Behind the scenes with ex-Jamiroquai bandmember Toby Smith

Added on Thursday 01 October 2009, 22:57 (BST)

One of the bands that ex-Jamiroquai writer and keyboard player Toby Smith is working with - The Hoosiers - have recently posted some videos online of them in and around the recording studio and one of the videos features Toby.

Head over to the Toby Smith forums - and make sure you watch the 'part 4' video.

Credit: Matt

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Great to see him, he keeps such a low profile..

Toby will always be a much apreciated person and musician.

Toby, What are you doing ? Give up this crapy music and come back home!

Hi, Thanks for the info, I always loved Toby's music. I'm so glad he's still producing, I'd love to see him back home... :(

happy to see him!!!!!!!! that jammin on synth was
cool, Toby u rox!!!!! please come back, man

thanks for videos...i miss Toby, and want him to release his own music, i will buy anything he writes...
he's my favourite composer... its sad he stopped his carier as writer, because his music is so magical.. new music from Toby is what i need very much now.. hope he will do it


i just wanted to say
Toby should not bury his talent.
the more so there are so many people who
await new music from him...

he and j were the writing force of classic jamiroquai...
and the fact toby doesnt write / record his own music is biggest loss.

Toby is revolutionary composer, who broke the rules,
and gave something really outstanding in his music.

you know i would love to listen to any kind of stuuf that he makes, i love the way he writes music

Amen to that NT!

of course.....if Toby doesnt write/release his own stuff, i think he has reasons for that...
and i am thankful so much for 5 albums he done with j...

but i always want more...

because this is the man who wrote magicalsongs...

how can it be, that he stopped writting???????
he has so many fans who loooove his stuff.

toby please!! please do smth new for us !!!!!!!

we will buy you more ferraris than j has!!!! :)))))
we will buy abbey road studio and present it to you!!!!!! :)))))))))))))))
and golden rhodes with diamond keys!!!!!!))))

much love!!!!!
and thank you tobyyyy

well, you'll listen a lot of the old Toby on the Stuart Zender's "Running Out Of Heroes" new album! So, let's wait for it to be released and have some FUNK! haha

yeah mannnn its great!!
Funk Education,,,do you know Toby will be featured as writer there or only as a playa????
What i want is stuff that is written by Toby!!!!

definitely miss ya, toby. you've got a magic touch on the rhodes.

Toby G. Smith is the rhodes master!!!

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