Blue Skies radio play on BBC Radio 2 today (Thursday)

Added on Thursday 09 September 2010, 11:55 (UTC)

According to a Jamiroquai Facebook post, Blue Skies, one of the singles taken from Jamiroquai's forthcoming album Rock Dust Light Star, will be played on the BBC Radio 2 'Drivetime' show today (Thursday) from 5pm.

The show can be heard online via the BBC website and shortly afterwards will be available for around a week using the links on the same page.

When you've heard the track please feel free to post a comment with your thoughts...

UPDATE: Thanks to 'em1979' who posted a comment here on the site saying that Ken Bruce on BBC Radio 2 had an exclusive first play of the track earlier in the day.  It can be heard at about 1 hour 45 into his show.

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it was also on Ken Bruce at around 11:18am this morning!

What a track!! That's all I'm saying! =D

Im so excited now! Just waiting for the listen again to be put up...hurry up!

roughly 1hr 45 mins in

Am i the only one who is - REALLY - disapointed by this one ? :-(

awesome song, nice and relaxing, a band with many talents as ever! thanks jk and the gang :D

Heard it. Wow is all i can say, amazing :-)

Sensational song!! The RDLS release can't come soon enough.

a very different jamiroquai in this song....... donno i ve got no comment ... donno if i like it or not :S

i feel the same, not blown away but not disappointed either, sounds more of a filler than a single.

REALLY disapointet too... and i really wanted to like it...
too u2-ish / like a bad number by robbie williams... gonna pass on this album :-(( hope they'll find thier way back to good music but i doubt it will happen with the current lineup....

Daniel, I agree ;). Gem of a track, this one!!

Very very very very dissapointed !!! Look like Robbie Williams... :o(

Oh my, oh my. Listening Blue Skies now for the maybe fourth of fifth time. I really, really am trying to like this song. It's organic and has elements for an amazing outcome but unfortunately the result is very disappointing. I am not getting this at all. Why?

I like it - imagine this will be a Rob H Fav :).
Hope this is live @ Kentish Town - will be interesting if Jay's voice can carry this song live.
Thumbs up from Emsworth

I like it! Pure class... in some new Jami-style...

Where is the funk? We have enough artists that make music like this. Of course Jamiroquai have to get new inspiration for every album. Still, they shouldn't forget their roots of funk and acid jazz.

This is kinda what was expected, as the the biographical notes for the album said... "The epic first single, sun-kissed Californian ballad Blue Skies, with its lush string arrangement and emotive vocal..."

Yes, that is true. I just hoped that they would keep the unique Jamiroquai-sound in some way. Even "Virtual Insanity" was a pop-tune, but it had the very special sound that only Jamiroquai can make, which made it one of the greatest pop-songs ever made. I don't think "Blue Skies" has that special sound.

I gotta say it did sound very Robbie Williams like (not that there's a problem with that - Rob's great), very cruisy - could imagine the filmclip being a wedding or celebration (i.e. November Rain from Guns'n'Roses) - or it could just be my lovely pregnancy brain going a bit creative - anyway, just seemed a peacy/nice type of song - love it still guys :)


Ohh, I love it!!!

What is this crap?

Jamiroquai is dead.

Thank You, Mr. Rowe.

I can't understand the knee jerk reactions, the complaints that its 'not funky enough', when the the song fits the promo description. I love the strings!! Rob and Matt are in fine form, too.

thumbs way up for blue skies!!!

If Jay listened this crap back in 1995 I bet he would puke ...

I can't imagine what in the world made them launch it as a lead-single...

Where is the trademarks of Jamiroquai? The funky bass-lines, rhodes chords, groovy percussion, horns, Jay Kay scatting... I hope some of the songs on Rock Dust Light Star have some of these elements that made Jamiroquai one of the funkiest bands ever.

thanks to these 2 first tracks, I know I won't buy this album. I've waited 5 years for an album which seems to be as bad as Dynamite. Toby and Stuart, you've made the right choice !
I will keep listening to the 3 first albums but that's all...I'm really really disapointed. Jay, what have you done ? where are your roots ?

me gusta, pero debo reconocer que es diferente... realmente este disco tiene de todo un poco :O habrá que esperar para poder escucharlo entero...
gracias por la info! =)

If this is the second most commercial song on RDLS behind White Knuckle, then RDLS will be outstanding.

This is so much slower than Jamiroquai's other comemrcial stuff, which should mean that all the album is not made to be commercial.

This song is amazing; love Jamiroquai so much! :D

Im sorry for new area ,Very dissapointed ,not special and very usual ,please turn back real roots !!!ACÄ°D JAZZ!!!!

By far, after all these years, the first song that has taken a different course in production and direction. However, I counted six shivers down my spine.

Couldn't agree more Don, exactly my thoughts. Everyone's going on about the "death of Jamiroquai" but I really believe this album is going to do great things for the band. In this day and age we just can't expect songs to be full of brass and scatting - that kind of sound just isn't marketable anymore. White Knuckle Ride and Blue Skies are two very radio-proof songs and they will do very well to promote the album... the real gems still remain to be seen and I don't doubt that they are on the album.

My music tastes have evolved, changed since 1994. I'm sure those who are complaining about the song (and the band post 1996 for that matter) have seen their music tastes change for better or worse to some degree in 15+ years as well. Sad then, that they won't allow Jay that same luxury.

Also, I'm not sure if anyone has actually listened to the lyrics but the song sounds like an insult to old Jamiroquai fans.

He talks about the Blue Skies for himself, the band and the true Jamiroheads whilst also saying that the old Jamiro fan don't listen to him!!

YOU´RE RIGHT DON!!!! Jay you ungrateful, I demand my hard-earned tonelades of cash spent on the band!!!

I agree Don, the lyrics all match up to mean that, glad your a true jamiroquai fan and love the song as much as I do!

Fernando, it had to be done, if only to silence lazy critics who say they 'sound the same', and journalists with an agenda. But given the description we had before the play, why are people surprised about it not being strictly funky?

Don Mildreone, on point with that post.

Titimal, have you heard any of the material Toby has worked on, or the acts he's worked with since leaving? It's not acid jazz, or anything that the early 90s zealots on here crave (The Hoosiers were among the acts he's worked with... I rest my case). Or Stuart, for that matter? One of the outstanding bassists of his generation, but nothing better than a Jamiroquai song, let alone album. The one who comes close to anything remotely funky is Nick Fyffe (who has worked with Shapeshifters), and that's not acid jazz. For all the cries about the 'real' Jamiroquai, they would owe much more to Jay, and it's very telling when some months ago, Stuart himself said that he would love to work with the band again.

Dave-ld, brilliant post. I argued a similar point last week on one of the recent topics. Good posting from Liam S, too.

If this is the lead-single, the whole album must be crap. No comparison to "Canned Heat" or "Lillte L"..
I am very dissapointed..

i like the old stuff and a lot of the newer stuff as well (excluding dynamite but including WKR), but i'm going to pretend this song didn't happen. at a loss for words, anyone can make this type of trite, sappy, soggy stuff...jay, where's your head at? better question, where are your balls?

One Winged Angel, you're missing the fact that the critics are not the ones that consume Jamiroquai music. The band never really cared about following the critics and had #1 albuns the same way.

