Live at Montreux Blu-Ray release - out now

Added on Thursday 06 August 2009, 09:08 (BST)

Although released some time ago in the UK/Europe, this week saw the release of Jamiroquai's 'Live at Montreux' concert on high-definition Blu-Ray in North America/Canada.  There's a few reviews of the disc out there (e.g., at - who rate it quite highly and have 20 screenshots online) and the disc is available with some pretty good discounts from many online stores.

If you've got this new high-definition version of the concert feel free to 'review' it here in the comments to this news item.  Additionally, if you've found a really cheap price for this disc, please tell people where you found it!

Credit: Mark Grausam

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Canada is part of North America :)

We want NEW TRACKS!!!!!

Sounds like a plan, but...

(read comment above)

Last real album, Dynamite = 2005!
4 yrs!!! C'mon Mr Jason!!!!!

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