Abu Dhabi pre-concert interviews with Jay

Added on Friday 30 October 2009, 08:02 (GMT)

The website has printed an interview with Jay ahead of Friday's concert at the Abu Dhabi Formula 1 Grand Prix.  A few notes from the interview...

"I think [our music] definitely evolved in quite a natural way. It will alwnays be anchored by my vocals and great grooves but people who say it hasn't evolved obviously don't have ears. My early stuff had a more organic soul/rare groove feel, before moving towards a disco sound with more programming, and eventually developing a harder, rockier edge on tracks like Deeper Underground and Feels Just Like It Should. The next one, which is out next year, will be different again."

When asked how to describe Jamiroquai in five words he replied:

"Hard funking good time music! Because that's what we do…"

Please visit the website to read the full interview/article.  In addition to this, another interview with Jay has been printed in OK magazine.  The interview can be read at the Jam Party People forum at

Credit: Samantha Yemm

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I know we say it everytime a new album comes out but I really do hope they go back to their roots in some way.

Nice interviews. Great to have some news from him...

Where do we go from here, Jay? I feel like the band has done it all over the years - the rare groove sound, 70s soul, disco, electro-funk, funk-rock, pop, samba.. though I'm sure the band will come up with something interesting and fresh as they always seem to do. Looking forward to the new material and hoping it's got some of that organic goodness from the early material, as well as the electronic elements from Synkronized and AFO.

I can't wait!!!!!!!

Very interesting! Don't expect for a return to the space cowboy rebirth! But something new, and I bet that the new album will have "this jamiroquai style" defined by Jay's vocal, and it will be Jazzy! remeber two years ago, Jay said that his mother was a jazz singer and he would love to sing like her! Jazz is the final way to all funk band!

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