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Added on Friday 03 September 2010, 07:11 (UTC)

As part of the promotion for White Knuckle Ride and Rock Dust Light Star the official Jamiroquai YouTube channel has posted a great montage video.  Showing clips from recent gigs, fans, the band recording in the studio, Jay having fun etc. etc.

Head over to YouTube and watch the video now.  You will not be disappointed, although you may be envious of the fun that they seem to be having!

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excitement! Am I right in thinking this is the FIRST TIME footage of the band recording has ever surfaced? I've always hoped they'd release a fun "making of" segment.

and the best is yet to come!!!!!!

Great little video! These are exciting times! =D

Fra! Great seeing you in the montage!!

Seeing FRA in this cut immediately became highlight of this video for me. I totally love this moment!

that was cool to see...i really like wkr...has a very nasty groove to it

Very happy for this short video, cause we are a litle little head at frontrow.

But Francesca is the Queen!!!!! bella

Thanks so much Jay for incluiding your fans.

It´s sooo awesome..I saw it when i came back from sydney..and what do I see??? Jay on a boat in awesome..
Fra yeah...what a great moment! :D :))))
The Black /White looks sooo great.
And Jay K still knows how to give a cute smile into the camera! :)))

Love love love the video! Well done! I am getting excited! Please come to NYC!!!!

Totally Awsome. For the ones that didnt get the sense of live recording. there it is! I think they should release a coverage on how this record was made recorded and stuff like bbc used to do on the Classic Album Series. Rob you provably read these things... now we get the complete picture of the studio after you shared some pics of your spot. That thing is hughe!!



Nothing has been confirmed, so there's a chance it could be false, but it appears that the site Discogs has leaked a full tracklist for the new album. Rob has retweeted it, too. The White Knuckle Ride we've heard still seems like a radio edit, and I suspect it'll be longer than stated (like Canned Heat was), but on the whole, we have some tracks going over 5 minutes, one pushing a bit over 7. It'll be 61+ minutes, according to the link. If it's false, or there is something wrong with the link, then can the moderators remove my post, please? Otherwise, it is below...

UPDATE: Rob posted that 6 of them are real, and left it to the guy asking to decide/guess. So, they would be:

White Knuckle Ride
Blue Skies
Rock Dust Light Star
Goodbye To My Dancer
Never Gonna Be Another
I've Been Hurtin'

If you've read the promo interviews, followed this site and the official one, etc., those are the ones mentioned.

Loved the footage - great to see behind the scenes stuff - I'm getting excited about the album - can't wait!!!!!!! Great to see the lovely Fra in there as well :)


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