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Added on Wednesday 01 September 2010, 12:38 (UTC)

Jay was this morning in London at the BBC Radio 1 studios for a live on-air chat as part of the breakfast show.

Talking about the album he said there were about 19 tracks 'in the bag', with 12 selected for the album, and 13 for the Japanese album release (there's always an extra track on Japanese releases).

Regarding Rock Dust Light Star he said that for some of the tracks on the album the band got some ideas from the Rolling Stones, Roxy Music and David Bowie.  He also described the album as "Less disco, more it's own little way." When asked by a listener who sent in an SMS text message, Jay said "We have not lost the funk."  Another track name was revealed - entitled 'Never Gonna Be Another.'

A world tour is being planned for next year, starting with the UK.  Radio 1 also played White Knuckle Ride, which was introduced as a "first play on BBC Radio 1."  The track was originally written about two years ago (at least the concept of the track), and has slowly been developed over time.  Outside of the UK the track doing pretty well in other countries at the moment, for example in the Netherlands where it is currently number 12 in the iTunes chart.Confirming the recent news of the video shoot for WKR being complete, Jay said that the video is the most awesome thing he's done. Jay said "If you like the track, then you'll love the video."

The BBC Radio 1 breakfast show can be replayed for one week using the BBC 'Listen Again' service.  Jay was on air about from around 1 hour 55 minutes into the show.

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they're back :)

wat???? ' the band got some ideas from the Rolling Stones, Roxy Music and David Bowie' ????? wat the hell ? "Less disco, more it's own little way."??? sh*tttttttttttttt

Lets wait for the album.....patience....DAMN! ITS TOO MUCH TIME!!. I can see the comments comming "no rock!! more disco!" again guys lets wait for the album!

soory but wat the hell happened with the band going back to its old routess???? i didnt hear the word ACID JAZZ yett nothingg about jazz


Don't panic people. Jay has grown up and his voice has matured, so naturally he's gravitating towards music which will compliment his vocal chords. Personally, I have loved the way the band has evolved over time. Am very much looking forward to the release of RDLS!

It was all going well by now but... "less disco, more rock"! that's got me in panic. It's the last thing I would expect from a new Jamiroquai album.

I guess from now on "White Knuckle White" will start to sound better for the old fans...

Damn it... I hate old rock...

I got up well early in anticipation and i was not disappointed! Hearing WKR on the radio sounded so good, compared to youtube (the sound just doesnt compare!)And i totally agree with Jamiroquanna, the band has evolved and matured and that is natural. Also David Bowie and Roxy Music have made some funky tunes in the past so who's to say there wont be any funk in RDLS?

WKR has now risen to nr. 11 in the Dutch iTunes chart, here's hoping it'll crack the top ten next. I was listening to the samples of the other tracks in the top ten, and I must say that White Knuckle Ride is by far the best song among them.

WKR actually has lyrics that aren't meant as saucy puns (most of the lyrics of the other songs are kindergarten level), an attractive baseline, some thought put into song structure and an actual band performance (vocals, drums, synths, guitar and bass working together).

My point is: the general populace might actually learn to appreciate proper music more because of WKR, so there may be some merit to JMQ diving into the mainstream so heavily with this track.

"Less disco, more it's own little way."

COME ON!!!!! :S I knew it...
there was no "old school" coming! I always knew it! :S
I just think Dynamite is gonna be the last Jamiroquai album I buy! Very dissapointed!

Ha, ha! More rock plus this plastique sidechaining pop house tune called White Knuckle Ride, this is going to be a flop like Dynamit as well! I hope the funk isn't completely lost now.

Whoa, relax! I just listened to it online and Jay say "bits and bobs" of the Stones, Roxy Music and Bowie, not "our new tracks sound exactly like the Rolling Stones".

I'm completely blown away by those writing off an album that hasn't even been released yet. I just don't get it?

No doubt the guys have worked hard on this for quite some time and I can't wait to hear what they have in store for the fans! I reckon it's going to be a cracker!

I dont know if it's fake or not but here you can discover the tracklisting of the new album...

I never really comment on posts but read funkin religiously. What I'm going to say will not make a blind bit of difference and I can't quite express my vitriol without swearing but for all those people who incessantly moan about the new sound of Jamiroquai, give it a rest. Please. I'm not advocating a Jay Kay is God policy whereby everything the band produces should be universally praised but seriously, if you have even the slightest bit of matter between your ears you should surely understand that no jamiroquai song that is released from now until the end of time will ever sound like anything on EOPE or ROTSC. The last thing Jamiroquai need to be is a parody of themselves, they release an album and move on. If you've spent the last 15 years of your life waiting for an acid jazz record you're a fool and nowhere near as in touch with the band as you might think you are. Seriously, it's just boring, unnecessary and above all else childish. Go away.


hope "rock" means something like "the kids" / "deeper underground" and not more u2-style-crap like rdls...

they should release the remaining 7 tracks as b-sides, always bought the singles with extra tracks, got tired of all these house-remixes...