Regarding the description, it actually matches but not with the quality that I would expect.
Let's wait for the album...

Even though it's Jamiroquai, we can't forget the fact that the main songwriters have changed. They write music differently than the old members did. And I think that Toby Smith had a huge impact on the way Jamiroquai sounded before. "Blue Skies" may not sound like the old Jamiroquai, which I hoped it would, but nonetheless it sounds kind of fresh! And we haven't heard the whole album yet, i'm sure it includes some funky tunes too!

What a beautiful song, it made me feel very whistful and nostalgic; the lyrics really spoke to my core. I love the sound of Jay's voice; And the music...I can not wait to hear this one played live. I know I'll be siniging along to this one for a long time.

I did not recognize Jamiroquai
Except Jay's voice...

White Knuckle Ride saves the funky spirit yet

Eh, not too impressed with this. I want horns, jazz, funk, raw percussion, flutes and deep bass damn it!...

Jamiroquai as we knew it back in the 90s is probably dead for good...

Some people may like the track some may not but its hard to believe that this is gonna be the first proper single from the album. I think they should have gone for something closer to the original Jamiroquai sound.

In my opinion the track isn't good enough to win the band many new fans (other artists are probably more suited to the genre being attempted) and will only disappoint most older fans, so it seems like this might not be such a great move - time will tell.

Personally, I hope the rest of the album is completely different and this is just one of the slow tracks like Picture of My Life was on AFO or World That He Wants on Dynamite.

Fernando, I take that point on board, but when you sign up to a new label, and they appear to be throwing some weight behind you, then these things matter. From the statements made, I'm actually more encouraged by the start of this relationship with the new label. If you had been away for five years, you would expect to see some some sort of change in life. Jay will be 41 in December!! If the saying is true, that life began for him last year, then let us see what this curious time will bring.

I would like to ask these people, when Synkronized came out, if you had heard Deeper Underground, Supersonic and King For A Day, would you have felt the same, and written the whole album off? They were released as singles, although not the obvious ones on that album; NONE were strictly funky, and they certainly weren't acid jazz (although Supersonic, for me, is one of their most underrated tracks). Or would you have given it a chance, and discovered the beauties that were Soul Education, Where Do We Go From Here, Canned Heat, Black Capricorn Day, Planet Home and Falling? Some of these coming to life on the Montreux DVD and live shows, if you can watch it. To write off the whole album now is complete and utter madness.

Great track. If this is 'the death of Jamiroquai funk' then stop listening! What you people don't realise is that Jamiroquai as a band have evolved so much. The first three albums, yeah ok, unbelievable. I mean, my favourite three albums of all time, but that doesn't mean to say that the last three and by the early sounds, RDLS aren't class. This song demonstrates Jay's talents as a vocalist and the bands ability to make soulful melodies. This is 100 times better than chart music nowadays....hope the album goes to No.1.

I know i'll be in the crowd at Kensington, like I was with DON MILDREONE at Debut. And I also know i'll light many more bifta's to Rock Dust Light Star!

Ohhh lovely, a Jonas Brothers-esque song! :D
But it seems the new Jamiroquai sound is working for them! You all seem very excited!
I don't like it but well, there are still 9 songs on the go! haha
see ya!

Oh, geeze... this is it? Really? I can't help but think of some cheezy chick flick or soap opera...

Come on! It's Jamiroquai till the last second of his track. I mean the whole impression of this song. It's good old Jamiroquai. Hovever, I think that this record feels rather a filler. A good one but stil a filler just like Starchid or Seven days in sunny June.

From next Jamiroquai songs I expect more experymental tunes, something extraordinary or unexcepcted.

Yes we have all been disappointed by Jamiroquai's music in the past, but to me this really sounds promising. Those moaning that it doesn't sound anything like the old stuff, trust me, it does. Just listen to all the syncopated sections and original structure - classic Jamiroquai, sounds allot closer to the original sound than anything on the 2 previous albums. 'Rock Light Dust Star' also is close in spirit to the old stuff, just check out the synthesized parts - classic! But with enough originality to stand on it's own two feet.

After being disappointed with the last 2 albums I'm finally ready to call myself a Jamiroquai fan again, and that makes me very happy. Bring it on

mmm sounds like will young............and i hate will young!!

RDLS is the first Jamiroquai album that makes me really hesitate to buy and listen.
RDLS, WKR & this song have nothing to impress me.
I know the band doesn't want to cling to '90s funk and everything in the world
inevitably transient, but what kind of existence which doesn't have any belongings?
And how can we love someone or something changing without finding unchanging parts out of them? Why on earth have they played many earlier songs in recent lives? I think the band that undermine the foundation of old fans cannot develop any new followers and success in the United States they wish!

I like it :) This reminds me of when Mary J Blige stopped singing about her pain. It's nice to hear Jamiroquai without an undercurrent of deep personal pain and struggle.. er maybe that is me... It sounds like the group has changed and grown.. mellowed out a wee more..that's life.. and I am curious to hear more...

Guyss i m gonna do u all a big favor ... whoever miss the old jamiroquai should listen to ' moses mayes' its soo like the old jamiorquai ... just listen to this songs from them on utube : Moses p.i. , X , space and time... u ll all thank me for this ... i m not liking the new jamiroquai


Everyone listen to this guy.

Thanks alot, this band is amazing. I am constantly hoping to hear Jay Kays stunning voice on them, but the beats alone are incredible.

Moses Mayes is awesome!

FunkEducation. I can hold my silence no more. To start, let’s get one thing clear. I have an EXTENSIVE collection of funk music and I probably have more funk education in my toenail clippings than you have in your entire body. Everyone is entitled to a subjective opinion, it is your right as a human being, but you seem to make an irritating habit hanging around these pages with the sole intent of spewing your vitriolic bile. It seems clear you have made up your mind that you don‘t like the band nowadays, so without putting too fine a point on it, why don’t you just piss off?
Artists who have clearly inspired Jay such as Heatwave, Bobbi Humphrey, Patrice Rushen and Stevie have always had slower jams and diverse music on their albums but yet when Jamiroquai do it is considered by you as some sort of heinous crime. Soul, Funk and Jazz does not just consist of Acid Jazz. Having been ‘pressurised’ to maintain a certain vibe by a certain record company Jay is probably now just expressing other sides of the music he loves, maybe having more of a creative licence to do so. Granted there are more guitar sounds nowadays but I think that is partly just Jay attempting to fully utilise the talents of Rob, who he obviously rates very highly as a musician.
Jamiroquai are a British institution who’s consistency over the years both on stage and in their albums has been nothing short of remarkable. There are enough idiots in the British music industry who have failed to recognise this without alleged funk music fans jumping on the bandwagon as well.

err Bulfonk - it sounds like a Robbie Williams effort & Jay's voice has never suited ballads.

Jamiroquai have developed exactly the same as another band i loved back in the 80's - Level 42. Massivly funky for their first 3 or 4 albums and then settle into commercial blandness, perhaps due to demands from the record company for hits and bigger sales.

Love them for their early stuff, bands rarely stay the same.

Agree with Bulfonk.

