London date announced - Kentish Town - 20 October

Added on Thursday 26 August 2010, 16:20 (UTC)

Jamiroquai are performing at the HMV Kentish Town Forum in London on Wednesday 20 October.  This is part of a series of gigs to promote the Q Awards 2010.

For details of tickets, which go on sale from 30 August please see the Q website.

According to my records the band last performed at the Forum in November 1996 (eek, 14 years ago!).  The band played there two nights back to back and I remember buying tickets for the first night and then winning tickets on the radio for the second night.  Good times...

Credit: Jamitaly

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:) :) :) !!!

I....AM....THERE! The chance to see them again, after Debut gig, is toooo good to miss! Bring on Rock Dust...

Lovely venue!
But it's gonna be a bit strange to hear all the new stuff (well, hopefully!) before the release of the album!

this was the old academy as they used to be Carling, right David ;-)

Russ: I'm not sure. I know it used to be the Town & Country Club. It probably turned into a Carling venue at some point as well, and now it seems to be an HMV venue! Bizarre.

Oh Yeah, T&C clubs! i went to one in Leeds to see them, still got the ticket :-)

it's whoever is promoting at the time.

Oh Yeah, T&C clubs! i went to one in Leeds to see them, still got the ticket :-)

it's whoever is promoting at the time.

Cant wait now!
Just around the corner my place!!!! beep beep!!!!

any idea of the price?

Bosh! Tickets sorted!

tickets booked! gonna be awesome, second jamiroquai gig this year for me after Hard Rock Calling :D

And its a tiny venue HURRAH! YESSSSS! GREAT STUFF!

Cant stand stadiums, where the artist is the size of a gnat from a football pitch away..might as well watch the DVD. Its all about the music, none of the gimmics!

Nice one Jay and the lads! Keep up the good work!
am sure you'll play a blinder!

I got up in the middle of the night to buy my ticket - I am flying to London from U.S. to attend this gig. Cannot WAIT!!

Jeez 'fresh era' I that I was showing dedication coming down from Merseyside!

Whoa! where are you guys buying tickets from I can't find any on sale yet?

I have been trying to order tickets for the last 2 days, the website keeps saying there is an error- surely it hasn't completely sold out yet? If anyone has a successful method on how to obtain a ticket please share with a fellow fan!

I just did a Q awards jamiroquai google search and the results should help you go straight to the "puchase tickets" part of the relevant website. Hope this link works.

Ordered my ticket...but don't even know if my boss will allow me the days off ! She's on holidays and returns on the 9th, cross your fingers !

I'm going! And I don't even know where it is! :D

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