Jay at the Mille Miglia 2010

Added on Wednesday 05 May 2010, 22:31 (UTC)
Jay is one of the drivers taking part in the Mille Miglia 2010 driving event which takes place in Italy between 6 and 9 May.   In addition to a car 'race' featuring 375 classic cars there is a Ferrari connection - "130 splendid Ferraris - built from 1958 to the present - will lead the classic cars in the race down the roads of the route, making the race yet more spectacular."More information and photos can be found at the Mille Miglia website at
Credit: Jamitaly

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All the best to Jay!

Come back to Scotland its been too long x

ok,ok...but what about the new album?

Either there will be an album coming out after those summer dates or there won't be any at all. My personal feeling. Yes disappointed for no real reason but the way they're acting isn't really appealing either. I know there seems to be something on it's way but who knows?

No dates in Germany added? Damn I want to see them live for the first time ever, I became a fan in 2007 and got into all their old music as well.

People, rellax. Don´t forget Jay is 40 now and is reaching a 20 year old career. He worked a lot on tunes and gigs and we got plenty of them. Besides he has got 40M to spend and he quite deserves to have some years on his own. We only waited 5 years for the new album, and on these years they continued to perform. It´s not that bad! Sade fans for example waited 10 long years without gigs, info, tunes, ZERO. Just respect Jay and the boys and their time out. They deserve! Besides life without Jamiroquai is not the end of the world. Moses Mayes, EWF, Delegation, Chic, Simon Grey, Incognito, Groove Collective, Kyoto Jazz Massive, .. Funk&Acid Jazz are out there just search them!

I'd just like to agree with the above comment. Moses Mayes rocks!!!


I agree with PK about Jmq, and also when you says "Funk&Acid Jazz are out there just search them!" this is so true

Well at least the Mille Miglia will keep his mind off Denise's recent news...

Just dipped into Funkin and see that you are all naturally concerned that there is no news about the album. I just want to assure you that it does exist and will come out later this year!
Hopefully it will be worth the wait x

Thanks Matt !!
So nice someone in the band keeping us informed :)
By the way, hit the Rhodes, the Moog and the Clav, forget about computers, keep the essence alive.
Cheers to you ! ...

Thanks for the update Matt!

Good good news from chillington!

thanks matt!!!!

is.. is this true? does it come out on September? I can't wait anymore :'(

Also, Matt rocks (:

Thought it would be in July...=/

Hope you had a great weekend Jay, we followed the route 1 day behind you guys to prepare for our tribute Mille Miglia event next month. You may see some cars about as we're not far from you in Aylesbury !

Hi Scally Rally. It's nice to see a post on here from someone else who is from Aylesbury! Your mini Mille looks like fun. All the best with it!

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