Paleo Festival concert video online

Added on Monday 26 July 2010, 22:38 (UTC)
A full pro-shot video from the Paleo Festival concert held last Friday in Switzerland can be watched online at the website.
Credit: David Mahieux, Anna Hornostaj

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OMG is there any way to get this into a computer? Meaning MY computer of course ^_^

OMG full concert, nice nice nice, amazing


Awesome ! got to find a dvd version of this

You wouldn't go far wrong if you had a look at the search and find forum at A link to the video download can be found there.

Video was now deleted from the daily motion website :( I was about to rip the ebst audio ever! :(

i took an MP4 form dailymotion (691Mo)... I'll try to put it on megaupload and post the link here

(the MP3 link in megaupload was form this MP4)

Thank you so much 4 this download. I'm still shaking from excitement. I'm not sure if I could handle much more than this. Can't wait 4 this leg to finish to read all the reviews. Forever Funk.

The video has been removed. Does anybody knows where I can see it?

WOOOW guysss jamiroquai has really improveedd liveee :D:D ...Rob harris is doin an amazing jobb on the guitar! its the best line-up i ve seen really !

the audio link is down now

I loved the version of Space Cowboy! Those horns arranged like the mid 90's - so good!

Wow. Triple wow !!! Did you listen to Little L ? What a effin' break !!!!!!

The horns... Oh my god, they've been missed. You can't know how I glad they're back. They even kept the old line on Space Cowboy.

I am one of the many thousands of fans that jamiroquai has and they are my favourite band ever! They have to one of the best live bands on the circuit at the moment...however.... can anybody tell me what Paul turner is doing in little L????? I am all for originality and improvisation, but the bridge section where he puts his own stamp on it is .... (i cant believe I am actually gonna diss anything to do with jamiroquai!), sorry, but this is just utter bass badness!!! it makes me cringe every time I hear it, what is he thinking, I know he tries, but he simply doesnt have the natural flair that zender had!! is it me? what does everyone else think? (and dont just say its good cos its jamiroquai, cos I hated writing that, but that stands out like a sore tooth!!! it needed to be said)

Why is it removed from dailymotion? It was an absolute great concert!!!!! Did someone download the (hq) video??

megaupload doesn't work well... do you know another file sharing website for the MP4 ?

OMG, this has DEFINITELY made my HUMP DAY!!! Thanks for posting this link!

*much love & respect*

check this out..
I think it is a kind of experiment ;)


"I know he tries, but he simply doesnt have the natural flair that zender had!!"

Zender had nothing to do with the Bassline for Little L. Should you be saying, "he simply doesn't have the natural flair that Fiffe had."?

AND they played Just Another Story!!!! One of the best Jamiroquai tunes ever...

Here we go again... the bass-player debate. FFS, who cares? They all had their style, their groove. We all loved Zender: fine, he's left (and we haven't heard much from him, so that's that). Nick got his truckload of critics at the beginning, and earned a lot of respect after all. So now, give some time and credit to Paul.

He tried something different on Little L, and we should be very happy about that. One of the strongest comments that can be made to Jamiroquai in the last years, is the fact that old songs only evolve ever so slightly. So if, for once, finally, a song gets a new twist, should we not be enjoying it, and prasing this freedom which the band are taking?

That's is it svenjick! JK and the family FINALLY HAVE CREATIVE FREEDOM. It's THEIR MUSIC NOW. They don't have to meet a quota or make some sort of monetary reprieve. They have been writing new music for over two years. TWO YEARS OF NU FUNK! Quit bitchin' about the live takes. Let 'em try some new licks! It dosen't hurt to try!

TO ANDY: can anybody tell me what Paul turner is doing in little L?????

