Jamiroquai update on Facebook

Added on Thursday 04 February 2010, 19:40 (UTC)

The Jamiroquai page on Facebook recently edged past having 500,000 'fans' and a message has been posted that gives an update on things...

"Hi Everybody, just wanted to say how amazing it is to have so many Friends on Facebook, half a million I believe. Therefore it feels like the right time to let you know that we are alive and kicking and in the final stages of our 8th album. I really can't wait to get out there and play it for you live in the very near future. Sending you all lots of good luck and love, Jay"

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Awesome. Come to Brazil and let's make THE party!

This made me smile :-) See, there is another album round the corner. We just need 2 be patient for a little while longer

Our time is coming!! Yes, thank you very much Jay! I'd like to thanks David for this superb site, you're the man!

This is gonna be freekin awesome, hope they take a tour with the album!!

I am loving the sound of that!

I can't wait for this album! The tour to follow will definitely change lives! I saw them at the Fillmore in San Francisco a few years back and I have to say that after attending at least 100 concerts with amazing artists--Jamiroquai holds the top spot as the BEST show I have ever had the priviledge of attending. I have so much love for these guys :)

I went to the Fillmore too. It was my first concert and one of my happiest times ever after meeting Jay outside. I was 17 and went all by myself.
I hope they come back and play there again, it was a great venue.

What can I say - but GREAT to hear some news Jay - we can't wait!!!!!


Frankly, nothing what we haven't known yet... Indeed is a nice gesture from Jay but nothing more than that.

Come to Brazil!!

ps: I think the preassure made here on in order to have some news of the band motivated this message on facebook. Thanks Jay.

It sounds like Dynamite area. No news, long wait, and a weird album to conclude... Jay, Who in the Funk Do You Think You Are

^^why is Dynamite a weird album? It's a great one IMO. Sure it's no TWM or EOPE, but a solid consistent album. Can't wait for the new one, i enjoyed this FB update (i joined their group) and hope they come to where i live! I need a funky JQ concert experience!!

By the way, does Jay update FB and Myspace himself or his assistents? Just wondering if anybody knows.

Good stuff, hoping it's more natural, groovey, and brassey...

Eeewwwweeee!! This is what I'm saying now! Feelin the love Jay!

Hey feisty Funkadelic! where you been? You still anti-Sony? :)

BTW.....Thanks David!

I'm not anti-sony. I'm just fond of authentic sound. The definition of Jamiroquai. That's what they are, that's what they must stay. Wait and see. but I'm not very optimistic.

ooh, how i would love to see them in Argentina... i'll be in first row ;)

FINALLY. Thanks JK! Thanks David!

I was at the Fillmore too, awesome show! Fantastic to hear they're well into the production, they sure know how to keep things under wraps.

Damn, it better come soon! Been waiting so long just for an update on the new album. If JK&co have written 40 songs like Derreck says, wouldn't it be decent from us fans to expect 2 albums in maximum 3 years?

The Fillmore crowd is representin'! I was there both nights, got to meet Jay, and he talked to during the concert me because I was smoking a massive J in the front row. One of the coolest nights of my life.

Wonderful news about the 8th Album, and tipping the five hundred thou' on FB. Jamiliest wishes to all at this great news.

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