Jamiroquai perform exclusive showcase of tracks from Rock Dust Light Star

Added on Friday 10 September 2010, 17:19 (UTC)

On Thursday evening in London, Jamiroquai performed a showcase of songs from their forthcoming album, Rock Dust Light Star.

The gig, held at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Knightsbridge, was organised by Universal Music and was invitation only.  It was previewed in this weeks issue of Music Week but you needed an invite to get through the door.

The band were on stage shortly after 7pm and performed six tracks from the new album together with Love Foolosophy.

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:O ¿hay algún link donde podamos ver eso? :D
do you have any link where we can see that? :)
please!!!!! :D


did you get an invite David?? lol!

review here too:

sorry review here:

Would loved to have been there. I'm liking the new songs but then again I loved most of Dynamite, most of AFO, all of Synkronized, all of TWOM, most of Space Cowboy and all of EOPE. I have all of the albums and every single in my ipod and computer and always put the songs on random rotation and they all blend together nicely. They have their own sound. Anything they have done to this point is Jamiroquai. This album will fit right in and be 100% Jamiroqaui

Smoke and Mirrors soounds like a veeeerrrry interesting new track. Bring it.

thanx for de pictures!!! :D
i just can't wait to hear de new album!!
gracias :D

that girl jay is datting or at least was photographed with is cuuuute!

that's Pixie Lott Marco! lol!!

she is on the same record label ;-)

It was a great gig with a full band performing 7 tracks Love Foolosophy, Smokin Mirrors, LifeLine, Hurtin, Rock Dust Light Star, Blue Skies and finished up with White Knuckle Ride. My photos are here: and there is a clip from White Knuckle Ride here:

thanks a lot tim!
great photos..what camera are u using???!!

Thanks for the photos Tim. It's useful to point out the horns section in the background. Now would everyone who's complaining about the change in direction kindly wait for the album to see the results of what they've produced!

@ Sandriche

flickr tells me Tim shot the gig on a Sony DSLR A300

Can't wait for the album!

@ Marley

If you're not already a member, you should join Jamirotalk.

Notjustbonez...yes I am at jamirotalk under the name Nesta. Many thanks my friend. It's a great site I read a lot but don't post too much.
This is my Jamiroquai promo poster page on my website.
One Love

sorry forgot the link:

my jamiro promo poster page

Russ: yeah, I did get an invite but unfortunately had other plans! I know.... missing a little gig such as this is bad, but I couldn't change plans otherwise I would have been there in an instant.

Rob Harris' Guitar looks flippin' sweet!

Nevermind David, might be best to wait till the album anyway or are you coming to the HMV??

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