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Added on Tuesday 24 August 2010, 16:54 (UTC)

Before each album is released there is normally some promotional text that talks about the album, how it was recorded, what it sounds like etc. etc.  Well, some of the international Universal Music sites are starting to put this album information online (such as Universal Music in Portugal - where the text is in English).

In addition to the text, there's some new pictures being used (see here, and here). We also now know of two more tracks that are (as good as) confirmed to be on the album - I've Been Hurtin' and Goodbye To My Dancer.

Feel free to post links to international translations of the text for our international readers. To get you started, here's Portuguese and German.

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if you go to and paste the browser link in the box, it will translate the page for you. Pretty cool.

that translate page doesn't work the best for the German Text, but when they quote Jay you can make out what he says...Pretty interesting.

Same news on polish Universal music website:

...and they say that new album will be promoted by two singles "White Knuckle Ride" (will be first) and "Blue Skies".

That was a very good read. It is nice to hear what some of the inspirations were for the coming album. I also look forward to the new direction Mr. Kay wants to go in - video sounds wonderful. There is so much to look forward too! I can't wait! Massive hugs-love and respect to the whole of Jamiroquai.

on the universal india facebook page it says the WKR video will be shot at the end of thos month ;-)

Love the article,things are making more sense now! We are about to be attacked by a meteorite in the form of there new album,picking up speed to hit us soooon. Was lucky to see them in Hyde Park and Paleo.Still hope to meet up with you guys at a future gig.And love Jays new hat -he looks great.He is one of the pioneers in celebrity hats!love to all,Pippa.

Love the article,things are making more sense now! We are about to be attacked by a meteorite in the form of there new album,picking up speed to hit us soooon. Was lucky to see them in Hyde Park and Paleo.Still hope to meet up with you guys at a future gig.And love Jays new hat -he looks great.He is one of the pioneers in celebrity hats!love to all,Pippa.

Why has it to be Portugal?(..darn always late violinist..)

An interesting read from a gifted and unique fellow! Be blessed Jay!

I've Been Hurtin'? Goodbye To My Dancer? Those are two of the worst Jamiroquai song titles I've ever heard! They both sound like ballads.

What happened to song titles like Stillness In Time, Virtual Insanity and Canned Heat? Just from the titles, you knew they were great songs. The confirmed titles on the new album I'm not too sure of.

I hate to say this, but it looks like this is going to be the worst Jamiroquai album so far. Unless they can prove me wrong with some proper Acid Jazz/Funk and horn sections!


'Aaargh' hehe yeaa i ve been huntin and goodbye my dancer :P??? sounds very weird as song names even Rock dust light star and white knuckle ride :P but I loveeddd white knuckle ride .. cant stop listening to it :D

Agree with AAARGH. We need an oldschool album!

How can you pre-judge an album just by glancing at the song titles???? Why not wait and HEAR the album before you proclaim it to be "the worst Jamiroquai album so far".Stop being so negative!

note to Zender era Jamiroquai fans: The Band will NEVER sound like the old school acid- jazz Jamiroquai .NEVER.So give up building you expectations on every new album only to complain it doesn't sound like 1993 Jamiroquai. Just listen to you bootlegs from that era and call it a day. And on the subject of song titles : "I've been hurting" and "Goodbye to my Dancer" sound just as ridiculous as"Use the Force", "Music of the Mind", and "Alright".

Be patient guys! Don't shoot him down! Don't be unfair with ALL good music He Has given/will give to us!

Jay Kay said this is gonna be an 'organic' sounding album. Based on that promise, I want an organic sounding album!

Aaargh, Wow, just... WOW.

People can judge an album on what they haven't heard, only the title? That's one of the most idiotic things I've ever read on

Airbag, Karma Police, Climbing Up The Walls, The Tourist...

Black Star, Just, Fake Plastic Trees...

Warped, Aeroplane, My Friends, Pea...

Not the greatest of song titles, but those tracks are from Radiohead's OK Computer and The Bends, and Red Hot Chili Peppers' One Hot Minute. So, yeah, if we want to judge material we haven't heard by song titles... I am sick and tired of such knee jerk reactions and negativity before anything and anyone gets a chance.

