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Added on Tuesday 29 June 2010, 22:34 (UTC)

I have just uploaded a selection of photos from Saturdays concert in Hyde Park, London to the official Jamiroquai site (they'll be posted to the Jamiroquai facebook account shortly).

As I've said to some of you in the past I think its really beneficial to get a 'fan' behind the lens at some of these gigs so that we can get some photos of some of the other bandmembers and not just Jay.  Official photo agencies and the press will only take photos of Jay, as that's what people want to see but I believe (and know) that many of you want to see some of the other bandmembers (however, I wish Sola and Derrick could move nearer the front of the stage next time!)

It's a real honour to take photos at some of these gigs and its amazing to see so many familiar faces on the front row of these gigs time and time again.  Thanks for being so nice and friendly to me - especially when I stand in your way taking photos for the first three songs!

I hope you like them... I sure do.

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