Jamiroquai rock at Debut London gig

Added on Friday 25 June 2010, 00:57 (UTC)
Jamiroquai - Debut London - 24 June 2010

9pm on Thursday 24th June saw Jamiroquai back on stage, playing a warm-up gig at Debut London.  The band were on full form and joined by a three man brass/horn section.  The set list was as follows:

  • Revolution, When You Gonna Learn, If I Like It I Do It, Light Years, Virtual Insanity, Too Young To Die, Little L, Alright, Hooked Up, Corner Of The Earth, Space Cowboy, Cosmic Girl, Rock Dust Light Star, Love Foolosophy, Just Another Story, Deeper Underground.

As you can see there was a new song on the list, 'Rock Dust Light Star' - I'm sure camera phone recordings of this will be on YouTube very soon!

The band are next on stage on Saturday 26th at Hyde Park in London where they support Stevie Wonder at the Hard Rock Calling festival.

UPDATE: Some photos that I took for can be found at

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Jamiroquai Rock??????? Rock Dust Light Star? doesn't sound funky to me ^^u hehe sorry Incognito will be the band for me this year then! haha

I love it! Can't wait to read everyone's review of the funky evening:-)

When you gonna learn? Too young to die? Revolution 1993? THEY'RE BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEAHHHH!! Back to the old school!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks David :)You've made my day.

Cant wait to see them back again!!!!

and the new song!!!! *-*

Great gig, back to the old school arrangements with horn section, great new version of Little L and the new track. Just hope he sings with Stevie on Saturday!

a short clip from the new track:

That sounds nice Tim! :D that's what I said: old school arrangements and horns! It's finally happening! haha lovely!

hooked up, awesome!!

Tim u are a legend!!!
sounds awesome!! lovin´it!

I love the new song! Thank you Tim!

Love the new track!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love this god damn baaaaaaaaaand!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love you all!!!!!!!!!! Thankyou!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hi zed!!!!
are u on facebook!???
hope u are well x


Sounds good!!! Jamiroquai is BACK!!! :)

Holy cow amazing sounds! I'm fresh out of words, this band is tiiiight!

full rock dust light star:

Wow, so many tunes from early years. I've already heard the new tune, and it's great. I've never heard Hooked Up live. I wish I was there...

new song from jamiroquai and japan's qualification to the next round of the world cup. it's a great day!

A couple of videos, I've also got a full version of the new song which should be uploaded soon.

Rock Dust Light Star GREAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT !!!!!!!!!!
great song well back old sound of the jamiroquais!!!


How long did he play for? just over an hour?

Thanks everybody for the links!!!! Much appreciated

Rock Dust Light Star sounds nice, specially the "non-chorus" part. Fresh sounds anyway!!

Hi from Switzerland, I've gone bonkers,but booked last week and arrive in London Saturday,so hope to meet up with some of you.Will you have silly hats on or some sign of Jamily membership?.I am ,by the way of the Woodstock period,ex-hippy,love Pippa.

Pippa: have a look at the Jamiroquai News forum over at There's plenty of people going tomorrow and they'll let you know where they'll be or how to find them.

hey pippa! jamily sign usually is FRONT ROW!

Thanks, will look out for you and sooooo looking forward to it.I see the tubes should be ok this weekend on the London underground (internet site). Love and peace and front row.Thanks for the tip.Pippa

Thanks, will look out for you and sooooo looking forward to it.I see the tubes should be ok this weekend on the London underground (internet site). Love and peace and front row.Thanks for the tip.Pippa


Pippa, if you're looking for people wearing silly hats, then I hope for your sake you don't get entangled with England football fans by mistake.

Hi Sandriche!

Hope you are more than well.
I'm not on facebook, but this track is putting me on something!
Hope to see you, and all, soon. xoxoxxoxooxoxoxoxox

Anyone know why cameramen were there last night? It would be great to see that version of When You Gonna Learn again!

no cameraman were there i bet. just great quality phones and camera doing recordings

don't like that song, not one bit. it's like jay has been neutered..where is the daring, bold music they used to make? this is milquetoast pop-rock twangy crap.

