That's Not The Funk I Want - bonus track for Japanese RDLS release

Added on Tuesday 21 September 2010, 12:57 (UTC) have updated their earlier news item that announced the track listing for Rock Dust Light Star to give the name of the bonus track on the Japanese release.  The bonus track is called 'That's Not The Funk I Want.'
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I am definitely getting a Japanese copy too.

Why do the japanese always get the extra track? is that a contract that all the labels have with japan?? Because with sony was the same thing.

I've wondered about this as well. Looking at wikipedia an article there says:

"The bonus track as a marketing technique: Japan is the one of largest music markets in the world. However, music is more expensive there than in America or Europe, so Japanese labels often arrange for additional content in the locally printed discs in an attempt to be competitive with imports."

I reckon it's because the Japanese fans have always shown them love from the start - if you check the videos of their first tour(s) it's always Japan that has the packed, (relatively) large venues to host them, and these people LOVE their funk. This is just the band's way of thanking the fans that have been faithful in their support from the beginning (up until now.)

Perhaps because the Japanese CD is very expensive in comparison with Europe or U.S
Today's foreign exchange of the Japanese market CD price is £19, is £8.95!, what's "The Funk He Wants"?? hehe ^^u


As David Rowe said, that's the reason.

Thanks David for the answer!! It completly makes sense. Thanks.

Seems like this album's gonna be great, I think I'll be [icking up a Japanese copy as well.

I am going to japan on new years eve!
anybody knows good music shops besides hmv and the big ones?

the record/movie companies screw the fans - people wanting to buy that cd/dvd when it comes out are always the ones who gets screwed with director cuts, special editions and bonus tracks.

I remember with Dynamite that the Dutch album didn't even had 'Time Won't Wait' on it, which was very funny at the Dutch gig since they played TWW as the last song and more then half of the audience didn't know the song while I was glad I bought it on amazon and got the English version.

Us fans always have to invest more to get all the tracks from your favorite artist. No wonder a lot of people download music and stuff.

Well, I remember here in Venezuela we got "Dynamite" with the buffalo man cover, "Time Won't Wait" as last track, and a bonus DVD with the album in 5.1 Dolby Surround and the videos of "Feels Just Like It Should", "Seven Days in Sunny June" and the making of FJLIS!! :D I really think we are gonna get that Bonus Track here again! ;)

@ Marco Antonio, the only music stores I know are in the Shibuya district of Tokyo. There you have HMV and Tower Records. I liked Tower Records most when I went. I don't know any others...

Did anyone ever hear the song Beatbox from the Japanese release of Dynamite? I always wanted to hear what that song was like.

mykalt45: here you have beatbox ;)

I'll definitely get the Japanese release. Ok, it costs twice as much as the European release... but what if 'That's Not The Funk I Want' is the best track... wouldn't wanna miss out on that one. As the band had 19 tracks for this album there is a handful of songs left. I'm hoping for some wicked B-sides on the CD singles. :)

I can see it now. Rock Dust Light Star is another Funk Odyssey, but this extra song will be the Do It Like We Used To Do of RDLS. This song will be great, mark my words.

I don't know why, but we Japanese always get bonus tracks. Japanese version also have an article on Jamiroquai and Japanese translation of their lyrics, though I have never read these carefully. That's Not The Funk I Want? Then what Jay wants? I'm looking forward to this song.

@Marco Antonio & Otis P Jivefunk,
Unfortunately, HMV Shibuya store closed this summer. I recommend Shinjuku store of Tower Records and HMV, both of which are large and in the building attached to the station. Enjoy Japan, Antonio!

@rainier, HMV Shibuya closed?!!! Noooooooooo! Why are all the record stores in this world dying. That store is iconic because it's part of the view from Shibuya crossing! I can't believe they closed it. I'm very sad to hear that :(

The stores are closing because of digital downloads. Simple as that. CD sales have dropped every year for the past several years and it's more and more each year. There is a day coming soon when CDs will no longer be manufactured and will go the the way of 8 track tapes, cassette tapes, minidiscs, 2" or 1/4" inch recording studio tape etc.... That being said, I do believe vinyl will always be around. Although in the U.S. there really is only one manufacturer. Even Disc Makers who was a large vinyl manufacturer sub-contracts all of their vinyl out to this company in TN. Of course in Jamaica vinyl is still the #1 way they release music.

Is it just me or does that RDLS bonus track sound ALOT about our current fan feelings towards what have heard so far from the new album. At least that much is true to all the newb fans whom are griping alot about how much their optimism has been tarnished that RDLS will be a great Jami album. Oh well, at least the tracklisting, for both releases have made shape.

well, i found TWW on some site of downloads
so, ill try it again with this track
i wonder what the lyrics say...the title says alot if u ask me

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