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Added on Sunday 01 November 2009, 20:16 (GMT)

On Friday night Jamiroquai performed in Abu Dhabi as part of the Formula 1 Grand Prix race.  There are some photos and a report at the Khaleej Times website and plenty more information and links via the Jamirotalk forum.

If you were there and want to tell other fans how it was, or want to link to photos or post a set list, please do so using the comments facility here at

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No brass... the same 00's band...!
but there were no backing vocals :D I'm Lovin' IT! haha

Was this part of the F1 Rocks series? If so, shouldn't it appear on Channel 4 (UK) soon?

Ohh yes there were backing vocals! :'( but they sounded nice! A bit boring to hear the same stuff after, 4 years? Hope there's new album and stuff coming soon!

I love it when people comment on the set list but weren't even at the seems that all you need to do nowadays is check the setlist from the comfort of their own homes and if it's not too their satisfaction they can come online and write scathing comments about the gig without actually hearing a note thats played.Or maybe they can even check a dodgy sounding recording made on someones mobile phone on Youtube and make up their minds on that.Whereas the 30,000 people that were actually at the show seemed to be happy enough.

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