Blue Skies UK single release date

Added on Monday 20 September 2010, 22:48 (UTC)

According to the current issue of Music Week magazine (UK), Blue Skies is currently scheduled for UK release on 1 November - the same day as album Rock Dust Light Star.  No information on formats, track listings, or anything else has yet been announced.

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Surely that can't be right? There would be absolutely no point in releasing the single on the same day as the album? Surely the single should come out a week or two before as a build up to the album...?

who will buy a single released on the same day as the album???
on the other hand, who will buy a song like blue skies as single anyway....

Boris: Jamiroquai maniacs and maybe few people that will like it on the radio...

This is the first time I really hope a Jamiroquai song does badly on the charts. Rubbish first single!

Hey! What's all the hate about? "You Suckers"....:-)

So far the songs released sound absolutely divine. I know the album will do just fine. :-)

I dunno what Jamiroquai are playing at, do they even care at all anymore? (I mean releasing single and album on the same day)

I think I figured out what all the fuss is about...I believe that 'old school' fans of Jamiroquai feel that the band has lost touch with who they are as a band originally. That is understandable. What I don't understand is why on earth are we bashing JK's songwriting and creative spark? What's the point of creating music if it doesn't have heart? JK writes from the heart. Everytime. If you don't like what you hear, that's fine. We will move on to the next phase. There are other acid jazz bands out there that are longing to hear your's been nothing but total BS from the mouths of these 'purists'. Grab your satchels and get a existence. JK is the real deal. Nearly 20 years of great music and he's getting THIS kind of treatment? Not funky.

@ Kenneth

"Well said."


I am not a purist....I just like good music.

here we go again.......... lol
wow..thats weird..same release date single and album ???

wishes the haters would go away now, it's getting boring

I'm really looking forward to the new album and so what if Blue Skies isn't funky, Acid jazz is so 1992!

@ em1979
There's a difference between funk and acid jazz. What you're saying doesn't make sense man. It's never to late 4 da Funk!

I know the difference between Acid Jazz and funk. I was half asleep when I wrote that!...WKR is very funky but people just keep bitching about the new stuff and it's getting on my nerves!

God, will the people telling the haters to shut up shut up and get over themselves! Please, if anyone says they like this song, they are forcing themselves to like it because it's Jamiroquai. Someone said it - Jay Kay has been making great music for nearly 20 years so why decide to stop now?!?

I love Jamiroquai. Look, I'm on a Jamiroquai fansite. But look at it from a non-Jamiroquai fan's point of view. If they heard 'Blue Skies' they'd think 'What a load of wishy-washy crap, this music is for teary eyed girls.' That's what gets me. At this moment in time I'm slightly embarassed to be a Jamiroquai fan.

As fans we are entitled to give our opinion, regardless of whether we like the song or not, as we have bought their albums/gone to concerts and contributed to the success of this band.We expect some quality music back in return, yet 'Blue Skies' is a song that could easily be churned out by someone like Will Young,or Robbie Williams,but not Jamiroquai.As much as I'd wish,I'm not expecting a return to the acid jazz days,just quality music that featured on the Dynamite album, such as 'Seven Days in Sunny June'.That song had the Jamiroquai vibe about it, with the current band line up we see today.Blue Skies does not. The other two tracks on the other hand are impressive.

It is not about being "entitled" to give an opinion, be it positive or negative. Everyone is "entitled" to the way they feel, I have not read one statement that actually says a person is not. It is the MANNER in which it is said. It is the total LACK of RESPECT in which the many negative comments have been given. There is a RIGHT way and a WRONG way to say is as simple as that. Jamiroquai has worked in the industry long enough and hard enough to have earned the RESPECT of their fans and admirers. Why is this so obviously being repeatedly over looked?

