Sudoeste Festival confirmation

Added on Friday 30 July 2010, 11:03 (UTC)

The website for the Sudoeste Festival in Portugal has listed Jamiroquai as performing on 6th August for some time but has not been listed on the official listings by  This was an oversight and the gig is now confirmed.

After last nights concert in Belgium the band now have a few days back home before heading to Portugal for this final gig in the current summer festival tour.

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I was so deeply hoping that they would play at Sziget this year! But now I see that Portugal will be the last gig this summer. Tears will be mine now...

Could have done with an extra date in the UK, Hard Rock was good though!

Portugal!!! Oh Sole Mio!!! Let's dance!!!

Another gig! Oh no!!! Jason looks so tired on this leg of the tour. I hope he gets lots of tlc before the gig in Portugal. He looks like he needs it. He is the most amazing creature on this planet. I'm sending him all my best vibes for quick recovery. Lots of Love. Always.

Lol! have you seen the commercial advertising the gig with some guy dancing cute/clever? click videos !!!
p.s. I thought Jay was the nuts!! Dancing with large headgear, in warm weather, while singing for 1.5hrs he's 40 give him a break. (smiling) what's the average age an athlete retires?....30? and they don't even sing lol!!! Rooney? say no more (smiling).

I agree with nana, but let me just say, J.K. is Mr Dynamite. JAMIROQUAI is going to ROCK in Portugal. I wish I could come along...

i was in nimes 21
nyon paleo 23
monaco 26 27
tienen belgique 29
sudoeste for sure 6 august

love jamiroquai

Hey David,

It's not confirmed yet but according to a site Jamiroquai is coming to Brazil in October to play in a festival along with Snow Patrol and Air. The festival should be called 'Natura About Us' and brought Jason Mraz and Sting last year.

Here's the link:

Now it's confirmed Jamiroquai in Brazil on October 16th

The biggest newspaper in Brazil just confirmed on their website and here are all the details:

The event will be held in Sao Paulo.
They will be the final act of the Festival, which is an open air and will certainly have more than 10.000 people. Tickets will be available for sale on August 9th. (prices start at about GBP 60).

hello i want to say .... to air france i bought my airplane ticket in april paris to lisbon but when i was on the right door d54 airfrance said to me the plane is full get the next i was waiting but the same thing at the next plane

i have missed the concert beacause air france do "surbooking "

next time i will not take this bad compagny that take people like dogs

best gig ever in Portugal, i must say. Well done Jay and boys :)

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