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Added on Tuesday 17 November 2009, 12:01 (GMT)

The official Jamiroquai website at are planning to make a super quality vintage t-shirt based on the classic Emergency On Planet Earth album and are asking visitors to the site to vote on the designs.

Check out the designs and make your decision at

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This was a hard choice. My heart wants a more dynamic image on the shirt because the album has such an important message. I like the original album art and would've preferred a limited edition of that..yeah I'm "class-i-fied!"

yeah, the original album art is much better

so agree with you… why not make a competition for fan to design it and vote…

why is most of the jamiroquai gear so unstylish? jay's a style icon, you'd think the merchandise would match that attitude.

all 3 designs suck dont they!!
why cant they just go back to the old school with the design of the t shirts- and their music while they're at it!
why not make the album cover artwork the t shirt design- its far more recognisable then. design 3 looks like a red hot chili peppers logo.

i'll vote, but i'll also vote for having a vintage price to go along with a vintage shirt!

I thik is a very simply desing and I prefer the coloured pics into the cover-album EOPE (like the painter Enry Rousseau). I hope can buy one t-sirt...

Why only 250 shirts? With the climate-top in advance one would think Jam'quai is to make a statement and sell thousends of them...

It would be nice if they bought out 2500, T Shirts for women in a flattering cut!!!
Im over mens T shirts!!!

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