Respect is not the issue Mocha. I mean....Aren't we here on this damn website for a reason? the fact is that We have respect and admiration for Jamiroquai who at the current time is producing weak ass music. Its really sad that a band that was doing "popular" BUT still high quality music is Gone with the wind. If "blue skies" is any view of what the album is going to be, I will not buy or go to any show. This is sad since I have been a Die hard fan since the early nineties. Even if their new record company forced them to make bad music, Jamiroquai has proven themselves and should be able to do what they want with regard to artistic integrity. Furthermore, White Knuckle Ride is also just more of the same stuff that they have been doing on Dynamite and A funk Odyssey. Jason Kay's influences are vast, but one thing has always been there and that is SOUL. WHAT I AM HEARING FROM THESE GUYS NOW IS GARBAGE.

Maybe what they really mean Mocha is the respect is on a album to album basis or for that matter-song to song. Respect only last as long as the last good song Jamiroquai made according to their track keeping. What a laugh!

Really,all this talk about what is missing or not being heard. And all this is being based on 1 of or all of the 3 songs heard thus far. C'mon people there is still the rest of the CD we have yet to hear. R-E-L-A-X!

what's the point in buying the single when it's on the album....surely should release a single beforehand

Guys, we'll just have to wait until the actual album is released before judging them prematurely.We have only listened to three tracks, and there are still another nine more to follow in November. Mocha, by expressing a dislike for a song does not mean that you are showing the band a complete lack of respect. People are not insulting Jamiroquai, but just acknowledging the fact that they can do better than Blue Skies.

i dont want blue skies, i want White Knuckle Ride

I never said expressing dislike for a song was showing no respect. I said the manner in which for example: Jamiroquai is dead, crap,WTF...just a few from numerous comments on this site reguarding the new single. Like I said before there are plenty of wrong ways to say something. That is the lack of respect I am speaking of. As if no effort went into creating the song at all.

RESPECT now? Fans deserve RESPECT as well. We all make Jamiroquai what they are, and some might consider a half-assed album after 5 years without taking into account what the fans want as a lack of RESPECT.

After all we sign their dare they not deliver the desired product WE requested, they know they are supposed to check in with us first- I say we fire them! LOL!

@mocha - i'm pretty sure there went lots of effort in every song by every musician, where is your point, do we have to like that song cause someone put work into it? its SIMPLY A BAD SONG, the first jamiroquai song i strongly dislike, although i thought i'd like everything by them simply because of jays unique voice and his (usually amazing) skills as a songwriter.

"Haters can’t stand to see you happy, Haters will never want to see you succeed, Haters never want you to get the victory, most of our haters are people who are supposed to be on our side."(By Poet Maya Angelou)


Karma People...Karma...

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On Topic: Blue skies is a very bad song and should not be released on the same day as Rock Dust Light Star as this would usually be seen as a bad marketing strategy.

'Computer says no'

Amazingly Bad song....Blue Skies????? I feel like sliding naked down a razor blade into alcohol.

So, is it safe for anyone to express an opinion anymore about Jamiroquai?

Am I a 'hater' if I say I don't like 'Blue Skies'?

What about if I say, I'm not a fan of 'Love Blind' or 'Starchild' either? Or 'Supersonic' for that matter?

Does not liking some Jam songs make that fact that I've loved the band since 93, and waited 6hrs at the front of the stage last time they toured my country (one of only 2 trips), irrelevant?

Reminds me of a great lyric from an Ice T song: "Freedom of Speech. Better watch what you say."

First point that nobody has picked up on is that the release date is written in Music Week - Nobody from the record label, or the band has confirmed that date. It is possible that someone at their HQ has presumed that they will be released at the same time, or there's been a mix-up. Some people will still buy the single for the remixes, or if there are any B-Sides. If someone likes the single (a taster), then (s)he might buy the album (the full course), too.

