Brazilian TV broadcast on Wednesday

Added on Wednesday 13 October 2010, 20:30 (UTC)

The website for Brazilian television show Programa do Jo has said that Jamiroquai will be on today's (Wednesday) show.  The show contains interviews and music and the website says that Jamiroquai will open and close the broadcast.

Hopefully someone will be kind enough to post a YouTube link sometime after the broadcast...

UPDATE: YouTube links... The show opened with White Knuckle Ride (2 minutes into video) and closed with Love Foolosophy closing the show.

Credit: Andrei Andrade

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OMG! This is our Brazilian most famous Talk Show, just like David Letterman (USA) and Jools Holland (UK).

It's a huge shame that they won't be interviewed. Probably Jay hasn't accepted.

Don't worry, the videos are always uploaded by their own website and I'll keep you posted when it happens so. This will propably be uploaded tomorrow already.

Hey!!! This is great!! Thanks for the info!

I don´t understand why they aren´t interviewed... really really a shame... Globo tv lost one of the rare opportunity to show to all brazilians this fantastic band, that keep doing a high quality music after 17 years on road...

will start now! Iuppppi

white knuckle ride live already been uploaded on youtubee :D

its bein hard for them to perform white knuckle ride :S:S:S jay isnt able to sing the song completly :S its the first time i see them not performing well a song live ... the music is slower .. the singing and backup vocals are messed up a bit..wat do u guys think ?

Someone else missed Paul?? ram...

Who is that on base for this performance?

Ok, here's White Knuckle Ride:

Love Foolosophy

Who is the bass player?

You can see him in love foolosophy video at 2:24

Its strange not to see Paul there, The bassplayer did a good job though, very few mistakes, plus a cool impro starting at 4:00 on love fool you can see sola and derrick nodding their heads like, do you hear the guys doing? hahaha

@gag - yea, this is a lot like FJLIS - sounds better on the record than live. too processed to come across the same in a live performance - i think the backing vox are a little off as well.

So much energy in this audience... Great performance. I wish I were in Sao Paulo now.

@Pacman @Funkynic i asked Rob and answered:
"Paul is fine. He had a family holiday booked previously so he went home for a few days. he's back tomorrow, dont worry" :)

Loving this !!!
Brazil is a sexy ass country!

Jamiroquai is Trend Topics no Twitter due to the show in Brazil.

Jay is sure loving that zip up jacket eh!

And Jamiroquai is currenty a Trending Topic on Twitter..
I guess a good part of it are the Brazilian fans, excited with the concert:

Cool performance!

Brazil is for me country of the best music and people with good hearing. Home of bossa nova

Even though I hate wkr and the new direction, have to admit this version and jay sounded good indeed.

Jamiroquai signed sealed delivered. XXXXX

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