Also, people who cry about what's 'organic'. As far as I know, keyboards feature on every album, as do electric guitars- If you're going to continue crying, then be consistent. To me, they're real instruments. Real musical arrangements, and the musical purity is retained. But anything with a whiff of house or electronica, or drifting to a different area of the musical spectrum from acid jazz gets dismissed by some people. Strange, and very narrow minded, from where I'm sitting.

I just want a new alb!

I'm looking forward to the new album, not going to prejudge by track names. I am excited by the "live" sound that has been talked about in press release.

My least favourite Jamiroquai album is funk odyssey.

You can't judge a book from it's cover! And people are comparing the albums from nearly 18 years ago.We can always listen to past music (I often play stuff from the 70s' and 80's-my era), but it doesn't mean all todays compositions are bad.So-lets move on ,me again,Pippa.

I can't get my head round people saying song titles are awful and that those songs are destined to be poor because of their title? What on Earth? I really think there are a lot of fans that need to accept that the times have changed. Jamiroquai are not going to make another album that sounds like EOPE or TROTSC. It's just not going to happen. Bear in mind that the band line-up is very different from those earlier days (Jay is the only ever-present!) and that has an effect on the music. I agree with Jammy, if you're not happy unless the album sounds like 93-97, you might as well listen to bootlegs from that era and move on.

..most making ofs are not so easy to fake

Great read... very compelling and well-written! Kudos to the writer, and of course to JK and his cohorts for the vision and sounds.

I CAN'T WAIT to hear the finished product, especially after reading gems like this below. Just as is the case with most of their music, this sounds right up my alley. :-)

The epic first single, sun-kissed Californian ballad Blue Skies, with its lush string arrangement and emotive vocal, and I’ve Been Hurtin’ (Led Zep riffs meets Donny Hathaway vibes), both showcase a new side of Kay’s voice. The recording of the latter, a brilliantly minimal song, with electric guitar and electrifying voice trading licks, “was the classic half-a-bottle-of-Scotch, 60-fags-at-two-in-the morning job. It works!”

Thank You, Daniel. I raised a similar point about the band's line-up in a different thread.

Denise, I was loving the sound of that, too!!

One Winged Angel - great minds think alike! But its a valid point isn't it. While I will always respect other people's opinions, the amount of negativity surrounding the new album, because it probably won't sound like the earlier albums, is getting a bit tedious now. I think we need to accept that, as with the majority of bands, Jamiroquai's sound has changed and moved on over the years! I can't name one band that I like, whose sound after 5, 6, 7 albums, is the same as their first 2. It just doesn't really work like that. I for one can't wait for the new album! :)

"When you gonna learn, that something's going on...."
"When you gonna learn, that something's going on...."
"When you gonna learn, that something's going on...."
"Gonna learn, gonna learn too late, yeah..."

Come on, family! Be cool! Jay and the boys have YET to lose a step. Learn something new! It's good for your mind, body and soul. Peace and blessings.

Daniel, it is a valid point. Radiohead never did another OK Computer or The Bends (as mentioned above), but for me, Kid A, Hail To The Thief and In Rainbows are pretty damn good. RHCP have moved away from their 90s sound (worlds away, in my opinion), but I don't hear other fans turn fire on them like they have Jamiroquai... The only thing there, is that the line up in both of those bands has mostly been the same. So, it shows that it is natural for bands to move on. The human way is such, that we crave new challenges and have a sense of curiosity and adventure. In music, any walk of life, the same applies to our creative instincts- Why, then, should the fans deprive them of this for another 90s-sounding album? I think there are plenty of gems to be found after Travelling Without Moving (which is actually my least favourite album), if only fans could open their ears.

If they did try to do another EOPE or ROTSC, then every track would be compared unfairly against those albums, instead of appreciated on its own merits. Apart from that, that album would be forever in their shadows, if not branded an imitation. So, they're damned either way. Equally as important, EOPE and ROTSC would be taken for granted (if they aren't already), because too many fans think they have some sort of God-given right to have another 90s-sounding album. They don't. Glad to see someone else is positive about the new album :).

Well if all else fails, they could try a cover version of John Cage's 4 minutes 33.

Id call it 2 minutes 57 (funk remix) (lol!)

Here's the Classical version for inspiration - pure genius!


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