Stuart Zender's AZUR project online at MySpace

Added on Tuesday 09 March 2010, 19:13 (UTC)
Ex-Jamiroquai bass player Stuart Zender, who (many years ago) recorded a number of tracks under the name of AZUR has got the tracks from the project available to listen to now at
Credit: Darryl Martin

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Some tracks like Suddenly, picture of my heart and especially the title track Azur are beautiful!
The full album sounds like voodoo by d'Angelo, Best by far by Omar or Mama's gun by Erikah Badu!

Why Virgin didn't released this album!!

It's a big mystery!

Read the Bio on the myspace page. it tells the story why!! peace

A sad shame, really. Great music, too. Somebody needs to be about music for the people! This is another example why the music industry sucks. So out of tune with what the people want. Period.

Hasn't this stuff been out there for ages? I've had it on my hard drive for like 5 years or something... Is there anything new here or are they the same mixes?

It's all the same stuff (I believe). It's just that for many people there's not been an easy way to get hold of the tracks, and I'm frequently getting emails asking where to get MP3's from of this work. Hopefully it'll stay on MySpace for a long time to come.

hopefully the remastered tracks + ROOH material is coming soon.. I guess he got behind due to his illness.

Does anybody know why Stuart left Jay's Band?

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