Jamiroquai in Portugal on 6 August

Added on Thursday 22 April 2010, 13:37 (UTC)
According to festival organisers, Jamiroquai will be performing at the Sudoeste Festival near Odemira, Portugal on 6 August.
Credit: Frederico Malaca, Pedro Guerreiro

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Please, come back to Mallorca! We need you.

Argentina, crazy, Brazil, steamy.

Argentina! Argentina! Argentina!

He´s right about Argentina. If you listen to live versions from Argentina, you really notice the great crowd!

Come to Argentinaaa :D we love you guys, you have a lot of fans here

No worries guys... they will certainly come to Brazil and Argentina.. the crowd is high!!

I'm in heaven, yeahhhh!!!

Kris is right, Argentina hasn't got comparation.

new album?????????????????

When does the new album come out? Do they have a record lable?

Album album album album Album album album album Album album album album Album album album album Album album album album me want!...

Where is it??? I want it too!!!

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