I wish that the so called 'old' Jamiroquai fans would kindly f*ck off if all you're going to do is slate everything they ever do. (Excuse the French)

As I stated on a comment section a few days back: Old Jamiroquai fans are merley trolls on Jamiroquai fan sites.

Nice song¡

SOOORYYYY GUYSS but i dont f******* understand:

I mean jamiroquai says that they had pressure on them back then with the sony contract.. once the contract was over werent they saying that the old roots are back and that the next album will be like the old ones :S ??? Jamiroquai has his unique style of music ... They should stick to that sound ... not this robbie william kinda style thing:S.. Why would they make such commercial music i cant understand .. jay is wealthy enough he has more than 100 million $ :S I dont even hear any percussion anymore in songs :S poor sola.. the band was making better music under sony's managment... i think all of the old jamiro fans have the right to be angry and diss the band .. they felt cheated .. I'm a fan of the AFO era ... even i hate this new direction .. they should have stopped this rock thingy after 'RADIO'

Here's the deal folks:

If you don't like the direction, Pick up an instrument, find some people who like similar music and make your own band. Make your own funky music and quit complaining.

Moses Mayesssssss !!! wowwwwww

wtf? i dont pop jamiroquai in my CD player for singer/songwriter tunes - ive disliked their stuff before - but this is the first time i hate something from the band

sorry guys - two thumbs down

I am honestly shocked at the amount of negativity. How does it sound like U2/Robbie Williams? The first time i heard it i though 70's, laid back, chilled out. I didnt compare it to today's overplayed, overhyped and clearly less talented musicians. To do that would be an insult to the band. Actually, a lot of todays music doesnt even sound as if its been produced by hand-more like a machine. I take this as a welcome relief from what we are forced to hear day in day out.

Do you like Half the man?? Picture of my life?? this is like that guys!?, do you really think that the track is really crap?? You dont know what actual crap is!. And agree a 100% with winged angel! this are singles, what means that this are the most massive or comercial songs in the album! i am tired of saying this but, have faith in the band that never let you down before, and WAIT FOR THE GOD DAMN ALBUM!!!!

its kinda hard to expect from the rest of the album ... i mean we heard 3 songs out of 11 ... wkr was okay ... rdls sux ... blue sky sux ... i doubt the rest of the album would be somthing else ...

Been lurking for ages, thought I'd throw my tup'ney's worth in:

1. Everyone is entitled to an opinion and everyone will hear something differently, so, guess what? You're ALL right!! *raises eyebrows*, anyway....

2. WKR is just... dull. Listened to it many times thinking I'm missing something. Sounds like a bad remix of an old Maroon 5 song.

3. RDLS, I like it, but it's album filler. Admit it, you would never sell an album on the strength of those 2 songs.

4. Now, Blue Skies I like. Yes it's relaxed, but it conjures up images and a feeling. Driving on a sunny day? Sunset? I get no feeling from WKR. I've heard 4 or 5 tracks from each Jamiroquai album since TWM before they were released, and I've always got that tingle, you know, that chill of something new becoming instantly familiar and loved. The first 2 songs do not do this for me, but BS does.

5. I reserve all final judgement for the album.

A beautiful restrospecive track - heartfelt - a new direction and more mature. Well done Jamiroquai.

the worst song in the history of Jamiroquai.

diego, you are deluded son.

Very very Disappointed....

Didn't like it. I will give it a couple more listens. I don't like how this is going. Not a good feeling.

Remember all the words that new album will be more funky ?


Rest In Peace Jamiroquai, you are serving us s%$t after 5 years of waiting and many lies...

This song is nothing special, many buskers will made it better.... It's just a pop radio song...


Honestly, get over yourselves. This is an amazing song. What's wrong with a guy writing what's in his head. Probably a lot more than what any of you haters have ever done. Stop living in the past and try and appreciate what this guy has gone through over the last 20 years to give you his all. Open your ears.

the only real problem of this song is very pretty but not for a first single

we know that is jamiroquai but all other people not fan like us we don't recognize that is jamiroquai or they will remember little l cosmic girl when you gonna learn ? (because this kind of people not fan have never heard you are my love or just on time) and they will say i don't like this new jamiroquai. White knuckle ride is a jamiroquai style which can enable people to remember jamiroquai and buy the CD, to remember that this is the Jamiroquai style that made them like this band

i like the song you are my love but it is like end song of the cd not a single that launch the cd

someone can talk with the band to have white knuckle ride for the first single

I have just to say we already just know 3 songs of the cd

We have to wait until we will hear the full cd

We already know 1/4 of the cd it's all 9 songs still not know

and i don't speack about the 2 cd edition that have more songs that nobody knows

we have still to wait!!!!!!

@Lukasz: Grow up.

Who does think that Lukasz is an idiot? Send IDIOT to 222.

I agree with Don. It time to make some adjustments on how we view musical styles these days...Jamiroquai is a great band. Period! I want to hear the box set edition. I would not be surprised at all if he had a special slice or two of funk just waiting for us in this set. 12 tracks on the official release, 13 for Japan; Jay Kay has 19 tracks dedicated just for this project. That's a good amount of new tunes! Blue Skies is a great track, I'm not too sure about it being a single release though. We'll see!

I love all the old stuff. The first 3 albums were amazing. But, for gods sake. What is wrong with you all. If Jay and the band did an album like those, you d all be saying" why are nt they doing something different". Shut your mouths. This new album is gonna blow your mind......get it. Wait.

Sorry for tone of my message. I'm just too dissapointed to handle all this. After fantastic gigs like in Nyon with horns... i'm just angry for myself.. i've been hoping for something totally different from new album... It's too hard for me ;) I just remembered all excitement after leaving sony and jazz cafe concert..

I have listened to it a few more times and it is a good song. I know fans want to hear the funk but let's wait till the album comes out to see what Jay has for us. I also respect that the band wants to grow. All we can do is wait for the release. I am sure there will be something for everybody.

None of what any of you say matters. Jay is genius. How comes you all get to decide what jamiroquai is or is not? The band, the vibe, the soul, the spirit, and the music is bigger than any of you can possibly imagine. To think you are somehow involved by posting pre judgemental cack, you are all mental. What have you all done recently to inspire and touch the world apart from write what you have?

Lukasz posted the same comment on the Youtube Blue Skies video (Should there be a video on Youtube, anyway?). Looks similar.

I see that the trolling haters haven't been able to answer my question. But this is what happens when you raise a valid point to counter their bile. For the benefit of those who missed it, here it is again:

Supersonic, Deeper Underground and King For A Day were released as singles. NONE of them were strictly funky, and they certainly weren't acid jazz songs. If we are to apply the reasoning expressed by the trolling haters on here, would you have written off Synkronized as an album? Or would you have adopted an open-eared, open-minded approach, and discovered the beauties that were Soul Education, Where Do We Go From Here, Black Capricorn Day, Planet Home and Falling? (Supersonic, for me, is class, too, but that's a different discussion). Many of those tracks coming to life in the Montreux DVD and other live shows. This band deserves better than some of you, and that comes from someone whose favourite ever albums were ROTSC and EOPE.

