Abu Dhabi Grand Prix Concert ticket information

Added on Wednesday 30 September 2009, 12:22 (BST)

TheNational website (United Arab Emirates) has published more information about Jamiroquai's gig at the Grand Prix next month.

The concert will be at "Ferrari World" on Friday 30 October, the same day as the first practice session at the Yas Marina Circuit.

Regarding tickets, TheNation website writes:

"Tickets will be available only to those attending the grand prix; fans who have bought a three-day pass will be able to see all four acts, while those with a two-day pass will be allowed to attend the Saturday and Sunday concerts only."

Jamiroquai's gig is one of a series of concerts being held at the Grand Prix, with artists including Beyonce and Aerosmith set to perform.

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Ahh....Jamiroquai...Fast cars...and fast was ever thus.

ah - that'll be no prob to get too ;-)

hahahahahahaha- ha! aha!!

I can't wait until you come to Chicago! Are you coming back to Chicago anytime soon? Just lost my job but when I listen to your music I am all warm and fuzzy inside and feel like nothing can stand in my way! Your music is simply Awesome! Thank you Jamiroquai! Have a good one and waiting for your return!

Good to see that the guys are starting to warm up their touring. I hope this means there will be plenty more tour dates sometime next year to support the new album... there will be a new album, right?

Dear Jay, dont forget please... a lot of your fans are not millionary

I was hoping for soooo long that you would come to Abu Dhabi and now that you are ... I hear it is only for those who attend the Grand Prix !!! These tickets are very expensive and it is so unfair for those who cannot afford them, like me ... :-(

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