Rock Dust Light Star London showcase setlist and more

Added on Saturday 11 September 2010, 11:23 (UTC)

Here is some extra information about Thursday nights showcase gig in London courtesy of Tim P., who was lucky enough to get an invite...

Jamiroquai performed a rare gig on Thursday night to showcase their forthcoming album Rock Dust Light Star. The gig was held in the small ball room of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in London's Knightsbridge. On arrive at the hotel, giant Buffalo man flags were flying outside and on entry Jamiroquai logos and more buffalo men were put up around the ballroom. There were about 100 people most of which were record industry executives, some key retailers and members of the press.

The band came on just after 7pm and performed 7 tracks with a full band - Love Foolosophy, Smokin Mirrors, LifeLine, Hurtin, Rock Dust Light Star, Blue Skies and finished up with White Knuckle Ride. The setlist also included Little L and Deeper Underground but unfortunately they didn't play these. The new tracks were a variety of soulful ballad and old skool funk and disco.

Tim has uploaded some of his photos to - (these include the setlist and lyrics as he was right up the front!) and video of White Knuckle Ride to YouTube.

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Excellent pics and vid! Thanks so much Tim ^_^

Ditto! Thanks Tim :)

This is for everybody who said "Jamiroquai is dead". Jamiroquai is much more alive than never .

"The new tracks were a variety of soulful ballad and old skool funk and disco."
Love it!

bueníiismo!!! gracias por el video!
suenan muy bien :)

"Thanks for sharing the great video and pics Tim."

That exclusive listening party needs to be re-played...NOW!

This mirror track sounds interesting, better not disappoint!...

Wonderful!!! Can't wait for the US tour!!!

Fantastic photos! Great quality. I always like to see close ups of Jay's shoes. Am I the only one?

Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!! Come to US!!!!

@ Marley: What shoes are those? Are those Grey Gazelles? Can't really tell.

It is hard to tell from the one photo that shows them. They kind of look more like ZX456 or something along those lines than Gazelles, but maybe not. You may be right.

"and old skool funk and disco"


No, you are not the only one who enjoy seeing Jay's shoes and outfits. ("smiling")His style is simple but has an elegance to it that can't be copied. Just like his music.

I see that nobody said that White Knuckle Ride live sounds exactly as it sounds in the track. So much for a remix. Nobobody from the people that said that it was a pro tooled track said anything. So jay was telling the truth, it was an organic sound. Guys keep waiting for the album before you say anything.

@Matute VIP

well said, bro...

"Every track they have ever produced sounds just the same live if not better." They ALWAYS sound organic to me.

White Knuckle Ride is not quite 'organic.'Sounds like it was recorded in parts and pretty obviously heavily edited on computers to achieve that sound, just like a track on Dynamite. The vocals have been processed quite a bit, and it sounds like they've used some Melodyne plugins to create the background vocal harmonies. So no, not quite organic. Organic would be something like the recording style of the first two albums, the live band recorded to tape in one session.

Seems like you have been there in the recording room wannabe-producer!!!

They are right though.

Matute VIP,
Are you Matt Johnson? hahaha

I'm pretty sure about that because of the nickname and all the protecionist comments.

"wannabe-producer may be partially correct, subsequently I don't think anyone could argue that they still create prodigious music no matter what."

just seen on that they've got a couple album list for rock, dust, light, star.

1. Rock Dust Light Star
2. White Knuckle Ride
3. Goodbye To My Dancer
4. All Good In The Hood
5. Blue Skies
6. Hurtin'
7. Lifeline
8. Not The Funk
9. Two Completely Different Things
10. Your Window Is A Crazy Television
11. Never Gonna Be Another

though i thought there was 12 tracks (13 for Japanese market)

just notice Smokin' Mirrors is missing from the list! and it was amazon and not! doh!

You're on fire Matute!!! :) Well said

Good to see a horn section in the back... Goin old school funky!

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