New Jamiroquai album this September?

Added on Monday 10 May 2010, 21:10 (UTC)

If you're a regular visitor to this site and keep an eye on some of the news comments the recent story about Jay's appearance at the Mille Miglia driving event has told us a few things... Firstly Jamiroquai keyboard player Matt Johnson posted the following comment:

"Just dipped into Funkin and see that you are all naturally concerned that there is no news about the album. I just want to assure you that it does exist and will come out later this year!"

Secondly, a link was posted where Jay was been quoted as saying that the new album will be coming out in September of this year.  More discussion (and translations) of this can be found at and also over at  Finally, if you missed it a few weeks ago a quote was posted on Jamiroquai's Facebook page regarding the upcoming support for Stevie Wonder in London saying:

"I am thrilled and excited to be supporting such a luminary as Stevie Wonder, can't wait to see you all there and get to play some stuff from the new album. Love Jay".

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It's the final countdown! :-)

Yay! I posted that :o)
Hey, I hope it's true. Or at least that they come to Argentina soon. You know what would be great? A double album, since they've made so many songs...
Cheers to everyone! :D

Yeah!!! Can't wait. Love you guys.

Well, we've waited 5 years, so what's another 4 months!

Time won't wait for you! Keeps on tickin' away yeah...keeps on tickin' away yeah...

You all can truly be "Light Years" away from Serious Intentions! "When you gonna Learn" to be patient? It's definitely worth the wait, because this album is going to "Blow your Mind." So, don't "Runaway" to another conclusion. Take the time to find that "Morning Glory" that is Jamiroquai. Stay "Hooked Up" on this drug.

Fantastic news! Good things come to those who wait...HOORAY!



(Phew) I can't wait!

i think they should come to austin city limits as a surprise act. i would totally pay the 90 bucks to see them!

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