Jay purchases a 1971 Citroen convertible

Added on Tuesday 02 February 2010, 09:26 (UTC)
According to a recent story at, Jay has bought at auction in Paris a 1971 DS21 convertible Citroen.  The car was bought for 189,000 Euros.

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No big Deal watevaa

And still no news about the next album...Please Jay stop buying cars and give your fans a GOOD album.

Its aaaalways the same, the only news of jamiroquai is his singer buying cars, and the other members of the band playing solo or building up another band. I think we are in the verge of a "break" for jamiroquai. Maybe its a looong time 15 years and they need some time away from each other. But at least say something about it!

I just got back from the confetti store...on this news.


This car is very Jay! The suspension reminds me of a low-rider. I would like to see it in a video.

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Of course we respect! I consider David as a heroe for bringing us all the updates for almost 14 years... I think we are just a bit inpatient to get new songs...

Don't worry he'll have to get the album out very soon to buy some fuel for his cars...

Oh well, I think new album will be out late Summer or in the fall. If not this year then I will be mad, and it's like Jamiroquai are turning into Prodigy or Massive Attack with their release schedule!...

Is not disrespect for David, on the contrary, David is a real hero triying to keep this website running with the lack of news.

Hi folks!

The new album will be released soon according to Derrick McKenzie! This Citroen is beautiful, maybe we'll see it in the next video!! On Youtube you can listen to some extended versions of a funk odyssey (the pressing test)
Life is not beautiful?

What makes people think b/c he buys a new car the band is over? Jay has been buying new cars and releasing new albums since TWM. Stop being so silly.You can buy cars and go to parties and your bandmates record on other people albums and still have time to write, record and release new music.

It looks beautiful! Congrats to Jay on his recent purchase:-)

is one of my fav cars, and j bought one first grgrg :)

A lovely ride, Jay! Can't wait to hear you and the band this summer!

Jay, Great car! Actually in my top 10 perfect garage but please please get in the studio and finish the album. Theres no Robbie Williams for distraction now! The longer the wait, the greater the hype!!

I can see a weird video, with weird costumes and an amazing tune conjuring themselves around this vehicle.

Smooth ride I bet, and a very wide backseat - now what would you do with that ???

Of course I respect David and all the work he have done on Funkin. Negative messages are against Jamiroquai (especially against Jay).
Please Jay, can you give us news about your dogs...or eventually about the next album ?

Hey LUCA, tells us more about Robbie Williams....!

Ppl just chill.
We heard jamiroquai signed a new contract, dont you think that company wants its moneys worth?

Chill relax, the album will come when it comes.

Great...just what he needs..another car

God damn, how the hell he has so much money? Having more than 40 luxury cars and keep buying like crazy, I know he is rich but in the last 3 years he made just a couple of gigs.

By the way 189.000 euros for a DS it´s a robbery! There are loads of DS in my country at sale for about 5000 euros.

Iroquoislady-Robbie Williams was using the same recording studio in Notting Hill as Jay was using. Apparently Jay was a little distracted, hence why the ablbum is very over due.

Blazer - Think they only made 7 or 8 DS drop tops so £100k is the norm. Sorry for being a car nerd! LUCA

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