A Funk Odyssey at no. 56 in Australian "End Of Decade" Chart

Added on Wednesday 20 January 2010, 17:49 (UTC)

Jamiroquai's 2001 album A Funk Odyssey is listed at number 56 in the list of the ARIA (Australian Recording Industry Association) "End Of Decade Top 100 Albums Chart" which can be viewed at the ARIA website.

The most popular album based on sales data from January 2000 to December 2009 was Innocent Eyes, by Delta Goodrem.

Credit: David Packer

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Obviously a very credible chart if Delta Goodrem is number 1

What's the deal with the band?? are they really working on the album?? There is not even a news about they working on it. Their website isn't even updated.

yeah.. some real news // new music... please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And what about Dynamite ?
Concerning the band, "No news, good news"...I hope!

Mmmm, I could use some new Jamiroquai tunes up in here. I'm also looking forward to Zender's new album... but the release dates are nowhere in sight for either of these artists. Arrggh!!

Well people, seat back and rellax, in case you haven´t noticed, Jay Kay seems to be retired from the scene, his thing now is going to every car event and chilling out at home, I think he doesn´t care about music anymore XD

From now on releasing an album from 8 to 8 years and 2 or 3 gigs a year, just to prevent going bankrupt and buy more cars XD

Even that god damn purple site has spider webs hahaha

But well I don´t blame anyone, bank account well nourished and 40 years in the package, well I would do the same thing :D

So JMQ fans go on and continue complaining and complaining .. You know what? I really don´t think JK cares haha

I am with you peter, y totally agree, but i dont understand why they keep saying that they are working on the cd and keep pushing the date foward, why dont they come clean and say " we are not doing anything related with jamiroquai for now" and thats it, at least that way they dont keep our hopes up for no real reason.

The lack of information on the new album isn't really pleasant.
I think they're putting the album "on hold" for the British summer as they would be more financially benefited.

Peter, perhaps you're right. Yet, If jay doesn't care anymore, why does he sign to universal label ?
I bet that they're working on the album but they take their time because they don't really need money!
I'm quite sure that Jamiroquai 7 will be THE LAST ONE.

someone tell me plzz when new album come? : )

Hey David....can you give these people a place where they can go b#$tch?
This latest project has been pushed into 2010..SO WHAT? Signing with a new label and promoting and touring takes a lot of people and coordination....maybe just maybe....our beloved Jason is working on a bigger picture? Time can fly when you're building your life outside of music....or maybe other members have family issues that are being dealt with.....?????
Back to the topic....As far as Jamiroquai being recognized for good album music in the last ten years on anyone's list is great. Here in the USA, the last ten years has shown staleness in the funk division...I'm so glad I have the funk of the band in the house....seriously...I was ready to give up on music.
...WHILE WAITING...I have tapped into other funky talent across the pond because of this site....and I admire how the band members of Jamiroquai spread the funk around. Lots of bands in the USA just don't collaborate and you HAVE to wait A LOT longer for them to do a new album WITH NO UPDATES. You don't realize how nice it is to have keeping us connected. There have been updates. If you have been reading you would know.

To kiki: I think Derrick mentioned that the album will be released in the summer of 2010, however I would not be surprised if it gets pushed back...

And I think a lot of Jamiroquai fans complain about the release date... because there's nothing better to do, haha. I mean, there is seriously nothing out there right now... My only complaint is the lack of info.

TO YOU: Do not talk about things that, perhaps, you do not know.
Since I've meet Jamiroquai's music, I never see news about the band on the TV (I am from Argentina). And their website is never updated. But, you must know that Jay does not talk about his private life, also the band never talk about it. Jay does NOT talk to anybody. The only who talk some stuff is Sola Akingbola, perhaps we can ask for some information.
So, you know that Jay beat some Paparazzi, why does he do it? Because HE DON'T TALK ABOUT HIS LIFE! AND THE BAND!
I will ask for some information at Sola Akingbola's webpage.

Hey, Alejandro, Derrick was interviewed a couple of months ago. That's when he mentioned the release date,and he said the album will sound soulful, which sounds good.

There was an update on the facebook page a while back. Sounded promising about the year ahead....

Iroquoislady is spot on. I also suspect that Peter is a troll.

Stop complaining!! Yes, the album isn't out yet, but has it occured to anyone that they are free from Sony shackles? There's lots of stuff they'll want to do, just to get the album right- and they are perfectionists, so it's right that they take their time. I would rather wait another year, if it meant a great album for the fans, than have something now, which felt rushed, just to placate a few impatient ones. There's nothing to 'come clean' about.

Last month, Jay turned 40. In past interviews, he's talked about family, settling, etc. one day, but between High Times: The Singles and now, lots of songs have been written, worked on, fine tuned- Those complaining don't appreciate how hard it is to write a song, or the input that goes into it. Also, he's entitled to have the time off to enjoy a break, find himself, figure out what he wants, try new and different things, etc. Hell, he even lost his dog in that time!! I'd imagine that's not easy for a singleton without children. Be grateful that you can at least stay connected with the band, and put their other records on for now. You'll feel better for it. For those who think Jay doesn't care, you couldn't be more wrong. If you've ever watched Jamiroquai live, or spoken to Jay, you would know that he's a good, caring man, grateful for what he has, and thinks highly of his fans. Finally, It really isn't about money- You would know that, if you knew about his earlier years, or about the good causes he's supported. I really do wish that people today could have more patience.

