Back on the road... but what do you want to hear played?

Added on Wednesday 23 June 2010, 09:15 (UTC)

Jamiroquai head back on the road this week starting with a 'warm up' gig in central London followed by supporting Stevie Wonder on Saturday night. Rob Harris recently posted on Facebook:

"One more rehearsal day.  Been through loads of tunes.  It's going to be a good summer."

It's likely that Saturday's setlist will be fairly mainstream to please the masses but if you were in charge of the setlist, what would you want to hear at this coming gigs?  Feel free to post a comment with your thoughts here at

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Stillness in time and Falling and Sunny!:)


Just Another Story, it's one they don't play live often

Emergency on Planet Earth.

Has the only time they played 'Everyday' live been on that Manchester bootleg from '97? If so, I'd have them dust that off. Such an underrated tune.

Monica I love falling and Sunny too which have been on my favs at my Harvestplanet twitter account

Shoot The Moon... surely a tune worth more live play than just in Montreux '03?

Space Cowboy!

Mr. Moon!

when you gonna learn
emergency on planet earth
if i like it i do it
soul education

FUNKTION!!!!!!!! Mr. Moon, Sunny, Stilness in time,

new songs!

Just Another Story, TWM, Soul Education (the long version), The Kids and a couple of new songs would be nice.

Just Another Story. And a lot of new songs please!

New songs, an informal jam, whatever floats their boat!

Interesting thought... will they play anything new? Will the record company request that they don't so that it's a big exclusive on radio or something? Whatever they do play on Thursday/Saturday is no doubt going to be recorded on many mobile phones etc. and be all over YouTube within a matter of hours....

Morning Glory, Funktion, If I like it I do It, Scam, Butterfly, Soul Education, All the covers: It's your world, Hollywood Swinging, etc....It's possible they don't have the rights to sing them anymore though.

David, I guess this clarifies to us:

"I am thrilled and excited to be supporting such a luminary as Stevie Wonder, can't wait to see you all there and get to play some stuff from the new album. Love Jay".

plus stillness in time, revolution & the kids

Hooked up, scam, blow your mind, funktion, where do we go from here?
and of course new songs

I won't go, because I'm from Argentina, but if I could go I will want them to play:
-Too Young to Die
-When You Gonna Learn
-Blow your Mind.
-Little L.

So many gems to pick to choose?
1.Morning Glory
2.Wolf in Sheep's Clothing
4.Canned Heat
5.Where Do We Go From Here
7.Time Won't Wait For You
8.Black Devil Car
10.Supersonic...and all the new material!:-)
**One could go on but I will stop there

Many :)
emergency on planet earth
when you gonna learn
mr moon
stillness in time
king for a day
high times
soul education
seven days in sunny june
picture of my life... and so many others ;))

I would be great if they don't end this tour with Deeper Underground! & bring back the horns:)

1. New Song
2. New Song
3. hot tequila brown
4. Space cowboy
5. Where do we go from here
6. New Song
7. when you gonna learn
8. Travelling
9. New Song
10. Starchild
11. New Song
12. Love fool

It would be great to hear tunes that have not been played live, or at least not in the recent years. And more old school tracks from early albums!

1. canned heat
2. new song
3. space cowboy
4. light years
5. shoot the moon
6. little l
7. too young to die
8. supersonic
9. scam
10. radio / feels just like it should
11. Love foolosophy / main vein segue
12. time wont wait
13. corner of the earth
14. travelling without moving
15. seven days
16. cosmic girl

17. mr moon
18. deeper underground

if only lol!

from the latest album i think Dynamite, Time Won´t Wait and Don´t Give Hate A Chance are great songs to perform live!
also hope for Soul Education,Light Years,Twenty Zero One,Blow My Mind and the rest new songs!
will watch youtube all day waiting for first snippets haha

what about signed sealed delivered together with stevie!!!

It doesn't matter, as long as they come to USA soon, preferably NY! With that said, I'd love to hear Mr. Moon, Seven Days, Canned Heat, Cosmic Girl, Stillness in Time, Alright, Love Foolosophy... and most of all, NEW STUFF!

To the lucky ones in the UK.... Have a great time at the shows!

you are my love !!! ;-)

Big day! Go Jamiroquai!
I'll go with Twenty Zero One....or maybe Twenty One Zero?

Rob Harris on twitter: "Hyde Park warm up gig tonight. Hope the new tunes work"

Lovely :)

Great news, David!

What about the livestream idea?

YEAH NEW TUNES!!!!!!!!!!! thx rob!!!

i guess if they had a live stream they would have told us by now..

anyway..there will be heaps of videos up tomorrow on youtube i hope! :D also if the band will hate that

Do it like we used to do. Quality tune.

Looking forward to the new tunes. From the old ones, I'd love to hear Stilness in Time again.

No matter what they play, I just wanna hear horns again. And again. It makes THE difference and all the songs sound different. Definitely. But I'm pessimistic....

Stillness in Time

would love to hear Bad Girls, Stillness in time, light years, if i like it i do it, and the remix version of canned heat they played live.

New tunes definitely! And of course new arrangements on the old songs!

yeah, there's a horn section!:

Horns???Whoohoooo!!!! Anyone know the set list yet?

High Times, Half the man and Butterfly, although I know it's not going to happen.

butterfly !!!!! planet home !!!

Was so pleased that JAS was played at Debut :)

this is a good solution for the summer tour ;-)

1 Revolution
2 Too Young To Die
3 When You Gonna Learn
4 You Are My Love
5 Rock Dust Light Star
6 Hooked Up
7 Little L
8 Alright
9 Love Foolosophy
10 Corner Of The Earth
11 Don't Give Hate a Change
12 Scam
13 Mr. Moon
14 Virtual Insanity

15 Cosmic Girl
16 Space Cowboy

Planet Home, Everybody Going To The Moon, Supersonic, Shoot The Moon, the new track "Rock Dust Light Star" and others rarely live songs of Jamiroquai.

High Times, Scam, Everyday and some new tunes.

Titan/Everybody's Going To The Moon, Use The Force, Traveling Without Moving, High Times (Definitely!), New Tunes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you to Jamal for suggestion You Are My Love, and needless to say . . . SHOOT THE MOON !!! ... because that's stitched into the clothes that I wear and written on my face.

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