@ RC

You're totally right and I would never expect them to make that same old sound anyway... they are always creating something new and I really love all the albuns (even Dynamite)... I just don't like to hear that they're going to do something Rock as "Radio" and "Rock Dust Light Star" are not the type of tune that many Jamiroquai fans like.
Welll, I'm gonna wait for the album and hopefully we will end up laughing of all this situation when we get some nice stuff on our hands.


Rock Dust Light Star is like a previous Jamiroquai song: SCAM! :D

I just listened to WKR on BBC and I could not keep myself sitting (in at work glued to my desk). I thought it sounded relly great and only made me hungry for more.

Rememeber what Jay was saying at Jazz Cafe in 2007 ? Remember all these statements that this album will be "back to roots" of Jamiroquai.. Jay is a Lier !!!

@FunkEducation I pity you, young man. Go play in your little 90's time machine sandbox.

Have people listened to the interview before posting a comment on here ? Maybe biased but the feedback to the single was the most positive I've ever heard on a first play. As for the album's style he back tracked over the "rock" comment.

I understand that some fans may be disappointed with the way Jamiroquai's sound has evolved, but really and truly that's out of fans' hands. Jamiroquai must be doing something right to get a reaction like this. As for "moving on", Madonna has done it, so did Michael Jackson along with other successful musicians /artists. Jamiroquai need their freedom to create music which is why we love them so much! Personally, I enjoy reading everyone's views, it's a healthy debate. Although I must agree with RC when s/he writes that "If you've spent the last 15 years of your life waiting for an acid jazz...." (not the fool bit though ;)) You never know, Jamiroquai may have something up their sleeve for the next album after this one. So for those of you who aren't keen on what RDLS will bring, don't write them off just yet. I certainly won't :)

MORE ROCK!!!! YES!!!! YES!!!! YES!!!!!!!
Brilliant news, and I can't wait.

Once the album will come out alot of apologize are going to be made ;) Blue skies will change everyone's opinion wait and see ..

"My point is: the general populace might actually learn to appreciate proper music more because of WKR, so there may be some merit to JMQ diving into the mainstream so heavily with this track."

I couldn't agree more, Jeroen. This is what I am hoping as well. I listened to the recording of the interview, and the songs they were playing in-between were AWFUL. (As is most of the mainstream music these days; I don't care if I sound like an old curmudgeon!) And yet I can hear *some* contemporary elements in WKR... the synths in particular. So I truly hope that this song was intended as a "foot in the door", to draw people who may not have even HEARD OF Jamiroquai (e.g. most of the US), which will lead them to listen to some of the group's other, stronger material.

Anyway, thanks for posting the interview for those of us who were unable to listen live. Peace!

Jamiroquai fans of new and old. Get on youtube and listen to what nick has posted (friends) (funky Seven) 1993 line up. WOW... as raw as it gets and a great alternative to this crappy "NEW" jamiroquai sound (that every other over produced bedroom teeny bopper band throws out)! Anyway, Jamiroquai was over a long time ago, feels like it's just Mr Kay now with some session muso's who happen to write pop songs for him!

When you consider the hard work that goes into the intricate music that Jamiroquai continue to make, I think claiming Jamiroquai sound like 'every other over produced bedroom teeny bopper band' is crazy. Try telling that to Jay and the boys after the hard work they continually put into their music.

@Malerva I will buddy, i will..! ;) i will surely have a best time ;) but I believe those old tunes have had more impact in hours than those things they've released! the funk is over! PERIOD

I loved the interview! It was nice to hear what's been up with Jay and info regarding the new CD. I am looking forward to it's release so very much. I have been loving the style of Jamiroquai's music since they began, I have never been disappointed by any of the previous CD's. Jamiroquai's style will always remain Jamiroquai's - that has never changed. The only band that sounds like Jamiroquai is Jamiroquai, this is including all the unique nuances that each individual CD has-wether it be "disco" or "Rock like" or "Acid Jazz Like" ""Brass" "No Brass"-the sound remains Jamiroquai...which is why this band is tops! There is no one like them and never will be; and I look forward to every word and sound coming off this new album and all the emotions it will take me through as every CD before has and every CD after will. Each CD is a journey into the current world through music through the eyes of each member of the band and I can't wait to ride, we have so few REAL gems left in the music business, I prefer to treasure those we still have:-)

Mocha, absolutely bang spot on. Fantastic post, thankyou!

@FunkEducation. We all understand your point of view, and we accept it. However there's a small inconsistency in your arguments. This site is from 2010, you don't belong here according to your little 90's sandbox where you live in.
It's a little irritating having someone constantly splashing dirt everywhere. Is like a bad football player.

@FunkEducation: coming out of the closet might be complicated, but that does not allow you to spread sh*t against the band.

I second Zed's comment. Well said Mocha!!!

I do think you are harping on about nothing, things may have been said about the old acid jazz style of music but he needs to sell records and make money and the more updated music he is producing is going to sell better than his old stuff, he cant just please his old fans and they are a limited section of his selling market. I work in a college for teenagers and they are all talking about the record having never talked about jami before, thats good news as it reaching out to a new fanbase. I thinks its a positive step that should be congratulated, it might make it into usa for once and make him a truly global artist. And old fans dont judge the music from one song, there are 12 if not 13 to choose from.