It seems that wanting your favourite band to release a new album is a crime. Thats new for me. I am not saying that jay kay is a bad man, i dont care if he is making charity. He is not my friend, he will never be my friend, he is just a singer of THE band that I LOVE, and that doesnt mean that i dont apreciate him. He is a great singer and I Love jamiroquai so i parcialy love him to, because he is a great part of the band ( he is not 100% of it) but i just want to hear some news, thats it. Why is that so bad?? why is everybody talking like they are family members of jays family??, why is everybody triying to defend him against nothing??. Accept what others think, i know that is not a big deal, but why we cant say "i would like to have a new jamiroquai cd!" is that so bad???. Guys dont take things personally, and dont speak on behalf of others. And winged angel, it is about money, do you think that jays supports his mansion with love??. Its about money and passion for music, is his job too!!!, its perfect that it is about money, because he can live of what he loves doing, and its awesome, anyone that thinks that is wrong, doesnt understand a thing. So to finish this laaaarge post, nobody is saying that what they are doing is wrong, WE ARE JUST IMPACIENT BECAUSE (AS YOU DO) WE LOVE HEARING SOME JAMIROQUAI!!!!

Stay quiet folks!

The new album will be released sonner or later! It's a chance for us to have some informations anyway from Derrick and Sola. (think about Guns'n'roses fans! 16 years without a new album!) Don't forget that Jay would do "the best album of his career" as he said last year and 40 tracks was recorded ; rather pretty good garantee!Don't forget the wonderful musical moments Jamiroquai gave to us through out the years (I'll never forget the first time that I've heard Blow your mind!aaaah so delicious!)
If jamiroquai does a masterpiece, I bet that everybody will forget the time of waiting!
At last, check the underrated Synkronized: beautiful masterpiece, as if it was recorded today!Listen to it until june 2010 and the new album!

Yep, I agree with you John, I love Synkronized along with every other album and track Jamiroquai has made.

I'm trying to ease the drought with Jamiroquai's live stuff. It helps, but a new album will blow my mind.... no doubt! Then I can't wait for the live show that will hopefully follow... can't wait to find out where and when they are playing. IF it's not nearby (Perth, WA) I'm booking plane tickets ASAP!

I understand what you feel!It's the feeling of all of us! In few weeks we'll know the truth about the new album! Until this date, listen to Incognito'albums, especially No time like future, eleven and Tales from the beach, you'll be happy! Take a look at José James and Esperanza Spalding! Then, Jamiroquai 7 will be released like a seven heaven?

What's wrong guys... aren't we accustomed on waiting?!
So, there's plenty of music to discover out here and loads of talented artists. Do not focus your attention on Jamiroquai, will be stressful (I remember how it was for me while the waiting of "Dynamite").

They'll give us a new album, maybe this year, maybe not. WHO CARES.

@John Doggett: so right! José James & Esperanza Spalding! Have been to both gigs during 2009, they are great, quality suggestions.

On this day in history

* Today in 1997, Jamiroquai performed at the Los Angeles House Of Blues, where the concert was broadcast live across the Internet.

I just love this band....they have been so funkin sweet thru the is a great time to use the force!

AFO...great album that gets better with time. At least most of it. A new album is coming, just takes time. Takes more time to decide on the songs, mix and sequence than it does to lay down the tracks. And I'm J takes mucho time on his vocals.
In the meantime listen to a little ATMOSPHERE, their grooves will get your going. When Life Gives You Lemons-Pain that Sh*t Gold!

I believe Derrick's statement about the album coming out this summer. We'll probably hear a single in the spring..think back to 2005 when Dynamite came out. Seven Days in Sunny June was being played on BBC in March or April, along with Electric Mistress then the album came out in June. Makes sense in terms of touring schedules/summer festivals also.

Over all, everyone should remember that they don't have to make new albums. Jay's set, financially. Be grateful they have done 6 and are working hard on number 7. No one is entitled!

@FunkyLaura, I'm glad to see that some people like these two artists! you're lucky to see them in live! The next José James will be released on february 10th,it is called "BlackMagik". Check to Jazz Liberatorz'albums, a delicious fusion of jazz and hip hop!

Congratuations Jamiroquai for being in the Top 100 on the Australian Aria Charts!!!!!!!!!
Not only is this a great country to live in, we also have brilliant taste in music!!!
To those 'glass half empty ' people who made comments further up the page.... i question your love for Jamiroquai!
If you were a true fan, you would know that there is an album due around June 2010, during the warm weather!!
Doesn't take much research to find out whats happening, have you heard of google???
Im sure every one is eagerly waiting for June!!!!
Peace and patience :)

I can't wait to hear new sounds/songs from them as well.

Hurray Jamiroquai. :)

Hey, here's a recent interview someone posted on youtube that features Rob Harris, Paul Turner, and Derrick McKenzie:

(At the 4:18) The next album will sound "less computerized," and more in line with the older albums... however the music sounds nothing like the older albums. Interesting...

As the Eastern wind blows gently through my soul and around my body, I can hear in the distance a soft, subtle sound of a didgeridoo calling me closer. Is it a message? A warning? No, it sounds like a story about to unfold within the deepest corner of my I listened.....and felt a sudden release from this ill known reality.....into somewhere...or something else. To be continued.....

According to Derrick McKenzie, the new album is finished and it shoud be released in a couple of months (in spring) look the Interview with Rob, Paul and Derrick - December 2009 on youtube.
Life is not beautiful?

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