Rare demo audio from early 1993 - online

Added on Friday 03 September 2010, 07:09 (UTC)

Nick Van Gelder, who was the original drummer with Jamiroquai has uploaded onto YouTube three audio clips taken from a rehearsal session in 1993.

  • Funky Seven (instrumental)
  • Friends
  • Music Of The Mind
Funky Seven and Friends are tracks that were never released and Music Of The Mind shows a version of the track in development before the final 'cut' that made it onto the Emergency On Planet Earth album.  You can find out more about Nick via his MySpace page.
Credit: Jamitaly

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Wow...i dont think my morning could have started better!



So raw!! This is why I got into Jamiroquai! MORE PLEASE!!!

Well, it looks like FunkEducation at least got his two track album.

way better than new Jamiroquai stuff!

This is just what we need to add to the tedious 'old Jamiroquai vs new Jamiroquai' debate that rumbles on! These tracks are great and fair play to Nick for putting them up, even if he does sound a tad bitter with his 'Rock Dust Light Sh*te' comment. Good stuff.

It's a gift from Heaven! Thank you very much Nick!
I Hope that others ex-band members will do the same (please Toby, let us listen to the Space Cowboy's outtakes or Symphonized

WKR and now this. Im in dreamland. I just wish more stuff like this could see the light of day.

wow hearing this makes me feel sooo good...yayayayaya friends will try to change u...sick!!!

wow n music of the mind brings a tear to my eye...brings me back to a better happened???

loving that sound!

I hope one day a box set comes out full of gems like these...

this is exactly why i loved jamiroquai,the original is only one..always /not bad the nu stuff tho/


Daniel hit the nail on the head. This is good stuff and good on Nick for posting the tracks, but all this is gonna do is fuel the fire again...

Daniel, once again, you are spot on. I'm sick of fans claiming Jamiroquai as an acid jazz band, or something belonging to the early 90s era. An artist should never be pigeon-holed, but always free to explore other influences and genres. Even on the first two albums, the singles EOPE, When You Gonna Learn, Music Of The Mind, Blow Your Mind, Scam, all of those songs have elements of disco in them. I posted on another article about their links with the house/club scene. The 'new' sounds are progressions from that- Yet the same fans cry about the new songs, not even allowing for the fact that it is natural for our views of the world, etc. to change between our early 20s and 40. I know that in my life, what I thought at 20, and what I believe today, slowly approaching 30, are very different, and some things mean more to me than others; However, other traits, compassion, a warm heart, understanding, etc. still remain- that's life, and I see in Jay's writing how it happened to him, too. I had a good few listens to White Knuckle Ride, then I heard it on the Radio on Wednesday, and I must say that it stood country miles above anything else that was being played. I suspect that the album version will be a bit longer (as an example of this, listen to the Canned Heat radio edit, then the album version and you will find other musical arrangements which enrich the song, in my opinion).

People who make claims like 'the old Jamiroquai is the only Jamiroquai' seriously undermine the band as a whole. Jay knows more than he lets on; I was lucky enough to meet him, and on stage, he hears slight mistakes, knows when guitars, percussion, etc. come in. In Sola and Derrick, they have two of the best, as voted by others in the profession. On stage, they're tighter now than they were in the 90s.

Those extracts are all fine and well, I'm very much a fan, and Friends might've worked on the first album. However, on further listens, I could see why other tracks made albums instead of it, and why Music Of The Mind was further developed.

everything is a matter of choice,baby,Jay doesnt need
any defender,the music speaks for itself,and everyone knows he is special./and so were his bandmates/
But people make their choices.
Everyone has the right to like the AJ more or the current sound-so whats the deal_?

Shinyweela, you miss the point. Nobody said anyone should like one more than the other, and I agree that they have a right to their choices. What is wrong is '90s Zealots and people stuck in that era crying for more of the old stuff, or another EOPE or ROTSC, and this comes from an Acid Jazz fan, then turning fire on the band because they didn't get it. I know how many people might feel, because those are my favourite albums, too. They don't see that if they got such an album, it would be measured against those two unfairly, and that the band would risk becoming a parody of their former selves. Apart from that, EOPE and ROTSC would be cheapened for it, and fans would take these masterpieces for granted, if they don't already. Another of my favourite bands, Radiohead, never did another OK Computer, but Kid A, Hail To The Thief and In Rainbows stand on their own as damn good albums... and people are able to welcome this. Why, then, can't Jamiroquai fans move with the band, and be thankful for what they've given us? The sense of entitlement that this set of fans carry, and the lack of respect for what they've done in the profession is sickening - If they can do better than White Knuckle Ride, let's hear it. If not, then they should quit their moaning. You don't have to worship the newer material, but if you know about art, you would at least appreciate the musicianship and the arrangements - No such thing, as they dismissed a 40 SECOND SAMPLE as a piece of trash, some even writing the WHOLE ALBUM off on hearing only the song titles. Every album should stand on its own merits and have its own identity, and it is healthy to move on, and music should always encourage people to open their ears. This is a dilemma that anybody working in the arts can face. But these zealots would sooner cage them in a time warp, stifle their creativity, and keep the band for themselves, and that, for me, would be a tragedy for Jamiroquai. The cries are tiresome now.