To call an album "half-assed" is downright disrespectful. It might not be the sound YOU want, but they wrote it themselves, the song has nice musical arrangements, and much time and effort was invested in making it. If you can do better, why are you sat on here complaining? Get out there and do it. Some of you seem happier to sit back, moan, criticise negatively and unconstructively, in a knee jerking way, then flame those who embrace this change, or see the good in it. Your sense of entitlement is sickening, too. Have some respect for the music profession, then realise that Jamiroquai owe you nothing- I say that as someone who's been a fan for almost 18 years. As for 'what the fans want', that term shows a general lack of understanding for the arts. Artists should be free to explore every avenue of creativity, and express their work as they wish. To pigeon-hole them is to stifle that creativity and right to expression. But that is what some of you would sooner do, because to you, Jamiroquai is "your band", and in your minds, "they owe you another EOPE and ROTSC". I would rather listen to Blue Skies than listen to a 'made for disrespectful fans but the heart wasn't in it' 90s-sounding album, but each to their own. 'Real' fans aren't allowed to like the new stuff, apparently... How very dare you.

Also, to use Will Young and Robbie Williams in such a derogatory way is low. I actually think he's a decent pop artist. He never pretended to be anything else, and it's also known that he's a fan of Jamiroquai. Just because he was discovered through a popular reality TV show, it doesn't make him 'rubbish' by default. Snobbery is not cool. Robbie probably knows he doesn't have the greatest voice, but he can perform, work a crowd, and he's had a few decent pop songs, and whatever you think of Angels, that's his for life. Many people would give their right arm to make that sort of mark!! Neither could've done Blue Skies 'easily'; Please don't insult the music profession like that. You don't have to like it, and most would respect your right to that view, but to post hateful messages on the fan site, attack fans who dare to like the newer stuff, and hijack every article with this to a point that people think of you as 'trolls' is something else. I know I'm not alone when I say that your acts of sefishness are turning other fans' excitement into a soul-destroying and disheartening experience when they come on here.

One Winged Angel.Thanks....100% with you on that.

@Asimov, I understand how you feel.

No matter what people say to detract 'haters' (obviously, people who hate this band would not be reading this website!), I maintain that this is one of their worst songs (if not the worst) and an extremely poor choice for a single. Also, who releases a single the same day as the album? This is a setup for failure - you can thank Mercury Records for this.
I hope everything goes well for them, but it doesn't seem like they're starting strong out of the gates. We'll see come November.

Blue skies in my opinion is by far the worst jamiroquai song.

This is getting boring.

One thing is clear....Jay Kay is a genius. With Synkronized, A Funk Odyssey and Dynamite, they sold in abundance. Claiming that it was bad music is just ridiculous and uneducated. How does one survive 20 years in the most competitive of markets without being a class act.......go and do your research and come back. Want to know why Incognito, Brand New Heavies etc never took off? Cuz they didn't change their can't make the same music forever!

Jamiroquai no. 1 fan.....'Blue Skies' are light your joints!

Will Young and Robbie Williams are perhaps good at their niche- releasing cheesy pop ballads.Jamiroquai have always had that funky and unique style, that has seperated them from your bog standard bands that are prominent today.Who cares if Will Young likes Jamiroquai.After listening to a few of his songs he's clearly not influenced by them.What does that means I have to listen to his music,and praise his musical style even though I can't stand it? This is by far the most negative response to a Jamiroquai single that I have ever seen.

It's just so crazy how people are so quick to bash Jamiroquai for not being what they want. I've heard the whining upon the release of every album. I don't know about you, but I have come to trust Jay and the crew and their musical abilities. Sit back and enjoy the journey...cause THEY are steering the ship (not you).

Will Young has worked with Toby Smith, who used to work with.... oh, you've guessed it! I like Will Young, he has an identity and while I may not appreciate all his music I can tell he does his own thing

Robbie Williams is not a strong singer and he knows it. What he lacks in talent he makes up for with personality and showmanship. He has some great songwriters to work with. He also releases some terrible songs (Rudebox, anyone?) but, again, he's doing his own thing.