Hey One Winged Angel

As i posted after that message:
"Sorry for tone of my message. I'm just too dissapointed to handle all this. After fantastic gigs like in Nyon with horns... i'm just angry for myself.. i've been hoping for something totally different from new album... It's too hard for me ;) I just remembered all excitement after leaving sony and jazz cafe concert.."

Yes there were too much emotions in me. I just felt mixture of sad and angry after watching blue skies, i've been too rude... Sorry for this but only thing that i can do now is cry...

Hands down, worst Jamiroquai song ever.

Seriously shattered by this...

hmm dont know what to think about this song ... i would never say that i dislike it ... its just .. all the other jamiroquai songs.. and by all i mean ALL .. every song released by them gave me this very special "jamiroquai" feeling .. dont know how to describe it ... but no special feelings here :(...this one sounds too cheesy 4 me ... anyway cant wait to have the album in my hands =) cheers

@Bulfonk Really, you got a lot of Funk music? nice for you bro! :) hope you get so much more! The thing is you've never been in my house, and you don't know wot I got here.! Also from Jamiroquai, extensive GB of videos and bootlegs hehe ;)
But nobody cares about that! The main problem here is that "new sound" the band is taking... They said they were going back to their roots, and this is obviously dissapointing. Even I believed that like a kid.
Don't know why all this hate to me. I've never said something bad about the song. To me, it sounds like a new Jonas Brothers single, I'm so sorry, that's what I think! You love IT?? RIGHT! Nobody is fighting your opinion, so respect mine little kid. I'm not here telling you you're some kinda troll because you really ADMIRE this AMAZING and LOVELY Jamiroquai sound...! :S COME ON!
I was not expecting "Emergency on Planet Earth", but I really thought we were gonna get something like "Time Won't Wait", "Tallulah" and "Starchild" mixed with some "Cosmic Girl", "Space Cowboy" and "Stillness In Time".! It's very dissapointing and you can see there's so many people here complaining about this "new" sound! I'm sorry, but they stopped being Jamiroquai when they left Sony! The last thing I buy from Jamiroquai is definitely "Dynamite".

Enjoy your band people, if that's the music you were expecting, so i'm happy for you! I'm really moving to another musical proposals! :D

The best for you Bulfonk!!!

I think this song is great. Very intimate...shades of classic 60s/70s soul. I think one of the great things about Jamiroquai is that they can make heartfelt dance tunes...but on the rare occasions when they ease up a bit their downtempo tunes can be powerful too. I'm not sure they always pull it off convincingly, but they sure did on this one. I'm impressed by the songcraft of the tunes we've heard so far. Can't wait for November!


Look mate...You are extremely annoying and narcissistic. You may be proud about it, I really don't care.
You seem to consider yourself like a music expert, and every comment you make you show you know very little. Funk isn't everything. Your ironic comments and "laughs" make you look very childish.
I know you wont change your mind, but I needed to say this.

It's not about being some kind of blind fanatic and thinking everything they write is the best music that exists. It's about having some respect, it's about thinking twice what your saying, for Christ's Sake!

oh, and, have you ever listened to The Beatles? they're considered the biggest band in the history of music (I agree with that), and they never recorded anything funky, not even closer...

so, damn! according to you they probably sound like the Jonas Brothers too!

the best for you FunkEducation! You have a the entire music history waiting for you to listen to it! Give it a try ;)

i think the best is to listen to the whole CD when its ready.
5 years is definitely long time to wait....

@Ahmadinejad sorry for boring you then mate! :)
I never said I was a music expert, never. You can read all my comments, you can see all my posts in all the forums, never said that! I was just expressing my opinion as most of you guys are doing!

And I didn't get that "Funk isn't everything" part. But it was supposed to be everything to Jamiroquai. I dunno mate! My opinion is my opinion and that's my problem! If you think this is the best album they have made, so good for you man! But don't do that just because I'm criticizing their new stuff! People who don't like that stuff is not telling you all these things you are telling me! you say you love it, and it is fine! so it would be fine too for those who don't like that commercial music! come on! understand!

For me its commercial music, cheap, inexpressive, with no soul. But who cares, that's just me. One person! :S COME ON! I'm not the whole fanbase... The fans do not depend on me! So what I say means nothin! It only means something to me. What is important is what you think about it, and how much you love it! You won't stop loving this music just because I hate it, will you?? ;) see?

the best then!
i will read your "hate-Edgar" comments lately!
see ya!

You are right i want happy song too!!!

I find it odd that Universal unveils three sounds before the first single. At this rate we will have the album before its release. The only thing that worries me about this album is that it is sad that the songs it contains only talk about sad feelings felt. I would have liked to hear the sounds as canned or little heat or little l
But I find this song very nice and moving I just hope the album will not be so but already 3 songs on two different and sentimental
I think you will be surprised in the right direction

It is a bit like jay kay opened his heart and that Universal had left the right to be free in his compositions and how the music he loves is not his own album?? after all the good songs that has given us can we not give him the right to speak to us to open his heart to break free and write what he feels free at last

This track is amazing.To those of you who complain and whine about how much you miss "the old Jamiroquai sound",simply GO AND LISTEN TO THE OLD ALBUMS!!! The world has changed,Jamiroquai has evolved and they will continue to evolve.It's ridiculous to expect a band to sound exactly like they did in 1994!! If you can't keep up with the changing times and the natural evolution of Jamiroquai,then stop being a fan right now.I'm excited to hear the new album.I'm in it for the long haul.To those of you who aren't,BYE!!

I'll not debate about the song (even if I don't like it).
But Blue Skies as a 1st single seems a gigantic mistake.

Sorry, but I have to say one more thing :

Blues Skies made me like White Knuckle Ride.

Hop you see what I mean ;)

Sorry, but I have to say one more thing :

Blues Skies made me like White Knuckle Ride.

Hop you see what I mean ;)

Once again,I say...if you want a return to the sound of the first two albums,GO LISTEN TO THOSE ALBUMS!!! Jamiroquai has moved on and if you can't move on with them,say good-bye and get left behind.I'm a Jamiroquai fan and I'm in it for the long haul.I'm gonna support them as they grow and evolve.If you can't do the same,stop being a fan.Say goodbye.Good riddence!

Oh my fu*king god, what kind of crap! Indeed, it seems that Jamiroquai is really dead now. I really like WKR a bit more compared to this shi*, because WKR do have a bit of recognition value in terms of Jamiroquai sound. Guys, come on you all will see like Dynamite as well, that crap like this won't be in the charts as well as on any kind of "Best of" records. The low sales and no more really touring at all (festival stuff don't counts!) isn't only because of the internet, mp3 and big musical industry change the last years ( you can see other artists who still sells records and do big live tours). We will see if even the big major label can't marketing this kind of soulless crap. Maybe there is a target customer (music listener) group. But I am defenitely not one of them! And all this bull*hit talk that the real fans should go away if they don't like the new music of Jamiroquai is somewhat stupid. We ARE fans BECAUSE of their music. BUT if they change their direction to commercial plastique pop or changing the style too much, this won't work. Nobody would believe Mozart if he would play Jazz (nowadays). The problem with RSDL and this new aired track is simple: there is no energy in it. As another poster wrote: there is no soul in it. THIS is the real problem besides any discussion about music styles. If there is no energy, no soul in it, it doesn't work - or it only works for some intellectually undemanding radio listeners. I hope they didn't show up their pick of the bunch and the album will have some soulful music on it.