I was there!!! It was AWESOME! Jamiroquai is Back and I can't believe I'm one of the few first that heard the new song!!!
ROCK DUST LIGHT STAR!!! Mixing Rock and Funk this song's prove that the new album is gonna be Legendary!

I took some picture and recorded some songs (they played a lots) included "Rock Dust Light Star" I'll try to put it on Youtube soon!!!

Damn this gig was good!!!

btw they recorded the last song with a cam maybe they'll put on the website soon it was Deeper Underground!

Here's my recordings of Rock Dust Light Star and Just Another Story in full. Enjoy 'em guys!

lucky people who was there… ! hope the set list in Nîmes will be so close to eope… vive JAMIROQUAI !!!!!

Nice hat!

Here are all the uploaded downloads I have put up on JamiroTalk & Jam Party People Forum @ The Official Site of the latest live videos/audio rip from last night's Jamiroquai DEBUT Gig, ENJOY! :

* UPDATE * Here's a MP4 Of Sister Quanna's Space Cowboy live video:
-> />
* UPDATE 2# * And here's what you've ALL been waiting for, Sister Quanna's live video of new JAMIROQUAI SONG 'Rock Dust Light Star' in MP4..Wink THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU MASSIVELY Sister Quanna for this, we are all TRULY INDEBTED to you Wink ...ENJOY!
-> />
* UPDATE 3# * AND an MP4 of the new arrangement of 'Little L':
-> />
* UPDATE 4# * Here are WAV Lossless Audio Formats ( Very Happy Makes them sound EVEN BETTER! Very Happy ) of the new Little L Arrangement & New song 'Rock Dust Light Year', please let me know if any of you are having trouble listening to these & ENJOY! :
Little L (New Arrangement) -> /> Rock Dust Light Year (NEW SONG) -> />
* UPDATE 5# * Virtual Insanity Live Video MP4:
-> /> AND Just Another Story 'Part Of' Quanna Live Video MP4:
-> />

Rock Dust Light Star (Partial Clip) -> />
Rock Dust Light Star (CLEARER AUDIO & VIDEO)
-> />
Space Cowboy (Clip 2#) -> />
Corner Of The Earth -> />

Rock Dust Light Star (High Quality LOSSLESS WAV)
-> /> Rock Dust Light Star (New Song, 320 Klbps MP3):

Thank you JamiroFan2000 XD!!!

i love it how the new track sounds
also, ill check the flickr link
i have a flickr account so that pics will be on the ''musica en directo'' group very soon¡¡¡

yeaaaaaaa jamiroquai is baaaaaaaack
at the same time green day releases a new track called''when it's time''(?)

i feel happy yeaaaaa

Did no one record Light Years?!?! It's only my Favorite Jam Song...

didnt like the new song at all !! :S

Here's all my photos from the gig if you want to check them out.
I was right at the front so managed to get a few really nice shots.

I like the new song, it has nice sounds and a decent beat. It's not as horn influenced as I'd like, and it does sound a bit mature rather than young and full of energy. More a chilled out contemplating tune, something which a lot of musicians get like as they get older. I hope for some fresh horn energy somewhere on the new album...

I hope Rock Dust Light Star is an album track, or something from the 50 songs that they wrote that won't make it onto the album. It sounds alright, but it's nothing special and I hope they're just saving their best material for later.

Nice photos Joe. Thanks for sharing!

My opinion .. The new song is pop-rock, boring and common. C´mon folks, this is Jamiroquai we are talking about, not an average garage band. It´s something to play in the radio and forget about it. Buffalo man should be re-designed sitted on the car driving the kids to school in the morning. Lost your brightness somewhere in the 90´s mr Kay? :S

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