Exclusive London gig on Thursday 24 June

Added on Friday 11 June 2010, 16:10 (UTC)

You may have seen a few days ago at that there would be a 'big announcement' for today (Friday) - well here it is.

On Thursday 24th June, two days before the band play support for Stevie Wonder in Londons Hyde Park, the band will be 'warming up' with their own exclusive gig at Debut in Central London.

The venue has a capacity of around 1000 and is sure to be a hot, sweaty, super funked up return to the live scene for Jay and the rest of the band. Limited tickets for the concert go on sale on Tuesday 15th June at midday (UK time) and full details can be found over at

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Oh geez.....


Seriously..Is it April 1st again? Cause it seems to me we were all fooled.

Well you know, in these world economically strapped times we're ALL in, you would have thought that someone at HQ would have had logically thought the following:

"Whoa, maybe we'll be alienating a large part of the fanbase with this announcement since we're protraying it as a earthshattering newsitem about the world of Jamiroquai, which could or would be about the new album, given the fans have waited for a little new album news for nay of 5-6 years, that is ONLY viable for fans in Europe just to tweeze some more money out of them to see Jamiroquai live.....Naw they are just gullible enough to spend their money....*Click 'Submit' Button on keyboard, sending announcement to update Official Site, smiles and reclines back into chair and whistles Dixie*.


It is good news but as some are feeling, it does feel a bit like false advertising. I really thought the announcement would be about the album, so i'm a tiny bit disappointed. Its great that the tickets are just 10 quid n it sounds like it will be amazing, but i cant get down 2 london for either this or the sat gig so i feel a little bit excluded

I agree... just a false alarm

big announcement' ???????????????? wtf...

@Everyone. I agree, this is by no means a huge announcement. It's going to be awesome when the album dropped, but seriously, they should think twice before pulling this crap off.

not huge...guy who wrote its big news on the official site should be fired...dumbass

what a big anti-climax. Kept checking back throughout the day, only to be left slightly miffed. totally agree with jamirofan2000

Fantastic news!!!!! 1586 days since the band last played together in England.
Keep it coming Jamiroquaiiiiiiiiiiiii :)

That is great news for those lucky enough to live in the area. I like the set up...I love smaller,intimate venues. It would be nice if they do the same when they tour the U.S.

Wow... Big news - Jamiroquai announce a show.... STOP THE PRESS!!!
lol I agree with everyone here. Big anti-climax.



i think it would be a great idea to make a LIVE STREAM of the come back event to share with ALL the fans around the globe.
like in jazz cafe!
how exciting would that be?
i mentioned this on the other sites aswell and hope somebody will read it and maybe consider it!
every fan would be soo grateful! ...that would be a big announcement!

david..will u be there photographing??

i think it would be a great idea to make a LIVE STREAM of the come back event to share with ALL the fans around the globe.
like in jazz cafe!
how exciting would that be?
i mentioned this on the other sites aswell and hope somebody will read it and maybe consider it!
every fan would be soo grateful! ...that would be a big announcement!

david..will u be there photographing??

yes, PLEASE LIVE STREAM the event

I need my Jamiroquai fix with an album. We've already waited longer than between ANY other Jamiroquai album, and still nothing :(


LIVE STREAM!! So we can see you from Argentina!!
haha we still love you, guys :D
but please, announce SOMETHING about the album, a single, anything!

in this recent interview jay says the new albums coming out in september

Hi Ed! WazzUP? Thanks so much for the link and great video by theroadfaster. Must get back to exercising...plan on being a dancing fool this fall. Oh yeah!

JK clearly says the album will drop in September. Straight from the horses mouth, can't get anymore official than that!...


The site isnt working to order the tickets! database server error! ; /

Tickets sold out and its not even midday yet??

whoop!!!!!! got my tickets!!!!!!!!

ok epic fail over here, the official site is down.

what site did you use to get them?

yup, where to buy, rob?

can´t open =(((((((((((((((((((((

bit worried though, it says over 18's only, i'll be 18 in two months though. hopefully they'll let me in lol

does anyone have a direct number for buying the tickets, surprise surprise the site has crashed this is bollocks!


