White Knuckle Ride is 3FM (Netherlands) 'Mega Hit'

Added on Saturday 28 August 2010, 17:59 (UTC)

3FM radio in the Netherlands has chosen White Knuckle Ride as their 'Mega Hit' for the coming week.  This means that the track will be played at least every hour on the national radio station.

If you've heard White Knuckle Ride on the radio then feel free to tell other fans where the track is being played.

Credit: Rene, Natalie

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How I wish British Radio Stations did this... we don't hear enough Jamiroquai on radio, and even when we do, the DJs knowledge doesn't extend beyond the David Morales mix of Space Cowboy and anything on Travelling Without Moving. It's shocking.

@ One Winged Angel

Wow, this is a shock to me...
Your statement perfectly applies for (here in) Brazil but I thought they were more present in the UK as they were the 3rd most sucessfull act of this country in the 90s.
It makes no sense.

Fernando, it's true that they were the 3rd most successful British act in the 90s (after the Spice Girls (paled into insignificance) and Oasis (now split up, and there were better British mainstream indie/rock bands out there...)). But Jamiroquai are still going strong, and they'll still be around in five years time, unlike some of these Idol contestants they prefer to play. I really do think that they're undervalued in this country. I also believe that mainstream DJs need to be braver when selecting music to play to the masses. The industry is a sad state of affairs when Jamiroquai songs are shelved in favour of garbage like Bieber, Akon and Gaga.

on youtube lol

I'm so happy right now. I live there, and 3FM is instantly become my favourite station!

Well, i live in the Netherlands, listen to 3FM all the time on my work and so hear Jamiroquai Mega Hit all day. Wich made me realize HOW MUCH I MISS THE JAMIROQUAI FROM THE FIRST 2 ALBUMS!!!! Man, i have had it so much with this disco-crap....

In argentina is being played in the radio Aspen Classic 102.3 ;) today i heard it

I feel ya kearress

Quality tune looking forward to hearing the rest of the album

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