Without having heard the song myself yet (my hard drive has let me down), I am very intrigued indeed. I have quickly scanned the comments on here and here’s my 2 pence worth. I believe this is what Jamiroquai had wanted: to get a reaction! There are indeed some hugely passionate people on here! Am not sure whether I shall enjoy the song or not but before my pc is fixed, I wanted to also throw in my 2 pence worth. Firstly, an artist has the right to express him/herself, I guess we are too, but we mustn’t get too hooked on what should be, but instead wonder what will be. Secondly, as I wrote before, Jay's voice has changed in the last few years and he is find new ways of complimenting what he has. As for the music / business, Jamiroquai are now a real family. They have been working together for a long time now and since the arrival of Paul Turner they have just strengthened both as a band and as individuals. Am sure that Jay needs them as much as they need Jay. Therefore input from all sides is inevitably going to happen if their career is going to continue. Compromise also comes into play. As for their change in style, then that's their choice and they have been in the game long enough to know what works and what doesn't. We're in a deep global recession at the moment and therefore their music has to appeal to all tastes for their business to flourish - if that means to bring on new fans then so be it. Don't give up on them yet, for we know the real talent behind the band name. Who knows what RDLS will sound like overall and what the future will bring. By the way, I didn't know Dot Cotton liked Jamiroquai - am impressed! ;) For those of you who are going to Kentish Town - see you there!

I think this song is great. Very intimate...shades of classic 60s/70s soul. I think one of the great things about Jamiroquai is that they can make heartfelt dance tunes...but on the rare occasions when they ease up a bit their downtempo tunes can be powerful too. I'm not sure they always pull it off convincingly, but they sure did on this one. I'm impressed by the songcraft of the tunes we've heard so far. Can't wait for November!

Comment by tahoe, 8 hours ago (x.31.x.144)

Now am intrigued ;)

hm... how about a FLAH-MOB... instead of blue sky trying to put a track like revolution on top of itunes charts.... or buying eope instead of rdls... makes a nice present anyway....

Best comment on this line, "Jay would hate this if he heard it 15 years ago" -.-
We'll pretend it never happened... still happy with rock dust single and hopeful for the rest of album

I love this song.It's very heartfelt and emotional.Shame on the person who said that it has no energy or soul.This song is one of the most soulfully effective ballads that Jamiroquai has ever done!! Some of you "fans" will never be satisfied.If you don't like the new direction that Jamiroquai is going in,go and listen to something else! It's not the 90s anymore,they've moved on."Blue Skies" is where Jamiroquai is at RIGHT NOW.Accept it.

To Put Robbie Williams in the same sentence as Jamiroquai is an absolute F**king joke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don't know when it became a crime to not like something Jamiroquai puts out. As fans, we are entitled to our opinions and if some of us feel let down, then let us have our moment to express ourselves without trying to automatically shut us down. This is definitely not what I was expecting as their first single. Will it attract a wider audience? Who knows. I just hope this was the right choice for them and that it gets the response they are hoping for. Personally, if I were someone not familiar with the band, I would not go out and purchase the album based on this song alone.

wow...some people on here take things a bit too

It is surprising to see that there are not a little fans (so-called "NEW" fans?) who try to accept ALL of Jamiroquai! Someone go after them blindly, and others evaluate their new stuff like a pro and say we amateurs (so-called "OLD" fans?) fail to appreciate it, but is it what we should do? Hey "NEW" fans who love RDLS, WKR & BS, how have you listened to the music of the band? Are their new songs really as good as old ones? Are you naive enough to think any kinds of evolution are desirable? Remember the fact that birds have lost their wings and become incapable of flying in the process of adaptation. Evolution & adaptation don’t always mean progress! "OLD" fans should cling to the old albums forever? Then why the band has played many from 1st & 2nd albums in recent live performances? Did Jay say we should throw EOPE away and concentrate on the coming album? I would leave here if he says so, but…

Thanks, Moses Mayes is great! But this band also lacks something that once Jamiroquai surely had...

BTW i was on and they were talking about the band premiering the album and the writer had this to say about 2 tracks we haven't heard of yet...see below:

Highlights from the live set included the bass-led "Smoke And Mirrors," which was reminiscent of "Off The Wall"-era Michael Jackson and "Lifeline," a soulful pop number with a towering chorus.

Demonstrating a subtle shift in musical direction, the band also played two unnamed rock-flavored tracks from "Rock Dust Light Star," both of which saw Jay Kay's still strong falsetto compete with driving guitar riffs and tumbling bass lines.

As usual, I'm really looking forward to this album

Rudeboy, thanks man!

I wasn't aware of this gig.

So, we have two good news and one bad news:
Good - "Smoke and Mirrors" and "Lifeline" should sound like a generic Jamiroquai Track.
Bad - We'll probably have one more rock song in the album besides "RDLS" and "Blue Skies".

To you idiots saying that it's not the same band as 1994, or the first two albums, don't you get that it's not just those first two or three albums, but ALL of the previous albums, ie up to 2005 etc which sound better than this...

jamiroquai is a brand like any other; how would you feel if burger king gradually switched over to all vegan food? you've come to expect flame-broiled flavor and now we're eating tofu with soy aioli. jay & crew are free to do any music they want, but their fanbase does not have to accept it. perhaps new fans will come along and enjoy this stuff but avoid the old music, not sure.

all i'm saying is that there's an attitude that the band doesn't owe you anything - well, no, they sort of do, you pay to see them and listen to their work. they shouldn't abandon their base audience. i'm not impressed with what i've heard so far..maybe jay has become complacent in the last decade. virtually endless money, women, a mansion, cars, even a great live performance still, but how much soul does he have left for new material?

imagine if this was your introduction to the band, would you give one crap? heard it all before. surprise us with the rest of the album,'s like we're waiting around for a train that isn't coming. the strength of this band's back catalog carries them, and that should tell you something.

Just had a cup of green tea, and some green you know what.
Let's just put our weapons down for about 5 minutes, and play some Jamiroquai, your choice of track, knowing this band has taken us all on journey some time or another. Isn't that what it's all about?

The very beginning starts out like Red Hot Chili Peppers lol! Singing style a bit like Corner Of The Earth, not a fave style of mine...

All that came out of me; Pfff

this is not a great song nut still Jamiroquai. I can´t say that I´m disapointed but I´m really fair away of being e excited. I know that Jamiroquai can better much better than blue skie ... Jamiroquai in Brasil ... october, 16th ... It will be fantastic ...

I don't like this at all....I love White Knuckle Ride and RDLS but not this at all. I am shocked this is a lead single. WTF?

Oh come on this isn't Jamiroquai it's James Blunt ;)

i hope this site remains "", not "" or even "" ;)

Np Fernando.Call me crazy but I really like "Blue Skies" very soulful track...reminds me of george benson...nature boy...and btw Moses Mayes is nasty!! GO CANADA GO!!!

Terrible song as is White Knuckle Ride...I could stand RDLS for a bit tho. But lets be realistic here, you can talk about different musical directions and come up with all sorts of reasons as to how the 3 songs we've heard are good....but they are not and not one of the 3 would even make sykronized or A funk odyssey.

