European summer concerts - your thoughts and reviews

Added on Thursday 22 July 2010, 16:04 (UTC)
Over recent days and weeks Jamiroquai have been performing gigs around Europe (and have a few more to go). For those who have been to any of the recent concerts, why not share with other fans the good (and perhaps the bad) experiences - the music, the set list, the lighting, even the weather... by posting a comment on this news item.

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I agree it's a very good idea !
I've been at the Carcassonne live and I have some pics and movies.
I've seen some others movies in Youtube so it should be great to have all the gigs in the same location !!!

I've not been to any of the concerts, but I heard them through the youtube videos, and I honestly think this is their best live sound since 1999.

I first saw Jami in Monaco,2 years ago -a great gig in a beautiful setting and a crowd of 8000 ,so kind of intimate-even met some of the group for a few minutes after .Was in Hyde Park-enormous crowd-very hot and everyone seemed to boil up for them-more than for Stevie W.Amazing energy and talent,but over so quickly and abrupt end.I will be in Paleo tomorrow and they play at midnight.Hope to see some of you,love Pippa. They are the highlight tomorrow.

Went to see the band in Carcassonne and Nimes, it was the first time I got to see them and WOW they blew me away! Even though the setlists were the same (minus the new song they didnt play in Carcassonne), the 2 shows were really different, with a unique vibe for each of them. Met the band, they were so nice!
Couldn't dream of anything more for a 1st experience with them!

Saw Jamiroquai in Nîmes... they were great.. although the crowd was a bit cold..and hard to move (even the French dj before Jamiroquai went on told the crowd they were being lame-- I love France!!)... the band was great and it was wonderful to hear some of the old stuff done live :)
I am really looking forward to hearing some more new stuff.. and can't wait to see them again.

Havent been to any summer festival gigs this year. (Saving the pennies towards a 2nd OU Degree)

Am looking forward to the new album release in October. (Good timing - start of new academic year, students with disposable income for a while!!! and lead in time towards the Christmas market, and pre-VAT increase in January)

Hope Jay and the Guys feel up to doing some SMALL intimate gigs with the new material. Would have loved to have gone to the Debut night in London, thats more my cuppa, rather than huge stadiums, but theyve got to do whats right for them!

Saw Jay Kay at Hyde Park the other week supporting Stevie Wonder. Both acts were superb. Beautiful sunny day. Shame he didnt do Seven Days.

Made it to Paleo-rain had stopped.They played for 2 hours and I was in the front-sometimes the music drowned out Jay,but always like that near the stage-they played all their known hits,and the new song went down well.Jay said we would understand more when the album comes out in -NOVEMBER.Loved this gig-great atmosphere- nice people,good sounds,closed with Deeper Underground.Jay happy and pleased it was cooler than Naples. love Pippa.

Wiesen/Austria - Jamiroquai arrived in the afternoon and they watched incognito as they performed on the festival too. They opened at 11pm with revolution. After rock dust light star , jay claimed - as excuse or as explanation that "everything makes sense in the end" in regard of the new album coming in November. The band was in a good mood and performed really good. Only 2 or 3 songs lasted more than 5 minutes , which gave a little "best of" character to the show. Looking forward to a brand-new vibe tour - j

Ohhh!!!! Amazing!!! ;-D

The full Paléo Festival concert is online
Personal feeling: it's all there, but somehow it lacks spontaneity. Still, a great concert. Loved it.

Thank you very much, Svenjick!!!!

my dream : just another story in live...

I watched few clips from Paleo Festival... Is it just me or does Jay look like he's drunk or high? Just wondering... :P

Was at Suikerrock festival in Belgium last night. Outstanding concert, loads of older stuff. Jay was on top form and the band were seriously groovin'
Felt like 1993 all over again!

Jamiroquai @Suikerrock was awesome! What a party!

Yes the gig at Suikerrock was marvellous! The band was brillant, tunes perfect and the sound was incredible: it's to me the best Jamiroquai live I've ever seen!
Rendez-vous in november for Rock Dust Like Star!

Yesterday's gig @ Tienen was 1,5 hour full of big funky grooves & JK is still alive. Perfect newly arranged classic tunes, tight band, new headdress, it was a perfect nite. Unfortunately not playing in the Netherlands, but Tienen was 45 minutes driving from my neighbourhood. JK has to come back quickly ....

Belgium was really special, Jay was giving his all and the band were amazing, sound and set you couldn't fault, Jay constantly tweeking through the show there was a great atmosphere among them (I also attended the rehersal and hyde park) The crowd lapped it up! thanks guys xxxx

Was at the Suikerrock festival and came all the way from the north of The Netherlands. It was my first time ever to attend one of their concerts and it was amazing! During Love Foolosophy Jay even came dancing in front of me!
Next time over here? ;)

The concert at Tienen was superb ! Great sound which we know he likes :) Good vibes and lot's of bass ! Loved it ! And...the international Jamily made it into the national newspaper and on Belgian TV !

Here the set list of concert Carcassonne (19 Jul 10): 01-Revolution 1993
02-High Times
03-If I Like I Do It
04-Virtual Insanity
05-Light Years
06-Little L
08-Hooked Up
09-When You Gonna Learn
10-Space Cowboy
11-Cosmic Girl
12-Love Foolosophy
13-Canned Heat
14-Deeper Underground

Very great concert with an amazing public and a J. Kay in good form. Jamiroquai plays during 1 hour and 35 minutes. It's a bit short, one or two songs in more would have been perfect (as Just another story or Too Young to die).

I went to Hard Rock Calling. INCREDIBLE!

Weather was beautiful! First gig of Jamiroquai I have even gone to, such an experience, so sad I couldn't make it to Suikkerock.. so excited for the tour tho!!

Since I live stateside, I've been unable to attend these gigs, hoping and waiting with baited breath for JMQ to announce a U.S. tour soon. Thanks to the wonders of technology and the kindness of those who recorded and uploaded the shows, I have seen numerous recent YouTube vids. The sound, arrangements, and energy level is SUPERB. It is clear that Jay and his bandmates are giving their all and holding nothing back. WELL PLAYED! I cannot wait to finally see them one day in NY!!

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