friday afternoon (UK time).  Check the news item at for links to where the video will be (and expect to find it on YouTube shortly afterwards!).The video was shot in Almeria (Spain) in August of this year and is directed by Howard Greenhalgh.Whilst we await the premiere of the video feel free to post a comment with what you think the video will be (or should be!) like, and once you've seen it then tell us what you thought of it...

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Yeahhh *___*

What's with the album artwork in here?

Oh Yeah! Thank you!

Cosmic Girl's Revenge!

i hope it's the second part of cosmic girl video, this time behind a porsche.

david, i hope u can put a download link so i can have it.

we miss the time where mp3's and music videos where on the download section.

please, put it on wmv or mpeg if u can

It should a documentary kinda of video about the ups and downs of his life

can't wait to watch it tomorrow, i hope its like a mini movie something like james bond, it should contain action, jay in a helicopter, the rest of the band and other cool effects

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