Rock Dust Light Star video clip from Debut London gig

Added on Friday 02 July 2010, 19:04 (UTC)
Jamiroquai - Debut London - 24 June 2010
Jamiroquai have posted a short video on their YouTube channel showing some footage of the band performing new track Rock Dust Light Star at Debut London on the 24th June.  Towards the end of the video there is a little footage of Jay preparing and walking out on stage at the Hard Rock Calling concert that was held two days later in London's Hyde Park.

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great video... too bad the song sucks :(
heared it many times and it fails to grow on me...
reminds me of some boring u2-track...

Brilliant footage, brilliant track. Guitar and keys are more than doing it for me.

Firstly, I was lucky enough to see the Hyde Park gig... I was one of the best if not the best gig I've ever been to. Jamiroquai we're absolutely superb, possible the most I've enjoyed one of there gigs. My girlfriend came along and is now a converted fan. The old stuff was sublime... the arrangements, JK, the band... all brilliant.

Secondly, I've just listend to Rock Dust Light Star (short recording from Debut London)... I think it's brilliant - very catchy and a sure sign the album will be brilliant. I love it.

as a Jamiraquai fan I feel I would need to hear more to make an informed opinion lol from what I heard its sounded great.

Yeah this recording makes the song much more real to me and i cant wait. when i heard the intro posted last week from the gigs, that intro on the keys man is brilliant! This little video made the whole cd so epic for me. i cant wait!!!

freaking brill. major. bring on the album.

This is a brilliant promotional teaser video!!

I like this version (album version?)Jay kay's voice is remarquable here. We'll have to wait now...

Album version is absolutely great!! Btw.. just want to share with people who said this is a rock song: The fact that the word "Rock" is inside the title doesn't mean it has the sound of a rock song!

I can picture this song being well-received by Red Hot Chili Peppers fans. To avoid turning this into a matter of level of quality, let's just say it's style. I don't see how Jamiroquai fans who like the band because of their exceptionally beautiful arrangements, for example, could possibly think of this song as being in the same sack. It's as if they (or he) had followed the same path of almost all rock acts, which is to abandon well-crafted songs in favour of rocking.


Welcome back Sun Warrior...

Whole Lotta Love. X

Agree with Thomas, 100%.

The song in the video is the album version!, you can tell if you hear the live version. So there you are, a little sneak a peak of the album version of Rock Dust Light Star. I simply like the song, i think that its catchy in its own way. Yes its not as funky as i would like it to be, but still i like it. Lets wait to hear the rest of the material.

The Buffalo Man returns!!!!! It's JK style with nu funk! Solid track family! I'm very sure that the 'roots' of Jamiroquai will be fully restored on this release. Can't wait to hear the rest!

Look, I love Jamiroquai...always have and always will. Their albums are very much the soundtrack to my life.

But Thomas has nailed it...the bands 'style' has changed, and as an original fan, I just cannot appreciate what they are doing now.

As soon as I saw the title of thsi track, I was worried. And hearing the song has only added to my disappointment. I really keeping my fingers crossed that the rest of the album has more substance.

Ok, I've liked, loved just about every song they've released...but man...i was so disappointed when i heard this song. This song is bad on so many levels its not funny. I thought leaving Sony was a good thing but it looks like the worst is yet to come...i never thought i would say this but jamiroquai is dead.

Too bad guys!!!
I am one of the biggest fan ever
I am a musician and I know every single note of each instrument but this time, I don't get it :( at all !!!
I 've seen the band live many many times all around the world since 1993
This new song suckc guys !You have to be fair and optimistic
Just hope the rest of the album is totally different from this track
Anyway, I am sure I am gonna enjoy the show in France ( Nimes )July the 21st except this fu..... song

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