Virtual Insanity used in Japanese Cup Noodle advertisting

Added on Thursday 17 June 2010, 22:35 (UTC)

Jamiroquai have been used to promote a few different products in Japan over the years (Sony Minidisc for example) and here's a new one.  Virtual Insanity with some slightly different lyrics is being used to promote Cup Noodles (the same as 'Pot Noodles' in some other countries such as the UK).

The commercial can be watched at the Cup Noodle website or on YouTube.

Credit: Henry Weber

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WOW! "serious" news...:/

Wow that was really bad, all they did is sing over it and flash a picture of the cup over the end! Really bad.

hahaha this was not much creative but certainly was easy money to Jay....

Good to see that they still like it..

I agree - its a very poor commercial.

Pfffffffff... what was that????

With Jay's Agreement ? What can we say...

just buy & eat it or let it be ;)

Just roll credits the Peter, roll the credits.

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