Arras Festival performance set list

Added on Saturday 03 July 2010, 17:43 (UTC)

On Friday night Jamiroquai performed at the Main Square Festival in Arras, France.  They performed the following tracks:

  • Revolution 1993, When You Gonna Learn, If I Like It I Do It, Light Years, Cosmic Girl, Black Capricorn Day, Little L, Alright, Love Foolosophy, Deeper Underground
Check out YouTube for some video clips, where it sounds like the band played the 'original' live version of Little L and not the arrangement played in London recently where Paul Turner gave it his magic touch on the bass...Feel free to post your thoughts about the gig, links to audio/video/photos as comments on this news item.
Credit: David Mahieux

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Jamiroquai is awesome... In my opinion they are backing to the best time of THEIR career...


hmmm the setlist is edging back to what they've been performing since late 2006 minus When You Gonna learn and Light years. Shame since Debut was promising (i was there!!!) that they were gonna start changing the set

I put some videos on YouTube of the gig, I'm sorry the videos aren't full but I wanted to clap my hands and say yeah...I'm a newbie on YouTube but hope you like it !
here are the links:
If I like it :
Little L:
(Actually they played as they did in Hyde Park - magic mediator at the end of the song)
Deeper Underground:
Light Years:

I was there. The sound was awesome. Jay played the old stuff but it still kicks ass. The crowd were a little slow on the uptake may be cos they were there for the black eye peas. Jay keep it goin dude.

The link between Little L and Alright is tight. Nice and (genuinely) funky arrangements, and a joy to see the horn section return from the dead to the live setup. If that sort of writing has made its way into the new material, there's hope...

Light Years!! I'm still trying to Master that Bass line. I cannot wait for the album.

Holaaaaaaaaaaa Mahieux.

Heureuse de que tu profites JMQ dans ta cité

These recent setlists make me wonder why they don't change up their set more. I know they have tried and true songs that they know get the crowds going but they also have many more crowd favorites that they don't play. If it were my band I would change it up every night. There is nothing better than going to a show especially one of your favorite bands and having no idea what they are going to play. It's why all of these jam bands are so successful. Every single night is different. Jamiro easily has the talent to do that.

Paul's magic touch on the bass in Little L is a bassline from a Pleasure track - 'Nothin' to it'

I completely agree with Marley... mix it up! Other than that, I'm loving what I'm hearing so far & can't wait to see Jam in the States!

I completely agree with Marley... mix it up! Other than that, I'm loving what I'm hearing so far & can't wait to see Jam in the States!

Nice catch on the bassline, Russ!

Thanks for the info, Russ!

When is the album title, exact date, and tracklist gonna be revealed?...

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