Sony still Feels Just Like It Should

Added on Thursday 11 March 2010, 22:55 (UTC)
Although Jamiroquai are no longer signed to Sony, the company are still happily using their music for promotional use.  On the official trailer for the new Sony motion controller called Playstation Move the background music used is Feels Just Like It Should.
Credit: Dave Harrison, Damian Jagoe-Banks, jezkun

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So sad to know that Sony have the rights for jamiroquai (93-06)and...No official DVD live from The marvellous Jamiroquai Tours 93-97 or "recently" Dynamite Tour in 05.
It's a shame!

Sony Definetly RUNAWAY!

Don't people play outside anymore. What's wrong with making cubby houses, real painting, riding a bike (mine was a horse), it's just sad to me. The song is great though, and they probably know it.

Please come to Argentina on 2010! :D

Sony and PS hater, Jamiroquai (the band) and XBOX lover

IDEM Sabrina! We want you in Argentina. (Sorry for my English).

Sony you are a SOB.

this is why prince wrote "slave" on his face! The artist's write the tunes,record the tunes but record company's own the tunes.

Stop hating on Sony for using a Jamiroquai! At least they know which acts they should be proud of.

Sony needs to pull their head out of .... I'm so sorry JK that you can't pull your music back from Sony. Troubling times these are.

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