Long time since I've written on here! That was a very diappointing state of affairs. I went to the site @ 11:50 and it was already crashing then, tried on 3 different computers as well. Probably never had a chance :-(

Site down, no tickets as it has now sold out, load of rubbish

Not impressed!!! Like most people was looking forward to the gig but due to epic fail on official site I have no tickets. No doubt they'll appear on ebay!!!

Well I hope they enjoy their warm up gig infront of friends, family, record execs, press and about 12 fans!! I'm not bitter I didnt get a ticket. Honest!!

hey guys, dont feel too bad. i feel horrible now that i got tickets but others had difficulty, look, im sure jay and the boys will anounce a tour real soon :)

am I missing something doesn't it clearly say 12pm GMT surely thats not till 13:00 BST I.E. in 15 mins ???? also where did that link to etickets come from is it really the genuine link?

About to travel to London, I tried to buy a ticket from Argentina and it didn't work. We have had similar experiences here, the tickets will be sold online at 50, 100 pounds soon, be sure of that.

the link came from the official jamiroquai site

I don't think anyone can sell them on ebay etc as you need photo ID matching with the name given upon purchase. Admittedly, pulling names out of a hat may have been fairer and easier on the old web strings but least we have Hyde Park to look forward to! PLUS stevie, THEN an album, PLUS an inevitable tour thereafter! I'm excited, that's for sure

I got my ticket Yesss!!!

@nico there's no need to gloat/rub it in for others that could not get onto the site!!!

They will do a lot of concerts! Don't be disapointed!I tryed to get ticket for a lot of their concerts too! That wasn't gloat/rub! I'm happy because i've never seen them and I've never been to London!!!

see you there nico!

Remember folks, this is a world wide love affair with some funkin acid jazz....there are some savvy computer geeks out there and some lucky sob's out there...and they love to move too. Consider the impact of millions trying to get a ticket...So space yourself and get to any event you can cuz they're all like winning the lottery....especially if you live across the pond. I'm looking forward to the Jamily letting us know how the concerts are and how the music sounds....and you know they'll tells us! You better tell us Nico! We want pics!! :)With your Mug shot too!!!

The main question that should be asked here is whether they will play any new material.

Is it for real or not people ??? And if it is, I will acquire four tickets by any means, if any one wants to make me an offer I can't refuse then FCOL do so immediately - I have cash to squander in the name of Jamily !!!

I'll do and post many pics, don't worry^^
And I'll let you know if they say anything about the new (incoming) album!

(@ Little H: you need photo ID matching with the name given upon purchase. (quoting jakemoore)

Yeah hey! Alright, right now, the new album is coming, after this gig! I can't wait...

Little H - Thank you Nico. I will send copies of all four forms of internationally accepted photographic ID to Jan incase they are needed for ticket procurement. I am starting my journey from Saudi Arabia to the sunny shores of the UK tonight . . . what new album . . . duhh ???

Hi I cant wait for their gig in hyde park :)

Enjoy my friends!!!

(very sad to me, I arrives to London on friday

I had the same problem as everyone else, the site crashed at 11.50 i had the whole office trying to log on, luckily managed to get two tickets , it was a bit naughty they went on sale early. Im soooo excited to be seeing jay & the band again its been way to long. Hopefully will get some good pics to post for everyone, see you there :-)

Nice way to loose fans, terrible pre-announcement and more then that tickets sold before the time they said, thanks God I wasn't planning any gig this year, saved money,saved time.

Hey There!
Sorry to say that, but with this kind of internet sale, it's always the same: it always beggins before the announced time, site always crash, & events is quickly sold-out... That's the way it works.
It's definitively not Jamiroquai's fault. But the "friday announcement" was a mistake, that's for sure, though it was a pretty good news!

Anyway, for those of you who managed to get a ticket: Enjoy! It'll be awesome!

Just thought I'd make those of you aware who are going / planning to go to this gig - there MAY be a tube strike on the day, so please check the for up-to-date travel info.

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