Jamiroquai to perform at AVO Session in Basel, Switzerland

Added on Wednesday 25 August 2010, 12:35 (UTC)

The website of the AVO Session series of concerts has just announced their program for 2010 and Jamiroquai are listed as one of the acts performing in Basel, Switzerland.

According to Jamiroquai are set to perform on Friday 22 October alongside Roy Ayers.  Tickets go on sale on 1 September.

This date has not yet been confirmed/listed by but this is normally the case with festival-type concerts - the event promoter will announce the date first and then will later list the gig on its website.

From this I'd strongly suggest that there's plenty more dates to be announced over the coming days and weeks...

Credit: Jamal Regragui

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I'd like to thank you guys tha make this place so full of great news!Thanks for it!Cheers!

Lily, Suzie - one for you!!!!!

Gah!!! My family will be here from Australia and we fly out at 6am the next day for Spain! This is *so* not fair!!! :(((((

LilyJ - What?! Change your flight immediately! Remember Roy Ayers and his "coochy, coochy, coo?" he did for us? How can you resist? :) I was seriously considering it, but work does come first for me this year. Am pretty gutted though - would love to go back "home"!

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