Just had a cup of green tea, and some green you know what.
Let's just put our weapons down for about 5 minutes, and play some Jamiroquai, your choice of track, knowing this band has taken us all on journey some time or another. Isn't that what it's all about?

Comment by zed, 5 hours ago (x.217.x.81)

This is why we love Zed!

I've been waiting for five years for this album ... I'm not in love with blue skies but i respect their efforts ... I'm sure the other tracks will reflect the funk and the strings we've grown to love. I can't wait to see them in the U.S.A. They will always be funky... I won't give up on JAMIROQUAI.

I just quickly want to say that I love the new songs. It´s a bit hurting to think of that propably some of my fellow jamiroquai fans would call me naiv or a blind believer at this stage. oh well. I hear beautiful harmonies and great songwriting, a catchy heartful ballad.rob pulled a nice guitartone that suits the song. I know the band is very proud of their work and so I am.
I love them for always trying something new.
Great achievements need great risks. And I would love for them to make the come-back that they deserve.
Jamiroquanna mentioned above :
"As for their change in style, then that's their choice and they have been in the game long enough to know what works and what doesn't. We're in a deep global recession at the moment and therefore their music has to appeal to all tastes for their business to flourish"
plus if you reflect on yourself...have you changed in the last 15 years? Has your taste for music clothes food changed? Did u take risks for achieve something more at your work or your personal life?

I know some of you are very disappointed and I see where you are all coming from. It makes me sad though ,to see that you feel personally offended.
Come on...seriously?

Jamiroquai are for me still one of the best acts out there. I bet they put all their heart and time into this album to make it great. It would be nice to see that after all the years , also if they dont´please you 100% , they at least get some respect. ALL of them are WORLDCLASS musicians.
So yeah..nobody wants to shut u down..but I am sure some of you could find a nicer tone.
Negativity does´t make anything better :)

I second zed aswell!
( hi zed!!)

Thank you Sandriche! So very true and nicely said. It has been VERY disturbing...all the lack of respect, mixed into all the negative responses. It speaks volumes to the character of a person:-(

We are all wired differently. There is a beauty that exists in each song that will affect each person differently. Our likes and dislikes are our own, as are the bands. We are human, we fear change! Embrace it instead, life would be boring without it.

This is music. it is a soul connection. You aren't going to like every song and you aren't going to hate every song. Wait until the album is released before you make a judgement call and dismiss it.

When you get that album, go to a a quiet place, put in your headphones or turn up the volume and close your eyes. Let the music consume you, surround you, engulf you, let it dance in your mind and radiate in your heart for that is what Jamiroquai's music has always done and will continue to do.

Finally heard it and although it may not be everyone's cup of tea, personally I think it's one of the most beautiful songs Jamiroquai have ever released.

Like someone else said,if these songs don't impress you,maybe it's time for you to move on.Maybe you have simply outgrown the Jamiroquai sound.Maybe your tastes have changed.I'm in it for the long haul.Some of you need to ask yourselves if you are too.

There is one thing you guys should think about: Look at the setlists of all their last concerts and tell me how many tunes are old ones and how many are from Dynamite for example...??? Ahhh, and now you see that all of this nonsense new directions mumbo jumbo doesn't work. On every gig you can see WHAT the fans WANT and WHAT the real Jamiroquai SOUND is! So please stop telling me shi* like "move on". LISTEN to their concerts and tell me about the new direction again. WHY do they play always exactly the tunes which represent the typical Jamiroquai sound and no rock tunes? And no, please don't come to me with the new setlist in London, this one is only for the introduction of the new album. Really think about your last concert again...

for real, it's a normal ballad. Nothing special, nothing bad, but please: stop shooting to our criticism. I'm an old fan of Jamiroquai, and I feel free to be disappointed by this "new" sound. Personally I think that this is NOT a new sound, but simply a song like many others from other artists. And I can not accept this....normality from musicians like them. I've changed my tastes, I don't expect acid jazz on 2010, but...please, don't say "this is a fantastic song!". A "real" fan has to be honest.

I cannot believe how some people are reacting to this.. listen to it! It's one of the most beautiful pieces of modern music for crying out loud! Reminiscent of Black Crow (one of my faves). Jamiroquai have NOT lost their unique sound, it's called evolving as a band. This is def my fave new track so far ahead of the impressive RDLS and tight WKR. The concert reviews/album write-ups have got me very excited. I agree the sound is different but bands can't stay sounding the same, just look at how Jamiroquai have evolved over almost the last two years it's been an unbeliveable journey which continues with this wonderful, yet I do agree, different sounding song. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, this is music after all it's all about personal tastes.

The bottom line is,Jay and the guys are making the type of music that **THEY** want to make.You have a right to support it or not support it.But if you don't like it,then that's too bad.Move on and listen to other artists! !Real fans are able to accept evolution and change.If you're stuck in the past and want a return to the "old Jamiroquai sound",then you're gonna be disappointed.Those days are over.The 90s are over.All of this negativity is ridiculous.

To be honest, all this talk about 'marketability' and 'moving into the 21st century' is pure bollocks. This song is great- but it's not a 'Jamiroquai' song. WKR seems to be the comeback single (i.e. a semblance of the sound repackaged for today's market)and RDLS is the other side of this new direction (I think Blue Skies is a better example, mind). But ultimately, although I'm a bit more excited about the rest of the album now, Jay maybe should've released this as a new project- rather than a Jamiroquai project. I mean, there's touches (the strings for example) but it's NOT a Jamiroquai record. It's Jay writing, as ZED mentioned, material in a genuinely new direction. Like, Led Zeppelin crosses into Funkadelic- but they're not the same kinds of band, y'know?

2 factors to consider: 1. the Old Jamiroquai sound was worn down by Sony's need to churn out mass-marketable product, and what remained left with Toby (he was a huge influence on how those songs sounded).
2. Jay left Sony so he could release music unrestricted by the need to sell records. This song is an example of that.

So the question is: what's the point in White Knuckle Ride? I think this new record is a little confused, it's got so much potential, but it's being treated as a comeback record- there's so much scope for new approaches to releasing records these days, I think half of this release was designed by a committee.

To clarify: I'm looking forward to the new album- I think Synkronized and A Funk Odyssey are underrated- I have studied music and music business- I do enjoy music other than Jamiroquai

After have been listening several times now, very closely with headphones and concentrating on each single instrument, I detected many wonderful little details. Everyone does a great job on this song.

Music is art, and an artist wants to express himself in a way through a medium - a paint, a poem, or in a song.
Depending on what he wants to express with this one artwork, it will be more complex, very detailed, but sometimes it can be also simplified, easily structured, different from previous artworks,... art can be so various.

You wouldn't say that Rembrandt was a better artist than Picasso, because Rembrandt's paints have been more complex, more detailed, whereas Picasso just rushed colors in a more simple way.
An artwork is not getting "better" only if the artist is using the most complicated or masterly technique. It also is an art to stay more elementary.

For paintwork you will agree with me, won't you?