What do some of you think? If you vent your frustration that jay is going to change the album for you. Maybe 5 of you on here do not like it. 5 less albums sold. Boo who. Who cares. Only negative comments come out. Positive comments do not get posted as much because what is expected from the band usually gets no comments except from die hard fans. So don't buy the album you damn cry babies. But I know this album will go platinum like all other albums they have made. That's why they make music, to sell it, so they have to evolve with times

wooww!!, i cant't wait to hear it!!!!! :D

I can't get White Knuckle Ride out of my head, once I heard it. I think it's a beginning for something beautiful. I don't get all the negative vibes people get out of these new songs, but that's just me. Rest assured, as long as the band is happy and satisfied with the new album, I will most definitely be happy and satisfied with the new album. I have nothing but humble respect and appreciation for the hard work and creativity in their music. Only 2 more months to wait: be patient and review the album only once you've heard it :)

#7 now on the Dutch iTunes chart...

Driving by the lake near Montreux this evening, radio Chablais (a local swiss station) played WNR .I was so surprised and felt like stopping and dancing! It went well with the lovely scenery and the evening sun on the lake.Perfect and it came over really funky and cool.Love it.Can't wait for the rest,love Pippa.

@Pipa You sure are one of the luckiest human beings today. Lake Geneva might be one of the most beautiful places in Europe. That combined with listening to WKR whilst watching the sun going down (wich also is absolutly beautiful at Lake Geneva, especially in Montreux) must have been a perfect moment!

Hi Trapilon,yes,I was lucky to find work here (long hours in a hospital) but a lovely place to live.Hope Jay and the boys return to Montreux Jazz soon-it is a great festival.Is anyone going to Basle (it is quite expensive)? love Pippa.

Went to see Incognito at the Jazz Cafe a few weeks back. What can one say : these guys have not lost the funk/jazz vibewith songs like 1975 and calaborations with the likes of Chaka Khan etc. Compare this to the waste of space that Zero 7 produced recently after seeing them at the Roundhouse.
I'm not living in a time zone as there is always room for acid/jazz/funk vibe but when someone says they are going back to their roots ie EOPE and says that their new album is going to be like the Rolling Stones alarm bells are ringing! For those making excuses that Jay needs to sell records and this is why he has gone down this route need to look in the mirror and ask why they follow Jamiroquai. After Dynamite Jay owes it to his hard core fans who have followed him from the start to deliver the goods as we were led to believe his last few albums were just produced due to contractual agreements.
I've not heard any of RDLS but hoping he has kept his word and followed the likes of Incognito and Brand New Heavies as he knows but probably won't admit that if RDLS (great title by the way) is like Dynamite he won't be satisfied as he is at the end of the day a funk man.
I admire the majority who refuse to criticise JK but everyone is entitled to their own opinion without being slated for doing so.

Serpico, while I respect that you prefer the older material, Jamiroquai owe you nothing; This idea that fans have some sort of Divine Right to another EOPE or ROTSC album isn't on. I'll answer the question, why I follow. I've followed them since October 1992, as a child, and love the first two albums as much as the self-proclaimed 'hardcore', in fact they're my favourite albums, ever. However, I wouldn't want another EOPE or ROTSC for reasons I mentioned elsewhere. I follow them for numerous reasons. I thought Jay was a cool dancer, and I loved the disco and jazz elements of the early work. I grew up with lots of disco, alongside a bit of rock and pop music on my radio. I admire his passion for music and raising awareness on topical issues. As I got older, some of the lyrics rang true, and I discovered other genres through listening to them; When I was old enough to go to clubs, I appreciated the remixes more and made some of my best friends through love for house music. Curiosity has allowed me to listen to other stuff, classical, rock, soul, hip-hop, even a bit of much-maligned pop from time to time... and I feel better and richer for it. When I hear the first two albums, I don't pigeon-hole them as an Acid Jazz group, because I can hear different things. You are wrong when you say the next album will be like the Stones- Jay cites them as one of many influences on the album. He said something about acoustic tracks on AFO, too- 3 songs at the most!! There's a difference. While I would love another throwback or 2 (we get this already), I welcome the new direction, and believe the new album will be all the more compelling for it.

less Disco...More Rock ? *Sigh*

I´ve been reading the comments and it´s funny how the "old stylers" are being so offended by the mainstream type of fans that "respect the need of change", "so disapear you crying babies". Why are you so hard on old schoolers? Don´t they have the right for an opinion? Do you even know how much money and love this people gave to the band? Probably more than you all will give in your whole life. Besides, have you forgot what bandmembers have been telling us in the last 4 years? I don´t think nobody here is criticizing the choices of the band, obviously they are free to do whatever they want, BUT THE FACT THAT THE BAND FOOLED US AGAIN. Obviously repeating over and over "it will be jazzy", "it will go back to old sounds", creates a lot of expectations on us!! So, haven´t we got the tiny right to be pissed of for being massively fooled again? Show a little respect and comprehension for disappointed fans, especially you RC!

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