Jamiroquai at Hyde Park Calling

Added on Saturday 26 June 2010, 23:34 (UTC)
Jamiroquai - Hard Rock Calling - London - 26 June 2010

On Saturday night Jamiroquai performed a storming set to warm-up a huge crowd at the Hard Rock Calling Festival at Hyde Park in central London.  Performing for approximately one hour in advance of the main act, Stevie Wonder, the band played the following tracks:

  • Revolution, When You Gonna Learn, If I Like It I Do It, Virtual Insanity, Too Young To Die, Little L, Alright, Hooked Up, Space Cowboy, Love Foolosophy, Deeper Underground. 

At the start of the set Jay said that he didn't yet have a picture for the new album cover and wanted everyone in the crowd to be in it.  He then turned round with his back to the crowd - posed for a cameraman and had the whole of Hyde Park behind him in the background screaming and cheering!

The weather was simply beautiful all day - hot and sunny - and the huge crowd were loving it.  I was there armed with my camera so expect to see some photos at in the coming days - but here's a little shot as a taster!

As he left the stage to make room for Stevie Wonder he said that the new album would be out in October...

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October?? :(

didn't they played with Stevie?

Album cover should be Buffolo Man of course. Damn, I guess this means it won't be. Plus October? So much for September...

I mean Buffalo...

The new track is terrible but the hat is terrific!
I'm lovin' it! :D and the paint under his eyes look so amazing! I really loved that! :D

they havent played with steview wonder?????

That's some taster David!

Also, Stevie moved me to tears! Jamiroquai weren't bad either ;)))

jamiroquai should have been the headline act, they were awesome!!!!!

GREAT SHOT DAVID!! wow...he looks a bit like in the COTE video!
so good they have when you gonna learn back in the setlist..i never heard that one live :D

October? I will wait :D

Did somebody film the show?

Buffalo Man must be at the album cover! Anyway, nice hat Jay.

This is what I like to hear about, Jamiroquai playing classic tracks and Jay wearing big hats :D

Stevie was wonderful and Jamiroquai were brilliant as well, so good to see them play again!

I'm gutted Jay didn't do the rap in TYTD but can't have everything :P

I knew i saw the Funkin/Jamiroquai forum lot at Hyde Park yesterday! Front of the queue with all the Jamiroquai shirts on - classic

Isn't that the hat from the "Corner of the Earth" Video?

No it's not the hat from " Corner of the Earth " in my memories the feathers were white but anyway this hat is fantastic.So happy they played when you gonna learn and TYTD ;)Can't wait for October !!

What about Jay's silhouette posing like the Buffalo man, with the crowd behind? That would be an awesome cover :D

they played awesome, the brass just blew me away, so so sooooooooo happy they are fully back live with this, ahhh, revolution live, my wish come true, the original version aswell ^^ it's been mindblowing for sure!!!!

I must say David, you're quite the photographer these days, looking forward to seeing your shots of this one :) It was an amazing gig, amazing! It was so great to hear some of the old tunes, and I hope the brass section is around for the long term. I kind of wish I'd gotten closer to the stage but with the weather being so hot Vicki and I decided to take in the view and enjoy the music, which was outstanding.

I went to hard rock calling on Saturday night to see jamiroquai and they were excellent, I am a fan but I was bitterly disappointed when Jay came out into the crowd to watch stevie wonder and didn't have anytime for a quick photo, he and his mate were rude in dismissing anyone who wanted to show their appreciation.
Jay...your music is spot on but don't forget about the people who put you in that privilidged position.

OK, from what I have read and heard from some fellow fans, Jamiroquai supposily performed a 2nd new song, during their warm-up session leading up to their Hard Rock Calling gig, entitled 'Goodbye To My Dancer'. This 2nd new song is also listed on scans of the setlist from the Jami DEBUT gig, but appears to have been unplayed due to the 'can only play one new song' Mercury Records thing that JK mentioned. If anyone reading this, attended the HRC gig, could you please confirm that this new song was played. Any info about this would be greatly appreciated. Cheers! (Did you hear it played David?) Sincerely, JamiroFan2000

Excellent photo, David! Looking forward to the rest!

Hi ,made it to Hyde Park but sorry I was incapable of finding you all and I even asked the securities to call out for Jamily! They refused ! Had a great time -loved Jams sounds and Jay full of energy and looking like an Indian chief again-although he lost a feather at one point.Loved james Morrison and Stevie ,naturally. Will I see anyone at Paleo? I will be there,luv,Pippa

It makes sense with an October release date. They will be playing most of the European Festivals until August time,which assists with paying back the advance from the record company. Possibly take September off to rest, put the finishing touches to the album, maybe plan some touring??? October is a perfect lead in time to the Christmas download/cd market

My Dream came true loved jay kay for years and the band finally got to see him blew me way carnt even describe it waiting for new songs in october carnt wait Come on!

I was there and thought Jamiroquai were the best I'd ever heard them - outstanding; the song choices, the arrangements, Jay's voice, everything. I'm sorry Stevie, I think you're wonderful, but Jamiroquai outperformed you and your band.

In fact, I found Stevie rather uninspiring and self-indulgent at times, with his "hilarious" banter with his band mates that were obviously private jokes. He lost the crowd a few times whilst they were "joking around".

Also, how could the organisers have given Corinne Bailey-Rae and James Morrison almost as much time as Jamiroquai? The crowd were uninterested in both. As soon as they started setting up for Jamiroquai there was a sudden rush of people towards the stage and the atmosphere suddenly lifted hugely. When Jamiroquai started there were people around us (who were obviously only there to see Stevie) who commented on how they had no idea how good Jamiroquai are and were blown away.

Just to add, Macca on Sunday was absolutely brilliant.

Why has every post turned into a link?...

Jay kay was excellet at Hyde park looking forward to new album in October.

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