For music, some of us only accept complex music to be quality music. The structure has to be complex, there have to be additional intruments, jazzy elements and so on... so only then the song is a quality song. If it has a more simple and raw structure with less instrument, has more a rocky or poppy feeling, then in some eyes it has less quality.
I don't think that this is generally true.

Blue Skies is a lovely song, and I can feel it. What Jay wants to express reaches me. It does it for me. It touches me and has a resonance with me. The simplicity of this song is brilliant! I think it is not easy to make a simple song which still sounds deep. This one does, although I had to listen a few more times, and I had to switch off all the negative comments I had read before. I was biased and was nearly thinking the same.... but then I made my mind free of it, and tried to understand the song better.

I hear people saying: This doesn't sound like Jamiroquai.

I think it does sound like Jamiroquai, mainly in Jay's voice, there are some typical moments in his singing style - the way he pulls some notes... some swerves in the melody.... also the warm bassline has some "Jamiroquai elements"... and some more. Just listen carefully and take care of each intrument. It is there!! Maybe a bit hidden, but I can hear it clearly now!

I am a bit sad that you got the feeling, if you like this song, you seem to be "simple-minded", or not having a clue about good quality music. I have a big musical background from my family... I do think, that I can differentiate quality music from junk. This is definitely a quality piece of work. An artist who wants to express himself. If you don't hear it, listen again!

Then again, it is the question if this piece of art goes in resonance with your own vibrance. If it doesn't it's not automatically a bad song. It's just not resonating with you. There is no reason to call it a bad song.

My opinion.

I do respect the work of our boys because I know they have put much effort in it. I respect and appreciate this. They are proud, and so am I!!

It's all good, and I am looking forward to more artworks!!


Hi Sandriche! Hope you're well!!!!! Hi Anna!!!!!!!! You too!!!!!!!!!!!

Its got a real soul feel about it however try and listen to this and pick out the chorus etc in your head afterwards. There is nothing memorable. Its such a shame but it sounds like a load of session musicians putting a ballad together. Get back to the raw funk routes guys...

Well said Meike. You've been doing a summary of my thought.
Jay does whatever he wants: he's created Jamiroquai After all!

Really sounds different, Jamiroquai can make songs of every style they want as they show.
This song is nice, maybe in a style that we didn't expected from jamiroquai, but is really nice.
I hope they put some old style too in this album (a mix between the old and the new jamiroquai could be excellent)
Agree, we want to listen again their roots but too we have to realize they are doing their effort (and before 5 years without them is really appreciated)...

'runnin' like an appaloosa, rockin' like a rusty ship on a stormy to the hand.' quite bad. i can't believe this is by the same man who wrote virtual insanity.. if rob & matt can't co-write, contract toby. somebody do something - get him an ounce of cannabis and take away his ferraris for a while - this is dire.

Of course it sounds differently from Jamiroquai's style,it's not my favourite( unlike White Knucle Ride which ROCKS!!!) but it's a lovely song & I like Jay's voice:).

When I heard that Jamiroquai would go back to the "live" sound a sprinkle of hope appeared in my little heart. But after hearing this crap all my hope for hearing the old jamiroquai sound is gone.
They've matured and so did their sound (in a bad way). The young, energetic, creative, raw and most of all the pure funk/ acid jazz sound has faded away.
I blame the new musicians such as Rob Harris with his clean rock guitar sound and Matt Johnson who can't compete with Toby Smith's creativity and I won't start talking about Stuart Zender's successors. Stu, in my eyes, divined the old jamiroquai sound for a great deal.
In other words, one of the greatest bands is dead.

In the name of a great part of the fans and of good music, a distinction must be made. This "change in the sound" that so many talk about might be of two orders. Firstly, in terms of style. They've covered reggae (Drifting Along), light and heavy funk (Space Cowboy and Revolution), extremely dramatic ballads (Spend a Lifetime), "tribal music" — if you can call it that way — (Didjerama) and even Basement Jaxx-like house (Electric Mistress.) Comparing to "similar" acts of their days such as Incognito, they had a much more varied career in terms of style. A Jamiroquai fan (a fan of their music, it should be understood) that did not appreciate this many styles would be a contradiction in terms.

I, like many, don't get upset about this kind of change in the sound. It's in the essence of the band from at least the 2nd album. To be honest, I think it would be great for the band to get in touch with producers such as Madlib, 9th Wonder or Jimmy Edgar and try things that are new indeed — not only new to the band.

Secondly, though, there is change in terms of quality. And that is what we are talking about here. Of course, we had irreconcilable disappointments before (namely: Supersonic, Corner of the Earth, Stop Don't Panic, Black Crow, Twenty Zero One, Love Blind, Tallulah, World That He Wants, Black Devil Car and Hot Tequila Brown.) But that shouldn't have us accept these three new songs as some kind of natural propensity for occasional failure. This month has set a new low for them.

Three more things...

1) Yes, we should wait for the album — there might be something good in it.

2) Quit talking about this "acid jazz" thing. Acid Jazz was a label of artists trying to produce funk and actually doing it. Yes, it had its own characteristics and yes, it could be called "acid jazz" for practical reasons, but it hardly applies to Jamiroquai.

3) And yes, yes, yes: those of us who are disappointed should listen to other things. Erykah Badu appears to have had a similar creativity crisis recently, which she resolved by sampling a lot. I think that it takes off the merit of the artist as a composer (in her case and in many others, in which the new song is very, very derivative of an older song, making it feel like a version.) But her new record is damn, damn funky and good. I highly recommend it.

@menno....if you want the "old Jamiroquai sound",then simply LISTEN TO THE OLD ALBUMS! We're not in the 90s anymore.People grow,they evolve,they move on.Why shouldn't Jamiroquai be allowed to do the same??? If you can't keep up with evolution and change,then maybe you should stop being a fan.Find other artists to listen to.Living in the past prevents people from moving forward.

its not about old / new jamiroquai sound or evolving, this song is simply boring and the production sucks so its only natural at least some fans are disappointet

@Yowsa... I stopped being a fan a long time ago and I haven't paid attention on Jamiroquai's moves since the release of a Funk odyssey. I got word that they would return to their roots so I had high hopes but got disappointed when I heard "blue skies" and "WKR". I've moved on like you call it (I don't know why you guys are talking about "moving on" like Jamiroquai is somekind of a religion or something , it sounds pathetic when you talk like that) and found a lot of satisfaction in other bands, artists and producers from the past and the present. All I'm saying is that I was hoping to hear that spirit (not even the sound) I fel in love with 16 years ago. I mean listen to Me'shell Ndegeocello for instants, not one of her albums sounds the same but it feels like she's realy evolving and that she's taking it to a higher level with every new album she releases unlike Jamiroquai, to me it feels that they are loosing more and more of their musicality with every albums they're releasing.
I've supported jamiroquai a lot in the past and I feel I'm allowed to give my opinion without people telling me to move on.... Pathetic

Menno...if you have truly "moved on",then you wouldn't be here on this site right now.Jamiroquai can't please everybody and they have to be true to themselves.You don't like the new songs,and that's fine.There are numerous other artists and bands to listen to (which you claim you are already doing).I just don't see the point in all of this negativity.At this point,it's pretty obvious that Jamiroquai is not gonna make an album that sounds like 1994.They've moved on.Accept that fact and move on.

