The Black Eyed Peas do a Gig in the Sky

Added on Monday 12 October 2009, 07:31 (BST)

In February 2007 Jamiroquai performed a concert onboard an aeroplane flying between Germany and Greece - and during the flight managed to break six world records (highest ever concert, fastest ever concert, highest ever recording, fastest ever recording, highest gig in a plane and fastest gig in a plane).

The Black Eyed Peas band have recently done a similar thing (called "Mile High Karaoke") and according to Perth Now website now have the record for the highest ever concert.

I don't know about the other records, but its likely that some/all of them were also broken as well.

Credit: Make Pensini,

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Always seems to be governed by this love we have for useless...

I wouldn't mind if it was a decent artist breaking the records! =/

any turbulence to report? fergie knocked out of the plane and directly into an engine, bumps his head and remembers he used to make *quality* music with a message..

Black Eyed Peas? Come on, nothing they do will ever be on par with Jay. So let em fly to the moon for all I care.

did they fly into and time slip and return to being a credible hip hop band?

pardon moi..that would be "did they fly into a time slip and return to being a credible hip hop band?"

I always thought that was the most useless thing they ever did in their career....

Glad the record was broken by BYP. Totally in line with this band! And to quote Prince in Paris this week end: I like, his business sense and how he sees the world is very interesting. He’s very technology driven, but let’s remember he did write “My Humps.” [laughter]. So....

Their first album was nice...unfortunately its been downhill since then...speaking of good hip hop...check this guy out...he even bigs up the great jamiroquai (0:28)...hands down one of the best rapper right now!!

Ok i thought u could put youtube links but...the rappers name is Curren$y and the song is called "Air Assault"

don't mind they did a thing lika JMQ, although it would be a shame all records are broken of JMQ, cause it was one of the first things i folowed of them, and was quite rare, something Jamiroquailike ;P oh well, don't mind after all, BEP is goodie stuff in there way of music, specially with musicmind Wil.I.Am behind it, totally dig him

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