Derrick McKenzie remixes Jennie Laws

Added on Monday 28 December 2009, 21:40 (UTC)

Jamiroquai drummer Derrick McKenzie has recently been working on remixing other artists and two remixes he has done for musician Jennie Laws can be found at her website -

Check out the audio section of her site to hear Derrick's remixes of 'Just Wanna' and 'Heavenly.'

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about to listen...looking forward to seeing derrick remix some of the new material from the band in 2010.
thank you david for keeping the site up for us throughout the year, even though there hasn't been much going on with the band as a whole. i totally appreciate your time and dedication...sha too..happy new year and i still hate camping.
much love, dd


Jamiroquai fans are bored to death ...............

No live shows, no albums, no music

In a comma for 5 years now :P


Huh, I wonder if Derrick plans to remix some Jamiroquai material in the future. That would be cool....

yeah...shouldnt we be hearing about a new album supposedly coming in February. Two glaciers have passed by my house since I heard any news.

Um....Derrick Said in an interview a few months back it would be debuting in the Spring/Summer of '10. I think I see another Glacier Coming your way...but it's slowly Melting. Stay in your igloo a few more months...

Guys, please be patient! I'm just as hungry for some new Jamiro-funk as the next fellow! And at least it's THIS YEAR. They made over 40 new tracks, remember?!?

It's good that Derrick and the fellows are at least making more great music with new talent. Jennie Laws has some Jamiro-esque flavor in her debut EP. It's lovely! I'll be scooping up the promos whenever they are released!

BTW, Happy New Year David and the rest of the Jamiro-family!!!

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