@Yowsa Please, try to understand that many of us, the ones who are disappointed, did not expect anything 90's, acid jazz or "old-style". We just expected GOOD, like Runaway was, like Radio was (well, the chorus), like Starchild and Electric Mistress were. It's not about old vs. new style, it's not about acid jazz (whatever that may mean) vs. rock or disco. Get over that argument, it doesn't work. Rather, it's about good vs. bad. "Oh, but that's subjective" — fair enough, but I think the fans would be very different had they released only songs on this level of direness.

Like you said,it's all subjective.I think "Blue Skies" is a beautiful song.I also like "White Knuckle Ride".So who's to say what's good or bad? I'm just glad that Jamiroquai is still around,giving us music.But if you think it's bad,then that's your loss.I'm looking forward to the new album,don't rain on my parade.

Oh, please. Anyone who says they are not disappointed with this song is LYING. They compared 'Blue Skies' with 'Seven Days' - one of my favourite Jamiroquai songs of all time - and sadly, there is nothing as infectios or memorable in 'Blue Skies'. It's just a WEAK, CHEESY BALLAD.

If this is the first single, compare it to every other first single from each album in the Jamiroquai library:
EOPA: 'When You Gonna Learn / Too Young To Die'
ROTSC: 'Space Cowboy'
TWM: 'Virtual Insanity'
Synk: 'Canned Heat'
AFO: 'Little L'
Dyna: 'Feels Just Like It Should'

Now, I'm not being harsh, but apart from if you are one of those people who hate Feels JLIS, please tell me: How does 'Blue Skies' compare to any of those?

I really hope JK doesn't think this is the best song from the album, otherwist we might be in for a shocker...

@Yowsa.. What are you saying exactly, that I'm not allowed to say what I think about the new songs?? And if I do give my opinion and you don't like what I'm saying I'm living in the past? I find that a bit simple and infantile (which I'm betting you actualy still are).
Don't get me wrong, I'm not raining on your parade I'm just saying that I don't like the new stuff but that's my opnion and you should give people the space to say what they think or is this item only for those who do like the new songs? that would be a bit boring don't you think?

@Menno....I'm not gonna keep arguing with you about this.You don't like the new songs? Fine.Don't buy the album!! It's really that simple.Go ahead and support those other artists you listen to.I don't see why you feel the need to keep coming to a Jamiroquai **fansite** to talk about how much you DISLIKE their new music.What's the point?

I seem to remember in the interview with Vernon Kaye on Radio 1 that Jay was saying that he'd really been pushing for this to be the lead single off the album. Maybe it's just the song that Jay likes the best, doesn't mean that the rest can't be funky.

@Josh: LYING????????????
Oh Please!

@Yowsa..Maybe you didn't read one of my previous messages carefully. I WAS a fan when you where probably still in your dypers. I had high hopes for this new album because they said they'd return to their roots so I'm expressing my disappointment and if you don't like what I'm saying YOU should not react and YOU indeed shouldn't be keeping arguing.
What's the point?

On taste being subjective... well, not having ears is pretty much an objective question. I understand one can like these new songs AND like the previous Jamiroquai catalog — but to say that there hasn't been a HUGE decadence, well, that shows that the guy likes the brand and not the music.

OK, taste is subjective. What I should have said was: You may like it more, but to me Seven Days is a better song in almost every way and I'd be surprised if it wasn't the same for most people.

God, no wonder we're getting all this political correctness BS in our country. Everyone's in on it!

@Josh: Political Correctness????????????
Oh Please!

I take it you love 'Blue Skies'?
Would you go that far?

Blue Skies sucks, period. Let's pray for there to be at least one gem in the new album.

When I first heard the track, I was somewhat taken back from where this sound was heading. More surprised mate. I listened to it over and over and over, and all I could think of was driving through the mountains in a Muira just like in the opening of the original Italian Job film. Song worked for me mate, that's all. No lying, no political correctness, the song works for me, that's it.

no wonder jay kay doesnt revert back to his old style. some ppl just accept whatever crap he churns out sometimes nd let him nd the band get away with it by saying its OK!!! this is not OK, Blue Skies is a terrible Jamiroquai song...

No it's not a terrible song!! It's a nice,well-structured ballad.Exactly what I would expect from Jamiroquai.It's one of their best.

@Alexander Meerkat
Amen, brother! I am with you.

The song is excellent for radio and has a great summer feel to it.I love the strings, the guitar and the drums, a very clever arrangement.This song will be liked by many not just hardcore Jamiroquai fans.

It is rather average, so it'll probably appeal to the bog standard masses.

HE Y'ALL SAYING: "I listened to it lots of times and, guess what, it grew on me" — this says much more about your own susceptibility than it does about this horrible song.

Question: Has anyone heard Blue Skies or White Knuckle Ride on the radio in the UK since these exclusives? I have not. Heard the new Kings Of Leon song a lot, though. Let's ponder on that for a while.

I actually listened to both "Runaway" and "Radio" today, the songs from the best of-album released in 2006. Those two songs are way above the new stuff in both quality and groove, and sounds more like the old material than the new songs from RDSL. I didn't think they were that good back then, but after listening to the new stuff from 2010, there is no doubt they were catchier and more groovy than the new songs. I thought that they would return to the funk when they left Sony, but I guess I was wrong...

@Jamiroquai-fan Yes, you were wrong. New Jamiroquai fans are fond of radio-friendliness and even use the argument that "JK has to make a living", haha. Give me a break.

Yes, I agree Jamiroquai-fan: Runaway is better than White Knuckle Ride and Radio is better by far than Blue Skies!

You guys need to get a grip.All of this "I thought Jamiroquai was returning to their old sound" nonsense.Did you really think that,in 2010,Jay and the guys would release an album that sounds like 1993??!! If that's what you're expecting,you're gonna be disappointed everytime.Some of you have unrealistic expectations.

Blue Skies is an OKAY song. White Knuckle Ride is an OKAY song. Rock Dust Light Star is a GOOD song. But Jamiroquai is a GREAT band. So why are so many people enthralled with the music they've dished out recently for the new album? And, when someone has an opinion that they could have done better, they are hung by the ankles over a cliff for that opinion?

I don't mind band's taking different musical directions, but what I do expect is for them to bring the same level of excellence and craftsmanship to that style like they have with previous efforts. I'm sorry, but Blue Skies as a first single is mind boggling to me. The song is average at best and does not inspire me to do anything but lose my hope that the five years I waited for an album from one of my favorite bands was in vain.

Excuse me while I go play Rock Dust Light Star for the 20th time, as this is the only song of the three that gives me hope that this album could be a good one.

I can't listen to this song very much cause it's driving me crazy. I wake up in the middle of the night and I swear I can hear it! The lyrics are beautiful and poignant. Running like an Appaloosa-evokes a feeling of freedom and joy, and I can imagine running the American plains and riding one of these beautiful creatures, and then the dark side 'rolling like a rusty ship on a stormy sea'... been there :-( no more to be said on that one! Above the clouds, the skies are always blue.... something to remember no matter how tough life gets sometimes... I'm with Jay on this one..... off to chase rainbows.... see yah

Brava Just me...Brava!

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