Jamiroquai have, as far as I'm concerned, always been unclassifiable, so when I read things like "Jay lied, this isn't acid jazz" or "There's no funk and no horns" it irritates the hell out of me. The band has covered a kaleidoscope of musical genres. You cannot judge them on being one thing, just as you wouldn't just buy *anything* that's heavy metal or *anything* that's sung by a female. I judge them solely on what I can hear. As a 14 year old girl listening to Kiss FM and hearing about this new band, I liked what I heard. No, in fact, I LOVED what I heard. I knew this was what I'd hoped for musically, a combination of all the stuff my parents had brought me up on but with a modern feel and a message. I have never shied away from saying I dislike a song in the past (I regularly skip Revolution 1993, Hot Tequila Brown, Twenty Zero One) on the old forums and I will not say I like things just to make you feel better about this album or about being a fan. So, deal with it. Make up your minds using your BRAINS and your personal TASTE and leave "I'm a better fan than you" and "I still live in 1994" out of it.

And yes, I'm just as frustrated about the marketing strategy as some others on here. It makes no sense to plug these 2 songs then leave it 2 months to release one of the songs and the album on the same day. I'm personally not hearing enough radio airplay in the UK (when Canned Heat hit the airways you couldn't get away from it) and I understand these are difficult days for the music industry, but it looks like a recipe for moderate success to me.

WKR still sounds terrible, by the way.

Sandriche, thank you.

jamalgerie, No, you don't have to like Will. It doesn't say that. I'm not his biggest fan by any means, but I, personally, don't think that his songs are 'cheesy' or 'bog standard'. I recognise that he does what he does well, and I can respect what he's achieved in the profession. That he's never pretended to be something he's not is important to me. You don't know whether he has been influenced or not, and neither do I, or in which ways he might have been. But for my part, I respect and was pleased that he was able to be more than 'the guy who won Pop Idol'. I don't find him pretentious, and the same goes (mostly) for Robbie. Respect, love and praise are not interchangeable; Some would do well to learn that.

Writing off the new album the way some have is pathetic. As I wrote once, Supersonic, King For A Day and Deeper Underground were all released as singles. NONE OF THOSE were acid jazz or strictly funky. If you wrote off Synkronized after hearing them, then you would've missed out on the beauties that were Canned Heat, Soul Education, Where Do We Go From Here?, Planet Home, Falling and Black Capricorn Day (For what it's worth, I think Supersonic is Class). When AFO came out, there was talk of some acoustic tracks, but it was three tracks at a stretch. But if some of you would rather continue knee jerking, then that's your right. They still don't owe you anything.

Agree with your point about writing off the album before its even released.Some people have been too pessimistic about the future for Jamiroquai.All the songs you have mentioned were not strictly funky or jazzy, however they had elements of what made Jamiroquai so big, the use of didgeridoo(miss Wallis)in Supersonic,and keyboards from Toby Smith in Where Do We Go From Here and Planet Home. They all had that Jamiroquai feel to them and they were quality songs.I think people expected a lot more than Blue Skies. How can you say they don't owe us anything?! Without us, they'd be nothing!! They owe us a decent album,in return for our hard earned money.

they dont owe us anything. some decent songs on the new album would be nice though. (rdls, wkr & bs sure are not)

The only ones Jamiroquai owe anything to is themselves, they are the artists. That is how it began; writing music they liked or wanted to write; what sounds good to THEM. "To Thine Own Self Be True"- Polonius/Shakespeare - that is all that is required. How it is received and interpreted is up to the listening public WHO CHOOSE TO PURCHASE OR NOT TO PURCHASE. It is as simple as that! Don't like...don't buy it- oh well! Like it ...Buy it-good for you! It is as simple as that.

jamalgerie, another of my favourite bands, Radiohead, never did another OK Computer. But Kid A, Hail To The Thief and In Rainbows still stand on their own merits as excellent albums. Fans welcomed the different directions, and very few held it against them. Why can't some fans on here open their ears, too? I cannot believe how narrow-minded and undemanding certain people are.