Have to agree with Angel and Daniel.

I'm a 'true' Jamiroquai fan, loving both old and new.

Sure, everyone is entitled to have a preference but is it a subject that needs to dominate EVERY comment section? Definitely not.

We're all Buffalo people, so lets save the comments for conversation relevant to the article.

It's getting to the point where I see 'old' Jamiroquai fans as trolls to Jamiroquai fan sites.

"It's getting to the point where I see 'old' Jamiroquai fans as trolls to Jamiroquai fan sites."


I'm amazed that this debate is still going on, Sad really, as the band isn't taken on their merits here and now but constantly referred to in the past tense. Even I'm willing to admit that in my teenage years I used to whine about the tracks they wrote as time went on. Now I've grown up a bit, I've come to appreciate even the albums I didn't initially like, because they're well written and well arranged. As a DJ, I've come to accept that if I want to complain about the music that one band/artist writes, I can always listen to another.

ok,everyone here has his opinion,I am JQ fan that has all albums ,I respect their evolution ,when i heard RDLS
my 1st thought was -is this a crossower between Rolling
Stones&Jay or what?So,in a way i understand Jay what he
is into.
But still,the first line-up of this band -to me-is the most adorable.THAT kind of energy-unbelievable.

@anon Yeah! :D I got this two track album and got Incognito's "Transatlantic RPM" (with Zender included) and The Haggis Horns's "Keep On Movin'"!!! THOSE JAZZY ALBUMS REALLY ROCK ;) It looks I'm very important to you, cos' you call my name and all! hehe :D thank u so much! :)

By the way, I see I'm some kinda troll for you guys, I really declare myself an "old school" fan and that's for sure I love the 92-98 Jamiroquai band! Ok, I don't like the new stuff and everybody knows that! But I never crossed the line and have said a bad word about the new stuff! The only thing I've said is that I DON'T LIKE IT, I have also said the new songs are getting good reception and that's nice for the actual band line-up and their fans! I just wish the best for them, and I'm sure I'll go to their concert if they come again to my country.

Well, what else I can say... So sorry if some of you guys got mad at my comments! I think there's some freedom to express what we feel about Jamiroquai's music! And I know I'll be always there to support the old band work! But the actual band NEEDS YOU to support them! And there you all are :)


Everything in life evolves, from that what is so simplistic, to that what is so beautifully intricate. I guess a basic understanding would be called evolution. A painters lifetime body of work would be a fine example; A master in his late sixties is creating works that are a far cry from those in his twenties. Of course, one can identify the painters works from each end of his time scale, albeit, not all.
If this band that I first saw in Novemember of 1993, didn't allow its own ability to 'evolve' and take its natural cause, chances are it would have had a slow dreary death that wouldn't have made it to the 21st Century. Everything must evolve in order for longevity to thrive. Jay's voice is Jay's voice; one of the most distinctive voices I've ever heard. The music is still there, and thank god, it has evolved at the reigns of Jay himself. A 'mover', a 'conductor', and one of the leading front men this world has known, with a band as tight as spray on jeans.
God bless this music, and thankyou Jamiroquai from the very first song, to the most recent. xo


How's is that everyone is "fighting" about the "new vs old band" and not paying atention to the great song called "Friends"? Wow, I just love it. Yeah yeah yeah friends...

I think I crammed my pants! Friends is wicked, WICKED I tell you. Love the bassline, the percussion, the flute... everything about it. It makes me feel young again, lol. The rare groove vibe of Funky Seven also bring me back to a younger age when everything was possible. It's well interesting to hear this version of Music Of The Mind too. Massive thanks to Mr Van Gelder for releasing these gems to us starving old school nuts. :)

...period!!! :)

Holy Crap - thanks so much for posting up these links and must say that these tracks have restored my faith in Jamiroquai and my feeling of being punished through having to wait every 5 years for an album is dissolved once more and I'm going to buy the new album and adapt once again.

Not putting down white knuckle ride but i really think that JK's roots are in the rare music links posted above - just a pity that todays mainstream media as no room for that sound and instead we we get served with tone deaf rappers trying to mix up house samples and warbling teen singers screaming about domestic abuse.

With regards to Jamiroquai being called an acid jazz band:-
At one point yes but I don't think the music labelling industry could define them in a particular category. for me its always been funk + something.

Friends should have been released as a single and this version of music of the mind.

Compliments to Mr Gelder for sharing his life with us and just want to say I recall you from way back then - notting hill, ealing, sheperds bus era - great times.
thanks also to the author of this website keep up the excellent work : )

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