Jamiroquai to return to the Paradiso in Amsterdam

Added on Wednesday 15 September 2010, 23:14 (UTC)

According to the website of the Paradiso venue in Amsterdam (Netherlands), Jamiroquai will be performing there on Friday 29 October.  Pre-sale for tickets starts on 25 September.

Jamiroquai last performed at the Paradiso back in December 1994.  If you're a fan of the bands earlier tracks then I recommend you hunt down a copy of the 'Funky Paradise' bootleg from this concert - it's a classic recording from the 'olden days!'  (PS. Please don't ask me where to find it).

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By far the best they ever sounded! I would put a torrent up for you
but I already have a law suit against me for uploading material! Big
brother is watching! I assume a lot of you guys have it anyway and
would agree that the line up and arrangements were just perfect..
I hope that doesn't make me sound like a 'troll'?

I wish they came to Argentina. However, a new concert to watch on YouTube anyway :D

Yet another date in europe, less chances of ejem coming to Argentina. Every minute that goes away, a little bit of hope goes with them.

It's on youtube.

The tour dates are just getting started...I for see a very busy 2011. And I... am counting the days! Keep em' coming!
Massive Love & Respect 2 Jamiroquai


Awesome! I was hoping that with the return of the horns there might be a return to Paradiso, a small but awesome venue (it's a converted church), but everybody said it was too small for them. I'll be there!

Too bad they are not coming to argentina, they get by far more crowd here than any other country in LATAM.

They are going to play in Brazil and Colombia, why couldn't you Argentinian people go there?

This is going to be off the hook!!! I have to get those tickets. I'm at work with the biggest smile on my face.

@asdf Because our economy isn't good. The corruption of politicians steal the money from our pockets.

If they come to Uruguay, it's near, I think I can do a effort to go there.

@asdf Even if we could go to brazil, there you cannot buy tickets if you are not a Brazilian Citizen. I 've tried, and i miserably failed.

best act ever, absolutely. It's impossible to be on YouTube, there are only audio bootlegs, and not video. But the band was in a fantastic mood, and played in an huge way.

I'm in Amsterdam for a birthday weekend!

This couldn't be more perfect!!!

luca - it's definitely on youtube. people upload audio files all the time w/ image montages. also, it's rumored that a video exists..never seen that though.

Amsterdamed! damed!
You want sugarhill!

What a clasic moment! I hope Jay allow the audience to bring audio/video recording so we all can share that moment!

I love bootlegs!!!!!

a good thing they're coming. However, i'm not.... Idiot price

Sold out in 1.5 minute, sick
Stop crying bout the price Jeroen, this happens once in 15 yrs

it's very sad the concert was sold out in like... 5 minutes :S Please do another show @ Paradiso... so many true fans didn't get the chance to get tickets ... My dream of seeing Jamiroquai live was destroyed in a second.. very sad.... :'(

I'm gutted.. Went to a selling point, but they said I was too late and when I tried the internet, the tickets weren't available anymore. Apparently they were sold out in 5 to 10 minutes..

I also tried to buy tickets at 10am and the system was jammed. It's almost impossible for 'normal' people to get hold of them at face value which is sad! It is going to be a brilliant concert. Anyone got a spare ticket? ;p

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