Listen to the Monarchy remix of White Knuckle Ride

Added on Saturday 28 August 2010, 07:19 (UTC)

Monarchy, one of the artists who have remixed White Knuckle Ride have posted a link on their official Twitter feed to a website where you can listen to their remix of White Knuckle Ride. 

The legality of all of the links and downloads of the track that are all over the net right now is really confusing.  If the track is officially available in France on download stores why are they still selling it if other countries are not?  Perhaps the 'real' promotional effort will take place nearer the album release with the single Blue Skies, or maybe this 'leak' was all part of the master plan by Universal to get people talking...

Hopefully things will be come clear and we'll get official news of the vinyl and digital download details soon.

I pondered over posting the above link but with Monarchy and Jamiroquai on the same record label and with their official Twitter feed linking to the post then I guess its not a problem...

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Legal or otherwise, a lot seems to be happening in Jamiroland at the moment. Thanks for keeping us updated, David.

The Penguin Prison remix is on myspace:

I just acquired the goods and I must say that these are good 2010 remixes! Keep 'em coming!

Both remixes are brilliant, real disco floor fillers.

btw, the actual track has been leaked on youtube...

David, can't you just call Jay and confirm? haha. I mean, honestly, without this site so many of us would be in the dark. Jamiroquai owe a great deal to you. Sure, I'm a mega-fan, but I found out about the new album (and a lot of other things) first through Thanks for all your hard work. And as long as I'm hearing new tracks with Jamiroquai on it, I only care a little if they're legit or not. :)

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