Jamiroquai at Neapolis Festival?

Added on Sunday 07 March 2010, 09:50 (UTC)

Although no announcement has been made, the website of the Neapolis Festival 2010 is showing a large 'buffalo man' as the background image.

This looks very promising for an appearance by the band at this festival in Naples, Italy in mid-July.

UPDATE (9 Mar): Tickets are now on sale via GO2.


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Discodave will be making a trip down there me thinks!!

i want an album announcement!!

I agree Mike. I don't care about these European festivals - when are we going to hear some new music?? If I don't hear anything soon, I'm going to...oh I don't know...have a big tantrum.

Hopefully after this ridiculously elongated wait it's not going to be a disappointment like the recent Zero 7 offering, or I hear the new Groove Armada album (although I haven't heard it myself yet).

after a few listens, the new zero7 is pretty good. the new female vocalist was just a bit off in the beginning. air was the new album i was most disappointed in.

Nah, I don't buy it about the Zero 7 album. I've tried listening to it in all sorts of difference scenarios to try and make myself like it, but I'm afraid I just don't. I think they're a victim of their own previous superb albums, especially the first two. I haven't listened to Air's yet.

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