When I say they owe us nothing, I don't mean a Thank You- That much is common decency. What I mean is in terms of musical direction, they shouldn't have to stick to one style, just to please some fans - they don't owe us anything in that respect. That would be like my Maths teacher saying "You must be an accountant or a Maths teacher, because I spent many years teaching you", or my parents putting similar shackles on my adult life. The truth is that I can choose my own path. When you substitute a few words here and there, you soon realise how authoritarian, perhaps fascistic that sounds. That is why I find some peoples' 'entitlement' sickening. When you buy an album, you buy the band's work, and an insight into their creative expression. They never said that you owe them your money, but if you want the music, etc., it's right and proper that you pay for it. Ultimately, you have a choice whether to part with your money or not. To turn that on its head, Jay could argue that he's given the fans his youth and the best years of his life; He could've stopped and settled down by now, and he had spoken about wanting to find love and start a family one day. You could argue that he deserves a break, and that those 'entitled' fans should get off his back. Also, are you the same person today as 18 years ago, or even 8 years ago? If the answer to that is 'No', then why expect Jamiroquai to be the same? Curiosity, our sense of adventure, a desire to try different and new things; these are natural feelings, that's why we're human. Not many achieve their staying power and consistency at delivering great music.

@One Winged Angel,Yes,bands should always try and experiment and revive their sound after a few years.I'm not expecting another Return of the Space Cowboy, and it would be unrealistic to wish for that, bearing in mind that sounds evolve and only two members during that period are still in the band. But for an old school fan like myself, the transition to an altogether new sound-soft rock/pop makes me worry that they are completely abandoning their roots, especially as this is being released as a single. I welcome different directions, but not to the extent that were it not for Jay's singing,Blue Skies would be an unrecognisable Jamiroquai track to me.Not an awful song, just not what I expected.

Ok sorry folks.. havent been following the discussion thread (too busy!).. Am just laughing to myself about an alternative video to WKR.....When he sings "its not so easy to control (pressure)".. could the ripping up of OU textbooks/exam papers and assignment booklets be done for us poor OU students (very cathartic).. (DSE 212 subliminally placed in the video perhaps!!!) "theres no easy way to make it better"...

Jamiroquai is a musician's band. period. All of you nay-sayers are just followers expecting the familiar pop crap that kills real music airplay (ie.the U.S radio crap). What is the point of attacking the artist when they don't create exactly what you envision in a new album? Who's vision is it anyway? Do us all a favor and learn to expect the unexpected. Isn't that what music is all about anyway?

what i like about this band is they are unpredictable, its clear that they will never be that acid jazz band or old school jamiroquai but i do appreciate them still making music and still put up great performances on stage...i don't believe their music has gone flat or they have lost their creativity..the only thing i would want jamiroquai to bring back is re-do and release shoot the moon, the sound is beautiful, lyrics are beautiful, vocals are beautiful, arrangements are beautiful....besides from that, so far i have not complain about the new tracks, they sound great and promising...i think blue skies sounds simple and sweet but its a optimistic song

Hi Ezbe,
Long time, no hear my dear. Hope all is well with you
Big kiss, xo

We should all start referring to Blue Skies as BS.

Yeah, BS as in 'Brilliant Song'. CHECK. MATE.


One Winged Angel - the band does not need a defender. If you think this song is great, fine, but it's annoying to see you repeatedly counter anyone's impression of the song just because you happen to like it and they don't. Everyone is entitled to their opinion..and here's mine: this is the worst song Jamiroquai has ever released, and to make it a single is beyond stupid. A lot of people feel the same way seemingly, and they are just as into this band as you are. Being critical doesn't make you a bad fan, it just makes you..critical. Not everything a band makes will be good. The fact that people are disappointed shows that many fans feel that the true potential of this band is not being realized. Says a lot about how the community really cares about the band and their output. In other words, people love this band and only want the best for them and from them! If no one had anything to say, there'd be cause for concern.