YES: I am a bass player myself and it sounds like the bass break on Little L is out of key/tune, I get what he is trying to do, but it does sound kind of weird. I also think it was rehearsed, not spur of the moment jamming. Maybe the whole band thinks it sounded good, who knows? They could have just done it once or twice and not for so long. Then it wouldn't have made such an impact. Of course I loved Zender but yeah he was something else, energy and feeling like no other bass player since. ~J

YOU HAVEN'T HEARD MUCH FROM STUART ZENDER "svenjick"!!!!! He's been working in Mark Ronson's band for years (he's his bands musical director), he's recording his own Funk project "Running Out Of Heroes" with the participation of Bluey (Incognito), Toby Smith, Pete Ray Biggin', etc, and have recently recorded two tracks with Incognito for new album "Transatlantic R.P.M.". So just don't go sayin' nobody hasn't heard anything about him, 'COS THAT'S A LIE!!!! He also got a brand new Signature Bass by Warwick! ;) So go, and check out the news sometimes, 'cos you know nothing! By the way, Jamiroquai sounded nice in that concert! That was just the way I wanted to sound! Finally.... ^^u

I play bass too and but the Little L bass break sounds perfectly in tune to me... perhaps it's the gurgling sound that comes from using a pick to play 16th notes that's throwing people off. I'd also point to Sandriche's comment, it's definitely a sample of an old tune.

To speak to a larger point, the band is probably doing something wrong if they play 2 hr of music and everything sounds a-ok...even if every note doesn't please every listener, it's a lot more interesting to hear the band mix it up than to play the same tunes the same way for twenty years. Like WYGL, what a great chill intro! Made that song sound fresh even 18 years later.

does anyone know what the new track they played is called???

@ FunkEducation: I very happy for you if you've heard hundreds of other albums with Zender, which are all as wonderful as Jamiroquai's first three; I haven't and I can confidently tell you that most people haven't either.

yippie the bassplayer debate is on!
the last time i checked any news about stuart zender I saw some massive racist swearing on his twitter ...
his album " running out of heroes" will propably not come out in the near future...all over I am not impressed ,but honestly, I also don´t care.

Watching this concert made me fall in love with Jamiroquai all over fresh! so much fun to watch, and thight as always!
and for the bassline in Little sounds fine to me and i totally agree with the post of tahoe! I am glad that they are evolving...keeps it all interesting and exciting :)!

@ jamirokev: the track is called " Rock Dust Light Star"

its a shame that some of u still say bad stuff about jamiroquai :S. Specially nw ... the last concert was the best thing i ve seen from them .. better than montreux , verona ,woodstock and stuff .. i love how the guitar is dominating ! and about the stuart thing come on guys that was 13 years ago hahaha.

I agree, Move on. Look forward to the New Album. I know I am.

There is one thing I forgot to say about this new bassline in Little L: it sounds wicked when played loudly, as it was at Paléo.

I have been known to take sides when it comes to Jamiro bass players but no more. Respect for all.

someone commented on that bass line's taken from a song by the band Pleasure. it does sound a bit out of tune with Little L, but it isn't horrible.

Classic gig. Bringing on Matt Johnson and restoring the brass section may be the two best decisions JK's made this decade.

Highlights for me were Light Years, Little L, and When You Gonna Learn. Hoping for another North American tour. These guys have improved from what I saw in Boston back in 2005 (although that show was GREAT).

I'm in New Mexico now, so I reckon I'd have to boogie to Denver or LA if a tour arises. Unlike Bugs Bunny, they're not taking the left turn to Albuquerque :P

Props to everybody that uploaded the show.

amazing stuff, breathtaking old/new versions, can't wait for the new LP

this is the best they've sounded in years - going back to some of the classic songs, the horn section is great, and the backing vocals are used to maximum effect. jay sounds really good too. looking forward to the full tour.

Tahoe said: "it's a lot more interesting to hear the band mix it up than to play the same tunes the same way for twenty years. Like WYGL, what a great chill intro! Made that song sound fresh even 18 years later."

100% agree

As I expected, everybody has took my comment far to much to heart! I am a bass player myself and I look upto all jamiroquai bass players past and present. When I referred to zender having more flair and originality, I meant in general not in this particular song! (it is fairly obvious zender didn't play on this track - 'wildfire' - if you are going to make comments, then try not to sound like a 10 year old girl!!)

There is no doubt Paul turner is an unbelievable bass player, but that part is so badly out of tune and horrible to listen to, let's call it jazz, it is far from being a funky bass line!

Andy: My feelings as a musician about the Little L 'pleasure bass'-part: pure genious! Yes, it's a "risky" arrangement (some might call experimental) and does purposely an odd-key feeling to it. That's progressive sound. I haven't been a keen Little L fan, but this performance & bassline = works perfectly!

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