@jamalgerie, ditto ,I was hoping that every artist owed something to his fans:)

Okay, after seeing all of the posts so far this week we have definitely one thing in common: WE STILL CARE ABOUT JAMIROQUAI, BAD SONGS OR NOT. I'm loving this output from everybody, I hope that Jay Kay and the fellows are reading these posts! It's going to matter much sooner than later.

@One Winged Angel: Good stuff, but be considerate of others! We're all in this TOGETHER.

To everybody, be blessed out there and show some love! One more month to go!

Zed! You legend, you! Good to see another old face is still floating around. I'm great, hope you are too. Fb (if you're on it?) X

Much agreement with Kenneth above, seems some people are more into point scoring than having a healthy debate. I am so thrown by all the stuff that's happening; this is not the Jamiroquai I know. But, I have faith and I'll wait for this album. And the gig on the 20th, think it'll be my 21st, woohoo!

Whoa... One moment. First off, there's no point-scoring on my part; That much, I promise every one of you. Let me remind you that other people have commented on how some of the self-proclaimed "real" fans have become troll-like. I might have been vocal on here, but that feeling is not exclusive to me, so to put that at my doors is deeply unfair. At NO POINT, did I say that any of you were lesser fans for not liking the song. In other threads, I've repeatedly counted myself as one of you (in that I've been a fan since October 1992, and EOPE and ROTSC were MY favourite albums). Besides, I don't have that arrogance. More important than your opinion of me, I also said (repeatedly) that you don't have to like the song, and I respected other peoples' rights to their opinion, that I thought most people would respect those rights. Ultimately, what I think doesn't matter any more than any of you. Are we clear on all of that? Good. If not, please read it again, then try and tell me I'm inconsiderate. Consistent, understanding, sympathetic, compassionate, certainly, but never inconsiderate.

I said what I saw. Everything I wrote was a fair point, especially where I mentioned Synkronized, which, by the way, had a few similar criticisms at the time. Read my posts again, or read the ones from other recent threads. In the other posts, I wrote about the idea of people changing and said it was natural in anybody's life. What I was against was this idea that people thought they were owed something, and that somehow, the band was 'theirs'. It's one thing to say "It's not my favourite song, they have better" or "Blue Skies doesn't say 'single' to me; perhaps it's to RDLS what Black Crow was to AFO..."- Constructive, or a bit more thoughtful. But to call the band 'liars', to say their work is 'rubbish', to carry on as if you're 'entitled', write off a whole album before giving it a few listens, and other sorts of derogatory comments is something else. More so, when you read the description of Blue Skies itself- That desciption didn't sound like funk or acid jazz. Everybody was upfront about that fact. I just feel that they deserve more respect than that, that music and the arts deserve to be better respected than that. If all of that makes me inconsiderate, then I will embrace that label with my whole heart.

I have reached the end of my jamiroquai road. I have been a longtime fan, but the direction jason kay and the boys are going in is clearly to make a buck. This desperate attempt to break into the American market and join the ranks of Kings of Leon and other rockers is silly. JASON KAY IS A FAN OF ROY AYERS.....I AM SURE IF YOU ASKED THE KINGS OF LEON ABOUT ROY AYERS....THEY WOULDN'T KNOW WHO HE IS(AS WELL AS MANY WHO ARE COMMENTING HERE). JAMIROQUAI WAS UNIQUE BECAUSE IT WAS A BAND DOING GREAT LIVE DANCE MUSIC WITH REALLY HIGH QUALITY MUSIC TO BACK IT. Now, they have really "Dumbed" It down. Just wait...the next album Jay will be saying: WELL I FEEL ON THE LAST ALBUM WE LOST THE FUNK AND SOUL AND NOW I WANT TO LET PEOPLE KNOW THAT WE GOT IT BACK...too late my friend....too late. KEEP IT REAL!

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